PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow: Which is the Best Pet Portrait Service?

a painter holding a palatte and brush in her hands look at the viewer behind her PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow is mentioned

Here’s our take on PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

West and Willow, mainly deals in pet portraits but in digital art format, whereas PortraitFlip, is supremely popular for shipping quality handmade paintings—be it compilation, pet, or family portraits.

Why this guide? It is to give you a clear picture of the work and services these two players deliver.

Buying any art is daunting; it’s risky and perplexing, too

What if these services scam me? Or what if they deliver me a damaged product?

The risk can be endless. 

But if you’re certain to buy your next pet art from these services and you’re confused about which one to choose from, here’s a complete comparison guide: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

Let’s start.

Service Comparison: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

In plain words, PortraitFlip delivers hand painted art, whereas West and Willow ships hand-illustrated art.

The order process is fairly similar in both cases, which is: upload a high-quality picture, leave a message, make the payment, and boom!

Family painting from different photos

But here is a list that makes a difference:

FeaturesPortraitFlipWest and Willow
Starting Price$89$65
Deposit30%Full Payment
Minimum Turnaround Time12-15 days14 days (depending on the location)
Unlimited RevisionAvailableUnavailable
Online proofingAvailableUnavailable
Professional ArtistsPaintersDigital artists
Service TypeHand PaintedHand-illustrated
Artwork QualityHighMedium
Framing OptionsAvailableAvailable
Quality CheckYesYes
Quality ControlYesYes
Free ShippingWorldwideUnavailable
Custom DeliveryAvailableAvailable

These are the primary features that PortraitFlip and West & Willow offer. Let me take you through their policies and clear your thoughts. 

Services and Policies: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

A relationship between a customer and a service provider will last a lifetime if the latter provides the best service, even after the delivery of the product. 

Post sale service is crucial to retaining your existing customers. It helps you obtain new customers as well.

At PortraitFlip, we try to send new deals and offers to our existing customers, and keep them surprised and loved in the off season as well.

Now let’s take a look at the services and policies of each player:

FeaturesPortraitFlipWest and Willow
Customer Communication PlatformEmailEmail
Dedicated Support ManagerYesYes
24×7 Live Chat SupportYesNo
Chat Response TimeImmediate
Flexible Second Payment PlanAs Per Customer ConvenienceUnavailable
Refund Policy100% Money Back GuaranteeRefund under certain conditions
Satisfaction PolicyYesYes

At PortraitFlip, we ensure a quality product gets delivered to the customer’s doorstep. That’s why we have a dedicated team for chat support and help that works 24/7.

Understanding what customers want and how they want it is the key to growing the photo-to-painting business.

Coming back to the topic: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

Let’s see how reliable these two services are. 

Safety And Security: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

As an online buyer, you must know whether the product you’re buying from a site is legit or not.

You must know whether the website is legitimate or not, has a trust seal or not, or has any fraudulent history.

Here’s the list: 

FeaturesPortraitFlipWest and Willow
Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
Trusted Site StampYesYes
Trustpilot Reviews119613070
Third-Party SealYesYes
Trustpilot Ratings4.84

By looking at them, you can guess the credibility and trustworthiness of these two players. 

I’d like to add something: PortraitFlip reviews are way better than West and Willow reviews. 

But several factors collectively define one’s credibility. One reviews the site on the basis of their experience with and interests in it. 

You can have a clear-cut view at Trustpilot; check their reviews!

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Quality and Preferences: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

I’ve already talked about and discussed different features. I’ve put them in a table so you can compare one with another, side by side.

And I leave it up to you which service to go ahead with. 

Here are some artworks by PortraitFlip and West & Willow

two pet artworks in one frame. One by PortraitFlip and the other by west and willow
Image: PortraitFlip & West and Willow
two pet artworks in one frame. One by PortraitFlip and the other by west and willow
Image: PortraitFlip & West and Willow
two pet artworks in one frame. One by PortraitFlip and the other by west and willow
Image: PortraitFlip & West and Willow

How were they?

At West and Willow, you get limited options, whereas West and Willow’s alternative, PortraitFlip, offers different categories for cat and dog painting.

We have options like custom pet paintings, royal pet portraits, people and pet art, etc.

Here are some examples:

a dog painting lay against the wall
Image: Freepik: Artwork by PortraitFlip

Another example.

a painting featuring a dog dressed in royal clothing lay on the wall
Image: Freepik: Artwork by PortraitFlip

And the last one 😀

a painting by portraitflip featuring a girl petting her dog
Image: Freepik: Artwork by PortraitFlip

Looks great?

You can have such handmade art delivered straight to your place. And PortraitFlip’s charges are even lesser than West and Willow’s 😀

My Honest Review: PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow

These two platforms deliver two different forms of art: traditional and digital art

West and Willow mainly deals in pet digital art, whereas PortraitFlip, which is a full-fledged service, ships handmade paintings.

Whether you want a dog, cat, or horse portrait, you’ll have it all at PortraitFlip.

Digital art is a modern art: you send a picture, they print it out, frame it, and package it to your doorstep.

Emotional connection and the artistic element go missing in digital painting. On the other hand, handmade paintings are produced with utter care and effort.

Pet portrait artists learn the history and expectations of customers and accordingly use hues and brushstrokes to add depth to an artwork.

Although it’s a traditional form of art, it is all the rage and people love to mount several forms of handmade art—custom, family, or even replicas of renowned paintings

PortraitFlip is ahead when it comes to pricing, customer service, expertise, and product categories.

But when it comes to framing options or shipment, West and Willow is a bit ahead in this race.

At the end, both serve a different purpose, but the art that is produced in utmost love and diligence, never fails to stand out.

But I’d leave this to you, as I have already shared each player’ features and compared them with each other.

Be it, pet watercolor portraits or pet oil portraits, it’s up to you to make a choice.

Whichever you pick, let me know in the comment section.

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Author’s Note

That’s all, folks! 

I hope you find this blog valuable. 

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