30 Best Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Her In 2023

a cover for personalized anniversary gifts for her by portraitflip

Personalized anniversary gifts for her clearly show that—

A: you did not forget the anniversary.

You would think it was just last year, but anniversaries have a way of sneaking up on you.

And B: a personalized gift lets her know that you planned ahead. 

Personalized anniversary gifts for your wife or girlfriend are bespoke only for her which shows thoughtfulness.

I get it, choosing a meaningful gift can be stressful, especially if your anniversary is just days away. 

Or a day away.

Listen, listen, listen; I know you want a unique gift that is also thoughtful.

Something that reflects how you see her.

I have got some of my personal favorite personalized anniversary gifts for her.

Couple Painting

From a gift that can be delivered in a day to the most thoughtful gift, there ever was—it just needs patience. 

Let me show you the best-personalized gifts for her—’ anniversary gifts by year’ edition…

For Your Paper Anniversary…

a man and woman representing a newly wed couple and the words paper anniversary written on it

Any one-year anniversary is known as the paper anniversary

So these personalized anniversary gifts for her aren’t just for the wife, but also for a girlfriend.

Traditionally, partners buy each other gifts made out of paper as it symbolizes the delicacy of new love.

But instead, you can get her these beautiful personalized gifts.

1. A Beautiful Charcoal Drawing

a photo to charcoal drawing of an engaged couple by portraitflip

As you know paper symbolizes the beginning of any relationship.

In case you didn’t know—well now you do!

As wild as it sounds but a charcoal portrait of your beautiful wife or girlfriend is going to make her happy.

Whether you believe it or not!

This gift is so thoughtful out of all the gifts because not only does it belong only to her—because it will be her portrait—but it is the thoughtfulness that counts.

The effort of selecting her best photo to be converted into a charcoal portrait—shows major efforts.

BDE much!

Personalized anniversary gifts for her have to be special and personalized! If you know what I mean!

And nothing screams personalized gift like a portrait.

2. Mates For Life Art

mates for life art and two cats sitting in front of the artwork
Image Source: screechowldesign

The first year anniversary calls for thoughtful gifts like this ‘mates for life artwork’.

The artist prints all the mates that prove the sanctity of their one-and-only relationship.

Love can be found everywhere but these animals prove its existence.

These couples belong to the land, sea, and sky.

Made with 100% recycled paper this is a cute, on-point, and somewhat personalized anniversary gift for her.

Also, this unconventional gift is apt for someone who is a newlywed, affianced, or just an extremely romantic couple who completed a year.

3. Personalized Anniversary Journal

a personalized anniversary journal
Image Source: cnn.com

This one is for the married man who is trying hard to find a personalized anniversary gift for her.

So, the unmarried one can move to the next one!

The first year of the wedding is often filled with moments that reminisce the wedding day.

This personalized journal records the memories of your wedding day, favorite moments, memorable things, etc.

The journal is chic and also gives you space to record all your upcoming anniversaries or special moments.

It comes with a matching storage box and makes an instant heirloom.

4. Personalized Love Map

a personalized love map meant to be given as one of the personalized anniversary gifts for her
Image Source: Etsy

This personalized anniversary gift is as cute as it gets.

The map is personalized with both your names and wedding date. It even comes with 100 pins to mark your special places.

These places can be anywhere from your honeymoon to your favorite vacation destination.

An artful yet sentimental way to commemorate your travels together.

5. Personalized Intersection Sign – Photo Print

a personalized intersection print made with names of the wedded couple
Image Source: Etsy

From the day that you crossed paths with her to finally walking down the same road together.

This intersection sign features her and your names and the special dates you share.

From my point of view, this is an exceptionally sophisticated way to celebrate an anniversary.

This wonderful print can be ordered in color or black and white as one of the best personalized anniversary gifts for her.

5 Years And Counting…

a man and woman representing a couple that has been wedded for 5 years and the words five years and counting written on it

A.k.a the wooden anniversary. 

5 years into the relationship—which I hope has now turned into a marriage—the foundation is less brittle and much stronger than in year one.

Hence wooden anniversary—is also celebrated with a gift made of wood.

At this point, many happy couples have or are beginning to grow their families beyond two people.

Whether you are about to welcome a little bundle of joy or on your way to adopting a fur baby—

Run a business or travel together—with these personalized anniversary gifts for her show her how excited you are about this journey together.

Maybe she needs to see it at this point, and these meaningful gifts can stand the ground for you.

1. Growing Together Every Year

a plywood that looks like a tree's trunk that has important life events written on the rings
Image Source: uncommongoods

Every little achievement in your lives is an example of growth—and it is worth recording.

Another prominent example of visible growth is the growth rings in a tree.

This is precisely what has inspired this beautiful keepsake.

The heart-shaped wooden wall hanging celebrates each achievement with the moments and their dates carved on the rings.

It also has both your initials carved in the core center of this wall hanging.

An ideal personalized anniversary gift for her that even symbolizes the wooden anniversary.

2. Personalized Tree Carving

a wooden tree that has the couple's names inscribed in the middle
Image Source: uncommongoods

Did you know what is common between trees and love? They are both strong, able to withstand tough weather, and grow and grow and grow.

These kinds of loves deserve to be merged together just like this wooden piece of art.

It displays a tree carved into a wooden piece that is inscribed with your initials, family monogram, or your anniversary date.

The accuracy of this personalized anniversary gift for her is surely going to gain points for you.

3. Anniversary Wine

a wooden wine box that stores wines for important dates and anniversaries
Image Source: uncommongoods

This beautiful wooden box can be customized to your liking.

Wine and love are the two things that improve with each passing year and this beautiful personalized wine box can be a testament to toasting to each hiccup.

The box contains three compartments to store wine that can be opened and enjoyed on the dates that you carve on the box.

You can even get her initials engraved on the box and the moments you would want her to open the wine.

I’d go for first baby, first job, and first car.

Also, the wine is not included with this personalized anniversary gift for her!

4. Music Box

a wooden musical box that plays the song of a couple's wedding shown as one of the personalized anniversary gifts for her
Image Source: stingatarsia

A song that means the world to you and her! That is the song that needs to be recorded on this music box.

Give your lover this pristine musical box that is engraved with a thoughtful and beautiful message.

She is going to enjoy it, trust me!

What makes this one of the best personalized anniversary gifts for her?

You can record the song that you danced to at your wedding!


5. Personalized Wooden Mixtape 

a wooden mixtape cassette that has a scan code inscribed on it that will play the songs you want once you scan it
Image Source: uncommongoods

If I tell you I am not mesmerized by this beautiful personalized anniversary gift for her—I am lying!

Cassettes may have gone the way of the Dodo, but that’s no reason why mixtapes should lose their rightful place in our hearts.

Or at least in the hearts of millennials or partial gen-zs.

This work of art is a wooden handcrafted cassette that plays your favorite songs.

You can personalize it by getting it engraved with a special date, initials, or even a title.

It pretty much has all the elements that symbolize the wooden anniversary.

So there you go down memory lane.

A Decade Of Bliss…

a man and woman representing a couple that has been wedded for 10 years and the words a decade of bliss written on it

Ten years of togetherness. And this is enough to tell you to get her something beautiful for your ten-year anniversary.

I know you are married by now.

Think about the good moments and the bad, smiles, new adventures, laughs, maybe even a few tears, but above all, love.

Take a moment and look around. Look at her.

Look at this beautiful life you have created together.

Ten years together means you know each other, from chores to a date night here and there. 

It’s truly a team effort. 

Marriage is like wine or coordinated chaos—it only gets better with time.

A lot can change in ten years but how do you still show her that your love for her hasn’t faded over the years but instead grown stronger.

According to tradition, it is tin or aluminum gifts—a symbol of durability and strength.

I think for this anniversary we can go for personalized anniversary gifts for her she would actually need.

1. Dancing Mosaic Letters

a wall decor that looks chic and has a lot of meaning once it is gifted to someone on her anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

This is a gift for you and her and your home.

A wonderful creative—trash to treasure piece.

It can be a personalized anniversary gift for her when you customize it with your initials or an infinity sign like this one.

This sculpture dances with the slightest movement of the air.

Hence, the dancing letters.

It is also a fun way to add this playful, interactive, and slightly sparkly recycled pizzazz to your home. 

I can guarantee you that it will stand out in any room.

2. Tin Date Night Dice

tin dice with ideas for date night that can be given to someone on her 10th anniversary or tin anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

Listen ten years can be a lot. Maybe it is time to revamp the things you did back in the day.

Couple and pet portrait Ad

These tin date night dices are a fun way to decide the next date that you probably have been planning for quite some time.

The dice offer 36 date night suggestions, ranging from preparing your own pizza to watching a movie. 

Roll one for a quick date or two for a longer one, and see where the night’s spontaneity leads you!

This is not a personalized anniversary gift for her, but I figured you might need it!

So here it is.

3. Tin Anniversary Mugs

tin cups shown as one of the personalized anniversary gifts for her
Image Source: buzzfeed

If you and your wife belong to the adventurous couple group, then this is the perfect anniversary gift for her.

And get one for yourself as well! YOLO!

For a more personalized touch, get the mugs engraved with her name, or both your names and your wedding date.

P.s. It has a tin rim and can hold up to 10 fluid ounces.

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4. Cookware Set

aluminum cookware set meant to be given as a gift
Image Source: canadiantire

Give her utensil a major makeover with this 13-piece aluminum cookware set.

If she is someone who loves to cook, trust me nothing is going to turn her on more than a brand new cookware set.

It comes in a range of striking hues and is equally attractive and useful. 

This is again not a personalized anniversary gift for her but I figured it is something she might really need.

5. Vintage Toaster

a retro looking vintage toaster that comes in many different colors
Image Source: Amazon

Staying on the themed of tin anniversary I could not ignore this beauty.

This toaster is the perfect combination of retro meets the 21st century.

A sleek yet stylish design that will add levels to your kitchen’s look.

It comes in many fun colors and in a powder-coated enamel finish that basically makes it scratch and stain-resistant. 

Now, all your lover needs is a matching retro fridge.

Couple painting ad

This can be a personalized anniversary gift for her if you engrave some loving words on it.

2 Decades Of Bliss…

a man and woman representing a couple that has been wedded for 20 years and the words two decades of bliss written on it

I thought ten years was a lot but—

twenty years is a lot. And to stay by one person I can only say—congratulations.

It really does call for a massive celebration.

I don’t know why the tradition calls for ‘china’ but apparently, it fits without explanation. 

The relationship is beautiful but at the same time fragile.

A modern take on tradition for gifting on this anniversary is ‘Platinum’—strong like your twenty-year-old relationship.

I don’t want you to miss out on either of the personalized gifts for her so giving both to you(emoji)

1. Porcelain Illustrated Card

an anniversary card that is made of white bone china that can be given to someone on their anniversary
Image Source: Amazon

It only takes the shape of a card but it actually made of white bone china.

I mean talk about a creative and personalized anniversary gift idea for her.

This beautiful piece also doubles as a sweet keepsake. 

You can turn it into a personalized anniversary gift for her by adding a personal message for your S.O.

This will definitely put you in her good books all over again.

2. A Diamond Necklace

a diamond necklace made with platinum
Image Source: Etsy

How can you ever go wrong with a diamond?

If your wife is into luxury items, I think I have found the perfect anniversary gift for her.

This stunning necklace made of gold and diamonds serves as a dazzling reminder of the transformative power of love.

It can be customized with her name or her initials too.

Oh, and btw the diamonds are set in 14k platinum.

But it fits right in with your platinum anniversary so, have no regrets mi amor.

3. Glamorous Emerald Bracelet

a bracelet encrusted with emerald
Image Source: 1stdibs

The 20-year anniversary stone should not be overlooked if you still wish to salute one of the milestone’s distinctive markers. 

This stunning bolo bracelet has a row of sparkling emeralds set in traditional sterling silver.

Yes, it will break your bank—a little. But that glow on her face is going to make it okay.

If I ever got one, I would cherish the hell out of it.

4. PortraitFlip Gift Card

a gift card by PortraitFlip
Image Source: volvik

There are times when giving her anything would be a step closer to axing yourself.

Why not let her decide what she wants to get for herself instead.

While there are thousands of places you can get a gift card from—you can only get one from a place that will personalize the gift for her.

Photo to paintings is very low-hyped for some god-forsaken reasons.

They are the epitome of ‘personalized gifts’.

Since, you cannot figure out what painting you want to get made, let her decide.

5. A Trip Away 

a couple enjoying a vacation on a beach
Image Source: pexels

Very selected people manage to find time for a vacation—which ironically they desperately need.

Plan a whole trip for the both of you that takes you away from all the worries and responsibilities.

I know you need it!

How is this one of the personalized anniversary gifts for her you may ask?

Personalize it to her taste, go to that destination she’s been wanting to go to.

And also, get her that business class ticket so she can enjoy the lavish lounge at the airport.

It will make her happy, I know!

The Silver Jubilee…

a man and woman representing a couple that has been wedded for 25 years and the words the silver jubilee written on it

Halfway to your golden jubilee. TO GOLDEN JUBILEE! 

Twenty-Five years together, this milestone calls for a really thoughtful gift. 

Celebrating such a long span of your life with the love of your life should not be a small feat.

Hence it is termed as Silver Jubilee or Silver Anniversary.

Silver represents both traditional and modern gifts that reflect the ongoing spark in your marriage.

Besides, I have said this before—I’ll say it again—you don’t have to take the theme quite literally. 

You can go for silver-hued gifts like a personalized silver silk pajama set or go your traditional way with a literal silver gift.

Here are my top plentiful personalized anniversary gifts for her, that are as unique as your memories.

1. Marriage Song soundwave

a soundwave of the wedding song played at the giftee's wedding
Image Source: Etsy

Do you still remember that song you danced to at your wedding? You do, of course. 

Now you may create a one-of-a-kind keepsake by having its precise sound waves printed on aluminum. 

The silvery tone is especially ideal for the 25th anniversary when silver is customarily given, because of its cool metallic sheen.

Isn’t it the best personalized anniversary gift for her for your silver jubilee? Yes, it is!

2. A Challenging Mirror

a smart mirror that helps you workout shown in front of a woman who is working out
Image Source: thegadgetflow

Are you prepared for a friendly match? 

This all-in-one home gym is a gift that is ideal for sharing because it just takes up a minimal amount of room and looks quite modern. 

You may watch expert trainers from renowned fitness facilities online who will guide you through live courses and workouts.

Newsflash they even shout out encouragement and comments.

This is the best personalized anniversary gift for her.

3. Silk Pajama Set

a woman donning a silver silver night suit
Image Source: Pinterest

Give your sweetheart something silky and silvery to slide into with this pajama set for an unusual way to incorporate the silver jubilee theme. 

Both pockets and a side slit are featured on the front waist pant to keep them cool as the rest. 

The set’s matching button-down shirt has comfortable elbow-length sleeves and is machine washable for simple maintenance.

You can personalize this anniversary gift by adding her initials on the jammies.

4. The First Kiss Portrait 

an oil painting on a shelf by PortraitFlip

Relive the pleasure of your first kiss as husband and wife. 

Scenes of the newlywed joy are set within a traditional print announcement that is both incredibly original and enduring. 

This handmade painting of the happy couple’s first kiss as a married couple, this sentimental painting will be a reminder of the beautiful blessed day. 

To give the painting a warm and personal touch, you can even include intimate details like the location, city, date, and names of the happy couple. 

This gift provides them with a chic and quirky work of art to remember the excitement of the day with every passing glance, which is a refined way to celebrate an amazing occasion.

The portrait will bring her a strong sense of happiness as she gets to relive her best moment yet.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our top kiss portraits and the beautiful stories behind them.

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5. Silver Roses

a bouquet of silver roses that can be given as one of the personalized anniversary gifts for her
Image Source: Pinterest

I added this anniversary gift for her wholly and solely because it stays true to the theme—silver roses for silver jubilee.

Even though a bouquet of roses is a traditional present, they inevitably wither and die. 

With the help of this box, you may easily fix that. 

These flowers may retain their moisture for up to three years with the help of a special technique. 

Along with being durable, the silver metallic finish makes this bouquet stand out from others.

She is going to adore you after you give her this special gift.

The Golden Jubilee…

a man and woman representing a couple that has been wedded for 50 years and the words the golden jubilee written on it

This is the big players league, and I say this because I honestly don’t know any couple who has celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

So. if you are here. I salute you!

For your 5oth wedding anniversary gift ideas—I say we call out the big guns.

I know I said the 20th or the 30th was a milestone—but this tops them both so, she deserves these special and personalized anniversary gifts for her.

This is a golden jubilee—so the traditional gift is supposed to be gold.

Gold stands for strength, wisdom, and prosperity, just like your marriage that has lasted this long,

Your beautiful union has stood the test of time for 50 years, your gift should reciprocate the sentiment too.

1. Wine Chiller 

a gold toned wine chiller
Image Source: alibaba

With the help of this elegant ice bucket, keep that celebratory bottle of wine or champagne cool and ready to be served. 

It is made of stainless steel, may be laser etched with a monogram for a unique touch, and is finished with either a gold or in-keeping silver finish. 

Using it each year could turn into a new anniversary custom!

How’s that for a personalized anniversary gift for her?

2. Gold Vinyl

a gold toned vinyl meant framed and held by a woman that was given to her as an anniversary gift
Image Source: Pinterest

Here is another thoughtful gift with a musical theme that you can give to your spouse. 

The tracklist of your choice, the names of the couple, and a sentimental note like “happy anniversary” can all be added to the repurposed vinyl. 

One of the most original 50th-anniversary gift suggestions for parents, and friends—it has a stunning gold finish.

Isn’t this one of her most perfect personalized anniversary gifts for her for your golden jubilee?

3. A Rock

a stoned personalized to the name and wedding date of the giftee
Image Source: Etsy

Your wife is someone you can count on without a doubt, she is someone who has stood by you through all your ups and downs.

Someone you genuinely love. 

She is someone who deserves this personalized stone that is engraved with a beautiful message.

A timeless golden word that will never fade has been hand carved on this adorable stone.

What do you know, this personalized anniversary gift for her might even turn into a gag gift.

To be on the safer side.

4. Reliving The Day

a photographer doing a photoshoot of a couple ho is standing in a field
Image Source: blogto.com

With a couple’s photo shoot, you can capture and remember your love right now. 

Find a fantastic setting for the shoot and hire a competent photographer. 

How do you locate the ideal spot?

A fantastic place to seek a location for your couples’ photography is online, where you can conduct a search for short-term space rentals. 

You’ll have the pictures for a long time to come, possibly even to remember them on upcoming anniversaries!

5. A Bouquet Subscription

various flowers that are going to be made into bouquets shown in the picture
Image Source: mydomaine

She doesn’t have to know that it is a subscription per se.

Why stop at anniversaries? Why not give her flowers without having to remember you have to give her flowers!

This subscription service will deliver her favorite flowers to her not just on the anniversary but every month after that too.

To make it a personalized anniversary gift for her you can always opt for her favorite flowers.


I know men think women want extravagant things to make them happy.

It’s far from the truth if you ask me!

We will appreciate you even if you remember the anniversary date TBH!

Speaking on behalf of all the married, engaged, taken, and everything in between ladies out there, we also don’t mind gifts.

You know how unpredictable we are—one moment we’d say no gifts and the next be sad for not getting one!

This list of personalized anniversary gifts for her is going to be your savior.

I’ve got gifts that can be arranged in an hour to gifts that are worth the 14-day wait.

And if you have your anniversary on 14th Feb then it’s a call for double celebration with some amazing Valentine’s Day gifts ideas included.

Go nuts! IYKYK!

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That’s all she said…

To all the men who like to play with fire,

I hope I have helped you figure out the most perfect anniversary gift for her.

This list of personalized anniversary gifts for her is only for helpless men like you!

Do let me know in the comments if you did eventually get a gift from my ideas.

You can also check out our new blog on Best Proposal Ideas if you ever think of popping the question!

You can also follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated with us.

Lots of love.

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