19 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Him (Updated List)

Unique gifts ideas for him

The most awaited season is finally here. Christmas is arriving and so are all the festivities with it.

It is a time to make merry and joy and bask in the glory of all the happy moments that have taken place throughout the year.

Christmas is that time of the year when the environment is filled with love and affection and choosing the perfect gift can be an enormous task.

To ease this burden we have compiled a list of unique Christmas gift ideas for him.

‘Joy to the world’ is ringing in every ear and the air is filled with the scent of gratitude and merriment.

  • Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speakers

Bluetooth silicone shower speakers

I’m sure that a vast majority of the audience loves to the grove to the beat of their favorite track.

After all who can stop a craving like that?

For all those hardcore music lovers out there we present to you the Bluetooth silicone shower speakers.

Now you can listen to the favorite album of your favorite artist even in the shower.

Let the rhythm determine your mood.

  • Sudokube


Got a friend or family member who thinks they are too smart.

This is a good way to rattle their brains and force them to admit that you got an ace up your sleeve.

This is a quirky and fun mixture of two of the most stimulating brain games that have ever come into existence.

Sudoku’ and the ‘Rubik’s Cube’

A perfect gift to flex those muscles in the brain which we so often leave on a high shelf never to watch again.

It is indeed the perfect workout for the brain.

oil painting from photo

Everyone likes something special and what better way to make him feel special than by gifting him an oil painting from photo.

Just imagine that look on his face when he sees that personalized portrait of himself.

  • Smartphone Projector

Smartphone projector

Innovation is at its peak with the revolutionary digital age going on and has made virtually everything and anything possible.

Turn any normal room into a private theatre and that too with your Smartphone.

Whatever be your genre the smartphone projector is a perfect fix, for all your cinematic problems.

Forget the long queues and those expensive tickets plus all the ads in the theatre before the film starts.

Get your popcorn, put on those sweatpants, a huge bottle of coke and transform ordinary everyday spaces into a film experience like no other.

  • Flint Stop Vintage Wooden Chess Board Game And Wine Set

Flint stop vintage wooden chess board game and wine set

This is truly a gift befitting royalty as both chess and wine are considered something of a luxury which is undertaken by the elite royal class at one point of time.

Chess and wine is the perfect gift for an intellectually thirsty mind, one who is constantly looking to broaden and expand his horizons.

watercolor lady painting

He means the world to you and you want him to know that he is perfect and beautiful just the way he is.

It may not always be possible to tell this to him but you can gift him a watercolor painting from photo and let him know how you feel.

  • Plectrum Punch

Plectrum punch

Got a friend or family member who loves playing the guitar and can’t imagine even a single moment without it.

“My guitar is not just a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am.”    -Joan Jett

As you may know the plectrum or pick as it is commonly called is an essential part of every guitarist’s toolkit.

One may notice that it gets easily lost due to its minuscule size but for every problem, there is a solution.

With the help of this plectrum punch, you can manufacture your own picks anywhere on the go.

No need to constantly worry about losing them anymore!

  • Grooming Kit

Grooming kit

A beard has come in vogue and has become a necessity for men today.

It helps them give that macho, masculine look and usher in them a sense of self-confidence and worthiness.

Help them to keep their beard in shape with this grooming kit which comes with several features which allow plenty of variations with respect to their looks.

The best gift for your man this season and I assure you that he will certainly jump with joy upon receiving such a useful gift.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

A personalized portrait is a perfect way to not only captivate the eyes but also strike a chord with the heart.

It truly symbolizes the amount of thought that goes into finding a great gift for a special person.

Hence gift your man an acrylic painting from photo to capture his heart.

  • Poker Chip Set

Poker chip set

The best game set gift that can be given to any man is certainly a poker chip set.

A great ambiance, some good friends/ competitive players, a martini stirred not shaken and you will feel nothing less than James Bond from Casino Royale.

Isn’t it every man’s fantasy to feel like Mr. Bond for at least a brief moment in time?

Well, I leave that up to you.

It is the perfect way to celebrate any grand occasion or the perfect party game as it gives you a chance to defeat your friends or nemesis in this case and hone your skills that too without actually spending any money at the casino.

It is a good way to enjoy as well as ensure that you don’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

Bbq set

Oh isn’t the smell of the steak frying on the grill one of the best ever?

Is your man a big fan of meat and cooking? Does he adore the sight of a good tender piece of steak? Does it just make his mouth water?

Well if your answer to the above questions was affirmative then this surely is one of the best gift ideas for you.

A Carona in one hand and the tongs in the other as the steak simmers on the grill in the backyard, enjoying the time with some good music, friends, and family.

Isn’t it the picture of the perfect time together!


He has done a lot for you but do you really get a chance to tell him how much you appreciate everything that he has done.

It is not always easy to express all such emotions in a verbal manner and hence a charcoal painting from photo is a great choice.

  • Foosball Table

Foosball table

The iconic foosball table! This gift will mean much more to him than you can imagine.

Almost every man is a big football fan and can acquaint you with the rich history of his favorite football club.

Now not every person gets enough time to actually enjoy a game of football but an indoor version of foosball can be enjoyed without much stress and at your own leisure.

An added advantage is that the chances of taking an injury are seriously reduced. (I apologize for the bad pun and lack of taste here.)

Hands down it is the greatest gift that you can think of for your male friend who is an ardently devoted fan of football.


A pencil sketch may too simple and bland especially when you want to surprise him with a great gift this Christmas.

A simple gesture can speak a million thoughts and thus even a pencil sketch from photo, are sure to have a great impact on him.

  • A 365 Days Planner Journal

A 365 days planner journal

I know it may sound a bit boring especially because we are so busy in our daily chaotic life that we never get any time for planning any stuff beforehand.

That is the main reason why so many of us are so busy and still not very productive.

Gift him this planner and help him keep his entire day and mind organized so that he doesn’t have to frantically rush of to places or make any rash decisions.

Bluetooth earphones

Is your guy an avid fan of athletics, does he like to jog a few miles every morning? Does he love to listen to his favorite music tracks or podcast during that time?

Well, we have got the perfect thing for you. No wires, no hassles no worries.

Just plug it in your ears and you are ready to roll.

Car colored pencil sketch

I know colored pencils may sound a bit childish but if done in a good manner it can give a totally different dimension to the portrait.

It is an excellent gifting option as the customization of it is what adds more personal value to it.

  • A Customized Beer Dispenser

A customized beer dispenser

Are you sick and tired of all the stocks of bottles that are stored in the fridge?

Do you want to free up some space for other items?

Well, the beer dispenser is the perfect solution and a really cool accessory for any guy to have.

I guess this choice is a win-win situation for all.

  • A Set Of Perfumes

A set of perfumes

If anything there is two things that men are constantly conscious about, one is their look and the other is their smell.

A guy is always in search of the perfect perfume so that he smells great and can thus feel great too.

Hence a set of some really great smelling perfumes are a great way to make him feel really special.


And with this, we come to an end of our list for the unique Christmas gift ideas for him.

Our team here at PortraitFlip hopes that this article has been of some value to you.

If you have anything interesting that you would like to share for example another gift option which you think should be added in the list, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

Hope that this list helps you decide that all elusive perfect and elegant present for him.

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