PortraitFlip vs 1st Art Gallery: In Depth Comparison of Replica Painting Services

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Thinking about choosing a classy gift for someone special?

Well, there are plenty of options in the market, but none like a museum quality reproduction painting!

People have started choosing reproduction portraits as a really good gifting option as well because of these apparent reasons:

  • It’s aesthetic.
  • It’s valuable. 
  • It’s always special.
  • Can be cherished for a long time. 

Now, you might wonder about choosing the best option in the market. But, how to decide on that?

Well, I’ve written this blog to assist you in choosing your Starry Night or Sunflowers reproduction from the best reproduction painting service.

Let’s drift through a detailed comparison between PortraitFlip and 1st Art Gallery!

FeaturesPortraitFlip1st Art Gallery
Starting Price$210$345
Deposit30% of the amountFull Payment
Avg. Turnaround Time12-14 days14-15 days
Unlimited RevisionsYesYes
Completely Hand PaintedYesYes
Artwork QualityHigh museum qualityMedium
Framing OptionsAvailableAvailable
Quality CheckYesYes
Free Worldwide ShippingYesYes
Refund Policy AvailableAvailable

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Product Categories 

Before choosing your favorite reproduction painting from the catalog, you must be aware of the options that are offered.  

Both PortraitFlip and 1st Art Gallery provide multiple options to choose from. 

But when it comes to variety, 1st Art Gallery takes the point here. 

Family painting from different photos

Note:  A variety of categories does not guarantee a large amount of products. 

PortraitFlip Categories 1st Art Gallery Categories 
By Painting By Painting 
By Artist By Artist 
By Art Movement
By Nationality 
By Museums 
By Art Subjects 

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Customer Service Policy 

After sailing through multiple options and choosing the best one, you’ll be on the edge of placing the order. 

That’s the moment when the customer service of any company is tested. 

Placing an order on an E-commerce website is not rocket science. However, users may encounter a few issues while doing so. 

Primary job of the customer service policy is to make the entire process smooth and seamless for the customer. 

Here’s a quick equation between the customer service policy of PortraitFlip (1st Art Gallery alternatives) and 1st Art Gallery!

PortraitFlip Customer Service 1st Art Gallery Customer Service 
Live Chat and Chat Bot Only Live Chat 
Response Time to Queries – Very Quick Response Time to Queries – Slow 
Basic queries are resolved by the Chatbot-
How to Order
Turnaround time 
You have to wait for the person to answer to be available to answer your query 
If the bot is unable to resolve your query, you can switch to human chat executive You can ask specific queries directly to human chat executive

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Quality of Artwork 

The Mona Lisa painting reproduction by  PortraitFlip and PortraitFlip vs 1st Art Gallery
Image Source: PortraitFlip, 1st Art Gallery

The most decisive factor happens to be the quality of the product. It can overshadow minor shortcomings of any company. 

If the quality of the artwork is compromisable, then it’s obviously not worth it. 

But how do you decide that? Well, there are two factors which can help you in verifying the actual quality of the product:

  • Take a glance at the gallery on the website 
  • Reading customer reviews about the product
  • Check Out the portrait pricing guide on website 

We always deliver high quality artworks and our customer reviews testify to this fact.

Don’t believe me blindly, click on the button below to see our happy customers!


Buying your Da Vinci portrait by the appropriate replica painting service is an important task. So, taking an informed decision is a must for this. 

1st Art Gallery has been a proficient name in the market since 2003, but PortraitFlip’s quality and customer service surpasses it. 

With artists commissioned from India, China and the U.S.A, PortraitFlip’s reproduction painting services are immaculate. 

After giving you all the information and my thoughts as well, I’ll leave the call to you guys.

Just keep one thing in mind, do consider all the factors before putting your money on the line!

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Author’s Note

Hello Readers, 

I thank you all for staying till the end and reading my blog about PortraitFlip vs 1st Art Gallery. 

I hope my blog contributed in solving your dilemma about choosing perfect custom art services.

Well, we have other blogs like PortraitFlip vs. Paintru and other alternatives of PortraitFlip.

We keep on producing such types of valuable content. 

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See you soon until next time!

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