75+ Cheap Gifts For Christmas That Look Lavish [2024 List]

A girl is smiling and opening the gifts which she received on Christmas day.

It’s pointless if you’re getting expensive Christmas gift ideas after searching for ‘cheap gifts for Christmas’. 

Most bloggers have covered this topic with the aim of showing the best cheap Christmas gifts. 

But they have missed sharing those Christmas gifts that are inexpensive. 

You will find 50+ cheap Christmas gifts on their websites. But most of them will cost you $200 or more than that. 

Well, that’s not cheap!

But, I’ve got something for you. 

In this read, I’ve curated 75+ Christmas gift ideas that are ideal for everyone (dad, mom, best friends, and pet lovers). 

Importantly, these Christmas gifts fall under your budget. 

Basically, they will cost you $100, $60, or even less than that.

Let’s dive in. 

Family painting from different photos

Why Do We Give Christmas gifts?

Why Do We Give Christmas gifts? A girl in a sweatshirt holding a gift box of Christmas and thinking.

Before I share with you 75+ Cheap gifts for Christmas. 

Let me educate you on why everyone receives and presents Christmas gifts. 

Giving Christmas gifts is a type of custom that has been practiced for centuries by Christians. 

This is to remind them of the presents given by three wise men to Jesus.

Do you know? These Christmas gifts have different meanings and are opened in different ways.

In most regions of Europe, the presents are put on inside small shoes or boots. 

In the UK, US, and other parts, the presents are left in stockings. 

Whereas in other countries, the presents are put beneath the decorated Christmas tree.

Okay, that’s a lot of detail. 

Let’s dive straight into the cheap gifts for Christmas. 

A. Top Picks For Cheap Christmas Gifts

Top Picks For Cheap Christmas Gifts: A guy in beanie checking all the Christmas gifts he received.

These are the popular Christmas gifts you can give to your special ones. 

They are eco-friendly, creative, splendid, and unique. 

1. Christmas Candles

Three red colored Christmas candles are placed on the wooden surface with some leaves around them.
Image Source: istockphoto

It’s one of the inexpensive gifts for Christmas. 

It is something that suits any home setting conveniently. 

Also, these cheap gifts for Christmas set vibes, especially romantic ones.

You know you can DIY it – the way you want and present it to your friends or loved ones. 

Christmas candles are long-lasting and perfect inexpensive Christmas gifts for home decorations. 

2. Printable Christmas Pillowcase

Two printable Christmas pillows are placed on the cushion bed
Image Source: testors

A printable Pillowcase is one of the cute Christmas gifts. 

The best part is you can present it to anyone. 

It can be gifted to your 6-year-old daughter or 47-year-old best friend.

You can also DIY them as they are inexpensive and very easy to do.

3. Personalized Christmas Mug

Three Christmas mugs that have "Christmas Quotes" written on their sides are placed on white surface.
Image Source: Etsy

It won’t cost you much if you want to turn an ordinary mug into a beautiful Christmas mug.

Make sure you pick one that has the right size and properties. 

Ask the experts to add your photos or some meaningful words to make it catchy.

4. Handmade Coasters 

A bunch of beautiful handmade coasters are placed on the green and plain background.
Image Source: Etsy

It’s very difficult to give someone something that will be adored at first glance.

But it will, for sure, once they start using it. 

Yeah, I’m talking about coasters – The cute Christmas gifts

They will prevent your friend’s furniture from unsightly water rings and marks. 

Try to give them a bunch of handmade coasters as they are eye-catching, unique, and value for money. 

5. Sushi Making Kit

Sushi making kit and some delicious Sushi is being served on a white plate placed on the wooden surface.
Image Source: Amazon

Sushi making kit is one of the best and most affordable gifts for Christmas. 

Try to pick one for your friends and family. 

Let them cook their favorite California or Rainbow Sushi roll for you this Christmas!

6. Mobile Stand

Mobile showing multiple applications is placed on a brow table with the support of mobile stand.
Image Source: Amazon

This Christmas, give something that is safe to use, unique, and worth spending on. 

Gift a multifunctional mobile stand to your friends. 

So they can look for directions and answer the call while driving, watching movies, and so on.

These unique Christmas gifts are ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. 

7. Dumpling Lights

A cute dumpling speaker is placed on the brown plain surface.
Image Source: thegadgetflow

If your friend needs a statement light for his home, without trying any other options, go for this one. 

They are soft, squishy, and yes, the best cheap gifts for Christmas.

B. Cheap Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

Cheap Christmas Gifts For Coworkers: Office colleagues are opening Christmas gifts and exchanging smiles.

Gifts for coworkers should be valuable, creative, and not so offensive. 

These cheap gifts for Christmas are in the rage nowadays. 

Let’s see which is the ideal Christmas gift for coworkers. 

1. Paper Weight

White, Green, and mixed colored paper weights are placed on the white surface.
Image Source: Amazon

Gift a paperweight to your nerd and unorganized coworkers. 

Their notes and documents are always seen kissing the floor. 

This cheap Christmas gift will offer great help and save some of their time. 

2. Sticky Notes and Markers

A guy is writing a message on the sticky notes which will be given to his friend.
Image Source: plastics-themag

Take a jibe at your coworkers by giving them sticky notes and markers this Christmas.

Most of your coworkers spend hours on Twitter during office hours. 

Writing a sarcastic note and sticking it on their desk will remind them of some of the work etiquettes.

3. Desktop Golf

An Amazing Desktop golf on the white background.
Image Source: uncommongoods

When you think of Christmas gifts for coworkers, Desktop Golf pops first to my mind.

This gift is best at reducing work stress and pressure. 

By giving it to your coworkers, they can have the best time during their ‘Game Hours’ or ‘Lunch Breaks’. 

4. Pocket-friendly Notes

A pen and pocket-friendly notes is placed on the white background.
Image Source: Amazon

Give your coworker some pocket-friendly notes this Christmas! 

To those who forget even the smallest details in group presentations.

These cheap Christmas gifts let them scribble conveniently and keep their notes organized.

5. Pen Holder

A white plain pen holder's shadow is being seen on the plain surface.
Image Source: pixnio.com

The pen is a thing that is nowhere to be found when it is needed immediately.

That’s why having a pen holder keeps pen, pencil, and other stuff organized.

Undoubtedly, these Christmas gifts will make their desk look organized and refreshing.  

6. Business Card Holder

A business card holder is placed on the white surface.
Image Source: Amazon

A business Card Holder is a great Christmas gift for coworkers.

Gift it to your male or female coworkers.

So they can draw their client’s attention. 

Also, it creates a great impression in front of colleagues and seniors. 

7. Wine Bottle Opener

A wine bottle opener is placed on the plain and yellow background
Image Source: freepik

Celebrations are incomplete without wine!

Instead of wine, give him a wine opener. 

Because it’s you who spends on wine every Christmas, let him do this honor this time. 

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C. Cheap Christmas Gifts For Her

Cheap Christmas Gifts For Her: A girl is surprised by her boyfriend's present.

They never expect big surprises from you. 

But they deserve the best gifts in the world.

That’s why I’ll be sharing some amazing yet cheap Christmas gifts for mom in this section.

You can give these to your female friends or daughters, or someone close to you. 

They aren’t less than any of those Christmas gifts which are available in expensive stores.

1. Favorite Books

A room full of books. Some books are kept opened on the wooden surface.
Image Source: ramapo.edu

What couldn’t be better than books for a bibliophile?

Gifting the novel which intrigued her most can be the best Christmas gift. 

Books are not expensive either!

2. Tote Bags

A girl carrying tote bags to shop for some products.
Image Source: kkday.com

Tote bags are style statements.

Gifting one to your shopaholic friend will make her day.

They are versatile, stylish, durable, and of course, the best cheap gifts for Christmas.

Holiday family portrait

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3. Smartphone Case

An elegant black back cover is placed on the brown background.
Image Source: freepik

Most people buy smartphones to look cool.

And give a little importance to its protection. 

So give them a smartphone case that is durable, hard, and unique!

These inexpensive Christmas gifts for her add an extra layer of protection. Also, they upgrade the look of the smartphone.

4. Brew Maker

A brew maker on a brown background
Image Source: istockphoto

How about a brew maker for your coffee lover friend? 

Surprise her with a brew maker and do not forget to capture that million-dollar smile. 

These might be cheap Christmas gifts for girls, but they are precious to caffeine lovers.  

5. Handmade Watercolor Painting

A stunning handmade watercolor painting by Portraitflip depicts a beautiful woman in a black dress posing like a model.

Want to do something special for your girlfriend? 

Give her a splendid watercolor painting.

You know they will never forget this beautiful gift. 

As they have all the great one can put in. 

Handmade paintings are creative, full of emotions, unique, etc. 

You can place an order at any time on our website.

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6. Pack Of Gardening Accessories

Top class gardening accessories are placed on the wooden surface.
Image Source: dreamstime

It’s the gardener who knows how important it is to have the right gardening tools.

A gardener’s job is daunting without accessories.  

Giving them a pack of gardening tools can ease their frustration.

And they can peacefully do what they love and contribute their best to the environment. 

7. Travel Skincare Kit

Skincare products are placed on white bricks. There is a brow background and some paper around them.
Image Source: freepik

Order a travel skincare kit for her this Christmas!

Travel isn’t fun if you fail to carry the necessary skin products.

Surprise her with a travel skincare kit. 

As it helps her to carry all those bottles of lotions, face washes, moisturizers, and others in one place. 

D. Cheap Christmas Gifts For Him

Cheap Christmas Gifts For Him: A man blushing while holding his Christmas gifts.

They may not be vocal or expressive but do love surprises.

These 7 cheap gifts for Christmas will melt their hearts on this special day!

1. Whiskey Glass

A classic whiskey glass is placed on the plain surface with three ice cubes on its sides.
Image Source: foodandwine

Whiskey in a highball or wine glass won’t deliver that experience.  

So give your boyfriend a whiskey glass this Christmas!

Let him smell and enjoy every sip of whiskey.

2. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

A man is opening his bottle opener from its wall mounted dog shaped bottle opener.
Image Source: awesomestufftobuy

You are not the only one who loses your handheld water opener.

There are many including your boyfriend, brothers, and dad.

So give a wall-mounted bottle opener to your buddy as they are inexpensive and quite useful.

I can say better than a portable bottle opener.

Even if a new person has come to their place, he can easily locate and use it.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Two awesome Bluetooth speakers are placed on the brown background.
Image Source: gadgets360

They are one of the cheap gifts for Christmas. 

And you can give it to anyone who has a good taste in music and loves to travel. 

This Bluetooth speaker will make their journey soothing and peaceful! 

4. Men Perfume

Two pleasant smelling men perfumes are placed on two different backgrounds.
Image Source: freepik

Make your best man a charming and mesmerizing dude by giving him a pleasant smell of perfume. 

These are cute Christmas Gifts for a boyfriend. 

As they say, fragrance fosters deeper relationships with everyone and spreads positivity.

5. Hiking Backpack

A man with his hiking backpack is seen in open hands on the mountain.
Image Source: freepik

What if he is planning for hiking or outdoor activities after Christmas?

Most of us have already spent our last 2 years indoors. 

Maybe, post-Christmas or new year come up with some positive news for travelers. 

To double the excitement, give your adventure lover friend a Hiking Backpack.

These are the best gifts for Christmas.

Especially, for your travel-loving friends and dear ones. 

And if your wander-lust friend loves to travel by their vehicle, you can also get them a an acrylic portrait of their favorite vehicle!

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6. Winter Gloves

A happy man in a black sweater expressing his happiness on wearing a nice winter gloves.
Image Source: freepik

Winter gloves are the befitting Christmas gifts for travelers as well as non-travelers.

It will keep your friend insulated, protected, and cozy in extreme weather. 

Importantly, these cheap gifts for Christmas come in different colors and designs.

Exactly, the way you wish for!

7. Handmade Color Pencil Drawing

Two photos are compiled into a beautiful handmade color drawing by Portraitflip.

Why don’t you give him a handmade colored pencil drawing

Well, they are not ordinary Christmas gifts that require legwork and creativity.

They are special and emotional…

These best cheap gifts for Christmas are timeless, unique, special, and of course, filled with emotions.

Tip: People who are really close to their family would love compilation pencil portraits as gifts.

E. Cheap Christmas Gifts For Pet Lovers 

 Cheap Christmas Gifts For Pet Lovers: A couple with their pet is taking a selfie.

They already belong to the happiest tribes. 

Why not shower some extra love on them?

Gift one of these cheap gifts for Christmas to them. 

I’ll be sharing the 8 affordable gifts for Christmas below. 

These are highly creative, unique, and worth spending. 

1. Pet Face Cushion

Pillows with three different dogs on them are placed on a white background.
Image Source: Etsy

Give your pet lovers a pet face cushion. 

So they can cuddle it every time their pet is not around. 

2. Welcome Mat

A brown colored welcome mat is placed on the grey surface.
Image Source: Etsy

I’m not talking about the regular ones, but the welcome mats that have pet quotes engraved on them. 

This hints to outsiders about who belongs to this place. 

3. Custom Pet Portrait

A photo of a girl with her dog is beautifully converted into a handmade portrait by Portraitflip.

This Christmas gift will bring a broad smile and some tears to their eyes. 

They will be touched after receiving it.

Give them a custom pet portrait by placing an order at Portraitflip. 

Experts at PortraitFlip will make heart-melting portraits for your pet-lover friends.

4. Microfiber Bath Towels For Dogs

Some high quality fiber bath towels have covered dogs' head.
Image Source: walmart.ca

Let your friend dry their post-bath pets’ coats with this Christmas gift. 

Gifting microfiber bath towels offer several benefits.

They are lightweight, fur-friendly, and super absorbent. 

5. Slow Bowl

A orange colored slow bowl is placed on the white background.
Image Source: pinkpaws

Every time you give kibbles to your friend’s pet, he eats them like he hasn’t had them for years. 

So why not give your pet lover friend a slow bowl?

These are the best cheap Christmas gifts for pet lovers. 

As they let their puppy chew food properly.

Also, a slow bowl prevents dogs from vomiting, choking, and Gastrointestinal discomfort. 

6. Pet Tent

A pet tent in the forest where a dog is seen resting on the ground.
Image Source: freepik

Pent tents are unique Christmas gifts for pet lovers.

compilation portrait for Christmas

Especially for those who love outings.

You can let your friends’ pets play, sleep, and eat inside a cozy tent and have some quality time with your buddy. 

7. Pet Lover Tshirts

A guy in black t-shirts and a girl in a white t-shirt are smiling.
Image Source: freepik

Be creative this Christmas!

Gift a customized t-shirt to your pet lover pal. 

Maybe, their pet face or name on it with a beautiful message. 

F. Cheap Christmas Gifts For Foodie

Cheap Christmas Gifts For Foodie: A girl is kissing her best friend by giving her Christmas gifts.

Gift collections for a food lover friend is a daunting task.

And you can’t deny the fact that there are several things foodies love to receive apart from snacks. 

Those things are shared below and you can gift them to your food lover pal.

1. Wooden Bread Board

Two top-quality bread boards with some tomatoes and knives on them.
Image Source: Etsy

Give your food lover friend a handy and simple wooden breadboard this Christmas!

These cheap Christmas gifts are perfect for several kitchen activities.

They can chop, knead, and keep the food on them. 

Also, these cheap gifts for Christmas beautify a simple pantry and let your friend do the mundane job easily. 

2. Handmade Chopsticks

A girl is showing how to hold chopsticks.
Image Source: Amazon

Why don’t you give him some cool collections of chopsticks this Christmas? 

Every time he orders sushi for his friends, he forgets that he doesn’t have enough chopsticks at his place.

And this ruins his happy mood!

That’s why you should try to pick these cheap Christmas gifts for him. 

So he can enjoy this delicacy with his friends, families, and of course, with you. 

3. A Glass Pie Dish

A glass pie dish is placed on the white and plain surface.
Image Source: foodandwine

Giving your foodie pal a glass pie dish. 

This will remind them that you love watching them hankering over food. 

If not, then they might presume that you want their favorite dish to be served for you. 

Anyway, whoever eats, will have the best experience on this glass pie dish…

4. Chocolate Packets

Some delicious chocolates in different shapes are placed on a brown background.
Image Source: uky.edu

Any chocolate lovers?

I’m certain you have some. Well, everyone has. 

So, why don’t you surprise them with packets of chocolate? 

No food item can ever beat chocolates.

5. Thermos Flask

There are 4 types of thermos flasks placed on a white background.
Image Source: telegraph

Just for the sake of delicacies, a foodie can move from one place to another. 

They can have their favorite snacks from the mountains as well. 

That’s why giving them a thermos flask will be the best gift for them. 

These are the best gifts for Christmas you can give to anyone. 

This will keep your foodie friend insulated in extreme weather. 

6. A Delicious Bottle Of Wine

A delicious glass of wine is kept on the table with some grapes around it.
Image Source: freepik

Wine defines celebration!

These affordable Christmas gifts are convivial, leave a good impression, and are welcoming. 

Put a big smile on your foodie bud this Christmas by gifting a delicious bottle of wine. 

7. Homemade Gin Kit

A branded gin kit is placed on the wooden surface.
Image Source: dadshop

Give your foodie companion a homemade gin kit.

I’m sure no one has ever thought of these great Christmas gifts. 

Place an order of it and enjoy some Gin shots this beautiful Christmas!

G. DIY Gifts For Christmas

DIY Gifts For Christmas: A girl making a DIY Christmas gifts for her friends and loved ones.

DIY gifts are marvelous!

It is not the price that makes it special. It is always about thoughtfulness and love that go into DIY gifts. 

Pick one of these 7 DIY Christmas gifts for your friends and family. 

1. Instagram Calendar

A calendar of 2021 showing two kids smiling and side hugs each other
Image Source: zestpics.com

The Instagram calendar is one of the best gifts for Christmas.

Collect your pal’s best childhood pictures from their phone or album.

And put them on a calendar as if it is a calendar full of their photos.

These cheap gifts for Christmas are very easy, sweet, and undoubtedly, charming!

2. Handmade Blanket

Two ladies under the handmade blanket
Image Source: freepik

Instead of spending on expensive blankets, knit one for your or your loved ones.

If not, you can approach professionals, buy, and gift it to your friends this Christmas!!

3. House Ornaments

Beautiful pineapple and flower shaped ornaments are placed on the table.
Image Source: Amazon

You must know if your friend has extra space or not before giving it. 

If they have, grab the opportunity of gifting some enthralling house ornaments. 

You will find the best ornaments for the living area and bedroom.

You what will look more fantastic? A charcoal house portraits that gives your home wall a attractive appearance.

4. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Some mouth-watering sandwich cookies on the plastic cover.
Image Source: todaysparent

These DIY Christmas gifts are not that difficult to make.

With the aid of Youtube and other food recipes, you can make mouth-watering for your friends. 

And if it tastes average, they are still going to love it. 

Because all that they care about is your effort.

5. Basket BackPack

A girl carrying a basket backpack.
Image Source: Etsy

Surprise them with a stylish and beautiful basket backpack. 

It is one of the cheap Christmas gift ideas that does not require fancy sewing or knitting.

6. Handmade Earrings

Two cotemporary handmade rings on the plain white surface.
Image Source: flipkart

Let’s give handmade earrings to her this Christmas.

This not only amplifies her natural beauty but also reminds her of how creative you think. 

7. Personalized Pouches

A stylish personalized pouch on the wooden surface.
Image Source: Etsy

Show your loved ones that you care about their special days.

Gift this underrated gift on the eve of Christmas!

They are lightweight, durable, and yes, extremely valuable. 

H. Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $100

Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $100: A boy is giving his girlfriend a surprise gift on Christmas.

You will find dozens of Christmas gifts under $100. 

But give one of these 7 cheap gifts for Christmas. 

These 7 will never fail to impress them. 

1. Steel Pizza Baking Pan

A black colored pizza baking pan on the grey surface.
Image Source: delongs.com

A steel pizza baking pan ensures that the pizza crust will be cooked quickly and properly. 

Due to their non-stick coating, they also ensure that food wouldn’t stick to them. 

So, why are we stepping back when it comes to gifting these gifts for Christmas which come under $100?

2. Bathrobe

A girl in a bathrobe is smiling and meditating in a standing position.
Image Source: freepik

Giving someone a bathrobe is actually a unique Christmas gift idea. 

Well, nobody thinks of it. 

But you should think of it and buy one for your friend or family.

These cheap gifts for Christmas are best to relax the mind and make folks toasty.

Also, they are better than a towel when it comes to drying the body off.  

3. Sweatshirts

A boy in white and green and a girl in purple sweatshirts smiling in the front.
Image Source: freepik

This one wouldn’t remain inside the cupboard kissing the dust!

The recipient would love this Christmas gift and may wear it to the party. 

So never think twice when it comes to presenting these cool and best Christmas gifts. 

4. Handmade Charcoal Painting

A color photo of a boy is transformed into a splendid charcoal painting by Portraitflip.

How beautiful it is to know that this ancient art is in the rage nowadays. 

And we couldn’t agree more on any gifts other than handmade paintings.

For the occasion, you can gift a handmade custom portrait that gives a personal touch. 

They are inexpensive and, most importantly, safe for our health and environment. 

Just place an order for charcoal painting on our website. 

And get the best and most pleasing surprise delivered to your favorite person. 

Tip: A grandpa who misses his grandchildren would love a grandparent and grandchildren charcoal portrait as a gift.

5. Clogs

A pair of brown clogs on the wooden surface.
Image Source: pxhere.com

They are trending! 

Give your friends or close ones a pair of clogs this Christmas!

They may not be stylish but are affordable and aesthetic…one of the best cheap gifts for Christmas. 

6. Portable Charger

A portable charger is charging the mobile and both of them are placed on wooden surface.
Image Source: wikimedia.org

Let’s give your lazy friend a portable charger this upcoming Christmas.

Those who always keep their battery low or near to dying. Especially at the time when they are outdoors. 

Gifting this will help these folks pick or dial calls when they need them the most. 

7. Musical Instruments

A list of musical instruments in one frame.
Image Source: freepik

Give any musical instruments to your musicaholic friend.

Even if they are not learning, your gift would push them to learn a few chords. 

I. Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $60

Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $60: A boy holding cash on one hand and a gift on the other hand.

I’ve curated the best cheap Christmas gifts in this section. 

They can be bought even if you have a tight budget.

1. Scents

Different types of scents are kept on a brown surface and background.
Image Source: pinterest

Giving someone scents shows that you have taken an effort.

The effort of figuring out what smell they really want to wear. 

This also shows that whenever that particular scent emits, it reminds us of them. 

Well, It’s a luxury item but some come at affordable prices with a pleasing smell. 

2. An Electric Toothbrush

A half dozen of electronic brush in white, blue, green, and yellow bristle.
Image Source: sound view family dental

Why not be the reason for their smile? 

Gift an electric toothbrush this Christmas!

These cheap gifts for Christmas maintain oral health as well as prevent complications. 

3. Book Subscription

A girl lying in the garden and there are books over her head.
Image Source: quora.com

Here, you don’t give them a few choices but a yearly or monthly book subscription. 

So they can pick those genres’ novels and books which fascinate them the most!

4. Collections of Aprons

There is a collection of aprons in black, red, and grey color.
Image Source: flipkart

Give your friends some cool collections of aprons this Christmas.

These cute Christmas gifts are ideal for those who spend most of their time in the kitchen or laundry. 

6. Wireless Earphones

A close-up shot of a woman wearing a wireless earphone.
Image Source: freepik

Those days are gone when one would use cable earphones.

Now, everyone wants wireless earphones. 

They are travel-friendly and sound even better than other types.

Buy one for your friends as most of them come under $60 and look super-classy. 

7. Tripod

A focused shot of tripod shooting a woman.
Image Source: wevideo.com

Surprise them with these unique and versatile cheap gifts for Christmas. 

You know it’s a dream of every photographer to shoot an advertisement or a short movie. 

And giving them a tripod can make this dream come true!

J. Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $20

Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $20: A girl smiling up where she has some bags on her right hand and cash on the left hand.

You can surprise your special ones with these cheap Christmas gifts that come below $20.

I’ve added some of my personal favorites in this section. 

I’m confident your friend will love them. 

1. Pet Portrait Locket

Some beautiful pet portrait lockets on the white background.
Image Source: Etsy

It’s one of the cheap Christmas gifts for friends (pet parents). 

You can DIY or buy it which has engraved their pet’s fur or name on it. 

2. Jenga 

Jenga game on the table.
Image Source: freepik

Give your pal Jenga this Christmas!

There is no better gift than a board game.

Also, Jenga is a game that will keep everyone laughing and let them enjoy the jolliest time of the year. 

3. Card Game

Three ace cards is shown on a boy's hand.
Image Source: freepik

When we look back, we see some of the best times we had, when we played card games. 

Why not recreate those beautiful moments once again?

Gift a card game to your friends and let them enjoy this Christmas to the fullest!

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4. Personalized Keychain

A man in a suit shows a key in a house-shaped keychain.
Image Source: freepik

A personalized keychain is the best Christmas gift that can be used on a daily basis.

These are the cheap Christmas gifts for dads that resemble nostalgic value. 

They are budget-friendly and practical Christmas gifts. 

5. Beanie Hat

A guy and a girl in red and brown beanies.
Image Source: flipkart

This couldn’t be a better gift for girls with long hair.

With the Beanie, she can keep her hair out and ears inside for warmth. 

6. Recipe Book

There is a recipe book with a green color cover photo.
Image Source: dribble

Gift a recipe book and ask them for delicious cuisine post-new year.

Delicious food always makes a place pleasing and a tummy happy!

7. Rider Gloves

A man wearing his black rider gloves before turning on the vehicle.
Image Source: freepik

You have always been impressed by your friend’s riding skills.

Now it is time to give brand-new rider gloves for better grip and injury prevention.

For riders, accessories mean the world. 

And these cheap gifts for Christmas will definitely win their heart! 

K. Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $10

Cheap Gifts For Christmas Under $10: A girl and a guy holding bunch of gift boxes and smiling.

Believe me, you can give the best gifts for Christmas even if you have $10 in your pocket. 

I’ve researched a lot and found these befitting Christmas gifts under this budget. 

Gift any one of them – they’re classic and splendid! 

1. Coloring Books

A girl is coloring the mandala color book.
Image Source: vox

Okay, this Christmas gift not only belongs to kids but also adults.

The Mandala coloring book is in the rage. 

And your friend would love to receive it this Christmas!

These cheap gifts for Christmas burn stress. Also, let your friend do freestyle coloring. 

2. Stainless Steel Straw

A collection of stainless steel straw on the white background.
Image Source: flipkart

Throw away the plastic ones and bring in some good collections of reusable straws. 

Give your friends a stainless steel straw for this beautiful festival!

They are stylish, eco-friendly, and easy to clean.

3. Christmas Cactus

Some beautiful Christmas cactus are kept on the balcony area.
Image Source: flickr.com

You know flowers make every place pleasing and positive. 

Why not give a lovely flowering plant to your friends? 

Surprise your friends with the Christmas cactus at this auspicious festival!

They are splendid, succulent, and bloom in the winters.

4. Beard Comb & Brush Set

A beard comb and brush set on the white surface.
Image Source: Amazon

If he is proud of his goatee or beard, then give him a beard comb and brush set. 

Let him style his beard and look charming in front of his gang!

5. Makeup Brush

A girl is holding makeup brushes and smiling on the pink background.
Image Source: freepik

Give your beauty queen some enthralling collections of makeup brushes. 

Your beauty lover friend will adore these cheap gifts for Christmas!

6. Fridge Magnetic Stickers

There are different fridge stickers in a circular shape.
Image Source: aliexpress

This is one of the coolest cheap Christmas gifts under $10.

It beautifies his entire kitchen and makes his fridge look fancier.

7. Selfie Stick

A man showing victory sign while taking a selfie with the help of selfie stand
Image Source: freepik

You can perfectly capture a selfie with it. 

And you need it the most when your extended family is in for a festive vacation. 

So gift a selfie stick to your friend this Christmas and take amazing pictures.

That’s all for today!

I hope you find this read valuable.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please reach out to us on social media.

We have shared the best cheap Christmas gifts. 

But if you think we could have added some more, please let us know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best picks for cheap Christmas gifts?

Scented candles, Christmas tree printed throw pillows, and handmade coasters. But if you want to amaze the recipient, you can consider a Christmas portrait, which is 100% handmade and green.

What are the inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers?

Paper weight, customized pen holder, business card holder, and wine bottle opener are some of the cheap Christmas gifts for coworkers.

Name any five the best Christmas gifts for her?

Tote bags, a smartphone case, a personalized hoodie, a cosmetic kit, and a bottle of perfume are the five best Christmas gifts for her.

What are the cheap Christmas gifts for him under $10?

There are many cheap Christmas gifts that come below $10. Among them, the best ones are coloring books, a selfie stick, a customized pendrive, and others.

What to get nine years old kids for Christmas?

The best Christmas gift for a 9-year-old kid is a handmade pencil sketch. You can also surprise him with a pencil sketch of his favorite superhero character.

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