25 Christmas Gifts For Brother-In-Law

Christmas gifts for brother in law

Ahoy! So you have an amazing pal in your life and you are looking for some extraordinary Christmas gifts for brother-in-law, isn’t it?

So let us reveal only the Christmas presents for brother-in-law which have never been gifted before while you sit back and get gifts delivered at your doorstep in just a few taps!

You all love your brother-in-law; some for their extraordinary support, some for their childlike characteristics and some for their immense love!

Let us from PortraitFlip help you get Christmas gifts for brother-in-law which are all one of a kind.

So without any further ado let us rocket you all amazing people out there who all have taken some time out for finding a thoughtful Christmas present for your brother-in-law.

If your brother-in-law has a pooch, you might want to get some fresh and exciting Personalized Dog Lovers Gifts.

1. Gift A Happiness Package With A Painting Inside:

Gift a happiness package with a painting inside

Gift a marvelous painting to your brother-in-law this Christmas!

All you need to do is:

  • Select a Medium at PortraitFlip.com among Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil/Color Pencil, Oil, or Watercolor Painting.
  • Upload 1/More Photos.
  • Select Finishing Options among Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or Framed.
  • Record him while he unwraps the happiness package which is delivered at his doorstep and send it to us so that we feature the video on our website.

Check out our gallery paintings and don’t forget to use OFF10 while you order and get a FLAT 10% Discount.

But why is painting a better choice of investment than photo?

2. Google Themed T-Shirt:

Google themed t shirt

An awesome definition and a funny Christmas present or a fun birthday present for your proud new brother!

A sarcastic funny meaning outfit that’ll get compliments & good laughs! Be sure to get this lovely t-shirt for the newest family member!

Get this funny brother-in-law gift from Etsy.

3. Ruggie Alarm Clock:

Ruggie alarm clock

Is he always the last to get up in the morning?

Does he enjoy laying on the bed till late?

Just put this mat looking alarm clock in his room and it won’t go off until he steps on it and moves forward!

Ruggie is LOUD and needs to sense pressure for 3 seconds to stop the alarm. If 3 seconds isn’t enough, you can prolong it up to 30 seconds!

Get yours on Amazon.

4. Thumb Wrestling Ring:

Thumb wrestling ring

Add to the fun in the madhouse with this thumb wrestling ring Christmas gift for brother-in-law.

The thumb wrestling ring creates fun and excitement to your everyday life.

It is a great gift if you have a brother-in-law who is 15-

Find yours on Amazon.

5. Coffee Mug For The Funny Brother-In-Law:

Coffee mug for the funny brother in law

Hit his funny bone with this terrific coffee mug made with a sarcastic statement which our beloved president uses often.

The coffee mug can be bought from Etsy and is a funny gift idea for the brother-in-law.

6. A Handsome Leather Jacket:

A handsome leather jacket

Every man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a leather jacket which he loves beyond every apparel.

Get him this piece of tailored leather and uplift his style game!

He would be in love with the attention he gets when he pairs this up with a basic white/black tee with blue jeans to go with it.

Get this thoughtful Christmas present for your brother-in-law and make him dance in joy!

Get yours from Amazon.

7. Camera Lens:

Is he the best when it comes to photography and clicks snaps almost like a professional?

Get him a camera lens this Christmas and allow his photography skills to nurture and evolve.

Who knows he might get into full time photography!

You can easily find a lens on Amazon which can be attached to a smartphone.

8. Inspiring Book:

Inspiring book

Some might enjoy a lens and explore the artistic side of themselves and some might want to hit it big and be the next big thing!

For your brother-in-law who puts his success ahead of everything, an inspiring book will always keep him motivated.

Inspiring books always are a good gifting option as you are actually gifting something which will make their coming year better.

9. Funny Greeting Card:

7.8% of US marriages are held in the holy month of December, so there is a high chance you also had one!

Give the newly wedded groom a disclaimer of what has he gotten himself into with this funny greeting card.

The greeting card is an apt disclaimer for the groom who knows nothing about what goes on in the madhouse!

Get this Christmas gift for brother-in-law from Etsy and don’t be sorry if he complaints in future!

10. Chinese Money Plant:

Chinese money plant

It is not a secret anymore that a money plant brings prosperity and liveliness into your house!

Get a fresh plant for your brother-in-law who needs positive energy in his life to ward off the negative vibes.

You can easily find a nursery near your place or order from websites like Bloomscape.com, or thesill.com.

11. A Stunning Oil Painting:

A stunning oil painting

How about you get a stunning oil painting of your brother-in-law with only a photo of his?

Sounds Interesting?

Then, just send a photo to PortraitFlip.com and be rest assured of getting the painting in the finest quality possible.

PortraitFlip offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means if you are unhappy with our product you get a 100% Refund.

But that is very rare as we have handpicked artists from all around the World based on their Skill, Expertise, and Knowledge about Oil Paintings.

As part of our Unlimited Free Revisions feature,

Our Graphic Designing Executive assigned to you will edit the image as you would like and would keep suggesting until you land upon that perfect image.

Avail Flat 10% OFF and Free Shipping to anywhere you are when you use the coupon code OFF10 to order on PortraitFlip.

12. Philips Hue Lights:

Philips hue lights

This Christmas, light up his house and life with Philips Hue Lights which are controlled by a smartphone application.

You can choose from millions of colors, schedule operational hours, schedule specific colors for the specific time, and ask Alexa or Google to execute voice commands.

Let your brother-in-law use this piece of technology by getting it from Amazon as a unique Christmas gift.

13. Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Amazon fire tv stick

Fire stick is really something which everyone should have!

Not only has it made your TV a hub to enjoy any TV series on this planet to watch at ease of a click it also enables you to cast content on your TV and lets you use apps like Spotify, YouTube, etc.

It is only the size of a pen drive so your brother-in-law can carry it when he wants to chill at his friend’s place.

Get this Christmas gift for brother-in-law from Amazon.

Ok, he might be needing something to be able to binge watch everything on the fire TV stick and here it is…..

14. Bluetooth Headphones:

Bluetooth headphones

At times people want to sleep but he might want to continue his binge, and of course, he doesn’t want to watch it on any of the small screens.

Just get him a Bluetooth headset which guarantees a battery backup of 18 hours on a full charge by Sony.

We are sure he will jump in joy with this amazing combo!

Get a headphone that suits your preference from Amazon or Sony.com.

15. BottleLoft Beer Hanger:

Bottleloft beer hanger

Okay! Not asking you to be a bad influence on your brother-in-law if he has not passed “the age” of drinking legally but you can get him this amazing fridge magnet which holds the beer or any cans.

Get this from uncommongoods.com

16. Keto Diet Kit:

Keto diet kit

Does he hit the gym often?

There is a high possibility that he might be on Keto to get those big muscles while he is bulking.

Get this Keto subscription as a gift for the first month and make the best of your Christmas gift for brother-in-law.

Get yours from cratejoy.com.

17. T-Shirt – Funny Type:

T shirt – funny type

Be selfish this Christmas while getting a Christmas gift for your brother-in-law and praise yourself through this T-Shirt!

Great for his casual look and goes perfectly with blue jeans and basic white shoes.

Get this funny gift for brother-in-law from Etsy.

18. Basic White Shoes:

Basic white shoes

Get these basic white shoes for your brother-in-law to go with the amazing T-shirt which praises you.

The combo will definitely create a lasting impression on any man as men are not that difficult to please!

Get yours from Amazon.

19. Watch Him!

Watch him

Watch him, no we are not asking to spy on him. Just gift him a watch.

And yes we have a thing for styling accessories because it makes people look beautiful as this watch does.

Get this watch and complete his casual look this Christmas.

You can also get fancy and gift a smartwatch that connects to his smartphone and gets his fitness data as well as lets him use his phone by just a tap on the watch.

20. A Bold Charcoal Sketch:

A bold charcoal sketch

Charcoal sketches are termed as classy and thoughtful gifts.

Get his photo converted into a charcoal portrait with PortraitFlip.

Charcoal sketches perfectly highlight the depth with black and white contrasts.

It would look lovely in his room or in the living room and would be a great conversation starter.

We at PortraitFlip offer features like Merge, Background Change, Style Transfer, and Face Swap completely free and take Unlimited Revisions.

So if you have any changes to be made into your image feel free to get them done by getting in touch with one of our graphic designing executive!

Be the part of our happiness army and avail 10% OFF + Free Shipping!

21. An App!

An app

Strange, isn’t it?

But why not?

Apps are doing jobs efficiently which once humans did!

So what is he into?

Music? Get him a subscription to Spotify!

Training? Get him Freeletics!

Movies? Of Course Netflix!

Yoga? Get Pocket Yoga!

Who would have known that we would gift apps one day? But why not?

they are extremely useful and it’s something new!

So, what do you think about this? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down in the comment box!

22. Cozy Slippers:

Cozy slippers

Cozy slippers are the first thing everyone needs after a good night’s sleep.

Get him these soft slippers and make their mornings easy and comfortable.

Find this amazing Christmas gift at Amazon.

23. Portrait Coffee Mug:

Portrait coffee mug

Wait! What is a portrait mug?

It’s just a fancy way of saying a Photo Printed on a mug!

You can get his photo printed on a coffee mug and be judged as thoughtful and loving.

Customize yours from uncommongoods.com.

24. Never Have I Ever Given Such A Gift:

Never have i ever given such a gift

No, you have not given such a gift!

The latest addition to his card games is here!

Never Have I Ever is the best party game for having fun with friends about the crazy lives you’ve lived.

Just deal the cards, answer the questions, and toast to your pals being just as nutty as you are!

Order yours from Amazon.

25. A Gift He Would Definitely Love:

A gift he would definitely love

So you might not know which photo of his he would love a painting of?

And you also don’t want to gift something last minute or simply some flowers.

So here’s a way he gets a thoughtful and one of a kind Christmas gift and you don’t have to worry if he likes it or not…

Get PortraitFlip’s gift card and add a cute message to go with it.

Your brother-in-law would love this gesture of yours to get him a gift card from which he gets to choose which photo he wants a painting of.

And of course the factor of him coming home to a painting he doesn’t like goes away with this simple gift card as a Christmas gift for brother-in-law.

Hey! We hope you are sorted for a gift for your brother-in-law, so how about now we think about the decision maker of the house?

Get some fresh and unique gifting ideas for a father in law who has everything and surprise him!

If you are looking something special for your hubby let us help you with it as well.

It was nice having you here,

Comment down your thoughts and do share with someone who can really use this list and sucks at finding the right gift (Yes, we all have that person in our lives)


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  2. Noah John says:

    As my brother is massive coffee lover, I do love to gift him a unique coffee mug with flavoured coffee pods. I hope this will be a great gift for him. By the way, thanks for the suggestion.

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