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The Storm on The Sea of Galilee: The Stolen Magnum Opus

The Strom on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt Van Rjin.

A painting is an embodiment of various emotions, it has the audacity to contain expressive realms in a very evocative manner.  Expressive and elegant paintings often end up creating timestamps for artists and their legacy. One such artwork happens to be a magnum opus painting by famous painter Rembrandt from the Dutch Golden age.  The […]

An Untold Saga of A Dutch Housemaid: The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer

The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer

A painting from the magnificent Dutch Golden Age that became popular amongst art enthusiasts within days of its production. The Milkmaid is an illustrious artwork exhibiting Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s artistic legacy.  It was produced by Vermeer in his hometown, Delft, in 1657. Currently, it sits in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and is available for the […]

The Arnolfini Portrait: Understanding The Classical European Masterpiece

Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife with the title "The Arnolfini portrait"

A classic 15th century masterpiece by the European painter Jan Van Eyck, The Arnolfini portrait is an expression of artistic brilliance. It’s an artwork from the early Renaissance period.  The Arnolfini portrait by Jan Van Eyck is one of the most famous paintings produced in the Netherlands. It outshined the standards of paintings back then […]

The Art Of Romanticizing Intimacy: 11 Renoir Paintings That Portray Love And Affection!

French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir with his painting The Luncheon of The Boating Party.

Born in the Limoges city of France, Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French painter who significantly contributed to the Impressionist art movement.  Coming from a family of artisans, Renoir developed an interest in craftsmanship at a very tender age. He also discovered his singing talent when he was just 13. He was great at it.  […]

Famous Italian Artists Who Elevated The Art Movements of The Country

With cities like Venice and Rome representing their legacy, Italy has some of the most scenic and mesmerizing views in the world.  This land of romance, desire and heritage has been the birthplace of classical European art. From medieval art periods like Renaissance art to modern day movements such as Futurism and Spatialism, Italy has […]

The Legacy Of Spanish Art: Famous Spanish Artists Who Inspired The World of Art

Photo of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali and Joan Miro on a of-yellow cover.

With an illustrious legacy spanning more than 1000 years, Spanish art never fails to amaze us with its cognizance among the classical European period.  From Neoclassical artworks to Cubist masterpieces, Spanish artists have elevated artistic liberty for centuries. Most of them are known for their astounding passion for various Art movements. Spanish artists have incorporated […]

The Sound Of Abstract Art: 15 Paintings By Kandinsky That Voiced Hidden Emotions!

A real photo of Wassily Kandinsky in a black background with the title paintings by Kandinsky written on it.

A pioneer of abstract art and expressionism, Wassily Kandinsky was born in 1866 in Moscow, Russia. Unlike other artists, Kandinsky started his career as a scholar of Law and Economics at University of Moscow.  After which, he was offered a professorship at University of Dorpat (University of Tartu,Estonia; currently).  An art lover by heart, Kandinsky […]

15 Johannes Vermeer’s Paintings That Depict Life In A Subtle Way

Born in the Dutch Golden Age, Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer was a well-known artist during the  Baroque style of art.  His artworks portrayed domiciliary scenes in the most elusive and tangible ways.  Known for the use of costly pigments in his paintings, his expertise in handling colors spoke about the passion he had for art.  […]

10 Controversial Artworks That Created A Storm of Theories Around Them

The Fountain by Marcel Duchamp.

An artwork which touches the zenith in terms of popularity, is most likely to be surrounded by a pool of controversies. Sometimes, the topic of controversy is genuine but it’s really over the top quite a few times. Popular and famous paintings across the globe are mostly susceptible to getting hit by controversy. Well, vice-versa […]

Japanese Erotic Art: Shunga Paintings That Represent Japan Intrinsically

Famous Japanese Erotic art painting

Evocative artforms always outshine conventional art. It’s an established fact along with plenty of proofs from the history of paintings.  From emotional artforms to politically agitated art movements, most of them have played significant roles in the evolution of art with time.  However, erotic paintings and sensual art have always been closer to the human […]