41 Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With!

A santa clause hold his sack of gifts and asking people to keep a secret with his index finger on his lips. The image also suggests the following content is about secret santa gifts.

Save yourself the hassle and get your inspiration from our Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts that will not fail to impress your giftee.

The holidays are finally here, and we are looking forward to a little well-earned cheer.

Preferably in form of a pile of gifts, but before we relish the joy of opening our own gifts, it’s time we get a head start into holiday shopping for others.

And what better way than starting with secret Santa gifts. (Lol.)

Let’s be honest, most of us find secret Santa shopping quite dreadful, and for good reasons.

After some deep digging on the internet, we have managed to come up with the best secret Santa Gifts for everyone.

From gifts for a co-worker to DIYs, this list of gifts for secret Santa includes all.

We have compiled a list of 41 gifts for secret Santa that’ll make your giftee a happy person.

So, no need to stalk their Instagram or *try* to subtly (and quite awkwardly) ask them about themselves.

This list of secret Santa gifts is split up by gender, relation, and nature of the gift. Let’s dive into it!

A. Best Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts For Her

A girl opening her Christmas gift in front of a Christmas tree and wearing a red hat and smiling brightly.   
The image also suggests that below content is about best ideas for secret santa gifts for women.

We want to give the best presents to the women in our life.

These secret Santa gifts below are appropriate for women in your work life and personal life.

Here are the best ideas for secret Santa gifts for her

1. An Oil Painting Made From Her Favorite Photo. 

A painting made form photo by portraitflip.
The image is of a girl sitting on grass next to her dog and kissing him on the side while the dog happily looks at the camera.

Who wouldn’t feel special receiving a painting of themself? This gift will make any woman feeling loved and beautiful.

 Oil Painting is an unexpected gift that will make her feel loved and surprise her and

This secret Santa present will make for a memorable gift that she will cherish throughout her lifetime.

Oil paintings have a way of making the image come alive with its life-like details and bright colors when they are painted by professionals.

This timeless gift will remind her of her secret Santa and her beauty for a lifetime.

With PortraitFlip who can get her photo painted by a portraitist and get it delivered anywhere in the world.

2. Incense Kit

various Incense Kits includes sage, wood and joss sticks.

There is no woman who wouldn’t appreciate a good scent. Incense sticks have essential oils, which help in relaxing and releasing stress.

Burning Incense sticks is especially helpful during yoga and meditation, as it helps to concentrate and stimulate the mind.

This is one of the best secret Santa gift ideas for her as it’s a useful gift and there is very little scope for going wrong.

3. Classic Leather Tote – To complete Her Chic Outfit.

A leather tote bag worn by a women in two colors. pastel pink and orange.

A Leather Tote is a classic that never goes out of fashion. It is something that will go well with all her looks, be it formal or casual.

This sophisticated bag will make her look put together for every occasion.

Get her a good-quality leather bag to make it long-lasting. 

4. Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box

A wooden box that has beautiful handwaving around it. Used for storing items of value and meaning.

A beautiful wooden box to keep your memories alive and cherish them.

A personalized wooden keepsake box is perfect for keeping mementos of a special time, event, or person.

Mark life’s major events like weddings, birthdays, or retirement with a personalized wooden keepsake box.

This is one of the most thoughtful ideas for secret Santa gifts.

Tips – don’t be cheap. Be thrifty and make the most out of the set budget but dont be cheap.

5. Initial Disc Necklace – A Personalized Style Statement

A necklace with a thin chain and a round coin like pendant with engraving worn by a women.

A stylish and classy necklace that will look good on a woman who loves to accessorize.

Accessories help in personalizing your style and completing each appearance.

And what better way to personalize a style than a unique and trendy disc necklace that was made for her.

B. Best Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts For Him

A man holding gifts and wearing a  christmas hat with a smile.
The image suggests the content is for best secret santa gifts for men.

The list below includes some of the best ideas for secret Santa gifts for him.

These secret Santa gifts for men will not disappoint them and also surprise them.

1. Leather Backpack To Suit All His Styles

A brown leather journal kept on a wooden surface with a white page nest to it.

Complete your man’s every look with this leather backpack.

A leather backpack is a great idea for a secret Santa gift.

This is a useful gift that you can’t go wrong with as it’s a classic that never goes out of fashion.

2. A Painting Of His Dream House

A painting of a house made from a photo by portraitFlip. the painting hangs in the dining room of the house.

If he is the kind of person who has his goals set and his life planned out to the minute details this is the kind of gift you can give him to keep him motivated.

A painting of his dream house that will help him visualize his goals.

And if he has already achieved his dream, get him a painting of his own house to celebrate his win.

This is a great secret Santa Christmas gift that he will cherish forever.

You can get your dream house painting portrait made from photos here.

3. Silk Tie – A Fashion Classic That Isn’t Going Anywhere

the image consist of two men that are dressed impeccably in suits that beautiful silk ties.

Silks are known to be luxurious and durable fabric. They don’t get wrinkled easily and hold their shape quite well.

Silk ties are very light and breathable which makes them quite comfortable to wear.

A good silk tie makes for a great fashion statement and when worn right it can elevate the whole outfit. 

This is one of those failproof ideas for secret Santa gifts for him.

4. Jersey Set Of His Favorite Sports Team

Three are men wearing different jersey sets. colors if the their jersey (Left  to Right) black and white, dark orange and   red and yellow.

You know men and their sport share a sacred relationship.

And anything that is related to their favorite team or player will make for the perfect secret Santa gift for men.

So, what is better than a new jersey set? Nothing! Even if he already has one, he will happily accept another one because you never have enough of those.

This is one of the best ideas for secret Santa gift ideas for guys as it’s pretty hard to mess this up. (Only if you get them a jersey from a rival team)

Tips- Don’t stress over finding the perfect gift. Buy something appropriate and have fun.

5. A Funky USB

usbs inspired by game of thrones and iron man form marvel

Is he a fan of marvel? Star Wars? Anime? you name it and there is a USB to satisfy every kind of follower.

These Funky USBs are fun and make for a great secret Santa gift for him.

C. Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Friends

Three friends happily holding their gifts and talking to each other. 
The image also suggests best ideas for secret santa gifts for friend.

The list below includes Secret Santa gifts ideas for friends. These gifts are meant to be of use for your friends.

These can be given in a workplace or to colleagues if their interests/likes match the gift.

1. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

insulated stainless steel water bottle.

An insulated water bottle is a great idea for a secret Santa gift for friends as these water bottles help keep the purity of the contents intact.

They do not leak any impurities and chemicals into the water like regular water bottles.

Gift your friends this secret Santa present to keep their water safe and pure this Christmas.

This is not only a useful gift but also a cheap secret Santa gift for those tight on budget.

2. Air Fryer – For The Healthy One

Air fryer kept on the kitchen countertop.

An air fryer is one of the best ideas for secret Santa gifts as this will motivate them to eat healthily and stay fit.

An air fryer is great it helps cut around 70-80% of fat from the food, although it also comes with its own restrictions.

And they are also quite expensive, so make a wise decision while considering this as a secret Santa gift exchange idea.

3. Custom Best Friend Portrait Painting: For The Friend You Have Known Forever.

A photo of a girl and her bestfriend made into a beautiful oil painting by PortraitFlip.

This secret Santa gift for friends is the perfect way to show your love for each other.

A custom portrait painting of you and your friend will be a gift that will remain untouched by time, hopefully like your relationship.

A painting has an unattainable quality that sets it apart from everything else, it is something that will demand attention when displayed right.

A custom painting will not be a reminder of your friendship but also a great addition to the décor of the house/room.

Although the secret Santa may not be a secret anymore but honestly when has it ever remained a secret?

You can get your painting painted from a photo/s as per your customizations by professionals with PortraitFlip

4. Yoga Mat – For the Aspiring Yogi

A girl doing yoga on a purple yoga mat

Has your friend recently become a yoga freak? Then is the best gift for secret Santa.

This gift will help your friends feel motivated for their practice and keep them going.

A good quality yoga mat will last them for years and allow them to practice yoga safely.

This is one of the best gifts for secret Santa exchange.

Tip- Take some time to find out what they might like. Don’t show up with a grow your own boyfriend/girlfriend pack. 

5. A portable Metal Straw: For The Eco-Conscious Friend

A reusable stainless steal straw.

A portable metal straw that can be carried with them everywhere.

For the eco-conscious friend, this is a great gift for secret Santa as it will able him in reducing his plastic waste.

This gift is one of the best ideas for secret Santa gifts as it’s just not for the eco-conscious but everyone.

D. Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Coworkers

A coworker receiving gifts at office during Christmas.
The image also suggests the following content is about best ideas for secret santa gifts for coworkers.

The Secret Santa game is commonly played in offices across the world.

Sometimes we are given the c of a person we don’t know very well and feel clueless as to what to gift them.

Here are some foolproof secret Santa gift ideas coworkers. 

1. Adult Coloring Books – For Who Needs A Stress Buster.

An Adult coloring a mandala with sketch pens.

This gift for secret Santa is great for those who need help in relaxing and reducing stress. (And I’m sure you know a few co-workers who could use this.)

Coloring helps in taking our attention from things that are bothering us, almost like taking us in a meditative state.

This is one of the best Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers.

2. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – For The Heath Conscious Co-worker

A fruit infuser water bottle.

A fruit infuser water bottle is an ideal secret Santa gift for someone who is trying to have a healthier diet.

This secret Santa gift will help them feel motivated and encouraged them to keep going.

3. Leather Notebook – For The Writer In Them

A brown leather book kept on a wooden surface next to a white paper.

This Secret Santa gift for co-workers is perfect for someone who loves to write or has recently started maintaining a journal.

Writing has a lot of advantages; it mainly promotes clarity of thoughts and reduces stress.

This gift for secret Santa will help them be more productive and creative.

4. A watercolor painting of your co-worker with their pet.

A watercolor painting of a man with his bestfriend, a dog. made by PortraitFlip.

Are you a secret Santa to a pet parent? Then this is an ideal gift to give.

Is there a pet parent whose camera roll isn’t filled with their pet’s photos?

So, take their obsession a step further and gift them a painting of their pet made with watercolors.

This is one of the best ideas for secret Santa gifts that will leave them happily surprised.

Watercolor paintings have a glowing look, that captivates the viewers’ attention.

These secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers will allow them to celebrate their pet presence even after the pet is long gone.

This is a kind of present that will be with them forever.

Get your watercolor painting made from a photo by professionals with PortraitFlip.

Tips- Don’t leave your buying to the last minute. It’s better to be prepared ahead of time.

5. Starbucks E-Gift Card – For The Coffee Addict

A gift card from starbucks during Christmas.

We all know a few coffee addicts who won’t refuse to function without their coffee.

And what could be a more perfect secret Santa gift idea for coworkers than a gift card from their favorite coffee shop?

This secret Santa gift idea will make them very happy and energetic!

6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones to keep them focused.

A noise cancelling headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones reduce sound from the surroundings and help in concentrating.

These are useful secret Santa gifts for a person who gets easily distracted.

E. Funny Gifts For Secret Santa

a smiling guy holding a Christmas stockings and smiling .
the image suggests funny gifts for secret santa.

Who doesn’t like fun gifts? This list includes the best funny gifts for secret Santa.

Before you gifting these gag gifts remember it’s only appropriate to gift someone who you know well and understands that it’s a joke.

Such gifts for secret Santa should be avoided in workplaces and with acquaintances.

1. Funny Face Magnet

funny posters with reference to start wars and the office.

A funny face magnet is a good gift for secret Santa.

This funny gift for secret Santa is preferable for someone close to you and who wouldn’t mind a joke.

A face magnet is a fridge magnet with your friend’s face on it (probably not a very flattering one).   

2. Funny Posters To Jazz Up Their Space

These funny prints can be inspired by real-life incidences or can be a reference to their favorite movie/series.

Witty posters are a great gag secret Santa gifts, they will not only make the person laugh but also personalize their space.

This can be one of the best funny gifts for secret Santa if done right.

3. Custom Face Socks, Cause Why Not?

custom face socks

A pair of socks with their face on them is a great way to get laughs.

This unique yet funny secret Santa gift is useful at the same time.

4. French Baguette Slippers

French Baguette Slippers

This idea for a secret Santa gift is for the bread lovers out there.

You can take their love for bread a step ahead and get them these French baguette slippers.

These soft and comfortable home slippers will make them laugh and crave bread every time they wear it.

This is one of the most fun gifts for secret Santa that you give your friend this holiday.

Tips- Include a good or a thoughtful gift card. Even if it’s just a few lines, write something good.

5. An Oil Painting Made For The Royals.

A royal painting portrait made by portraitFlip.
The guy is paintinted in a royal soldiers uniform.

Yup, you read that right, a royal painting of your giftee that will make them look like a king/queen from the Renaissance era.

This is the best funny gift for secret Santa as it will be them forever, reminding them of you and making them laugh.

Oil paintings are known for their life-like looks that demand to be noticed.

This secret Santa gift is not only a funny gift but also a conversation starter when its displayed well.

Get a Custom Royal Portrait that will steal the thunder of all other gifts from PortraitFlip.

All you need are some photos of your friend and the royalty you want them to look like.

F. Cute Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts

 A girl is happily surprised to receive a gift. the image suggest that

This list of cute gifts for secret Santa gifts is ideal for your significant other or who is close to you, preferably friends or family members.

Keep in mind that these gifts are a little personal and may not be suitable for acquaintances or colleagues 

1. Date Night Subscription Box – For The Special One

A Date NIght Subscription Box with goodie and games to be enjoyed with your significant other.

For couples out there, if you want to impress your bae this holiday, this is one of the best ideas for secret Santa gifts.

With the pandemic and social restriction, date nights have come to end for couples around the world.

Date nights are an essential part of a relationship and help the couple bond.

A date night subscription box includes delicious goodies, games, and many bonding activities which will allow you to have a perfectly good date night.

2. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – For The Film Buff

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

A scratch-off poster that has the best 100 movies for you to see.

This is a great way to select movies for movie/date nights or get-togethers.

There are chances that you might come across a movie that you have already seen, but who doesn’t love rewatching a good movie.

There is something comforting about rewatching a movie.

This is a cute idea for secret Santa gifts that will not only bring people together but also make it fun hanging out.

3. A Wearable Blanket For The One Who Loves To Cozy Up.

A Wearable Blanket in red and black checks and soft grey and white fur.

This is for the friend who is always cold or the one who is always wearing a hoodie.

A wearable blanket is perfect to cozy up on a couch or outside (this is perfect for camping).

With the winters coming, this is an ideal Christmas secret Santa gift for this year.

4. A Marshall speaker For A Friend With The Perfect Playlist

Marshall Speaker on a bed side table.

Marshall is known for its high-end speakers that come with a classy look.

This branded gift is perfect for someone who loves music, it is one of the best ideas for secret Santa gifts.

Marshall speakers will delight their ears for many years, they are perfect for a road trip or at a house party.

You can get this speaker from any online/offline store.    

Tips- Accept your gift graciously and thank your gift-giver. Even if the gift isn’t what you expected or liked.  

5. A Beautiful Charcoal Drawing

A photo of a father holding his baby for the first time converted into a charcoal sketch by PortraitFlip.

A charcoal drawing of their favorite photo is a great idea for a secret Santa gift.

Charcoal drawings are able to portray the soft and strong elements of the photo which helps to create a realistic and raw image of the person.

Its dramatic and rich shades evoke delicate and lasting emotions on the perceiver, making it an unforgettable present.

As shown in the image, where we can see the happiness of the father as he holds his child for the first time. 

This is a good gift for secret Santa that will be with them forever reminding them of the movement and their secret Santa.

G. DIY Gifts For Secret Santa

A father showing his son how to wrap gifts. 
this image suggests DIY gifts for secret santa.

DIY gifts are a great option for secret Santa. But don’t go and make the first DIY from Pinterest.

See and understand if you have the skills and material to make them.

Here are some great options for DIYGifts for Secret Santa.

1. Handmade Soap To Pamper Your Giftee.

handmade soap.

Handmade soaps are one of the best DIY ideas for secret Santa gifts.

This present is not only useful but also personalized according to the giftees needs and likes.

Handmade soaps are made of natural ingredients and are free from preservatives that help in keeping their skin soft and nourished.

This is a good secret Santa gift for both men and women (I mean who wouldn’t love to be pampered?)

2. Handmade Candles To Light Up Their World.

ingredients for handmade candles on display.

Handmade candles are a perfect gift for any occasion, especially for the holiday season.

These gifts aren’t too personal or expensive with makes them one of the best ideas for secret Santa gifts. 

As they are a no-brainer gift idea, they will be like by anyone regardless of their age or gender.   

3. DIY Bookmarks For The Bookworm           

Handmade DIY bookmarks

DIY Bookmarks are a good secret Santa gift for an avid reader.

A DIY bookmark makes for a good complimentary gift along with a book.

This is a perfect secret Santa gift for your book lover friend.

4. Mini Cupcake For The Friend With A Sweet Tooth.

Handmade cupcakes placed in a tray with blue berries.

Is your giftee someone who can get enough of sweets?

Bake your giftee mini cupcakes as their secret Santa gift this holiday.

You can always personalize their cupcake to their taste and preference.

Also, before you plan on baking make sure you are aware of any dietary restrictions they might have.

Tips- don’t be passive-aggressive with your gift. Secret Santa isn’t the time to tell Suzy that she needs a spritz of cologne.

5. Painted Herb Pot

beautifully painted herb pots in a garden.

The ideal plant lover gift for secret Santa this season.

A painted herb pot will bring some color and character to their garden.

This will act as a good accessory to their house while also being useful.

That’s all folks!

Hope you liked our ideas for secret Santa gifts and have found a present that fits your giftee.

Tell us about your secret Santa experience in the comment section below!

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