PortraitFlip vs. PaintYourLife™: A Competitive Analysis Of Two Bests

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Getting a handmade portrait is not a piece of cake.
Especially when you have so many portrait painting services to choose from.

To make it easier for you, PortraitFlip has brought to you a comparison with the industry giants – PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife™

It pretty much also answers why you should choose PortraitFlip as an alternative service for getting handmade portraits.

(Since the photo-to-painting market is becoming vast and prominent day by day, we’ve compared our service with another top network as well. Here’s a link: PortratFlip vs. Portraits on Demand.)

Product Comparison – PortraitFlip vs. PaintYourLife™

The product forms the main idea of both PortraitFlip and PaintYourLife™.

And in spite of the product being the same for both the services, there are always differences that are not visible to the naked eyes.

Here’s a product comparison of PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife™

FeaturesPortraitFlipPaint Your Life
Starting Price$60$189
Minimum Turnaround Time12-15 days13-16 days
Unlimited RevisionAvailableAvailable
Online ProofingAvailableAvailable
Professional ArtistsYesYes
100% Hand PaintedYesYes
Compilation ChargesNo$29
Artwork QualityHighMedium
Framing OptionsAvailableAvailable
Quality CheckYesNo
Quality ControlYesYes
Free ShippingWorldwideLimited To United States
Flexible Payment PlanAs Per Customer ConvenienceBi-Weekly Plan
Custom DeliveryYesYes

Customer Service And Policy – PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife™

A good portrait painting service will not just focus on the quality of artwork but also the requirements of the customer.

To do so, the service should have a strong customer service team that patiently listens to the customer.

Family painting from different photos

Making art is not just about brush strokes and colors.

It is a fairytale that you knit together with the artist, and it is of utmost importance to have a personal communication for it.

Here’s a neat comparison between PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife™ on the basis of human touch that each provides.

FeaturesPortraitFlipPaint Your Life
Customer Communication PlatformEmailDashboard
Dedicated Support ManagerYesNo
24x7 Live Chat SupportYes (Human-Operated)No (Bot-Operated)
Flexible Payment PlanAs Per Customer ConvenienceBi-Weekly Plan
Money Back Guarantee100%100%
Satisfaction Guarantee100%100%

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Safety And Security – PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife™

Now before commissioning a portrait painter, it is of utmost importance to know about their authenticity.

It is only fit to deal with a service that keeps all it information in the open and keeps you aware of what they have to offer.

Most importantly they do not lie about their costs, product and artwork quality.

Here’s a comparison of the security of both the services.

FeaturesPortraitFlipPaint Your Life
Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
TrustedSite StampYesYes
Hidden ChargesNoYes
Third Party SealYesYes
TrustPilot Ratings4.7 stars4.9 stars

TrustPilot Says:

PortraitFlip Reviews of Trustpilot

K9OfMine Says:

Dogisworld Says:

dogisworld review of PortraitFlip

To Sum It Up

Often confused as the same website, PortraitFlip still stands out in a few aspects from Paint Your Life.

To sum it up for you and to help you make an informed decision, here’s an overall rating.

creation of adam reproduction
PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife overall rating chart

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End Note:

There maybe a hundred reasons to choose a company that is older but only one to choose us.

We are the youths!

And the youth are the trend-setters.

Whom do you want to choose?

We also personally believe that memories should not be expensive because it is for the memories that we thrive.

Our sheer motive is to provide our customers with a wonderful experience of handmade painting.

And for our artists to proudly say that they make art for a living.

This is how it works!

Know the story behind PortraitFlip!

Don’t stop with just a photo.

Turn it into a handmade painting with PortraitFlip.

Because for us, nothing is more important than seeing our customers happy!

Looking forward to serving you soon.

That’s all folks!

Thanks for reading it till the end. We’ve tried our best to compile all data in one place to help you make better decisions.

However, we have an independent blog If you want to know PaintYourLife’s™ other alternatives that are actually best and affordable.

Till then, do check out PortraitFlip, a one-stop platform to get the best handmade portraits.

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