The Death Of Socrates Painting: Descriptive Analysis of the Artwork

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The Death of Socrates is a painting that holds a deeper meaning than what is shown on a canvas.

It goes beyond Socrates voluntarily drinking hemlock and his students giving him patronage. 

A creation by Jacques Louis David, The Death of Socrates pays homage to one of the greatest mathematicians of all, Socrates.

Do you know what the deal was behind Socrates consuming hemlock?

You will surely be surprised to learn that the reason Socrates gave up on his life was that he was asked to change or renounce his opinions on the gods of Athens.

If this incident sparks curiosity in your head, then maybe it is time that we discuss the famous painting of The Death of Socrates.

Jacques-Louis David was one of the famous French artists who led the moment of Neoclassicism.

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He was widely known for his creations on huge canvases that were entirely based on classical themes.

It is said that when he painted the Death of Socrates painting, he could closely relate to one of Socrate’s students, Crito.

Hence, one can feel the emotions flowing through the colors on the canvas in this painting.

Brief About The Death of Socrates Painting

The painting of the death of Socrates
Image Source: Wikipedia
Name of the ArtistJacques-Louis David
Year 1787
Painting MediumOil on Canvas

We now have a knack for what the Death of Socrates painting is about, so now is the time to dig a bit deeper into this infamous incident.

It involves Socrates claiming his own life and ending it with his own hands.

Now you may wonder, What went wrong that he has to take his own life?

Well, the story of the death of Socrates revolves around Socrates being disrespectful towards the gods of Athens.

Not only this, he was also accused of misguiding the youth of Athens into believing his theories.

He was arrested and presented in court, where he was given options, either to renounce what he preached or to drink a cup of hemlock (a poisonous substance).

Socrates took pride in giving up on his own life.

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Who was Socrates?

The sculpture of Socrates
Image Source: Daily Philosophy

Socrates, as painted by Jacques-Louis David, was a rebel, a protagonist and a criminal at the same time.

He held a prestigious position, as he was a Greek philosopher who hailed from Athens.

Not only this, he was a very knowledgeable man who was the founder of Western philosophy.

He was a pioneer of the ethical tradition of thought, being one of the first moral philosophers.

Later in his life, he was accused of corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens and also misleading them into believing in his theories.

He was known for his Socratic method of questioning and answering, and he somehow believed that their is no point of living a questionable life.

Significance of The Death of Socrates

The line sketch of the death of Socrates
Image Source: Wikimedia

Take a look at this painting once more.

What do you think about the characters in the painting? Are they sad? Are they scared, or are they just there to witness the death of Socrates?

Well, the theories have it that the people present during the death of Socrates were his students, friends and family members.

It is claimed that everyone was against Socrates’ decision to take his own life, and some also suggested that he flee away.

But, as you can see in the picture, Socrates in bed sat straight with confident and fierce eyes.

All of the light is shining on him as he holds up his finger as though he is imparting wisdom. 

Socrates is covered by a white sheet and white robes. 

The contrast between him and those around him is striking, as evidenced by his quiet aura.

Some of the last words by Socrates includes: “all of philosophy is training for death.”

This Neoclassical work of art portrays a strong sense of rebellion and induces the viewers to stand strong against the wrong.

The Death of Socrates is more like a tale of the trial and execution of the one who decides to go against the rules of the governing body.

This painting also hints at the resistance and enforcement of beliefs that were imposed by France during those times.

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Subjects In The Death of Socrates

The Significance of the death of socrates
Image Source: Wikipedia, compiled by PortraitFlip

Each and every painting has its own highlight and subject, and with that being said, the death of Socrates features around 4-5 subjects.

David has intricately used the references to the body language and emotions to represent the incident and their impact on the ones who were present there.

Moving from the left side of the painting in a distance, you can see three to four people climbing the stairs up in agony; they are Socrates’ family members.

Then, moving forward, we have our protagonist, Socrates, in the center. 

In the frame, we can see a man sitting on a chair with his head down; he is Plato, and he is said to be the prime witness of the incident.

He is sad about the demise of Socrates.

Analysis of The Artwork

analysis of the death of socrates painting
Image Source: Wikipedia, compiled by PortraitFlip

The Death of Socrates is a painting that falls under the spectrum of Neoclassicism.

It is an oil painting on canvas that prominently uses the technique of chiaroscuro.

When observed closely, you can see that the characters and the techniques that have been used in this painting by David hint at the act that has happened. 

The focus on Socrates in this painting denotes that he is the one who is addressing his disciples before drinking the poisonous hemlock.

Like most of the paintings by David, we can see that he has portrayed the main subject at a protagonist.

On closely analyzing this painting, we can also draw the conclusion that David hardly believed in the philosophy that ‘a commitment to higher principles ought to prevail over personal survival.’

Upon further observation, it can be said that Socrates believed in his noble principles and did not mind drinking hemlock at all.

He rather agreed to commit suicide than to renounce his beliefs even though that would’ve easily saved his life.

But as they believed that the nobility of a person depend on the value he can provide and how firmly they can stick to their own decisions.

Where is it Housed?

The death of socrates painting housed at the museum.
Image Source: My Modern Met

Now that we have read about the details of the painting of the death of Socrates, you might be wondering where you can experience this artwork.

Well, the death of Socrates is safely housed in the “Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 634” of the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Being one of the major tourist attractions, it makes the museum one of the eight most-visited museums in the world.

Wrapping Up

Here comes an end to the tale of bravery, sacrifice, and misery.

“The Death of Socrates” is a painting that gives the viewer freedom of perspective as it recites the story of the loss of Socrates.

Socrates was a man who was asked to renounce his sayings, but rather he took pride in what he preached and sacrificed his life with no regrets.

This mesmerizing and enchanting painting by Jacques-Louis David holds a significant place in the art world.

One of the examples of art from the era of neoclassicism denotes that death is inevitable and one should face it like a warrior.

The Death of Socrates is one of the paintings that has been an artist’s pick since its creation.

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What is the meaning behind the death of Socrates?

The Death of Socrates painting is a message of sacrifice towards Socrate’s own beliefs and when he chose to stick to his own opinions rather than surrendering.

Who painted the painting of the death of Socrates, and when?

The Death of Socrates was painted by Jacques-Louis David in 1787.

Name the characters in the Death of Socrates painting.

The characters in the Death of Socrates painting are: Socrates, Plato, Simmias and Cebes, Crito, Apollodorus and his family members.

Who was Socrates in real life?

Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who lived in Athens in the 5th century BC.

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