51 Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Her (Traditional Gifts Included)

51 personalized anniversary gifts for her (traditional gifts included)


We are so glad that you are here for her!

Sit back! Relax!

We have curated a list of 51 Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Her.

We know how all the men are bad at expressing love and we aren’t anywhere close.

Did you hear about that guy who received a personalized whiskey set and ended up gifting a cast iron pan to his wife on the anniversary?

Funny, right!

Well, don’t be that guy and just browse through our list to make her feel the luckiest wife on this planet.

We have also included the traditional gifts according to their respective year.

Without further ado let’s march towards the list of thoughtful anniversary gifts for her and the first goes like this:

1. Custom Portrait – Personalized Art for Two (Paper Anniversary):

Custom portrait personalized art for two (paper anniversary

The first anniversary is special to every couple, everyone is excited to celebrate it in a grand way.

For generations, the traditional first-anniversary gift has been paper.

And today as well, many loving spouses still celebrate their one year wedding anniversary with a paper gift.

So how about a Charcoal Sketch, Colored Pencil Drawing or Watercolor Painting of the lovely couple?

We know your instant question to a portrait,

Where could I find a genuine artist and what about the high price?

Hakuna Matata!

We at PortraitFlip house more than 100 handpicked artists around the globe and deliver the painting from their gallery to your doorstep.

We believe in our artists to deliver a masterpiece every time which fuels us to offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or you can avail No Questions Asked Money Refund.

Just send the image to PortraitFlip and select from our 6 mediums which include Acrylic Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Color Pencil Sketch, Oil Painting, Pencil Sketch, and Watercolor Painting.

Checkout our paper gallery here.

2. Wedding Vows Print (Cotton Anniversary):

Wedding vows print (cotton anniversary)

Wedding vows!

They have very deep thoughts behind them.

Get your wedding vows printed on a handmade cotton rag paper which you can further frame and flaunt it off in the living room.

Get yours from Etsy.


An Oil Painting Of The Lovely Couple (Cotton Anniversary):

An oil painting of the lovely couple (cotton anniversary)

Oil Paintings are fantastic!

Oil paintings are known for their archival qualities hence, these are perfect to keep your young memories alive forever.

In fact, if oil paintings are made in the traditional method they might last for decades.

Then why don’t you just convert your photo into an oil painting to go in the bedroom?

We know!

The hassles of finding a genuine artist right?

Checkout PortraitFlip.

Our oil painters are handpicked from various parts of the world.

We are inconsiderate of the time required and always follow the traditional methods and let the painting dry completely so as to deliver a masterpiece.

Checkout oil paintings of our happy customers here.

3. Family Adventure Leather Wall Art (Leather Anniversary):

Family adventure leather wall art (leather anniversary)

Any family would look sweet upon the seats of this endearing illustration of a bicycle built for all of you!

Crafted with the luxurious look of leather, this artwork makes a breezy reminder that you can climb any hill when you’re pedaling together.

Grab yours from personalcreations.com.


4. Personalized Flower Vase (Fruit & Flower Anniversary):

Personalized flower vase (fruit & flower anniversary)

Flowers are beautiful,

But they have a very limited life and your expensive bouquet would be gone away soon.

Just gift the flowers with this personalized vase,

So that even after the flowers are gone the memory can be preserved by this vase.

Make sure your message is personal and romantic.

Get yours from Etsy.


5. His and Hers Sign (Wood Anniversary):

His and hers sign (wood anniversary)

How about this?

Isn’t that a perfect thoughtful anniversary gift for her!

You can put it up in the living room just make sure that the color you choose goes well along with the interior of your living space.

This personalized anniversary gift for her is of course much better than the cliché watch or perfume which men end up giving.

Get dealers on Etsy.

6. Personalized Wrought Iron Frame (Iron Anniversary):

Personalized wrought iron frame (iron anniversary)

This iron frame takes up to 3 photos and is an apt 6th Anniversary Gift For Her.

Personalize it with your favorite photos of her and flaunt it in your living room.

Order yours from regalocasila.com.

7. Wool Throw (Leather Anniversary Gift):

wool throw

A gorgeous herringbone woolen throw with a leather patch engraved with the words of Corinthians 13; the most popular wedding reading.

These leather patches can also be personalized with names and dates of a special day.

Get yours from Etsy.

8. Pick Her Again! (Bronze Anniversary):

Pick her again! (bronze anniversary)

This custom guitar pick is handcrafted from pure bronze and hand stamped with a personalized message on the back.

Choose any custom message of your choice for this one of a kind gift.

Find a dealer on Etsy.

9. Personalized Stoneware Pot (Pottery Anniversary):

Personalized stoneware pot (pottery anniversary

Whether you are keeping iced tea cold in the summer or hot chocolate hot in the winter, you’ll love how our 2-quart pitcher pours.

Since each piece is handmade and stamped one letter at a time, this shape can be personalized for wedding anniversary gifts or as an accented gift for the home.

It’s a functional Americana piece that is sure to please.

Get it from Etsy.

10. Years, Months, Weeks, Days, and Time Portrait (Aluminum Anniversary):

Years, months, weeks, days, and time portrait (aluminum anniversary

This beautiful A4 size aluminum board makes the ideal 10th wedding anniversary gift for your wifey.

The wedding anniversary for ten years is traditionally celebrated with a gift of tin or aluminum.

It is finished off with the personalization of the couples name and wedding date.

Celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary in style by gifting this beautiful and thoughtful gift from Etsy.

11. Initials Necklace (Steel Anniversary):

Initials necklace (steel anniversary)

Safeguard your name in her heart forever!

Necklaces are liked by every woman, isn’t it?

Get her one of these with the couple’s initials to celebrate 11th steel anniversary.

You can find a dealer on Etsy.

12. Family Cross Stitch Portrait (Silk Anniversary):

Family cross stitch portrait (silk anniversary)

Get your family cross stitched in a hoop or frame!

These are great gifts for the wedding anniversaries.

Vendor from Etsy personalizes based off of a description of the family or a photo.

13. Personalized Name Doily (Lace Anniversary):

Personalized name doily (lace anniversary)

This unique personalized crochet name doily will make a beautiful anniversary gift for someone you love.

Adding a frame to this personalized crochet doily would make it a wonderful wedding memento that would be treasured forever.

Choose a last name, first name or any word you wish! And place the order on Etsy.

14. Ivory Sherpa Embroidered Pullover (Ivory Anniversary):

Ivory sherpa embroidered pullover (ivory anniversary)

These cozy Sherpa Pullovers are the “it” item this season!

This is customizable based on your spouse’s name.

Get yours from Etsy.

15. Personalized Crystal Diamond Paperweight (Crystal Anniversary):

Personalized crystal diamond paperweight (crystal anniversary)

Engrave a custom message on this crystal diamond and commemorate your love.

This also is a paperweight so don’t worry about its usefulness.

It is one of those interesting elements on the study table which will remind her of you at work.

Get yours personalized from memorablegifts.com.

16. A Stunning Acrylic Painting of the Stunning Couple:

A stunning acrylic painting of the stunning couple

How about a stunning acrylic painting made from your wedding album on your bedroom wall as a first-anniversary gift for wife?

Acrylic Paintings are an exclusive style of painting.

Hence our painters are handpicked on the basis of their knowledge and skill to give you an experience of a lifetime.

We use high-quality support and colors only from the market leader Winsor & Newton to deliver a masterpiece every time.

We also offer features like Merge and Background Replacement, to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

If you don’t like the painting we would happily refund you the money and arrange a pickup ourselves.

17. Years Together Personalized Picture Frame:

Years together personalized picture frame

Express your love in the most accurate words which better describe your relationship with your wifey.

This anniversary gift goes perfectly as an interesting element in any décor.

Enter the number of married years followed by any quote or message you choose or write your own.

Grab this one from personalizationmall.com.

18. Candle Holder:

Candle holder

This candle holder is a romantic anniversary gift for her, it features customizable text for 2 lines.

Get creative and add some funny but romantic lines with of course the couple’s name and wedding date.

Get yours from personalizationmall.com.

19. Mr. & Mrs. Engraved Wood Recipe Book:

Mr and Mrs

The product is manufactured using quality wood and engraving services.

It is a wonderful gift for a new couple ready to share time together in the kitchen, crafting family recipes, and discovering their own.

Don’t forget to buy some recipe cards to never miss out on recording the lip-smacking incidents in your love life.

Get yours from personalizationmall.com.

20. Relaxation Bath Caddy:

Relaxation bath caddy

Does she like to take long hours of showers or just slouch in a bathtub?

Which woman doesn’t?

Then, this personalized anniversary gift is definitely for her.

The relaxation bath caddy has room to keep a book, a wine glass, and a soap.

So, after a long day she can refresh like a mistress!

Personalize it to her name or add a playful name.

Get yours from gifts.com.

21. Where It All Began Throw Pillow:

Where it all began throw pillow

Where did your love story begin?

Whether the locale was grand, simple or somewhere in between, this pillow celebrates the start of something special.

Get yours on personalcreations.com.

22. Stitched Surprise:

Stitched surprise


So you need a thoughtful gift, right?

So here’s one hell of a thoughtful gift, the stitched surprise!

Get your photo stitched with a custom message to go with it.

Frame it and flaunt it!

Get yours from Etsy.

23. Willow Tree Keepsake:

Willow tree keepsake

We know that you are romantic at heart and love your woman from the bottom of your heart, but find it difficult to express like every man!

Let us suggest you the keepsake from Willow Tree.

This keepsake exhibits love you both share for each other, it signifies how you will protect her and signifies how you are with her in sickness and health.

You can customize the baseline to personalize it.

Get yours from Etsy.

24. Candle Holder And Projector:

Candle holder and projector

This candle holder is not the same which you use at your home, it is crafted in such a way that when the light spreads it projects a custom message on the wall.

What, how is that possible?

This vendor on Etsy carves the cube with the couple’s name and when the light emits from the inside it ends up reflecting the name.

Amazing, right?

As we said! Sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered!

25. Personalized Memento (Steel Anniversary):

Personalized memento (steel anniversary)

Voila! You completed 25 years of marriage.

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with this silver memento by engraving custom text.

You can add up to 4 lines which may consist of the couple’s name and the anniversary date as well.

26. Cute Tees:

Cute tees

Couple Tees are adorably cute!

Get your hands on these tees with witty lines and celebrate your happy occasion in style!

Don’t go full-fledged with this tee, you can add this in the gift package with other small gifts.

27. Charcoal or Pencil Sketch (Best For Couple Portraits):

Charcoal or pencil sketch (best for couple portraits)

Charcoal portraits are an apt medium to showcase the bold character of a man the delicate characteristics of a woman.

The Charcoal Drawing is executed on a high quality textured paper using charcoal pencils which provide a substantial range of light-dark effects.

Charcoal is a natural element and hence exhibits an unfiltered and raw feel in the viewer’s mind.

Couple charcoal portraits go perfectly in the living room, study tables, and bedroom.

28. Pokemon Keepsake:

Pokemon keepsake

Loved Pokemon?

Get a pokemon themed keepsake with a small note to go with it.

This is completely witty and personalized.

Get yours here.

29. Leather Bookmark (Leather Anniversary):

Leather bookmark (leather anniversary)

Is she a bookworm?


Then, get her this amazing personalized bookmark.

This also helps when both of you are reading one book.

Get yours on Etsy.

30. Cosmetic Bag:

Cosmetic bag

Women love anything and everything which adds to their accessories, then how about a bag which holds all their cosmetics?

This cosmetic bag can be personalized and carried around for parties, dinners, office and wherever she wants to look beautiful.

You can get this from Etsy.

31. Custom Perfume:

Custom perfume

A women’s one of the important element of beauty is the way she smells.

And we know how men dig their wifey’s scent, so why to leave that in their hands?

Just make a perfume which you like at unique fragrance, select a flacon of your choice, and add your woman’s name on the flacon.

This can be an interesting element for your first anniversary gifts for wife.

32. Personalized Bracelet:

Personalized bracelet

Bracelets look appealing and catch eyelids,

We know you don’t want it for your wife but she would like it, you can add the initials of both of you to play safe!

Customize the bracelet on Etsy.

33. Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks:

Personalized photo shelf blocks

You must have some amazing photos with her, right?

Why don’t you get shelf photo block to add as an interesting element in your love life and your décor as well?

Not only can you get your photo printed but you can change the background color and choose the background orientation as well.

Find yours on personalizationmall.com.

34. Personalized Cutting Board (Wood Anniversary):

Personalized cutting board (wood anniversary)

Does she cook often?

Is she just the best when it comes to cooking lip-smacking food!

Then you would like this personalized cutting board for her.

This personalized cutting board would make a thoughtful gift that is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

Now isn’t that a good personalized anniversary gift for her!

Choose from many vendors available on Etsy.

35. Heart Shaped Crystal With Engraved Photo:

Heart shaped crystal with engraved photo

Regalo Casilla has taken the digital photo frame’s idea further and has made it available at a very cheap price.

This frame features an LED light which showcases only your photo in the frame.

You have the option to get multiple colored lights as well.

This is a very thoughtful anniversary gift for her.

36. Customized Coffee Mug:

Customized coffee mug

Another cool small gift to go in a gift basket, a coffee mug!

You can get an image onto the mug, text or both.

You can try texts like:

Brewing is our relationship

Brewing relation since your wedding date.

I like it hot!

You can find many vendors online and make the best of your anniversary.

37. Don’t Buy A Gift!

Don’t buy a gift!

Many times we don’t know what exactly she wants.

You know right?

The size of that dress, the color of that gift, design of that watch, or any of that sort.

So let’s leave that decision to her and get a gift card by PortraitFlip.

Gift cards keep it short and simple,

At times you end up thinking a lot about what she needs and when she receives the gift she pretends to loves it but doesn’t and you are sad.


Get a gift card and personalize the painting your way!

PortraitFlip offers gift card from $10 – $500,

Let her choose what picture she looks beautiful in and wants a painting of.

You can add some beautiful messages on the envelope (With that imperfect couple drawing of yours) like:

  • You are independent and free, here is something to help you celebrate yourself.
  • I couldn’t find anything perfect after for you!
  • Get that beautiful smile on your face with this, that’s the best gift I could give you.


We would love to add name of the lovely couple and the wedding date at the bottom in an artistic font to make it more personalized.

Get our gift card here.

Pro Tip Time:

Remember if you give her something made by your hands it will always be special for her.

38. Get Yourself Inked With Her Name Permanently:

Get yourself inked with her name permanently

Get a tattoo of her name on your neckline or your lower arm (It shouldn’t be visible with clothes on).

Inking direct names has always been boring, what you could do is go to a nearby tattoo parlor and submit the name of your wifey.

The artist will come up with interesting designs which look completely cool.

You may also suggest blending in your favorite elements like an anchor or the holy cross.

In this case, the artist has to bend his mind and create a perfect blend of the two in the final design.

Get inked and show it to your wife, she will be the happiest person in the world.

This is by far can be the most creative personalized anniversary gifts for him.

39. Gift Her A Personalized Vacation:

Gift her a personalized vacation

We know how working couples are always either in the office or are working from home.

Get some headspace from the city life and plan a vacation for you both which has all of her favorite activities.

You might want to book her favorite hotel, ask them for a custom room with flowers and decorations with her favorite cake on arrival.

You could also rent her favorite movies to watch in the hotel or plan some beautiful experiences for her in the vicinity.

Do thorough research for the best place to offer her favorite food, schedule the stay and the places wisely.

Make sure your hotel has a swimming pool or a spa or even a massage service will do the needful.

The most important is to just be there for each there and talk about life and how you both are special for each other over a beer watching the sunset!

40. Personalized Candle Jar:

Personalized candle jar

Fragrant candle jars are very romantic they add fragrance to relations and keep the couple blissful.

How about adding a small personalized note to go on the jar?

Cute, isn’t it?

This could go perfectly as a small cool gift.

Find the vendor on personalization mall and add an interesting personalized anniversary gift for her in the basket.

41. Personalized White Satin Cushion:

Personalized white satin cushion

Satin cushions are soft and comfy.

Add your initials to your cushions and decorate it on your bed to act as an interesting element to your living space.

These cushions are a romantic personalized gift for the couple and also very cute.

42. Couple Hoodies:

Couple hoodies

Now, isn’t that a funny and cute personalized gift idea.

You can come up with different ideas of your own and get them printed through the vendors available on Etsy.

43. Jewelry Dish:

Jewelry dish

She loves to flaunt jewelry ornaments, isn’t it?

Gift her with this dish which is made to keep jewelry items or any ornaments.

This can be personalized by adding the name of the couple.

Find yours on Etsy.

44. Personalized Photo Album:

Personalized photo album

Is your photo album in the closet or kept somewhere where you have to make an effort to show it your guests?

The wooden covered album can be engraved with custom texts and can hold up to 100 photos.

Grab yours from memorablegifts.com

45. Skin Care Hamper For Women:

Skin care hamper for women

Skin care products are liked by every lady.

Gift her a nourishing skin care hamper consisting of her favorite products.

You can curate it yourself or get a ready hamper.

Make it yourself so that you can avoid products which she doesn’t like.

You just have to get a basket and pack it all in that and then get it to gift wrapped from any gift store nearby.

46. Personalized My Favorite Love Story Glass Frame:

Personalized my favorite love story glass frame

Showcase your loving bond for each other with this frame.

The frame takes 1 photo which is printed on a glass.

You can also add custom texts up to 15 characters.

Wrap it up to add an element of surprise for your wifey!

Get yours from giftcart.com

47. An Amazing Watercolor Portrait Of Her Childhood Or With A Pet:

An amazing watercolor portrait of her childhood or with a pet

Watercolor portraits are a great way to creatively present cherished photos and will make amazing personalized gifts for him.

You could showcase a dear pet, a child or any other person she holds dear.

Another great option would be to turn her childhood photo into an expressive watercolor portrait.

Choose any of these creative and thoughtful ideas and leave the rest on the expertise and efficiency of PortraitFlip.

We would love to serve you with a watercolor portrait, check out our watercolor portrait gallery here.

48. Personalized Cube Lamp With Wooden Base:

Personalized cube lamp with wooden base

This cube can be personalized to add 5 photos of your choice and the cherry on the top is that it lights up to also act as a night light.

People from giftcart have priced it decently and offer a quick delivery option as well.

Find your album photos and get them digitally showcased in your home to get an amazing personalized anniversary gift for her.

49. Handmade Soy Candle:

Handmade soy candle

You can get custom candle scents or change the name and get the candles personalized.

You can also add a small gift note to go with the soy candle.

Find yours on Etsy.

50. Metal Ball Locket (Gold Anniversary)

Metal ball locket (gold anniversary)

Secret message necklaces, with a small freshwater pearl, make a wish or send a secret message.

Hold close a meaningful quote.

This adorably sweet and simple ball locket can contain what’s special to you or a loved one.

It’s gorgeous for gifting, or for yours truly beloved.

51. Personalized Greeting Cards:

Personalized greeting cards

This greeting card features a trendy front with a stone which can be engraved with custom names.

Both the inside and the back of the card are plain and are completely customizable with any text of your choice.

This is very cheap and hence you should definitely add it with other personalized gifts.

Apart from this, words have a greater potential to convey love.

Get yours on Etsy.

Hey! What do you think about that list was it creative and gave you some great ideas?


Leave the thoughts down in the comment box. Your responses fuel us for making more such helpful articles.


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