30 Personalized Gifts For Dog Lovers

30 personalized gifts for dog lovers

Howdy-Doody Dog Lovers, today we will talk about the 30 Personalized Gifts For Dog Lovers.

If you are looking for some exciting Dog Parent Gifts you are at the right place.

Don’t you think that gifts for dog lovers should have some personalization attached to it?

If yes then sit back and relax, we from PortraitFlip have made a list of some fresh, trendy and useful personalized gifts for dog lovers.

1. Dog Mom Coffee Mug

Dog mom coffee mug

Coffee mugs are a great help to dog moms who get tired of organizing the home after the 4 legged monsters have completely vandalized the house.

You can edit the text on the mug, choose its color, select mug size and you can choose from 156 designs to go in the background.

Find the vendor on Etsy and gift a coffee mug which refreshes dog moms.

2. A Dog Portrait From Photo:

A dog portrait from photo

Gifting an amazing painting made from the photo of your friend’s pup would be a great idea which is completely unique and fresh.

Finding a genuine artist becomes very difficult when it comes to converting a photo into a painting.

And of course, the hassles which come along like:

Finding the gallery, Getting it in your Preferred Medium, Price, Time, Delivery, Advance, and what if it is not worth the Money?

We at PortraitFlip started with keeping the real art alive and to connect genuine artists to people in need of a painting.

We offer services like:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Questions Asked Return Policy
  • Specialist Painters For Each Type
  • Only 30% Advance
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • You can get the painting Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or Framed

Which has made PortraitFlip the web’s best website to order handmade paintings from photos.

For us your painting is not just a mere order it’s a happiness package expressing emotions that we send to your doorstep.

Check paintings of our happy customers here.

3. Dog Tote Bag For Dog Moms:

Dog tote bag for dog moms

The Dog tote bag can be used in many ways by dog lovers.

This gift for dog parents helps in keeping dog’s accessories, dog essentials during traveling, or one can flaunt the bag while getting groceries in it.

The bag can be personalized by changing the breed of the dog, editing the text on it, and changing colors (Background &Text).

Now, don’t you think it as one of the perfect gifts for dog lovers?

You can find the vendor on Etsy.

4. The Original Plush Cuddle Clone:

The original plush cuddle clone

Personalized gifts for dog lovers have reached their new peak after the introduction of Plush Clones by Cuddle Clones.

These clones are made exactly to look like your dog and are a great way to show tail-wagger the importance he deserves.

Not only the pet can play with the furry replica but it is a very beautiful décor option as well.

After selecting the breed of the dog or cat you get personalization options like the position of the dog, eye color, tail angle, mouth and tongue position, etc.

Now haven’t they took personalization of dog gifts the next level?

5. Personalized Throw Pillow For Dog Parents:

Personalized throw pillow for dog parents

Throw pillow for the dog is also one of the interesting personalized gifts for dog lovers.

People at personalization mall offer customization options like pillow size (2 sizes Three Variants), Selecting a breed suitable for you, adding a name, and pronunciation to the pillow.

Seek your love through these trendy throw pillows and cherish your beautiful love.

6. Dog Figurines:

Dog figurines

Figurines add as a beautiful element to one’s interior decoration.

Not only these signify the love you share with the Fido but also act as a great conversation starter with guests.

The figurines can be customized to order. You get options like selecting the breed of the dog, position, eye color, tail angle, mouth, adding minute information (Scars, Birthmarks, etc.), and tongue position.

Wow! They are offering a hell load of personalization options.

7. Dog Purse:

Dog purse

Get reactions from everyone for your interesting purse which is actually a replica of you four-legged angel.

Dog moms will completely ditch their old purses after they get these as these can be customized exactly to replicate the dog from an image.

After selecting the breed you can customize the strap color and hardware color as well.

Now that is one of the amazing Dog Mom Gifts.

8. Personalized Stickers:

Personalized stickers

These stickers can go on your phones, laptops, Cupboards, Coffee Mugs or anywhere you would like to see your pooch face.

They are cheap and easy to order as you just have to send one image and the seller will deliver it your place.

You can find vendors on Amazon and Etsy.

9. Pet Puzzles:

Pet puzzles

Children are the greatest lovers of pets, they enjoy playing with them when the other kids are not.

Children love the pet just like a family member and can’t imagine getting away from them.

So why don’t you use this liking of them for their mental development? and gift a puzzle which when successfully completed will form an image of the dog.

Shutterfly lets you make the final image on their editing platform and offers loads of personalization options to choose from.

After you customize your image the send the photo puzzle to you in no time!

10. A Portrait Painting From Photo of the Pet Family:

A portrait painting from photo of the pet family

One might have 2 – 3 or more pets in his family.

Pet owners love their pets unconditionally, you can show how much you adore their love by gifting them a portrait painting of the whole family.

Gifting a portrait painting made from a photo of the pet family is less famous hence a unique idea.

Having multiple photos and not everyone in 1 image? No worries!

You just have to send one (Or More) photo of each pet and our graphic designing team will merge it into one image and get your approval before forwarding it to the artist.

We have a range of mediums to choose from like:

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Charcoal drawing
  • Color Pencil Sketch
  • Oil Painting
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Watercolor Painting

We only assign a specialist artist for the medium you choose to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Checkout why do our customers love us in these testimonials.

11. Dog Silhouette:

Dog silhouette

How about a custom dog silhouette in your living room?

These silhouettes are cheap, apt, and look fresh due to the use of black and white colors.

You can find a vendor on Etsy.

12. Phone Covers:

Phone covers

Dog phone covers go one step further from the previous products as you can completely change the way your phone looks by adding your pooch at the back.

You just have to send the image and select your phone’s model and you will receive a silicone phone cover

You can find many vendors online and flaunt your pooch on your phone.

13. Really Big Pillow:

Really big pillow

Get a pillow from a dog portrait of 5 feet for your dog loving friends.

Pillows are good to cuddle but don’t we hate those small pillows which do not provide support for the legs.

Get this really big pillow for dog lovers and ensure its effective use at the same time.

You can customize the cushion as per your needs and get the cover printed which is made of cotton and linen.

The vendors only provide the cover and you will have to fill the cotton yourself.

You can find vendors on Etsy.

14. Plush Slippers:

Plush slippers

These slippers are handmade to look just like a pet!

These are super soft and comfortable!

Dog parents can wear these in their homes as these are soft and cushiony.

Plus amaze the dog by his two small replicas and let him play with them as well.

15. Customized Dog Bowl:

Customized dog bowl

How can the list not have a custom dog bowl?

Dog bowls are the basic requirement for every pet, but don’t you think all your pets should have different bowls to maintain hygiene?

Gift your dog lover friends personalized dog bowls for all their pets by adding a name to the bowl and a paw print.

16. Custom Pet Pillow Keychain:

Custom pet pillow keychain

Pet pillow key chains are a very useful gift for your pet lover.

Pet pillow key chains are made with the image of the dog sent by you.

This image is converted into a small and soft keychain and can be used with keys or can be attached to the collar of the dog.

17. A Custom Made Calendar With Your Pet:

A custom made calendar with your pet

A Custom made a calendar with your dog on every page is a great dog gifting idea which can be used at workplaces.

Shutterfly offers an option to curve the calendar and to add different photos on each page of the 12 months.

Remind your friends of their adorable dogs while at work and make them smile by getting a custom made calendar.

18. Dog Magnets:

Dog magnets

Yes! We know that dogs are like magnets they never leave you, but we are talking about the metal magnets here.

How would you like if you could customize a fridge magnet with a dog painting?

Amazing idea, right?

A Magnet is inserted in a small wooden tab and then the image sent by you is painted with oil paint on that wood.

After the painting dries off it is sent to you. You can also send it directly as a gift directly to the dog lover.

19. A Royal Dog Portrait With Face Swap By PortraitFlip:

A royal dog portrait with face swap by portraitflip

Royal dog portraits are gaining popularity, we have received hundreds of orders in the recent months for royal dog portraits.

We at PortraitFlip make these by swapping the face of a human by a pooch face.

The edited design is sent to you for approval and if you don’t like it we offer unlimited revisions to get it approved.

We guarantee no questions asked return policy which binds us to either replace the painting or return the money in case of dissatisfaction.

20. Pet Photo 6-Inch x 6-Inch LED Light Shadow Box:

Pet photo 6 inch x 6 inch led light shadow box

This is one of the unique and personalized gifts for dog lovers as it features adding an image into a led frame.

It runs on 3 AAA batteries, this LED photo box goes perfectly on your study table and adds to the night light in your bedroom.

You just have to send the image of your loved one’s photo with their pooch and get it delivered from Etsy.

21. Custom Dog Brooch:

Custom dog brooch

Imagine a custom made brooch of your friend’s pooch, won’t these look amazing and completely unique?

One can pin it on shoulder bags or on coats to flaunt their adorable four-legged monster.

22. Personalized Dog Name Ornament:

Personalized dog name ornament

A custom name ornament can be used to decorate Christmas trees and something related to the tail-wagger.

It goes perfectly on the dog collar as well.

Find yours on Amazon.

23. A Custom Doormat with Paws:

A custom doormat with paws

Plain doormats are out of fashion, adding a bit of humor by engraving text is the new trend.

But, have you ever thought adding small paws besides the text?


Just to let the guests know that you have a four-legged tail-wagger at your place.

You can get many vendors on Etsy and Amazon.

24. A Photo Book From Shutterfly:

A photo book from shutterfly

We know how challenging it is to get the photo album printed after the photos have been snapped.

You have to select the images to be printed, approve edits, and regret after some snaps just don’t suit in the album.

Photo Book by Shutterfly lets you choose from 50 to 200 photos of your choice and appoints an assistant to help you with the editing.

The final book is sent to you before printing and you can also add funny texts to go with the photos.

Create a photo book for your loved ones with their pets and gift them this completely personalized present.

25. Custom Dog Photo Necklace:

Custom dog photo necklace

These necklaces feature a silver pendant which is made from the photo of your pooch.

The silver used in the whole necklace is safe for sensitive skin.

Dog lovers would love to get this as a gift as this would hold a lot of emotional significance for them.

You can find many dealers on Etsy.

26. Custom Dog Earrings:

Custom dog earrings

Dog earrings are a perfect gift for dog moms.

But won’t it be something very unique to gift her with her dog shaped earring?

Interesting right? Just send the images to any of the vendors on Etsy and get dog shaped earrings at your doorstep.

27. Dog Printed T-Shirt:

Dog printed t shirt

T-Shirts are used by everyone, we have a way to make those very interesting and cool.

How about getting the pooch face printed on a tee and gifting it to him/her.

Won’t everyone be interested in the tee? And the conversations would never end.

28. Charcoal Drawing or Pencil Sketch of the Pooch with Parents:

Charcoal drawing or pencil sketch of the pooch with parents

How do you think will a black and white charcoal drawing or a pencil sketch of dog/ Dogs with the parents look in their living room, stunning won’t it?

Black and white sketches made from a photo are a very unique and classy gift which you could consider.

It would not only increase the animal-human bond but also increase your bond with your loved ones.

Check our Charcoal Drawings Gallery and Pencil Sketch Gallery.

29. Customize Your Dog Backpack:

Customize your dog backpack

We all have backpacks when we are camping, going for a picnic or just going for a stroll in the park.

Why don’t you gift a customized dog backpack which has toys, water, and all the dog accessories the pooch might need in the park or picnic.

The dogs can easily wear the bag and it looks damn cute!

30. Customized Dog Bandanna:

Customized dog bandanna

Bandanas give that bad boy look to the pooch which in fact is very cute.

Customize a bandana and add some interesting text on it by finding a vendor on Etsy who will print it for you.

This gift will be very trendy and funny!

Hey! That was our last suggestion, hope you found some amazing personalized gifts for dog lovers.

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Comment and shares act as fuel for us to deliver more such content which can help the pet community.

Comment down and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks for coming here, Aloha!

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