7 Best Custom Pet Portrait Companies Worth Giving A Shot!

best pet portrait companies

Pets are family, and every family deserves to be remembered beautifully…

Whoever has ever had a pet, be it a dog, cat, horse, or even an Ostrich, knows that each one is exceptional.

But sometimes, just a pat on the back, walking down the road, or a trip is not enough to recognize the wonders they have done to our lives.

The perfect way to celebrate and honor them would be through a custom pet portrait. It should not matter if it is a cat portrait, dog portrait, pet memorial portrait, or any other – the best way to remember them would be through a pet portrait.

Our pets will hold a sweet spot in our hearts, and a painted pet canvas on our wall will eternalize it forever.

But finding a trusted pet portrait service online can be a hectic task. With so many pet painting companies offering services in a variety of styles and techniques, how would you choose the best custom pet portrait service?

In fact, it is not just about finding a trustworthy company but also a brand that uses premium materials to make your personalized pet painting.

Don’t you worry! We have already made this a cakewalk for you. Based on reviews from thousands of customers, service, pricing, and the variety of personalization, we have listed the 7 best Custom Pet Portrait companies of 2022.

How To Choose The Best Custom Pet Portrait Companies?

how to choose the best custom pet portrait company

Finding a leading pet painting service can be taxing. A quick online search could also result in a lot of confusion.

So, we have created this list by studying and comparing different services based on their pet artwork quality, delivery time, customer review, and website trustworthiness.

Family painting from different photos

Different brands may provide something and may not, but our motive is to choose the best custom pet portrait company.

That is why knowing each aspect is important before selecting the best.

Custom Pet Drawing Quality

difference between image and pet portrait

It is not just about how well your custom dog painting or other animal portrait paintings are presented. It is also about the quality of the artwork.

What matters is how well your canvas is painted.

One can sell anything in a decorative box, but trust only comes after the product is tried and tested.

The best dog painting will only be considered so if it captures the details of the dog to T.

When it comes to handmade pet paintings, it is about how skillfully the painting is created and the quality of the canvas too.

The commissioned pet portrait artist should be a master of his medium and should only use high-quality paints or pencils.

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Customer Service & Policy of Pet Painting Service

best pet portrait companies policy and customer service

Customer service or the problem-solving capability of the company tells how much the brand cares for its customers.

Is it only about delivering the product or providing a hassle-free experience throughout the process?
In fact, if at all, the company believes in customer satisfaction.

Respecting the customer’s concerns and giving a quick resolution makes customer service stand out.

In the pet portrait painting industry, listening to the customer’s needs and delivering a personalized pet portrait according to their vision is essential.

Customer involvement is required, and the customer should be constantly informed about each step.

Only a good pet painting artist will keep that in mind and provide revisions if the customer is unsatisfied.

The Refund policy and satisfaction guarantee are also considered when choosing the best pet painting company.

Variety Of Mediums & Customizations

Different mediums and customisations that the best pet portrait companies give.

There is a variety of painting styles, techniques, and mediums.

A pet portrait painting company should provide various painting styles and mediums to select from.

It helps the customer choose the best medium for their photo. For instance, a famous cat painting may look stunning in Oil Painting, but a horse memorial portrait can look better in a more monochrome charcoal medium.

This is why custom pet artists must be varied and give many options to select from.

With mediums comes accuracy with which the pet artist paints the canvas. A realistic pet portrait is only created when the artist is skillful and accurately paints.

He needs an eye for details and paints precisely like the photo provided to be transformed.

Delivery Time

Delivery time of the best pet portrait companies

When it comes to handmade pet paintings, delivery can take longer than any other generalized or digital pet prints that you see online.

However, some services can be quicker than others.

Pet painting services that take lesser time and deliver a high quality should be your preference.

Generally, it takes up to 10-12 to create a realistic pet painting from photos without compromising the quality.

Companies must ensure that they deliver the painting within a given time frame and be very clear about it from the start of the order.

Safety & Security

Safety and security of websites of the best pet portrait companies

While commissioning customizable pet paintings online, it is crucial to check whether or not the site should be trusted.

With the growing cyber-cases and fraud, one needs to be careful with placing their money online.

A trusted site seal on the website is a mark of genuine e-Commerce. A secured website always protects customers from online fraud and creates trust among users.

Factors that make a website safe and secured are a trusted site stamp, third-party seals, Trustpilot rating, and using safe and secured payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

Handmade Painting Prices

Prices that the best pet portrait companies offer.

Handmade paintings can get expensive even if the quality is not that great.

Make sure you make thorough research and price comparisons between the best pet painting companies.

There can be economical companies that provide equally fascinating quality, and then there can be companies that can charge a bank for nothing.

Painting pet memories do not come with a cost but do not be blinded by it. Pay the best prices to commission a pet portrait artist.

Be it a custom pet painting, royal pet portrait, funny dog portrait, or some unique cat portrait, PortraitFlip will do it for you.

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#1 Best Pet Painting Services – PortraitFlip

Best pet painting services - PortraitFlip

PortraitFlip is one of the most economical pet portrait painting companies that provide premium quality pet artwork.

Since every bit of the pet painting is customized according to the customer, each pet artwork comes out unique and personalized.

Artwork Quality: 4.8/5

With more than 10,000+ customers served, PortraitFlip is rated 4.8 out of 5 and 2nd out of 9 Art Studios by TrustPilot.

They have also pulled 89% Excellent reviews and the rest 11% as great or below for the pet paintings.

They also provide a wide variety of finishing options like Rolled, Gallery Wrapped, and Framed.

Customer Service and Involvement: 5/5

PortraitFlip is known for its customer service and quick resolution. They provide a dedicated support manager for every customer, and the entire communication process takes place through email.

This pet painting company has eliminated the use of automated communication to make the service as human as possible.

Not only that, but they also have a 24*7 widget that you can use to get instant resolutions by actual humans and not bots.

Turnaround Time: 12 to 14 days

One of the quickest delivery times that a handmade pet painting service can offer. With their Express Service, the painting can reach you in two weeks.

Best part? Without compromising the quality.

Safety & Security: 5/5

PortraitFlip’s website has a Trusted Site Stamp at the bottom right corner and uses safe payment methods like Stripe.

PortraitFlip Mediums & Customizations: 4.7/5

PortraitFlip offers seven mediums – Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Charcoal, Pencil, Colored Pencil, and Pastel.

Each medium is unique and has a purpose, but they are incomparable.

Regarding which mediums to choose, PortraitFlip can put you in a fix with its quality in all the mediums.

Although it does not provide various mediums, PortraitFlip eCommerce is open to its customers’ requirements.

They have a lot of customizations like Compilation Portraits, Bad photo to Colored Portraits, Replace Backgrounds, and even Custom Royal Pet Portraits that you can use.

Any special request is always accepted and worked upon.

PortraitFlip Prices – 5/5

Handmade pet painting prices cannot get any more economical.

PortraitFlip is the best place to go if you are on a budget. Their painting prices start from $60 and provide free customizations.

They charge $25 extra per additional pet to the painting.


  1. PortraitFlip has provided premium quality and is one of the few pet painting companies providing 100% handmade portraits.
  2. The entire communication happens over emails, making it easy for customers to speak freely of their concerns.
  3. PortraitFlip delivers pet paintings in 12-14 days which is the minimum any handmade painting company can provide.
  4. PortraitFlip has 100% Free Worldwide Shipping and a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.


  1. PortraitFlip does not begin the painting process unless the design is approved. Delay in approval can cause a delay in the delivery of the painting.
  2. The artwork is packed in layers that may take some time and patience to open. However, it is necessary to fill the painting with care.
  3. It deals with many different painting themes like Human, Landscape, and House Portraits and is not exclusive to pet portrait services.

But Bottom Line:

Price ✅, Quality ✅, Delivery ✅

What else are you looking for?

#2 West and Willows

West and willow custom pet painting

If you are looking for all things pets, this company sells not just portraits with dogs but also dog art, pet greeting cards, leashes, and other items for your pets.

Artwork Quality: 4.3/5

West and Willows deals in quite a number of styles but all of them are digital prints and do not deal in handmade paintings.

Since it is digital dog art or pet paintings, it is difficult to measure the artwork quality. Although done by skilled artists, it still lacks the touch and feel of custom pet painting.

The reviews of West and Willows have been decent until now, when pet parents have posted side-by-side pictures of their pet art and pet.

West and Willows Customer Service and Involvement: 4.5/5

The pet portrait company, West and Willows, has a simple 3 step process. Once the order is placed, the artist takes it from there.

However, there is no customer interaction throughout the process.

West and Willows Turnaround Time: 7 to 14 days

Considering a digital print, the shipping starts in 7 days which seems a lot. This relatively makes them slower in terms of other services that can deliver the same art in 5 days.

Safety & Security: 5/5

West and Willows is a trusted website with a third-party seal and uses PayPal as its payment method. However, it lacks a Trusted Site Stamp.

With more than 20,000 customers served, West and Willows otherwise look like a website you can trust for digital pet portraits.

West and Willows Mediums & Customizations: 3/5

 West and Willows do not offer a lot of mediums or customizations.

The process has limited options; one must choose it to get a digital custom pet portrait.

West and Willows Prices – 3/5

The pricing for digital pet art starts at $65, which is too high for a digital painting.

However, to make up for the prices, they also offer promos like a free mug with a pet portrait if you sign up on their list.

This makes the product worthy of the price you pay.


  1. Great platform for digital pet paintings.
  2. The order placing process is super simple and does not require much attention. If you are a busy person, this is for you.
  3. All Pet Shop for modern families.


  1. Does not offer personalized customizations.
  2. The shipping time is too long for custom digital art.
  3. There are options with lower prices for digital pet paintings.

#3 My Pooch Face

MyPoochFace Artworks

While most other pet portrait companies are creating prints in the name of digital art, MyPoochFace is digitally hand painted with a tablet and stylus. The process is then mirrored on a canvas and finished with paintbrushes.

They are known for their attention to detail and quality.

MyPoochFace has several professional illustrators who are skilled experts in digital painting.

MyPoochFace Artwork Quality: 4/5

The quality of digital artwork by MyPoochFace compared to other pet portrait companies that provide digital prints.

They give special attention to details and ensure that the rendition is as close to the photo provided.

They also have several beautiful backgrounds that enhance digital pet painting.

In fact, MyPoochFace reviews have crossed over 698, with most being 5-star reviews for quality.

But it is not just artworks that they deal in. They also create blankets with the pet’s face on them.

Customer Service and Involvement: 3/5

MyPoochFace has a 3-step process where the customer uploads the photo, receives proof in 1-5 days, and sends the final digital art on approval.

The customer does not need to be involved in the process of the approved proof.

You can cancel and ask for a refund if you dislike the proof despite the revisions.

However, the order cannot be canceled, refunded, or edited once the proof is approved.

MyPoochFace Turnaround Time: 12-14 days

MyPoochFace promises delivery within 5-days of proof approval.

They also have a 3-attempt rule where FedEx attempts to deliver the package thrice in case of failed delivery.

Safety & Security: 4/5

The website is entrusted with third-party stamps and uses payment methods like PayPal, Amex, Meta, Visa, and likes to ensure safe payments.

MyPoochFace Customizations: 3.5/5

Since MyPoochFace deals in digital painting, there is one medium for all.

However, they do have a wide range of backgrounds with vibrant colors to choose from.

They also provide customization if you do not like the proof.

MyPoochFace Prices – 3/5

MyPoochFace prices start from $84, which seems like a high-end price for digital art.


  1. Great place if you are looking for digital paintings.
  2. Wide range of background colors, including off-beat colors like neon.
  3. They also deal in pet blankets.


creation of adam reproduction
  1. Not for someone who is looking for traditional handmade pet painting.
  2. Prices are too high for digital pet paintings.
  3. Limited customizations.
  4. Limited to chest-up pet portraits.

#4 Crown and Paw

Crown and Paw

Crown and paw is a custom pet goods brand and does not limit itself to custom pet paintings.

They deal in a wide range of items, from print art and puzzles to mugs and pillow covers.

And they call themselves a brand for pet-obsessed people.

Crown and Paw Artwork Quality: 4/5

Crown and Paw pet portrait company deals with digital prints, and all of them work around face replacement of the pets.

Since the face is placed on a character’s body with the help of photoshop, the artwork comes out exactly as ordered.

Crown and Paw reviews go up to 32000+ customers rated them 5-star.

Customer Service and Involvement: 4/5

The entire communication with the team happens over the account dashboard.

Once the order is placed, the Crown and Paw team returns with the preview in 2 to 3 days.

Once you approve the customization, they send it out.

To keep the service simple, this is the only communication that happens.

They do not have a refund policy. In case of disappointment, the customer needs to get in touch with them through their email and will be given the best resolution possible.

If the photo is not uploaded according to their photo guide, it is difficult for them to be able to help the customer.

Such policies often caution the customers leading to abandoned carts.

Crown and Paw Turnaround Time: 14 days.  

Crown and Paw take approximately two weeks to create and ship the product.

The delivery may increase with the increase in the customization approval time. 

Although they have a queue jump option that puts your order on priority.

Crown and Paw also charge a flat fee on shipping across different countries.

Safety & Security: 4/5

Crown and Paw do not have Trusted Site Stamp, but third-party seals have entrusted it.

There is a wide range of payment gateways and options like Amex, Apple Pay, Visa, PayPal, and Discover to make safe transactions.

Crown and Paw Customizations: 3/5

Crown and Paw provides many artwork themes but mainly deals in face replacements.

They have customizations according to the gender and number of pets too.

With themes like Office, Renaissance, Film, and Television, they give a variety of quirky and funny animal portraits for customers to choose from.

Crown and Paw Prices – 3/5

Crown and Paw prices start from $39 for their customized mugs.

However, the prices for customized pet artwork start from $59.


  • Over 150 costumes and customizations to choose from for your printing.
  • Free revisions if you do not like the customization pre-printing.
  • Variety of products to choose from.


  1. Not for someone who is looking for a traditional handmade pet portrait.
  2. Delivery time is too long for a print pet canvas.

#5 Animalist

Animalist pet painting services

Animal + Minimalist – Pretty much what this pet portrait company hints at. If you are looking for minimal wall art and posters, Animalist is where you should go.

Animalist aims to capture each breed’s most unique feature through line art, form art, and abstract art. The website reads “Modern Art for your Pet,” and it stands true.

Animalist Artwork Quality: 4.5/5

Animalist deals with only three types of pet portraits – line, form, and abstract.

The artwork is digital pet art, and the quality seems fine. However, their artwork is mass-produced according to the dog and cat breeds and sold according to the order requirement.

Animalist reviews have been good, with 85% being 5-stars regarding the minimal pet artworks they sell.

What remains a drawback is that the pet portrait painting is not handmade.

Customer Service and Involvement: 3/5

Customer Service and Involvement do not play a massive role in Animalist.

Their process is as simple as 3 steps and does not require the involvement of customers once the order is placed.

Animalist Turnaround Time: 3 to 5 days

Animalist pet portrait company promises to deliver in 3 to 5 days with free worldwide shipping.

Since it is a digital print company, delivery is faster than other pet portrait companies that deal in handmade pet paintings.

Safety & Security: 4/5

Although there is no trusted site stamp on the website, the company has been acknowledged by renowned press online.

It has been covered by prominent websites like Vogue, The Times, BuzzFeed, and Wired, which has helped the website generate the trust of its audience.

Animalist Customizations: 3/5

Animalist does not provide any customizations except by adding text to the portraits with their dog breeds.

They do not provide any medium but instead have pet painting styles like line art, form art, and abstract art.

Animalist Prices – 3/5

Animalist modern pet portrait prices start from $49, making them a high-end product for print pet art.


  • Unique and minimalistic pet portraits.
  • They use high-quality Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre, making the print look great and acid-free.


  • Not handmade.
  • Very limited options for mediums and customization.

#6 PetCanva

PetCanva Pet Portrait From Photos

PetCanva specializes in painting all pets and turning them into art.

Dog and cat portraits are just too common. They also cater to the horse, chinchilla, and other pet portraits.

What makes them exceptional is their Pot Art Portraits that are colorful.

PetCanva Artwork Quality: 2.5/5

PetCanvas has served more the 21,000 customers but is not limited to pet portraits.

They also sell custom pet bedsheets and tote bags.

Although their tote bags and bedsheets are of excellent quality, their pet artworks have not been up to the mark.

Customer Service and Involvement: 3/5

With more the 20,000 reviews rated 5-stars, they do not have a proper platform for customer involvement.

The orders are placed and assigned to the artist within 2 hours. That makes it difficult for customers to edit or customize an already placed order.

However, they provide a preview of the artwork before it is sent out, to which customers can ask for revisions.

PetCanva Turnaround Time: 14-21 days

PetCanva promises delivery within 14 to 21 days, depending on the product.

The minimum turnaround time is ten days, with six days for product creation and the next 3-4 days for shipment.

Safety & Security: 3/5

The website does not have a trusted site stamp, although it has third-party stamps.

It uses payment gateways like ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, and Visa that allow safe and secured payment throughout the process.

PetCanva Customizations: 3.5/5

PetCanva offers a platter of things. You name it, and they have it.

From blankets, mugs, tote bags, and a fashion line.

They may not have a lot of medium, but they provide customizations on artworks during the final approval process.

The rest of the products arrive without the option for additional customizations.

One of their most loved services is limited-edition Pop Art with creative backgrounds to make the artwork look vibrant.

You can only use the available customizations without any free will.

PetCanva Prices – 3/5

PetCanva prices start from $39 for their painted coffee mugs. However, their pet artworks start from $69.


  • Pop styles and vibrant pet paintings.
  • Various background colors, patterns, tie-dye, plants, and other aesthetic designs exist.
  • They are not limited to pet artwork and also deal in other forms of prints like blankets, mugs, hoodies, and mats.


  • Not handmade.
  • Prices are too high for prints. There are cheaper options available.
  • Only two frame options – black and white.
  • Poses are limited to chest up, and you cannot order a full-body pet portrait.

#7 PacificCustoms

Custom pet art from photos

PacificCustoms creates custom pet portraits on granite stones to memorialize the pet forever.

However, they do not have an online platform and receive all their orders through ETSY.

PacificCustoms Artwork Quality: 3/5

PacificCustoms are prints on granite stones to memorialize the pet.

It is not handmade and is instead placed on the stone.

PacificCustoms has served more the 1000 customers with 5-star reviews and positive feedback.  

Customers have rated PacificCustoms for accuracy, quality, customizations, and delivery time.

Customer Service and Involvement: 2/5

PacificCustoms does not require a lot of customer involvement.

Once the customer has sent the photo of their pet and their design request, the process starts.

Since this pet art is sold on a third-party platform, customer service is handled through ETSY, and there is no direct communication with the seller unless necessary.

PacificCustoms Turnaround Time: 4 days

Again, PacificCustoms is in the print artwork business, so the design is ready in just one business day and delivered in the next 3 days.

Safety & Security: 4/5

PacificCustoms is sold on ETSY and is one of their recommended companies.

The entire transaction happens through ETSY, which makes the process secure.

PacificCustoms Customizations: 4/5

PacificCustoms are known to provide any customization required by the customer.

It uses laser engraving to create the granite stone design, giving the medium accuracy and detail.

PacificCustoms Prices – 3/5

PacificCustoms prices depend on the size and shape of the granite. Their smallest size is 6×6 inches which costs $26 to start with. 


  1. Cheap and affordable pet art.
  2. Great way to memorialize a lost pet.
  3. You can display it outdoors, too, without the fear of it ruining.


  1. It is not custom wall art.
  2. It cannot be customized to free will.

That would be it when choosing the best pet portrait companies in 2022.

However, there are a few lesser-known individual artists who are into creating dog and cat portraits.

Individual Pet Portrait Artists

Pet portrait by Enzie Shahmiri
Enzie Shahmiri

Enzie Shahmiri is known for her digital pet portraits; her works have come off as stunning and detailed.

Her pet art is created digitally and then hand painted to add details.

Starting Price: $100

Fiona Hsieh Portrait Painting
Fiona Hsieh

Fiona Hsieh is more of a cartoonist illustrator that repaints your pets to appear Disney-like.

From creating pet portraits to more complex action landscapes, she tries to capture the emotion involved with the pet rather than just the portrait.

Starting Price: $60

Pet Studio Art
Pet Studio Art

Pet Studio Art is a place where you can commission custom pet pop art paintings.

The artist Stephanie Conrad gives a unique and fun look to the paintings making your pet look cool.

Starting Price: $215

Mary Cunningham Pet Portrait
Mary Cunningham

Mary Cunningham is an expert in watercolor pet portraits from photos.

Her portraits are a fine balance of cascading watercolor shades with bold strokes for details.

All her paintings are 100% handmade.

Starting Price: $180

Cat and Dog Portraits: Parting Tips

Here are some tips before you start to commission your pet portrait.

  1. Use eye-level pictures of the pet sitting or standing (not lying or running in zoomies). The face should appear detailed for a perfect pet painting.
  2. Naturally, a lit photo works best instead of filters.
  3. Blurry shots can ruin the detail quality.
  4. Multiple photos from different angles can help the artist better understand the pet and create realistic paintings.
  5. Always make sure to read the Guarantee Policies of the company.
  6. Make sure the artist provides revisions to your artwork.
  7. Choose a company that keeps customer satisfaction first.

I hope my list and these parting tips help you make a clear and prepared choice for your pet painting.


It does not matter which company you choose; make sure your pet is remembered for how it made you feel.

Give the best tribute possible to your four-legged friend because he deserves it.

That’s all, folks!

I hope you found this blog valuable.

Here’s to creating a masterpiece for your fur-fam!

Don’t forget to check out the article; if you like our content, you can follow us on Instagram.

See you around. 

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