25 Personalized Gifts For Dog Lovers That Are All The Rage!

25 Personalized Gifts For Dog Lovers

You’ll love this pet-lover gift guide no matter whether you want to gift yourself or your friend—who can’t stay away from their dog for a minute!

Let me make a statement: “Dog owners don’t expect the most expensive gifts in the world!”

All they expect is a present that’d excite their pet—make their furry friend roll over the floor with excitement! 

When a dog drools, scratches, or sheds on the sofa, people get annoyed. However, dog owners find that supremely adorable!

For a dog lover, this action is equivalent to a father who enjoys watching his child walking, dancing, and playing with him.

Certain activities by dogs give their owners immense joy!

You know there are plenty of pet lover gift ideas, however, I’ve come up with personalized gifts for dog lovers that are all the rage!

These personalized pet presents can win their hearts and make them realize “they have always been a great pet parent”.

So without further ado, let’s get on the bus! 

1. Dog Portrait From Photo

a pet portrait by PortraitFlip is mounted on the green wall

Surprise them with a gorgeous pet portrait that will also be loved by their friends and family!

Pet Ad

This pet-owner gift will connect them on a deeper level when you depict their pets on a framed-handmade painting!

It’s a commendable personalized gift idea for a dog lover as you’ll be giving something that adorns their wall and touches their soul.

Pro Tip: Turn their oldest dog photo into a handmade portrait.

This way you can show each of their family members how their pet has grown up—happily and healthy!

It’s a personalized dog parent gift that will tap into their sentimental area and make them feel complete. 

At PortraitFlip, we’ve shipped hundreds of pet portraits so far.

And we’d love to deliver our next order to your friend’s doorsteps.

Send us your friend’s pet photos and let us turn them into a meticulously detailed pet portrait.

2. Dog Tote Bags

a girl in a black dress holding a tote bag on her left shoulder

If you’re looking for special, multi-functional, and personalized gifts for dog lovers, a dog tote bag can be the best option!

Dog lovers would love to have this personalized pet parent gift as it’d be used while traveling, grocery shopping, and so much more.

It’s a nice option to replace plastic bags and let them keep their dog’s accessories and valuable items in them.

You can personalize it with your friend’s pet cartoon or their personal favorite quote.

Make sure you get a sturdy, easy-to-fold, and lightweight dog tote bag that can easily be personalized and make a difference in your giftee’s life!

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3. A Coffee Mug

a dog photo printed mug

A simple coffee mug can be personalized too.

You can have it designed with their dog pictures or paws.

If not, you can ask designers to write a quirky message on it.

Believe me, it won’t fail to put a smile on their face. 

4. Customized Dog Socks

a pair of socks

As I said, you don’t have to splurge on gifts to make them feel special and loved!

Give them customized dog socks and be the reason for their smile!

These are a fashion statement, which comes in different colors and sizes at budget-friendly prices.

They’d love to wear them on several occasions. Especially, on Christmas eve when all of us glorify love and togetherness.

It’s one of the creative and best Christmas gifts for dog lovers that won’t look cheesy at all! 

5. Personalized Throw Pillows

a throw pillows with a dog photo printed on it.

You can have their favorite breed depicted on soft and fluffy throw pillows.

This personalized gift for a dog lover is all the rage!

You can’t choose which material throw pillows will be made of, but you have an inherent right to its design, colors, and of course, patterns.

This way you can personalize throw pillows in a way that can touch your giftee!

6. Dog Figurines

a brown dog figurine

It’s a great idea to amaze your pet lover friend!

By sending their pet’s photos to Sculptmonkey’s artist, you can have their figurine made in an artistic form.

It’s a go-to way to keep their shelves or other pieces of furniture captivating with their pet figurine.

7. Dog Purse

a puppy designed dog purse.

If you’re buying a personalized gift for a dog mother, going ahead with a dog purse can be the best deal!

Hardcore dog lovers always seek moments to show off their love for their pets.

This personalized gift for a dog lover will upgrade their look, making it cute and funky.

A dog purse is one of the personalized gifts for dog lovers that can makeover the wardrobe and glamourize the furniture—if placed properly. 

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8. Personalized Dog Stickers

stickers of dog breeds

Personalized dog stickers are all the rage as I’ve seen them in many houses—especially, on the doors of fridges.

They look excruciatingly cute and unique as personalized gifts for dog lovers.

When received, they could use them on their phones, laptops, refrigerators, and even coffee mugs.

You can have their pet’s cut-stickers made from any background removal tool and delivered to your dog lover’s doorsteps.

9. Pet Puzzle

a blue pet puzzle

I love puzzle toys; it keeps a tired pet entertained and engaged for a long time.

I’m sure your friend will love it if you gift them one.

The downside of giving your pet parent a pet puzzle is that it’ll let their dog outsmart them.

Jokes apart! 

A pet puzzle is a great gift to stimulate a dog’s mental muscles and keep them curious.

10. A Compilation Pet Portrait

a compilation pet portrait on a grey textured wall

I’ve already suggested you buy a portrait of your friend’s pet.

You can even hire a pet portrait artist that will tell the story in a painting form.

But here’s a great deal: what if you make a portrait of their pet along with the person they love the most?

Perhaps, their uncle who resides in another country, an old school friend who moved to a different city, or another dog who is not with them anymore!

You can have them brought in one frame and turned into a portrait!

We, at PortraitFlip, compile all types of photos—bad, old, blur, and you name it, and turn them into a beautiful handmade portrait.

If you could send us two different photos—let’s suppose your friend’s photo and their late dog, we would have them turned into a portrait exactly shown above!

It’s one of the nicest personalized gifts for dog lovers that’ll be remained in their hearts and wall for many years to come!

11. Dog Candles

two candles with covers depicting a dog breed

Without breaking the bank, you can surprise your pet parent with these dog candles.

They are available in different sizes and patterns.

A friend who owns a bulldog or labrador will feel great to receive these candles as a present.

This is the ultimate way to change the vibe of their home as they have a pleasing scent and captivating look!

Pet Portrait Ad

12. A Phone Cover

a customized phone cover with a dog photo

This is the best-personalized pet lover gift you can give to them!

Make sure you get their pet’s name, photo, or sign on it.  

It’s worth giving as it provides protection to the mobile screen after the fall. And it can also work as a great conversation starter.

13. Personalized Large Dog Pillow

a dog on a large dog pillow

Large pillows can even get larger when you ask vendors to design them according to your friend’s pet.

It’ll be similar to their pet’s cut-out and can be multifunctional and cute as personalized gifts for dog lovers. 

Large-sized dog pillows are an upgraded version of throw pillows as they are great to keep their pet on them, which let them sleep peacefully.  

14. Plush Slippers

dog designed women plush slippers

Plush slippers are one of the coziest and nicest personalized gifts for dog lovers!

They can pamper their legs and provide great comfort while walking, strolling, and sauntering at their place.

These soft and fluffy plush slippers are human-made, giving warmth and comfort to feet.

You can even create two replicas of their dog and use them on their plush slippers. 

15. Customized Dog Bowl

a bowl full of treats

Buy a set of bowls for your dog lover friends.

Firstly, each bowl has its own unique identity and benefits.

Secondly, you can have all of them personalized by their dog’s name or paws printed.

When I say different sets, I mean a collection of shallow bowls, narrow-opening bowls, deep bowls, and slow bowls.

Dog Portrait Ad

They will love to accept them as they will have been using them for multiple scenarios and ways. 

16. Custom Paw Print Ring

a custom paw print ring

This is one of the heart-warming personalized gifts for dog lovers!

You can have a simple gold ring turned into a dainty piece of jewelry. By embossing the ring with their dog’s paws, you can have a magnificent ring ready for pet parents. 

It’s one of the stunning pet owner gifts they’ll never forget!

17. Custom Dog Tshirt

a black with a Rottweiler photo on it.

Dog parents always seek opportunities to flex things that signify their pet!

This can be the go-to way to let everyone know that they have a fluffy and loyal four-legged pet. 

Steal the show by giving them a nicest-looking T-shirt with their pet’s photo printed on it.

Make sure to get them one that is stretchable, cotton-fabric, and has contrasting colors to make it stand out from the rest. 

18. Personalized Dog Name Ornament

a name of a dog on the dog ornament.

Need a thoughtful gift for a dog lover?

Gift them personalized dog name ornaments!

An ordinary gift may become something that will be treasured for a lifetime with a personal touch. 

Personalized dog ornaments can create wonderful souvenirs that will be cherished for a very long time.

Plus, they can be used to adorn Christmas trees and other tail-wagger-related items.

19. A Custom Dog Doormat

dog print and a witty message on a doormat

Invest in high-quality, environmentally friendly doormats that include paw prints and are constructed of all-natural fibers.

Plain doormats are out of date, but the modern thing is to add some comedy by engraving writing on them.

It will look fantastic at the front entrance and is an affordable personalized present idea for dog lovers.

20. Portable Dog Water Bottle

a multifunctional dog water bottle

Look no further than a customized water bottle if you’re seeking the perfect inexpensive and personalized gifts for dog lovers.

Gift this two-in-one piece that includes a water bottle and bowl!

They can benefit from a variety of advantages as a result of their personal, reusable, and sustainable nature.

21. A Photo Book

a photo book as a gift to a dog lover

With nearly hundreds of their dog images on Instagram, it’s acceptable to use them as a photo book.

Your pet parent will appreciate this personalized dog lover gift because it is not a generic notion.

You’ll be adding images from various occasions and reliving their wonderful experiences.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to create a photo book with 15 or 50 images.

Maintain a simple yet innovative approach! Also, provide amusing text to accompany the photos—this will undoubtedly make them grin!

22. Custom Dog Photo Necklace

a golden necklace with a dog photo on it

A custom dog photo necklace is one of the personalized gifts for dog lovers that won’t fail to amaze them. 

There’ll be a different dog face necklace—you go with the one that resembles their pet.

Perhaps you can add the pet photo that’ll make it more personal and artistic.

Dog lovers would appreciate receiving this as a gift because it holds a lot of emotional importance for them.

23. Custom Dog Gold Earrings

a pair of dog gold earrings

Dog earrings are one of the ideal personalized presents for dog mothers.

They are ageless, given to individuals of all ages, double in value with time, and can be beautifully personalized.

You may get them customized from Etsy.

When they see their pet’s print on this pet-loving gift, they will be astounded!

24. Heated Pet Bed

a dog laying on a heated pet bed

This should be given to friends who started petting a dog lately!

It is a vital item to gift to a dog parent since it keeps their dog warm and comfy!

Make sure you buy this “Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper” that is engraved with their dog initials that can keep their dog or other pets warm even when they’re not around.

You can also learn the different ways to love your pet from the blog post here

25. Health Tracker

a health tracker with dog photos printed on the straps.

You can have a health tracker customized with their favorite quote.

It’ll look fashionable—Any dog owner would appreciate the peace of mind that this GPS tracker provides. 

It’s something that’ll provide real-time location updates if your dog is outside of your home’s range.

Pro Tip: Don’t be cheap and purchase one that connects to WiFi and provides insights on activities such as licking, scratching, drinking, and even your dog’s sleep routine.

This allows them to keep track of the pup’s activity and maintain him in peak form!

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If you’re shopping for a pet parent who is hopelessly devoted, these personalized gifts for dog lovers will make them happy.

I’ve provided 25 personalized presents for dog lovers that are not only meaningful and expensive but also are all the rage—you can find them in any online or physical gift store.

However, if you want to purchase a pet portrait or a dog and parent painting, there aren’t many better options than PortraitFlip.

So far, we’ve delivered hundreds of pet portraits and received good comments from nearly everyone.

You’re only four steps away from receiving a handmade portrait; one of them is clicking here.

In this blog, I’ve tried providing the most worthwhile personalized gifts for dog lovers; if I’ve left out any other presents or gifts, please let us know in the comments section.

Also if liked this article then do check out some adorable dog birthday gifts!

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Thanks for your time!

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