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The Beauty Of Choosing The Best Medium For Your Portraits

A portrait of a girl that displays different mediums of painting styles shown in the image. The image also includes texts to show the different painting mediums for portraits

Trying to choose the best medium for your portraits? It can be taxing, I will give you that. But welcome and thank me later. You see a portrait’s beauty lies solely in its ability to do justice to its subject. This only happens when the said subject has been completely and truly captured on that […]

70+ Ideas For Bedroom Wall Decor You Need (2022 Updated)

various ideas of beautiful bedroom wall shown as options with the text saying 70+ ideas for bedroom wall décor

Imagine this, you finally have a beautiful place or you eventually bought the place you’ve always dreamed about. It is liberating I know, but it’s time to turn your house into a home.  Wanting to decorate your safe haven according to your aesthetics and theme is probably the only thing on your mind. But where […]

Best Kiss Portraits From Photos By PortraitFlip (2022 Updated)

This image displays all the photo to painting kiss portraits that have been painted by PortraitFlip. It also displays the words PortraitFlip's top and favorite kiss portraits of all time.

Kiss portraits are by far the most intimate paintings PortraitFlip had the honor to paint for our customers. Except for the nude portraits of course.  That’s a story for another day. PortraitFlip takes pleasure in painting some of the most touching and display-worthy kiss portraits there ever were. A moment, so pure, caught on the […]

40+ Best Gifts For Long-Distance Relationships (2022 Updated)

Two hands shown yearning for each other and the text saying gifts for long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are bittersweet.  They actually suck. I can empathize with you. Sometimes you wish teleporting was in existence already. How much are facetime and the memes on Instagram going to help you anyway? Hat’s off to anyone who is still keeping the spark alive being miles apart. I mean it! Since it can’t […]

11 Famous Pop Art Paintings And Their Secrets (2022 List)

famous pop art paintings placed on a blue background with a text that says famous pop art paintings an their secrets by portraitflip

The elitist culture was never the epitome of exorbitance — let me introduce you to famous pop art paintings. The pop art movement was an amalgamation of both radical and shocking artwork — a stark contrast to abstract expressionism. What is pop art? It was the result of an essential art movement that dominated the […]

11+ Famous Black Artists In Art History (2022 Updated)

An abstract a contemporary artist with the words famous black artists.

“I am not a black artist, I am an artist”  — Jean-Michel Basquiat  I say “famous black artists” but were they? Black artists or just artists have been unrecognized and undervalued for years — if not for decades or centuries. Just like the famous female painters they have been swept under the radar for far […]

World’s Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold (Updated 2022)

the auction of salvator mundi taking place at christies to show the most expensive paintings to be ever auctioned off.

If the world had a one-of-a-kind thing—I swear it would be these most expensive paintings. What makes them one-of-a-kind? Their rareness. The fact that even if we brought the respective masters who painted them back—they still wouldn’t be able to duplicate these masterpieces. If so, even the controversies behind these paintings add to their value. […]

Uber Cool Christmas Gifts For Brother-In-Law (2022 Updated)

A man standing with a lot of christmas gifts with the words christmas gifts for brother in law in 2022 written on it

Christmas gifts for brother in law are a way of saying “thank you” for showering me with brotherly love with a side of constant teasing.  You see when I say brother-in-law, I think of someone married to my sister. In your case, it may be your wife’s brother. Or even your sister-in-law’s husband.  As long […]