49 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Christmas 2024!

I know it’s hard to find the best secret Santa gifts for friends and family members whom you see every day! 

And it’s even harder to shop for a coworker who sits four desks away from you.

However, gift-giving is a tradition on Christmas Day and one needs to give a present to make the recipient feel valued.

After scanning a dozen websites, I’ve come up with various creative secret Santa ideas as gifts.

Whether you want to surprise your coworker or a brother from another mother, these secret Santa gifts won’t fail to express your love.

Let’s dive into it!

7 Best Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts For Her

a girl is smiling and holding Christmas presents in her hands.

In this section, you’ll find the most creative and meaningful secret Santa gifts for her, which are best given to the ladies in your personal and professional life.

There are also some secret Santa gifts that can be best for female coworkers.

Keep reading on to celebrate the special day with the best secret Santa presents—happy shopping! 

1. A Pastel Painting From Her Photo

A Pastel Painting made by PortraitFlip from a photo

Are you one of those who don’t like to accept your coworkers’ friend requests on Instagram or Facebook?

Family painting from different photos

You wish to keep your personal life away from your coworkers and office staff.

But it’s plus point if you have them as your friend on social media.  

You can have their old photos turned into something extraordinary for this year’s secret Santa gift.

Let’s say you’ve gotten a female coworker as your secret Santa, you’d probably transform one of her photos from her trip into a handmade painting, exactly as shown above!

This way, you amaze her with secret santa handmade gift ideas that she has probably never received.

At PortraitFlip, we flip photos into handmade paintings in seven different mediums.

Don’t think much give this secret Santa gift idea a shot and make their day memorable!

2. Incense Kit

incense kit on a brown surface, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

When it comes to fragrance gifts, luxury candles overshadow incense kits.

However, incense kits have a separate fan base. And you can ditch those conventional candles and get her an incense kit as a secret Santa present. 

Why? An incense kit never fails to set the mood of a space. Also, it stimulates your mind and makes the environment serene and welcoming.

It’s one of the secret Santa gifts that has several spiritual benefits and can be best given as a secret Santa present to her.

3. A Leather Tote Bag

A young girl with a tote bag on her left arm, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

A leather tote bag never goes out of fashion.

Though it’s a common secret Sant present for her!

Reason? It helps to keep your mobile phone, a make-up kit, cards, and other essentials in it.

You know she’ll love this statement piece that can perfectly match any of her outfits.  

Make sure you get a branded one that is durable, voguish, and colorful.

It’s a type of secret Santa present that can be used over and over again and make her stand out from the crowd!

4. A Wooden Keepsake Box

a wooden keepsake box in a white background, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Amazon

A personalized wooden box is perfect for keeping memories, moments, and souvenirs alive.

This is one of the most thoughtful ideas for secret Santa gifts.

To make it outstanding, you can even engrave it with your secret Santa’s name!

5. Initial Disc Necklace

three elegant and sleek designed necklace engraved with letters, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

Women love jewelry! 

This classic and stylish piece of jewelry makes a perfect secret santa gifts for women will be appreciated by any woman!

Accessories help complete the outfit and add elegance to one’s personality. 

Make sure you get those that are elegant, sleek, and personalized with her initial on them.  

6. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

a unzipped plastic bag with some chocolates in it, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Amazon

Gift her an unzipped glass zipper bag—the perfect desk ornament!

It’s an adorable, timeless, and fun gift for a secret Santa who loves to munch on candies while working!

Whenever you’re feeling snacky, you can stop by her and pick candies out of this glass zipper bag. 

7. Herb Garden Indoor Seed Starter Kit

Herb Garden Indoor Seed Starter Kit, a secret santa gift
Image Source: popsci

This herb garden starter kit is great as a gift for the secret Santa who loves to get their hands into planting and harvesting.

It’s an easy, budget-friendly, and compact secret Santa gift that’ll let her plant small plants and nurture them in their best conditions. 

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7 Best Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts For Him

a guy with a champagne in his left hand and a gift box in his right hand smiling in front view.

In this section, you will find the best ideas for secret Santa gifts for him.

There are 7 secret Santa gifts for him that can be available at any brick-and-mortar store or online that guarantee happiness!

Let’s check! 

1. Leather Backpack

a man in a white t-shirt with a leather bag on his back, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Amazon

With this leather backpack, you can upgrade his fashion and let him keep valuable items that he tends to forget most of the time.

This is a perfect unisex secret santa gift for any age group.

The best reason to gift a leather backpack to him is it fits every lifestyle—traveler, student, and fashion enthusiast!

It’s a secret Santa gift that never goes out of fashion and completes every man’s look. 

Tip: A parents and children pastel portraits would be the best Secret Santa gift for an elder one!

2. A Pencil Pet Drawing

 A Pencil Pet Drawing made by PortraitFlip.

Does he have a pet at his home?

If yes, then you should consider implementing this secret Santa gift idea!

A pet pencil drawing can do wonders!

Firstly, it’ll remind his furry friend—how he has become a disciplined adult dog from a clumsy puppy.

The best part is you can have it ordered from any size with the help of our experts.

There’s no ideal size for ordering a pet pencil drawing.

However, all we need is a photo for reference.

And it doesn’t matter even if the photo is crappy.

You can even look for best pet portrait companies that will mesmerize you with their work.

Or our experts at PortraitFlip can still flip a photo into a stunning pet portrait.

3. Silk Ties

3 silk ties opened and 1 tie rolled on a blue surface, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

You’ll find ties on the cart of young folks who want to gift their fathers.

But not these ties, which are luxurious and silk-made.

These types of ties don’t get crumpled too often and appear great in formal attire.

Giving silks ties can be the best secret Santa gifts for him as they add texture, design, and elegance to the wardrobe. 

4. Jersey Set Of His Favorite Club

a Manchester United jersey in a white background, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Amazon

The relationship between men and sports is sacred yet wild.

They, without thinking a moment, splurge on items that represent their favorite football club.

For a die-hard football lover, a jersey set can be the perfect secret santa gifts for men.

Also, this secret Santa present will remind them of their peers and friends with whom they used to watch football matches.

Make sure to get the original one not its first copy—it’s worth buying as it’ll make him flaunt his new jersey in front of his new friends.

5. Funky Pendrive

a Captain America personalized pendrive, a secret santa gift
Image Source: flipkart

You’ll find a great collection of Marvel and DC on Amazon!

This funky Pendrive can be amusing as a secret Santa gift—you can even customize it with his name! 

If you have a limited budget, you can buy this amazing funky Pendrive for him.  

6. An All-in-1 Giftcard

Image Source: employeebenefits

Sometimes it is hard to know what to buy for those you love, they may have too many hobbies to choose from or you may simply not know what they would like to be gifted. 

Choosing an AllinOne Choice Giftcard that allows the user to spend the gifted amount in a wide range of stores so that they truly can choose exactly what they want.

7. Book

A book with blank pages, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

Gift him a book that’ll put him into another world that is full of great stories and fictional characters!

It’s an excellent idea for a secret Santa gift as it sends the recipient on a mental vacation for free.

Also, it’s easy to wrap and be a great companion in hard times. 

You should consider ordering a book that can ignite his creativity; that makes him more empathetic, kind, and knowledgeable.

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7 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Friends

a boy and a girl sitting beside each other showing thumbs up

In this section, you will find the best secret Santa gifts for friends—soul sisters, brothers from another mother, and pals from the workplace.  

These secret Santa gifts will match any of your friends’ tastes, preferences, personalities, and lifestyles. 

Let’s order! 

1. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, a secret santa gift
Image Source: brownliving

An insulated stainless steel water bottle can be a great secret Santa present for your friend.

It keeps the content intact and is way better than regular bottles. 

Whether they want to carry hot coffee to their workplaces or cold water for the morning walk, this stainless steel can keep any drink at its ideal temperature.

The beauty of using it is it can be easily cleaned and is available at different prices.

Plus, you may find the finest quality bottle on Amazon at an affordable range.

Holiday family portrait

2. Air Fryer

a girl using a air fryer to make some fries, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

An air fryer isn’t an interesting secret Santa gift in the first place. 

Yet it deserves to be gifted to your secret Santa as it helps to do the mundane work.

People have a wrong perception of it. They assume that it is best for old people and senior folks.

However, when gifted to a friend, they can also make nice use of it by preparing tasty snacks like their favorite chefs.  

Plus, air fryers will let them cook a variety of dishes—fries, fish sticks, chicken wings.

And it’s easy to clean which will keep them away from hours of doing dishes on the weekends! 

3. A Compilation Painting

 A stunning Compilation Painting made by PortraitFlip's artist.

The trickiest yet most fun part of playing secret Santa is the recipient has to guess their gifter’s name!

And it’s very hard to guess the person who give handmade secret santa gifts.

Handmade painting is a rare gift that is full of emotion, and creativity and has a meaningful story. 

When you give someone this secret Santa gift you actually stay ahead of others as very few people plan extraordinary presents. 😀

Be the best and gift your friend a compilation painting.

In simple words, compile their photos and flip them into an acrylic painting!

You can get it done by contacting us or by simply exploring our…

4. Yoga Mat

a girl rolling the yoga mat, a secret santa gift
Image Source: tomsguide

Help your friend to level up his passion for yoga by gifting him a yoga mat.

This gift will push him to do more and always be in the routine.

A yoga mat is one of the amazing secret Santa gifts for him that let him practice to improve his flexibility, master poses, boost mobility and strengthen the core. 

It’s a great way to get them to yoga if they haven’t from the new year! 

5. Funky Bamboo Straws

four bamboo straws placed in a glass, a secret santa gift
Image Source: indiamart

Funky bamboo straws are one of the budget-friendly and cutest secret Santa gifts!

It’s always a good idea to switch from plastic straws to eco-friendly bamboo straws. 

You can have them engraved with a special message or their initials and let them use them for years to come! 

6. Secret Santa t-shirt

a t-shirt with a printed witty message, a secret santa gift
Image Source: bestproducts

Giving this secret Santa gift will make the moment memorable.

Although it’s a cliche idea for a secret Santa gift, you can still have it ordered for them from any fashion e-commerce site.

It’s one of the fun secret Santa gifts you can’t go wrong with.

They can wear it in any season—indoors or outdoors with any bomber jacket!

7. Wine Glasses

three wine glasses are tinkling, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

Your secret Santa gifts have to be on point!

Wine glasses can be the nicest secret santa present ideas. And they go well with the tone of Christmas and can also set the mood of any festival. 

Finding an ideal wine glass is an art. However, you can get the finest-quality glasses on Lucaris.

They make the wine look classy and rich, which will let them enjoy every sip of it.  

7 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Coworkers celebrating secret Santa gifts at the workplace

These are our top picks for secret Santa gifts for coworkers. 

You can have them ordered from any gift shop—these secret Santa gifts are available under $100

This way you give a person a chance to guess how much you know them and what fascinates them the most! 

1. Mandala

a boy is painting the mandala art, a secret santa gift
Image Source: colorit

This can be the best gift idea for your secret santa ideas for work who takes frequent breaks in-between.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through the Instagram feed or playing Jenga alone—they can reduce their stress by getting their hands on mandala. 

It’s proved that doing mandalas can help them find calm in every storm. 

Although it can be addictive, it’s still great as it ignites creativity, burns stress, and calms nerves. 

It’s a secret Santa gift that can be given to anyone—no matter whether they take breaks or not. They can have this art done at their place too.

(Get some special discounts on parents and children pencil portraits. Use “OFF20” and avail the benefits)

2. Cozy Chenille Socks

a pair of Cozy Chenille Socks, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

Who doesn’t love a pair of fuzzy socks?

Everybody loves this type of secret Santa present! 

Socks are fashion staples that are timeless, colorful, and great for any season. 

compilation portrait for Christmas

Make sure you get them a pair of Chenille socks which starts from $30. 

These secret Santa gifts will remind them to be grateful for having little things in life!

3. A Throw Blanket

A Throw Blanket is laying on a sofa chair, a secret santa gift
Image Source: walmart

A throw blanket can’t be a bad gift idea. 

It’s a gift that is appreciated on retirement day, Thanksgiving, and even on a fun-activity moment—secret Santa day!

This super soft and cozy throw blanket is a thoughtful present and useful for any season. 

Don’t be thrifty and get them a nicest looking and finest-quality material throw blanket this Secret Santa! 

4. A Christmas Family Portrait

A Christmas Family Portrait by PortraitFlip

Whether you’re playing it for the first time or an experienced person, this gift won’t disappoint your secret Santa!

Everyone from your team may go with the funky and pricey present, but you go with this idea that will certainly catch everyone’s attention.

You know this is a kind of gift that will make you the reason for their smile!  

To implement this idea, either you have to download their old Christmas day photos or ask for them from their family members, to flip them into a handmade portrait.

Once you receive them, you’ll have to send them to us—so, we could make some edits and send them to other artists to have them flipped into the finest art! 

Giving someone a Christmas family portrait can bring their old memories into existence!

This is a kind of secret Santa present that will be them forever.

5. Headphones

a girl enjoying music on her headphones, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

If I were the recipient, I’d love to have these headphones on secret Santa day!

Headphones are the best secret Santa gifts as they can not only be used by giftees but also by their friends and family members.

This way they can keep themselves away from distraction while commuting, working, or gyming.

Make sure you grab them from the best sites as there are always great deals on headphones. 

6. Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic Bottle Opener, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

Let me tell you, this isn’t a daddy-type gift. 

Each human beings love to have this mounted on their cooker or fridge door.

If your secret Santa is beer-lover, no gifts can ever match this present. 

There will be moments when they won’t find their openers. In those gifts, they would badly need this type of device to keep the party on track.

7. Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

a girl with an eye mask on, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

Gift your pal a mulberry silk eye mask and offer them a ticket to bedtime bliss.

This secret Santa present encourages deep, dreamy rest and calms tired eyes while sleeping.

This silk fabric eye mask is easy to wash and will look pristine for years to come!

7 Funny Gifts For Secret Santa

a girl celebrating the Christmas evening

Fun gifts can either annoy the recipient in a playful way or make them laugh out loud. 

In this section, we’ve curated a list of thoughtful, funny, and gag gifts. Go grab them! 

P.S Give these secret Santa gifts to those who share a nice, friendly bond with—who don’t take your jokes and sarcasm seriously! 

1. Funny Face Magnet

a funny face magnet on the fridge door, a secret santa gift
Image Source: redbubble

A funny face magnet won’t annoy them unless you display their face perfectly on a magnet. 

This would make them laugh when opened at the secret Santa celebration; it could look surprisingly amazing on a fridge door or kitchen walls. 

It’s one of the creative yet affordable ideas for secret Santa gifts. 

2. Sarcastic Quote Frame

a Sarcastic Quote Frame, a secret santa gift
Image Source: pinterest

This sarcastic quote frame can be inspired by real-life incidents. 

Whether you’re giving it to your manager or a new intern, this can connect with them on a personal level!

This is an example. However, you can personalize it with your code language or something that they always utter.

Perhaps, sentences like “get this done by end of the day” or “not tomorrow but now”. 

These can be the best funny secret Santa gifts if designed correctly! 

3. Vladimir Putin Scented Candle

Vladimir Putin Scented Candle, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

They’ll hate you for giving it since they aren’t a fan of his leadership.

These gag gifts can annoy them but as I told you give these secret Santa gifts to those who can take your jokes lightly.

Find out their most disliked personality and try to get candles depicting them.

This is a perfect idea to embarrass them in front of everyone and bring laughter to everyone’s faces. 

4. Slippers 

a pair of slippers on a white surface, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

It’s always a brilliant idea to give slippers at secret Santa celebrations!

They can add fashion and care to their feet and look pleasantly cute on any hoodie sweatshirt.

If the recipient is young and new, this secret Santa gift can amaze them. 

5. A Royal Portrait

A Royal Portrait made by PortraitFlip.

Make the moment memorable by gifting your secret Santa a custom royal portrait.

Not a portrait depicting William the conqueror or Henry V but themselves in an oil medium.

This can be the best funny secret Santa gift that will remain in his heart and on the wall for many years to come!

By simply sending their photos to us, we can digitally don them the attire of a monarch. This is how we turn your happy-go-lucky friend’s photo into a highly ranked monarch!

6. Natural Deodorant

a man spraying natural deodorant, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

Every natural deodorant deserves to be gifted as secret Santa presents.

It’s a secret Santa gift that they’ll use on a daily basis—if you give them deodorant that pleases them.

Make sure to get them deodorant that last longer, has a pleasant fragrance, and eliminates bacteria that produce a bad odor. 

7. Random Crap Tote Bag

a man holding a customized tote bag on his left land, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

This can be a thoughtful secret Santa gift for those whose bag is always packed with unnecessary items.

This is for the ones who you know well and carry a lot of unnecessary items.

Here’s a bag to hold them up.

It’s roomy, water-resistant, and has zippers—engraved with the word “random crap” enough to hint what you think of them.

It’ll definitely remind them of their sloppy work habits. 

7 Cute Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts

Cute Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts

These are our top picks for cute secret Santa gifts! 

I’ve curated a list of gender-neutral gifts that can be best given as secret Santa presents.

They are something you’ll be tempted to receive from your gifter.

1. Phone & Accessory Sanitizing Tray

Phone & Accessory Sanitizing Tray,, a secret santa gift
Image Source: buzzfeed

Phones are repositories for germs and need to be protected for your well-being.

Though you can’t spray sanitizer and keep it germs-free.

You can have this phone and accessory sanitizing tray ordered to sterilize your devices.

This is one of the best secret Santa gifts you can give to remind them how much you care about them.

2. The Over-Sized Shirt Jacket

a girl in a over-sized shirt jacket, a secret santa gift
Image Source: pinterest

The first apparel that pops up in my mind is an oversized shirt jacket.

Most people don’t appreciate clothes as secret Santa gifts.

However, this oversized shirt jacket won’t fail to amaze them as it’s the perfect apparel for parties and late-night hangouts.

It looks cool, quirky, and upbeat, which can be for either gender. 

3. A Pan Set

A pan set, a secret santa gift
Image Source: livingly

Gift them this pan that replaces eight pieces of cookware—save space and time! 

Although it’s a personal purchase, it can be best given as secret Santa gifts to those who love cooking.

They may not show big excitement but when they use they’ll love this multifunctional pan! 

4. Designer Sunglasses

a stylish woman with designer sunglasses, a secret santa gift
Image Source: story.hr

If you want to splurge, do it with a present that is more likely to be used by any gender. 

When you give someone designer sunglasses, you show the utmost care and affection through a present.

These sleek and classic designer sunglasses as secret Santa gifts will make them feel loved and special. 

It’s a sweet gesture that’ll upgrade their look and style! 

5. A Box Of Skincare Products

 A Box Of Skincare Products, a secret santa gift
Image Source: guardian.ng

Convery your love and affection by gifting your secret Santa skincare products.

Don’t go for basic ones. Check out this soothing cleanser from Skincenticals, which is infused with glycerin and cucumber extract.

This way you nourish their skin and make it silky, smooth, and dirt-free. 

You never know that this sweet secret Santa may strengthen your bond with them. 

6. Wine

a Wine set, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

It’s a secret Santa gift that won’t be left on the shelf to collect dust!

Whether you’re gifting it to your closest friend or a random dude, this secret Santa present can build and strengthen your relationship with them.

It’s always fun to pour wine into a glass, and end the conversation with others on a convivial note! 

7. Portable Speaker

a fingering pointing to a portable speaker, a secret santa gift
Image Source: cityspidey, tech4gods

Who doesn’t need a portable Bluetooth speaker?

It’s an ideal secret Santa gift that’ll let them enjoy their playlist on a high-quality sound system.

Make sure you buy a speaker that has superior bass—most youngsters love bass! 

And it’s a go-to accessory for long drives and outdoor adventures!

7 DIY Gifts For Secret Santa

DIY Gifts For Secret Santa

These are the hottest DIY gift ideas for this year’s secret Santa!

Our budget stretches when we look for DIY Ideas for secret Santa gifts. However, these DIY secret Santa gifts won’t be generic and are perfect for the holiday season.

You’ll find 7 amazing secret Santa gifts that won’t break the bank, and add fun, love, and excitement to this special day. 

1. A Handmade Soap

a handmade soap, a secret santa gift
Image Source: regalosgourmetonline

Handmade soaps top the list of our top-pick DIY secret Santa gift ideas!

Run away from those who say soaps aren’t personal enough gifts to be given!

They have a personal touch that helps nurtures your skin.

Your giftee will love it if you get them some soaps according to their likes and preferences. 

There are luxurious soaps available in the market for all types of people.

Plus, they are far better than soap which contains chemicals and preservatives, that damage skin in the long run.

They can have them used for any purpose—to cleanse their face or spread its aroma in the washroom or car. 

2. Handmade Scented Candles

two handmade scented candles on a plain white surface, a secret santa gift
Image Source: freepik

These can also be given to your secret Santa! 

Maybe, folks around you would find them cliche but they are actually meaningful.

You can even engrave it with their name or a witty message, giving it a personal touch.

This no-brainer DIY secret Santa present idea will be appreciated by anyone regardless of their age and gender. 

3. DIY Bookmarks 

a girl holding bookmarks in her right hand, a secret santa gift
Image Source: pinterest

Is the person you’re gifting an avid reader?

If so, this can be a perfectly cute secret Santa gift!

Readers love when they are presented with stuff that encourages them to consume more books.

You can have them made with unused fabric, paper, and wood and them playful. 

4. Mini Cupcake

A plate full of cupcakes, a secret santa gift
Image Source: bettycrocker

I’m a fan of cupcakes—isn’t your giftee?

It’s a secret Santa gift that you can’t go wrong with. And it isn’t hard for anyone to be unhappy with a mini cupcake.

Cupcakes make great secret Santa gifts as they are shareable, the go-to cake dish on Christmas eve, and a lovely desert. 

A jar or pack of cupcakes travels well from one place to another, spreading love and delightfulness. 

5. Painted Herb Pot

painted herb spot on the surface, a secret santa gift
Image Source: Etsy

Trying to find the best gift for your secret Santa who loves plants?

Perhaps this can be best as it’ll add color and character to their garden. 

This secret Santa gift will make them scream “I aloe you” as it’ll help burn their stress and refresh the mood.

Surrounded by herbs and plants make one feels relaxed, positive, and serene!

6. Sharpie Mug

3 sharpie mug on the wooden surface, a secret santa gift
Image Source: hostinger

These mugs are easy and fun to make to reflect the Christmas theme!

It’s one of the creative yet cheap secret Santa gifts to amaze your friend!

You can buy new or personalize unused ones in a way that adds personality to the mug.

You may even spray the mug with acrylic paint and make it creative. 

7. Shot Glasses Vase

5 shot vases with roses, a secret santa gift
Image Source: hardworkingproducts

For your secret Santa, this DIY shot glasses vase can be a perfect present.

This gift for a secret Santa will let them display the most expensive and antique pieces in it.

Preferably buy a large-size metal vase to keep flowers and fancy items intact!

This also gives the best option to decorate your unused shelf and other pieces of furniture!

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That’s all for today!

I hope you found these ideas for secret Santa gifts valuable!

I’ve shared ideas from funny to DIY secret Santa gifts.

If you’re going to order any of these products, let us know in the comment section.

This would make us realize that we had done justice with the blog post idea and written a valuable piece for our readers.

Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most thoughtful Secret Santa gift for your sibling?

A handmade painting featuring you and your sibling can be the best Secret Santa gift.

What is the most affordable Secret Santa present for him?

A collection of silk ties make the best and budget-friendly Secret Santa gift for him.

What are the best ideas for Secret Santa gifts (under 30$)?

The best Secret Santa gifts can be a pendrive, a novel, funky bamboo straws, a Secret Santa t-shirt, and others (under 30$).

What is the most amusing Secret Santa gift for friends?

Vladmir Putin scented candles, a product available on Etsy, can be the most amusing Secret Santa gift for friends.

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