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Have you ever seen yourself pondering over art and trying to learn why it is made in such an unfamiliar and unconventional manner? If so, then PortraitFlip’s Artwork Analysis category will take you through those famous artworks and explain their background, objective, and creative process in the most understandable way.

Skeleton Skull With A Cigarette: Van Gogh’s Tale of Memento Mori

Van Gogh skeleton smoking featured image

“I am seeking, I am striving, and I am in it with all my heart.” –  Van Gogh A life filled with sorrows and grief is often mixed in rolling sheets with tobacco and smoked till you get numb. Van Gogh’s Skeleton Smoking is the exact representation of the feeling of being so lost in […]

The Scream: Unhinged Anxiety Personified by Edvard Munch

Cover page depicting The Scream by Edvard Munch.

The personification of anxiety and horror which is sure to run a chill down your spine; that is The Scream painting for you in short.  Imagine a grotesque face with a hollow yet horrified expression, with frail hands on the figure’s sunken face in shock.  The hues of red blatantly stand out, warm crimsons and […]

Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet: Revitalization of France

Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet featured Image

The warmth of the rising sun, the chirping of the birds, and the slow and salient waves of the oceans. Doesn’t it all sound dreamy?  If you have experienced a sunrise, then you can actually feel what I am talking about! And that is what Claude Monet tried to express when he painted one of […]

Rothko’s White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)

Rothko’s White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)

What if you enter a gallery and the painting you are witnessing doesn’t have any backstory to share? A painting that is just a painting. Maybe it was created to be just looked at and not have a deeper meaning or history. Feeling weird after thinking about an artwork that doesn’t have an explanation to […]

Composition VII by Kandinsky: Kandinsky’s Debated Art

featured image of composition VII

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to listen to the sounds of color? You are probably thinking, what am I even talking about? But the fact is that Kandinsky was able to hear sounds! Yes, I am talking about one of the most famous abstract artists Wassily Kandinsky. He suffered from a […]

Girl With a Pearl Earring: Vermeer’s Mysterious Dutch Woman!

The Girl with a pearl earring painting in red gradient background.

Paintings are a reflection of an artist’s intellect. They represent a very unfamiliar side of the person who’s painting it.  Some paintings like Starry Night and Sunflowers speak up for the artist’s agony.  Some artworks such as The Mona Lisa painting and Salvator Mundi narrate the story about the artist’s perspective in detail.  However, there’s […]

A Walk Through Into Rothko’s Entrance to Subway Painting

A Walk Through Into Rothko’s Entrance to Subway Painting

When you walk down the subway, how do you feel? You must be wondering what a weird question this is—how can someone feel anything while entering the subway? Apart from a sudden sense of consumption and claustrophobia.   Think as an artist, do you notice those people who are walking with you? Where are they heading? […]

The Harvest Painting: An Imitation of The French Landscapes!

The Harvest Painting

How would you describe a painting that portrays the subtle and serene landscape of the Little Alps? Well, that’s The Harvest by Vincent Van Gogh in a nutshell.  The Harvest by Van Gogh was produced in 1888 and is a testament to Van Gogh’s prime period.  Van Gogh attempted to portray a premier outlook of […]

Water Lilies by Claude Monet: Artist’s Escape From Reality

Water lilies by Monet featured image

Art, artists, and their disabilities! Which, to your surprise, never stopped them from creating some of the most mesmerizing masterpieces. The same was the case with Claude Monet, one of the most famous painters of the 19th century, who, with time, was on the verge of losing his vision.  Yet, he created one of his […]

The Persistence of Memory: Dali’s Melting Clock Painting

The Persistence of Memory: Dali’s Melting Clock Painting

The Museum of Modern Art is home to a painting that has been acing the show for a while now.  The painting that makes everybody wonder, “What the hell are we looking at?”   It’s none other than — The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali!  Also known as The Melting Clock Painting, this 1931 creation […]