10 Best Custom Pet Portrait Companies In 2024

8 Custom Pet Portrait Companies: The Top Picks For Your Pets

This blog is dedicated to all the pet lovers who adore their pets and treat them as family members.

There are many ways to show your pet some love, be it a dog, a cat, a parrot, a rabbit, or even a cow.

But do you know the best way to celebrate them? Get a painting that reflects their essence.

Just like your pet holds a sweet spot in your heart, a pet portrait defining your fluffy friend will decorate your wall with the love you both share.

However, surfing for hours just to find trusted pet portrait companies can be a hectic task.

That’s when I enter with all the best custom pet portrait services to make your task easy.

Thank me later; first, let’s get your best man at work!

1. PortraitFlip (Handmade)

handmade pet portrait by PortraitFlip
Image: Handmade Pet Portrait by PortraitFlip
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.9/5
Service TypeHandmade Painting
PricesStarts at $89
Turnaround Time12 to 14 Days
Deposit30% of the total payment
Mediums & Customizations7 Mediums
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Free ShippingWorldwide / No Charges
Customer Service and InvolvementCustomer Support 24×7
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsStripe (Debit and Credit)

If you’re looking for the best pet portrait services, then PortraitFlip is your one-stop platform.

It’s not just me, but thousands of happy customers who have now become members of PortraitFlip.

Each painting is created with the utmost care by the world’s top artists.

Family painting from different photos

Around 18000+ happy customers have now become a part of PortraitFlip, with 1.3k reviews on TrustPilot.

PortraitFlip Pros:

  1. Their dedicated customer support makes it easy for the customers to speak freely and communicate whenever they need.
  1. They provide three finishing options that include rolled, framed, and gallery wrapped.
  1. Unlimited revisions provide customers with the freedom to create a custom pet portrait of their own choice.
  1. Portraits of pets are delivered within 14 days, which is the minimum time that any handmade painting company can provide.
  1. PortraitFlip has a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee with 100% Free Worldwide Shipping.
  1. It also deals with other themes like landscape paintings, house portraits, and couple and family portraits, not just pet portrait services.
  1. Plus point: Have a specific date in mind? Mention it in the notes, and they will get back to you with their availability.

PortraitFlip Cons:

  1. PortraitFlip doesn’t begin with the painting process unless the design is approved. A delay in approval may cause a delay in delivery.
  1. The painting is packed in layers, which requires time and patience. However, it is necessary to fill the painting with utmost care.

The bottom line is:

Price✅, Quality✅, Security✅, Delivery✅

What else do you want from any pet portrait companies?

2. West and Willows (Digital)

Digital print art of a dog by West and Willows which is one of the pet portrait companies
Image: Digital Print Art by West and Willows
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.2/5
Service TypeDigital Print Art
PricesStarts at $65
Turnaround Time14 Days
DepositFull Payment
Mediums & CustomizationsNo Mediums
Unlimited RevisionUnavailable
Free Shipping $10 under $100 Order
Customer Service and InvolvementSupporting Manager but Less Response Rate
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsNot Mentioned

If you are searching for all pet things, then West and Willows is your man.

Apart from portraits, they deal with dog arts, leashes, pet greeting cards, mugs, etc.

One of the drawbacks of West and Willows could be the digital print work, which may lack the personal touch that custom portraits of pets bring.

West and Willows Pros:

  1. Trusted platform for digital pet prints.
  2. An all pet shop with various styles and designs.
  3. They offer promotions and free mugs with the digital pet art if you sign up.
  4. Placing an order is simple and easy.

West and Willows Cons:

  1. Does not offer personalized prints or any medium.
  2. For digital print art, $65 seems higher. Their are other options available with lower prices.
  3. The delivery time is longer for digital arts.
  4. Although they have a support manager, the response time is not so quick.

Suggested read: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willows

3. Crown and Paw (Digital)

Digital print art of two dogs by Crown and Paw which is one of the pet portrait companies
Image: Digital Print Art by Crown and Paw
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.3/5
Service TypeDigital Print Art
PricesArtwork $59 and Customized Mugs $39
Turnaround Time15 days (depending on the location)
DepositFull Payment
Mediums & CustomizationsTheme Based (Renaissance, Office, Film, or Television)
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Free Shipping Charges Applicable as per Location
Customer Service and InvolvementOnly Emails
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsPayPal, Apple Pay

Crown and Paw is a custom pet portrait company and does not limit itself to just paintings.

They deal with a wide range of items, such as mugs, puzzles, and pillow covers.

The artwork revolves around the face replacements of the pets in digital prints and they also call themselves a brand for pet-obsessed people. 

Interesting right?

Crown and Paw Pros:

  1. There are over 150 customization options to choose from.
  2. Free revisions if the pre-painting doesn’t satisfy you.

Crown and Paw Cons:

  1. Doesn’t offer any handmade painting services.
  2. Delivery is a bit time consuming for a printed pet canvas.
  3. As per the services (replacement of faces), the cost seems to be expensive.
  4. There is no refund policy.
  5. They charge a flat fee on shipping that varies according to different countries.

Suggested read: PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw

4. Purr and Mutt (Digital)

Digital print art of a cat by Purr and Mutt which is one of the pet portrait companies
Image: Digital Print Art by Purr and Mutt
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.7/5
Service TypeDigital Print Art
Turnaround Time7 to 12 Days
Mediums & CustomizationsTheme Based (Minimalist, Occupations, Male & Female Pets, or Renaissance)
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Free Shipping Worldwide
Customer Service and InvolvementEmails with Customer Support Monday to Friday (9:00am -4:00pm)
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsPayPal

Purr and Mutt is another digital print in the sea of pet portrait companies.

Their products are almost identical to the works of Crown and Paw with a slight difference.

They don’t include humans along with pet (all pet based company).

Purr and Mutt Pros:

  1. They have free shipping worldwide.
  2. They provide unlimited revision options.

Purr and Mutt Cons:

  1. Their hidden charges and lack of a pricing list can make you take a step back.
  2. No return policy is available.
  3. Include only pets.
  4. No express delivery is available.
  5. Do not have dedicated customer support with a 48 hours chat frequency.

If you look into PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt, you’ll also get a clear picture of how handmade and digital print art differ.

5. PaintYourLife™ (Handmade)

handmade portrait of a pet dog by PaintYourLife
Image: Handmade Portrait by PaintYourLife
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.8/5
Service TypeHandmade Painting
PricesStarts at $199
Turnaround Time13 Days
Deposit10% of the payment
Mediums & CustomizationsAvailable
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Free Shipping Limited to United States
Customer Service and InvolvementOnly Dashboard, Monday – Friday (8am – 12am)
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsPayPal, Google Pay

PaintYourLife™ is a platform that deals with handmade paintings of pets (including humans).

You can say that they are best at what they do with a 15,000 customer review.

How about we go through a quick pros and cons list of PaintYourLife™?

PaintYourLife™ Pros:

  1. You just need to pay 10% of the entire payment to start your painting.
  2. Turnaround time is reasonable when it comes to handmade paintings.


  1. The price is expensive as compare to other pet portrait companies. There are companies that may provide better services at reasonable cost, such as PortraitFlip.
  2. Free shipping is limited to the United States only.
  3. There is no dedicated customer support with a limited time, Monday to Friday (8am – 12am).

6. Animalist (Poster)

Abstract art of a cat by Animalist which is one of the pet portrait companies
Image: Abstract Art by Animalist
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.3/5
Service TypeMinimal Poster Art
PricesStarts at $70
Turnaround Time3 to 5 Days
DepositFull Payment
Mediums & CustomizationsNo Medium
Unlimited RevisionUnavailable
Free Shipping Charges Applicable (Depending on the Location)
Customer Service and InvolvementNo Involvement of Customer Support
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsPayPal

Animal+Minimalist – This pretty much explains the works of Animalist.

Compared to other pet portrait companies, this site offers a unique style for your pet friend.

If you are in search of minimal wall art and posters for your pet, then this is your man.

Animalist aims to reflect each breed in the most unique way possible through line, form, and abstract. 

You can say that the page offers the art of abstraction for pet lovers.

But again, it is not handmade!

Animalist Pros:

  1. It offers a unique collection of pet portraits.
  2. They use high-quality Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fiber.
  3. If you compare it with the previous pet portrait companies, then it offers faster service than ever.

Animalist Cons:

  1. Doesn’t have a handmade option.
  2. There are limited options in mediums and customization.
  3. The price is relatively higher than that of other pet portrait companies.
  4. There is no refund policy.
  5. Customers have to pay customs fees depending on their location. For example, EU customers need to pay 25% VAT, including the product price.

7. Pet Canva (Digital)

Portrait of a dog by PetCanva which is one of the pet portrait companies
Image: Portrait by PetCanva
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)3/5
Service TypeCanvas and Print 
PricesStarts at $69
Turnaround Time7 to 11 days
Mediums & CustomizationsNo specific medium; only customized on bedsheets, pillows, puzzles, mugs, etc.
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Free Shipping Only on orders above $108
Customer Service and InvolvementNo dedicated support
Safety & SecurityThird-party seal but no trusted site stamps
Payment MethodsApplePay, GooglePay, and PayPal

There are various pet portrait painters, and PetCanva is known for pop art that turns all pets into canvas enclosed in vibrant colors.

Pet Canva Pros:

  1. It consists of pop art and various styles of pet portraits.
  2. PetCanva provides paintings of pets in different backgrounds, colors, and patterns.

Pet Canva Cons:

  1. Prices are relatively high for prints as compared to other pet portrait companies.
  2. Only has two frame options- black and white.
  3. Does not have a proper platform for customer involvement.
  4. Portraits are limited to pet’s chest up and not full body poses.
  5. Doesn’t produce handmade portraits.
  6. Shipping varies depending on the country; for example, they have flat rate shipping of $15 if the order is under $106.

8. Impersonate Me (Digital)

Digital print art of a cat by Impersonate Me which is one of the pet portrait companies
Image: Digital Print Art by Impersonate Me
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.2/5
Service TypeDigital Print Art
PricesStarts at $29
Turnaround Time15 to 21 Days
DepositFull Payment
Mediums & CustomizationsNo Mediums
Unlimited RevisionUnavailable
Free Shipping Worldwide, Chargeable During Return
Customer Service and InvolvementOnly Emails
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsGoogle Pay, Apple Pay

This is another digital art company that creates pet portraits.

As a print art company, the quality of Imerpersonate Me artwork is a must to have.

It is said by the 2100 reviews available on TrustPilot, where you can check the most honest feedback.

Impersonate Me Pros:

  1. Free shipping worldwide is available.
  2. Express delivery allows the customer to choose a convenient option.

Impersonate Me Cons:

  1. Turnaround time is longer for print art.
  2. Shipping is chargeable if there are any returns of the product.
  3. There are no unlimited revisions.
  4. The pricing list is not clear, which somehow adds to hidden charges.
  5. The options on mediums are next to zero.
  6. There is no dedicated support manager, only available via email.

Suggested read: PortraitFlip vs. Impersonate Me

9. Iconic Paw (Digital/Handmade)

Digital print art by Iconic Paw
Image: Digital Art by Iconic Paw
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.5/5
Service TypeDigital Print Art / Hand-Painted
PricesStarts at $49
Turnaround Time12-15 Days
DepositFull Payment
Mediums & CustomizationsNo Medium, Only Customization
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Free Shipping Worldwide (Orders above $100)
Customer Service and InvolvementEmail and Call
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsUnavailable

Here is another pet portrait company that deserves your wall. How about a quick glance at the pros and cons of Iconic Paw?

Iconic Paw Pros:

  1. You can customize your order based on accessories, such as pet bowls, pillows, tote bags, blankets, etc.
  2. You will receive quality check within 24-48 hours before shipping.

Iconic Paw Cons:

  1. For digital print art, turnaround time seems longer than usual.
  2. Shipping charges are applicable if your orders are below $100.
  3. Return shipping charges are applicable.
  4. After 5 hours of order placement, the product will not be cancelled.
  5. They claim to have hand-painted portraits in one place and mention digital art in other places, which can be misleading.

10. Portrait My Pet (Digital/Handmade)

Digital print art by Portrait My Pet
Image: Digital Print by Portrait My Pet
Artwork Quality (Customer Review)4.8/5
Service TypeHand-Painted / Digital Print
PricesStarts at $53
Turnaround Time7-10 Days
DepositFull Payment
Mediums & CustomizationsAvailable
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Free Shipping Worldwide
Customer Service and Involvement24/7 Customer Support
Safety & SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Payment MethodsApple Pay, Google Pay

Portrait My Pet Pros:

  1. It offers handmade as well as digital art.
  2. You get an artwork preview within 24 hours.

Portrait My Pet Cons:

  1. Longer turnaround time for a digital art service.
  2. They have a guideline to upload pictures; otherwise, they face problems.
  3. Re-doing a piece charges extra.
  4. Cancelling the order after 24 hours may cause deduction and the rest of payment will be refunded.

How to Pick the Best Custom Pet Portrait Companies

Pet Portrait of a cat by PortraitFlip that show half image and half painting
Image: Pet Portrait by PortraitFlip

Before learning about every pet portrait service, you need to know how to pick the best custom pet portrait companies.

There is a simple trick.

First, you need to prioritize what you want while going for a pet portrait.

List includes:

  • Affordable Price
  • Shorter Turnaround Time
  • Customer Services and Policy
  • Flexibility during Customizing
  • Safety and Security
  • Quality Checks
  • Customer Reviews (a must)

Comparison between the services of the company is the best way to filter out the best option.

After you know the primary requirements, your search begins.

My Preference: Best Pet Portrait Company

We have gone through eight of the best custom pet portrait companies.

Each has some pros and cons to share with different services.

But one that made me stop was PortraitFlip, as it offers all the services that each company shares.

The best part? They are handmade paintings that illuminates a personal feel and touch.

Their painting of a pet mesmerized me with its colors, as it looks so original to the eyes.

Their price, turnaround time, free shipping, specific date delivery, and paying only 30% in advance made me question what else we need.

It has an ocean to offer.

You just need to know how to hire a custom painting artist, and you’re done.

Your four-legged friend, enclosed in vibrant colors on canvas, is delivered to your doorstep.

Hello, Pet lovers!

Did you find the best man who passed your checklist?

I am sure you must have made your decision by now.

Always remember what your priorities are when you’re searching for the best pet portrait companies.

This will help you filter out the best choice and work accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the blog, please mention them in the comments.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this blog.

Choose wisely!


How much do pet portraits sell for?

The average cost for custom pet portraits could range from $50 to $500.

What is the best medium for pet portraits?

The best medium for pet portraits could be either oil or acrylic.

How much do portrait artists charge?

The price depends on the size and medium one opts for. It basically ranges from $60 to $600.

How long does a pet portrait take?

The approximate time taken to paint the portrait could be two-three weeks, depending on your requirements.

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