6 Best And Affordable Alternatives To Paintyourlife For Custom Handmade Paintings In 2022

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Find out similar websites like PaintYourLife for getting custom handmade paintings. 

PaintYourLife— one of the popular websites to get custom handmade paintings— is neither economical nor the best one out there.

It may sound rude, but nothing can be farther from the truth.

The price that a customer pays to get a custom handmade painting from PaintYourLife is a lot—what customers don’t realize is that they’re overcharged.

As per the speculations, many companies outsource the work to countries where the cost of getting a custom painting is low due to economic advantages.

This leaves the customers being overcharged while the artists who paint the portraits are underpaid for their work, and the thick profits earned are bundled within the company.

But not everyone is the same.

There are many independent platforms and companies that believe in supporting the artists and serving the customers from their hearts. These platforms are not only affordable but also deliver a quality that is better than PaintYourLife.

We’ve carefully analyzed and chosen those 6 websites like PaintYourLife that you can (and should) choose to get a custom handmade painting in 2022.

#1 PortraitFlip

A website similar to PaintYourLife: A handmade family portrait made with different family photos by the artists of PortraitFlip

“The best place to turn photos into painting without having to stress with the ordering process.”

-James Johnson, a happy customer of PortraitFlip.

For the past 3 years, people are turning to PortraitFlip for getting a custom handmade painting online, and a 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating with 760 reviews says it all.

Ease of process; a wide variety of mediums; different categories including Pet Portraits, Compilation Portraits, and House Portraits; 24×7 customer support; and most importantly— affordable price are some of the benefits customers can get when they choose PortraitFlip.

On average, PortraitFlip offers high-quality and versatile artworks at half the price of the same product offered by PaintYourLife.

Not only does PortraitFlip provide value for money, but they do also support the artist community. As of today, PortraitFlip supports more than 150 artists around the globe.

Pros Of Choosing PortraitFlip Over PaintYourLife:

1. Affordable and less turnaround time
2. No hidden charges
3. Performs quality checks at every step of painting.
4. High-quality and realistic painting

You can find more in the article PortraitFlip vs PaintyourLife, where we have given a detailed comparison between us and PaintyourLife.

#2 Etsy Artists

The image represents Etsy logo

Etsy, a famous online marketplace that deals with handmade crafts and vintage items, is also a well-known place to get custom handmade paintings.

Here you can find many independent artists who can make custom portraits for you.

Depending upon the type of painting you’re looking to commission, you’ll find a variety of independent artists specialized in their respective art.

In regards to PaintYourLife, Etsy offers the opportunity to browse through a diversity of artists who can create a variety of paintings.

Pros of choosing Etsy over PaintYourLife:

1. Low price
2. You can browse through diverse types of custom paintings
3. Diverse artists

#3 Fiverr

A website similar to PaintYourLife is Fiverr and the image represents Fiverr logo

Fiverr is an online platform for freelancers where they can find clients and scale up their business.

Whether it’s art, digital marketing, graphic designing, or music production—Fiverr offers services in almost all niches.

Here you can find decent artists who can turn your photographs into paintings without hassle, just like on Etsy.

Pros of Fiverr for custom handmade paintings:

1. Affordable than PaintYourLife

2. Buying from them is a contribution to supporting Independent artists

#4 Instagram artists

The image represents Instagram logo

Sure Instagram is a place to socialize and post cool pics, but little did you know that it’s a great place to find artists!

From music producers to photographers and from writers to painters—Instagram is a great place for artists to showcase their skills.

Here you can find artists that can paint custom handmade paintings for you.

To find the artists, you can make use of the Search & Explore bar and type in the hashtags to find relevant IG handles of artists > Check out their portfolio > if you like them, DM them for commissioning!

For finding the relevant artists, you can use type in the Hash + the keywords that you’re looking for. For example, if you want to find an artist that makes Pet portraits, you can go with #Petportraits and explore the accounts!

Likewise, you can go with other hashtags like #coupleportraits #comissionartist #phototopainting #paintingfromphoto and whatnot!

Pros of finding artists on Instagram:

1. Affordable
2. Easy to connect with the artist.
3. You can easily check their portfolio

#5 Facebook

The image represents Facebook logo

Another social media website that can find you the artists that match and even exceed the quality of service provided by PaintYourLife!

Facebook (Meta), apart from socializing, is a great marketplace for people including artists.

You can use the search feature to find and connect with great independent artists for making a handmade paintings from a photo.

Not only will you find accounts, but you can also find pages, groups, and hashtags dedicated to commissioning artists.

Pros of Facebook over PaintYourLife for getting a Handmade Painting:

1. Fast and efficient communication between you and the artist
2.  Easy on Pocket 
3.  You can find a diversity of artists excelling in their skills.

#6 MydaVinci

The image represents MyDaVinci logo

Another alternate website to PaintYourLife is MydaVinci, where getting a portrait painting is economical and easy.

With the wide range of painting styles that they offer,  you can get a painting that is right for you.

Pros of MydaVinci over PaintYourLife:

1. Affordable
2. More categories than PaintYourLife

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Choosing to get a handmade painting in 2022 shouldn’t be a task when you’re looking for alternatives to PaintYourLife.

And for the same, I’ve compiled the best and most affordable websites like PaintYourLife for turning photos into paintings.

Over and all, PaintYourLife is a decent place to get custom handmade paintings, and in no way do we disregard their efforts—but we do believe in customer satisfaction and supporting the artist community.

That’s the reason why I decided to come up with this blog and show people alternate platforms that

  • are affordable
  • support artist community
  • have value for money
  • will give high-quality artwork

Overall, these are the best and most affordable options over PaintYourLife to turn your photos into custom handmade paintings.

If you have any queries or have something to say, you can contact us or comment down below.

We at PortraitFlip believe in treasuring memories and that’s why we make handmade paintings from photos!

See some of our artworks to believe it!  I can promise, you won’t be disappointed.

You can connect with us on  Facebook Instagram Pinterest

See you!

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