71 Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas For Him To Rock His Life (2021 List)

71 Christmas Gifts Ideas For Him To Rock His Life Portraitflip christmas gifts

It’s time you rock his world with these super awesome Christmas gifts ideas for him.

The hunt for the gift for the man in your life is a never-ending battle between what you think he may like and what he actually wants.

To break the dilemma, we’re here with a well-curated list of Christmas gifts for men that they’d love to receive.

Whether the guy you wanna gift is your boyfriend, brother or brother-in-law,  husband, dad, or grandpa; you’ll find a separate list for each below.

Let’s roll it, baby!

Christmas Gifts  Ideas For Him: Gift That Any Type Of Man Will Love

Christmas gift ideas for him: a woman giving a kiss on her boyfriend's cheeks after giving her a christmas present

What do you give your man when he doesn’t know what he wants?

A kiss!

I know you weren’t expecting this, and likewise, the Christmas gifts mentioned below will surprise him!

From a simple (yet awesome) gadget to artistic handmade painting from photos, you’ll find 11 Christmas gifts that will rock him!

1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

For the guy who loves whiskey and coffee—Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee is what you need to get for him this Christmas.

Infused with JD’s Whiskey Flavor, this coffee is something your man will love to start his day with. And don’t worry this joe is alcohol-free and won’t get him buzzed.

2.   Morse Code Bracelet Of His Name

on left; Morse code bracelet. On the right: a guy wearing a morse code bracelet.

Make his style sophisticated and elegant with this Christmas gift idea that is reserved just for him!

A Morse Code Bracelet of his name will be one of the coolest gifts that he’ll receive this Christmas.

3.   A Handmade Painting To Relive His Favorite Memory

Christmas gifts ideas for him: a photo of a man and his mom is made into custom handmade oil painting by artists of portraitflip.

The man in your life must have a photo that is dear to him and what can be better than turning that pic into something wonderful?

A custom handmade painting made from his photo will look 100 times better than the photo itself!

Let him hang it on the wall or keep it at the side desk, the painting will let him relive the memory every time he looks at it.

This will be the best Christmas gift he’ll ever receive. (I can bet 100$ on that!)

4.   White Noise Sound Machine For Better Sleep

A White Noise Sound Machine kept on the side table

If he complains of not getting enough sleep or not being able to sleep, this Christmas gift will let him sleep like a baby!

White noise sound machine plays uninterrupted natural sounds that help you relax and fall asleep faster 

5.   Daily Routine Set To Help Him With Daily Hurdles

Daily routine set including mirror, spray, lotion, perfume, shaving brush, shaving cream.

If you’re looking for thoughtful gift ideas for him on Christmas, look no further. A daily routine set is what you should give to make his life easier.

From body wash and shaving cream to moisturizer and deodorant—this daily routine set has everything that he’ll need for the whole day.

6.   100 Things To Do Scratch Off Poster For 2022

On left: 100 Things To Do Scratch Off Poster. On the right: a hand scratching off the block with a coin.

Give the guy an adventurous task for 2022: 100 Things To Do Scratch Off Poster.

This cool scratch-off poster will give him 100 tasks that he’ll have to complete—a nice way to keep him motivated for the year ahead.

7.   Beard Apron For No More Clogged Sink

on left: a white beard apron. On right: a guy trimming his beard while wearing the beard apron.

Impress him this Christmas with a gift that he’d be grateful for: a beard apron.

Men need to trim their beards often and giving this Christmas present will save them from clogging the sink ever again!

8.   Buddha Board For Zen-Like Experience

On left; Buddha Board with a paint brush.  On right, leaves and stems are bein painted on the Buddha Board

This Christmas gift idea for him will make his life stress-free and serene. A buddha board is an awesome painting board that lets you paint with just water!

Good for stress relief and mindfulness, this board will send the man in your life on a Zen journey.

9.   Man Up Book To Make Him A Focused Guy

On left; a hand holding the Man Up by Bedros Keuilian. On the right: backcover  of the Man up book

Man Up by Bedros Keuilian is a book that speaks the truth about business and motivates you to grow and prosper in a challenging business environment. 

Give this as a Christmas present to him if he’s into business. Or give it to him even if he’s not an entrepreneur because this book might motivate him to start his own venture

10. Terracotta Bottle To Keep His Water Cool Naturally

Two terracotta Bottles or clay bottles

This eco-friendly bottle made from terracotta will keep the water cool due to the evaporative process.

The sleek design and ease of carrying will let him carry this bottle whenever he’s on the road

11. DNA Kit To Find His Genetic Info

DNA kits kept on a green background

Is he a descendant of Alexander the Great or does he belong to British Royal Family? There’s only one way to find out.

With a DNA kit, he’d be able to find out who’s he related to, along with detailed genetic info.

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend: Gifts That’ll Make Him Cool

Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend: a woman giving a white christmas present to her boyfriend.

You’ve spent a good time trying to understand your boyfriend’s mind, and now your mind must be on overdrive trying to find a cool Christmas gift for him.

Give it a break and take a look at a few cool Christmas gifts ideas for him.

1.   Workout Pants To Level Up His Workout Goals

On left: a guy wearing grey workout pant. On the right: a guy wearing black workout pant

Having high-quality gear while working out is one of the essentials if you’re into fitness and workout clothes are no different.

Let your boyfriend crush his fitness goals with these sexy workout pants. Comfortable and stylish, this workout pant is an awesome Christmas gift for your boyfriend

2.   Couple Portrait To Show Him He Is Special

Christmas gifts ideas for him: a photo of couple looking at each other is made into handmade oil painting by artists of portraitflip

Among the moments you shared and photographs you took with him, there must be a photograph that’s special to you both.

So take this opportunity and turn that photograph into something magnificent: a Couple portrait.

Giving this personalized Christmas gift to the boyfriend will let him know that he is the one! So don’t miss this chance!

3.   Lego Mug For His Kid Inside

Lego mugs with lego blocks and lego toys.

A customizable coffee mug that is as cool as your boyfriend! Let your boyfriend drink his morning coffee and simultaneously build his Lego model—a fun Christmas gift that he’ll love to receive (100%).

4.   Anywhere Fireplace For Great Ambience

Anywhere fireplace burning on a table in the middle of a beautiful living room.

Forget candles and decorative lighting, this Christmas gift for your boyfriend is what you should give to level up his home decor.

Let him enjoy the ambiance of real flame without the hassle of smoke, ash, smell.

5.   A Gadget Of His Choice

various gadgets including laptop, phone, tablet, remote, nintendo switch, smart cup, speaker, USB cable, power bank, stylus, earbuds, batteries, humidifier against blue background.

Does your boyfriend need a new smartwatch? or a fancy gadget? or is it time that he ditches his old phone?

Whatever his electronic needs are, this Christmas you can get him the gadget that he has always wanted!

6.   Cocktail Machine For The Bartender

on left: a silver colored cocktail machine. On the right: a black cocktail machine with drinks and glasses.

Bring his inner bartender out by giving this Christmas gift to your boyfriend.  Great for parties, a cocktail machine will let him make cocktails in no time.

7.   Survival Gear Set For The Bear Grylls

various survival tools including hammer, knives, bagpack, gloves etc are kept on the table

If your boyfriend is outdoorsy and loves hiking, this survival set is all he needs this Christmas.

This survival gear kit comes with all the necessary tools that’ll help your man when he’s trekking out in the wild.

8.   Hands Casting Kit For The New Boyfriend

On left: a hand casting kit. On the right: a casted figure of two hands.

So you both met last month and are already madly in love with each other? Then get a hand casting kit for your love. This will be one of the best Christmas gifts for a new boyfriend.

9.   Beanie Hat To Make Him Cooler

a guy with blue jacket and white t-shirt wearing a grey beanie hat

A beanie hat will make your boyfriend 10x stylish, so don’t forget to get a couple of them!

10. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set For Mindfulness

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets

If your boyfriend is fond of meditation or wants a few minutes of calmness, this Christmas gift idea for him is perfect.

A Tibetan singing bowl set will make him easier to mediate and will help him calm after a stressful day.

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Husband: Gifts That Show You Care

Christmas gift ideas for husband:  a woman patiently waits as her husband unwraps the gift given by her.

Whether you’re newlywed or have been together for more than a decade, you’ve must have given all the gifts.

So if you think you’ve run out of Christmas gifts ideas for him, take a look at the list down below.

1.   Family Portrait To Admire The Love Within

Christmas gifts ideas for him: a family photo of wife, husband , and three kids is turned into handmade oil painting by artists of portraitflip

There’s nothing more a man cares for than his family. From dusk till dawn, your husband does everything he can to support his family; so why not give him a gift that’ll show that he is appreciated?

A family portrait of you, him, and the kids should do the trick.

Perfect for hanging in your living room, this handmade painting will strengthen the bond between you guys and will remind him that he is loved. 

So are you getting a family portrait for him this Christmas?

2.   Socks Subscription For New Socks Every Month

A guy wearing blue socks is tying the lace of brown shoes

One of the useful Christmas gifts ideas for husband—get him a monthly subscription of socks. Now he’ll never run out of socks, ever!

3.   Knife Set To Ease His Cooking Experience

A knife set with a wooden stand  on a kitchen table.

Is your husband a weekend chef? Help him cut, and chop those veggies with perfection with a knife set.

Not limited just to chopping veggies, he’ll be able to do many other cooking tasks with those knives.

4.   Dog Lamp For Bedside Table

Dog lamp of Corgi, dachshund, and boston terrier.

A cute Christmas gift idea from him: get a dog lamp for his bedside table. He’ll surely like to receive this amazing gift.

5.   Dark Chocolate Box For “Dark” Days

a box containing dark choclates

For the days he feels low, dark chocolate will keep him going. A perfect mood booster with tens of other health benefits, dark chocolates are a great Christmas gift for him. So make sure to get a lot of them!

6.   UV Light Phone Sanitizer For The Health Conscious

a person putting his phone in a UV light phone sanitizer

Did you know that mobile phones are one of the biggest carriers of germs?

If your husband is health conscious, then this Christmas gift idea is perfect for him. A UV sanitizer will kill the germs on his phone within seconds.

7.   Big Blanket For The Whole Family

a guy laughing with a Tv remote in his hand as he is cozed with a big blanket.

This big blanket will let you, him, and the kids be comfy while you guys watch movies this Christmas.

Oversized but cozy—giving a big blanket is one of the unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts ideas for him.

8.   I Wrote a Book About You To Express Your Love

Front cover of "I wrote a book about you" and a middle page from the book.

I Wrote a Book About You by M.H. Clark is a fun, adorable book that is designed to be filled by you and given to the person whom you love the most: your husband. 

9.   Pour-Over Coffee Maker Foe Java Enthusiast

a person using pour-over coffee to make filtered coffee

For the man who loves coffee, this Christmas gift is something that shouldn’t be missed.  

Let him prepare his coffee with pour-over style! This process takes time but he’ll get a rich brew every morning.

10. A Set Of Hoddie To Make Him Stylish

a set of white and black colored hoodies hanged on a stand.

Let your husband wear an outfit that makes him look cool: hoodies!

Get a couple of them and give them to him this Christmas. Now, he’ll use them whenever he’s going out to get groceries.

Christmas Gifts For Father: Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

Christmas gift ideas for father: a man happily hold the christmas gift given by his son.

It’s difficult to get a gift for the person who has done everything for you and is reluctant of accepting any gifts.

The probability is that he doesn’t want anything, and there’s a slight possibility that he doesn’t know what he wants. But it’s Christmas and he does deserve a gift.

For such an occasion, we have curated a well-balanced list of things he needs and things he’d love to receive!

Check out our list of Christmas gifts for father below.

1.   Charcoal Drawing Of Him

Christmas gifts ideas for him: a photo of man driving a car as he holds the steering wheel is turned into a charcoal drawing by artists of portraitflip

This Christmas give a gift that’ll not only show your love but will honor him for all the things that he has done for his family: a personalized handmade charcoal drawing of him.

This distinct, monotoned but rich charcoal drawing made from his photo is the best Christmas gift idea for him.

So honor your dad this Christmas!

2.   Projector For The One Who Loves Big Screen

a projector projecting a projection on a screen.

For the dad who loves to watch his favorite shows on a big screen, a projector will be the perfect Christmas gift for him.

Easy to carry and capable of projecting powerful visuals, this projector will let your dad enjoy his shows and movies in HD.

3.   Neck Massager For No More Neck Issues

a guy  in grey shirt using the modern neck massager

This season, get a Christmas gift for your father that’ll help him ease stiff muscle and neck aches.

A Neck massager will let your dad loosen stiff muscles and give a calming neck massage. It is great to use before bedtime as it will help him sleep faster.

4.   Credit Card Tool For The Resourceful Dad

on left: a credit card tool. On the right: a person holding the credit card tool

If your father is kinda person who loves to fix things on his own, a credit card tool will come in handy whenever he needs to fix something.

5.   Whiskey Stone For The Spirit Loving Dad

whiskey stones put in two different whiskey glasses

If your dad loves his drink a little cool, a set of whiskey stones is all you need to give him this Christmas.

Now your dad will no longer need ice—these stones will do the cooling work without diluting his drink.

6.   Golf Shot Tracker For The Golfer

a golf shot tracker the app fortracking it on the phone.

If your father is into golf, you should definitely get this Christmas gift for him (if he doesn’t have one in the first place).

A golf shot tracker will let him become the pro he has always wanted to be.

7.   Storm Glass To Predict Weather

a storm glass against a dark background

Let your dad predict the weather with this amazing Christmas gift idea for him: a Storm Glass.

If your dad is a person who likes to travels, this storm glass will let him plan his outings accordingly.

8.   Grilling Spice Set For The BBQ King

a collection of grilling spice set on a table.

For the guy who loves BBQ and making grilled dishes, a grilling spice set will add new flavors to his cooking routine.

So don’t forget to get this Christmas present for him

9.   Beer Making Kit For The Love Of Beer

On left: Beer making kit. On right: a person brewing homemade beer.

If your dad has a thing for beer, what can be better than getting him a rack of beer tins?

Giving him a beer-making kit! One of the best Christmas gifts for father, this DIY beer kit will keep him brew his homemade beer.

10. 45-Second Omelet Maker For Quick Breakfast

on left: 45-Second Omelet Maker. on right: a baked omelet in a 45-Second Omelet Maker

Save your father’s precious time in the morning with this amazing Omelet Maker that makes an omelet within 45 seconds.

Now he’ll prepare a healthy breakfast without the need to ask mom for help!

Christmas Gifts For Brother: Gifts That’ll Make Him Say “You’re The Best!”

Christmas gift ideas for brother: a man in a blue shirt hold a christmas gift as he poses beside a christmas tree.

Shopping for your brother may be an easy task, after all, you’ve known him for a majority of your life—but that’s an understatement!

Getting Christmas gifts for a brother that he’d actually like can be difficult. That’s why I’m here!

Here is the list of Christmas gifts ideas for brothers.

1.   Beer Subscription For The Beer Guy

different beer bottles and cans kept on grass.

Get your brother a gift that’ll be useful not only for Christmas but also for the rest of 2022.

A beer subscription will keep his fridge full every month. Now he’ll thank you every time his friends are over and he’s ready to crack open a cold one. 

2.   Ugly Sweater For The Average Brother

On left: a guy wearing an ugly Christmas themed dinosaur sweater. On the right: a man wearing Christmas themed ugly sweater

If you and your brother share a bond that is more humorous and roast-oriented, then you should consider getting funny Christmas gifts for your brother.

An ugly sweater tops the list. Great for winter and Christmas, this sweater will keep him warm and will be the reason for giggles.

3.   Pushup Trainer To Make Him One Punch Man

man using Push up trainer for pushups.

Is your brother a couch potato? Or does he find it hard to manage time to go to the gym? So do the needful and help him get in shape with a pushup trainer.

This portable pushup trainer is great for training and will help your brother built a fit body (at home).

4.   Webcam Cover For The Guy Who Feels Like He’s Being Watched

a webcam cover blocking the webcam of a laptop.

Okay FBI hack this. This webcam cover is for your brother who feels that anyone can hack their phone or laptop and can get access to the camera.

5.   Watercolor Painting For Lifting His Mood

Christmas gifts ideas for him: A photo of smiling man is made into a watercolor portrait by artists of portraitflip

Get the most unique and best Christmas gift for your brother: a watercolor portrait portraying him.

A watercolor portrait will give his wall or desk (wherever he wishes to keep it) an artistic vibe and will uplift his mood whenever he sees it.

6.   Snake Plant For Clean Indoor Air

on left: different snake plants arranged in a room. On the right: a guy covering his face with a huge snake plant.

Let your brother breathe clean and fresh air with a plant that naturally cleans the air—snake plant.

This Asparagaceae is an indoor plant that removes indoor pollutants and increases oxygen. So get this Christmas gift for your brother this year.

7.   A Good Quality Beard Trimmer Kit

Beard trimmer kit with its accessories.

One of the good Christmas gifts for brother. an expensive beard trimmer kit will let him trim his beard efficiently and will let him put the best look.

8.   Hiking Boot For The Outdoorsy

a man stepped up on a big wooden log while wearing brown hiking shoes.

If your brother is fond of hiking or loves to take walk in the trails, a hiking boot pair is a must. This Christmas, get him this thoughtful present.

9.   Hook And Ring Game To Keep Him Occupied

Hook and ring game set made from wood.

Give your brother an interesting Christmas gift that’ll keep him occupied: a Hook and Ring Game. Now he’ll check his phone less often and will be seen playing the game.

10. Smart Mug For Warm Coffee, Always!

a black smart mug kept on a table.

A Smart mug will let your brother keep his warm drink warm for a long time. With smartphone connectivity, he’ll be able to warm his coffee to the exact temperature he desires.

Christmas Gifts For Grandpa: Gifts That Are Best For Him

Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa: grandpa holds a Christmas gift given by his grandson.

Many of your childhood memories are connected with your grandpa. So when you’re looking for Christmas gifts ideas for him, they need to be the best.

For that, we have made a super list of 10 awesome Christmas gifts for grandpa. Take a look below!

1.   Electric Grill For Smoke-free BBQ sessions

a piece of meat and veggies are getting grilled on an electric griller.

When you’re looking for good Christmas gifts for grandpa, an electric grill can never be left out.  These grills do not produce smoke and are a healthier alternative to the commonly used gas or charcoal grills.

2.   Defrosting Tray To Save His Time

a huge chunk of meat getting defrosted on a Defrosting tray

If your grandpa likes cooking, giving him this Christmas gift shouldn’t be missed. A defrosting tray will defrost meat or any other frozen items quickly.

3.   Hand Warmer For Comfort

an elderly man cupping a hand warmer

In December, it’s white Christmas in many states. From your grandpa, this may mean that he’ll need more care than the rest of the year.

For cold winters, a hand warmer will give him the comfort he needs, so do get this Christmas gift for him.

4.   Noise-Canceling Headphones For Music Without Interruption

an elderly man enjoying music on noise-canceling headphone.

Show your grandpa how awesome technology can be! With noise-canceling headphones, he’d be able to enjoy his 80s music in HQ and without any interruption. 

5.   Mod Recliner For Cozy Christmas

On left : a navy blue Mod recliner. On the right: a turquoise mod recliner.

Give your grandpa the best seat in the house: a Mod Recliner. The adjustable recliner will let your grandpa chill comfortably as he watches his favorite show on TV.  

6.   No More Squinting With A Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

different sized cell phone screen magnifiers

A cell phone screen magnifier will do what it says: magnify the screen!

This Christmas gift for grandpa will let him enjoy his favorite videos on his phone without the use of glasses.

7.   A House Portrait Of His Home

Christmas gifts ideas for him: a photo of a house is oil painted onto a canvas by artists of portraitflip

Whether he stays there or used to live there, the place where your grandpa lived for most of his life is precious.

So give him the best gift of Christmas: a house portrait of his home.

The house painted vibrantly on a canvas will be a whole lot better than it is on a photograph. Now you know what you have to do to make your grandpa cry out of joy.

8.   Bedside Caddy To Keep His Things Before Goodnight Sleep

on left:  a black bedside caddy with smartphone, tablet, and small diary. On the right: a hand keeping an iPhone in the white colored bedside caddy

A bedside caddy is an awesome space to store stuff without the need of getting out of bed. Make your grandpa’s life easier with this awesome Christmas gift idea for him. 

9.   “Grandpa Magic” Book To Make Him Super “Granddad”

On left: the cover photo of Grandpa Magic. on the right:

One of the best Christmas gifts for grandpa, this book will turn your grandpa’s grandparenting experience hundredfold interesting.

This book comes with tricks, brainteasers,  and stunts that’ll make him the best, or I may say super “Grandpa”.

10. Couch Bowl For No Spilled Cereals

On left; a blue couch bowl. On right: a man checking his phone while holding cereal in his blue couch bowl.

Get a couple of couch bowls for your grandpa this Christmas so that he can enjoy snacks, soup, cereal from the comfort of the couch or bed.

Those bowls are designed in such a way that they are easy to hold and won’t spill when kept on unsteady surfaces like a couch.

Christmas Gifts For Brother-In-Law: Gifts To Put A Smile On His Face 

christmas gift ideas for brother in law: a man holding gifts and smiling.

When it comes to finding Christmas gifts for your brother-in-law, it may be a little confusing as you don’t exactly know his wants.

But there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll find amazing Christmas gift ideas for him down below.

1.   Steel Travel Mug For No-Spilled Drinks

different types of Steel travel mugs kept on floor

Let your brother-in-law enjoy his drink without the fear of spilling when he’s traveling. This Christmas gift idea is wonderful for carrying hot or cold drinks when commuting

2.   Electric Toothbrush For Healthy Teeth

9 different Electric toothbrushes kept near a compute screen

Give him an electric toothbrush once, and he’ll throw regular toothbrushes out of the window!

Compatible for everyone, an electric toothbrush effectively and deeply cleanses teeth that a regular toothbrush may fail.

3.   Audiobook For Self-Growth

One of the best Christmas gifts for brother-in-law would be an annual subscription to an audiobook.

Whether he loves to read or not, an audiobook is a great way to learn and grow.

4.   Ship In A Bottle Building Kit For His Inner-Child

on left: ship in a bottle. on right: a man building the ship in bottle

If your brother-in-law is a person who finds pleasure in small things in life, he’d love to receive a Ship In A Bottle Building Kit as a Christmas present.

This challenging building set will be a fun-to-do activity for him.

5.   Beer Dispenser For Fresh Beer

beer getting dispensed with a Beer dispenser

Let the guy enjoy each drop of beer as it rains down into his glass! With this beer dispenser, he’d be able to enjoy his drink fresh till the last mug.

6.   Telescope For The Astronomer

On left: a telescope against a white background. On right: a person looking in the sky and adjusting his telescope.

If your brother-in-law is fond of astronomy and believes he can spot a spaceship, give him a telescope!

This Christmas present will let him stargaze and start his space exploration project.

7.   Casual Backpack For Casual Look

On left: a casual backpack against white background. On right: a guy in maroon hoodie wearing a casual backpack

If you’re unsure of your brother-in-law’s likes and dislikes, get a casual backpack for him. Even if he has plenty of bags, he wouldn’t mind having an extra backpack.

8.   Custom Phone Case For The Superhero Loving Guy

on left: custom ironman phone case.  On the right: a custom batman phone case of "the dark knight"

Customize the phone case with your brother-in-law’s fav superhero and give it to him this Christmas.

Whether it’s batman or ironman, he’d love to receive such a gift for Christmas

9.   Maple Syrup For Calorie-Conscious Guy

a guy pouring mapple syrup on a pancake with strawberries on a breakfast table.

If he is the person who prefers honey over sugar, and fruits over fries; get him a Christmas gift that’ll support his health goals: maple syrup.

This syrup has many health benefits and so is giving it as one of the great Christmas gifts ideas for him.

10. Pet Portrait To Memorialize His Pet

Christmas gifts ideas for him: a photo of a French bulldog sitting on a couch is converted into an oil portrait by artists of portraitflip

Has your brother-in-law lost his pet recently?

It can be hard to move on when you’re stuck with such a loss which feels like losing a family member.

Help your brother-in-law move on by giving him a Christmas gift that’ll memorialize his lost pet in a high spirit: get him a pet portrait of his beloved baby.

A custom painting of his beloved pet will ease up his emotions and he will always feel better when he looks at the painting.

That was it, people!

Thank you for reading our blog on Christmas gifts ideas for him!

We hope you found a gift that’ll rock his world. Which gift are you planning to give him?

Let us know down below.

If you have any questions or want to say something, you can also reach out to us on social media.

Before you leave, do check out our Gallery for awesome handmade paintings (You’d be amazed, I promise)

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