Everything You Need To Know About Pet Portraits From Photos

Pet portraits from photos

Pet portraits from photos—because your pets deserve more than cuddles and treats. 

Pets—those little babies in your home are nothing less than angels. In a world where everyone is caught up in their heads, pets are the only creatures that will stick by your side, giving you infinite kisses and cuddles. 

Although giving them the deserved attention and love is enough, there’s something you can do to honor them: turn their photo into timeless handmade paintings! 

Not only is it a way to admire your pet, but a handmade painting will last for years to come—that will also remind you of them even when your little furry baby departs to a better place ♥

If you’re wondering what a pet portrait is and how to get one for yourself, you’re in the right place.  Below, you’ll find everything you want to know about getting pet portraits from photos.

Why Should You Get A Pet Portrait? 

A pet portrait of your pet is not just a painting; rather it’s a way to appreciate them for the company they have given to us for years. 

I mean, it’s true that your dog or cat won’t understand the importance of the handmade painting made for them, but it’s a way that’ll help you keep their memory forever. 

If you’re a pet lover, you must have fostered many pets in your lifetime, and some of them must have impacted your life in a big way.  But the worst thing that happens with us—humans—is that we tend to forget things easily. Over time, it’s quite possible that you must have forgotten a pet who meant life to you. 

Having their photos as a memory on your mobile is good, but the problem is that photos stay on the phone and will be pilled below new photos that you take.

So one of the best things to do is get custom pet paintings from those photos! The handmade painting of your pet that you hang on the wall will remind you of your pet every day, so you’ll never forget about them ever again. 

Family painting from different photos

Not only does a pet portrait a way to remember your furry babies, but it is a way to show how much they mean to you—and believe me, a true pet lover would do anything to honor their pet. 

But do you know that a pet portrait is—

Our pets add that little spice to our lives that are needed to carry on.

And when they leave it hurts in the core of our being.

Be it a parent healing pet loss, or a person who wants to cherish the very existence of his pet – a custom pet portrait is an answer.

All it requires is a couple of photos, and the imagination to customize it and you have yourself a handmade pet painting.

The Best Gift For Pet Lovers 

Well, if you’re not very fond of pets, or don’t own one—it’s fine! 

But you must be having a few pet pals who are ready to pet any dog they pass on the street, and you know what’s the best gift you can give them? 

You must be getting pet food or accessories for their pet, which is a good thing; but if you want to find a way into a pet lover’s heart, you should definitely gift a pet portrait! 

10/10 times your pet-loving friend would love to get it and there’s a good chance they’ll shed a tear, just like Megan in the video above who couldn’t control her tears when she received a painting of her pet. 

No matter what the occasion is—whether it’s your pet lover pal’s birthday or it’s their pooch’s birthday—a custom pet painting is something that a pet lover will admire with all their heart. 

Where To Get Pet Portrait?

In the era where’s everything online, it has become easier than ever to find artists to commission your pet portrait.

And guess what?

You don’t even have to step out of your house to get a pet portrait! Many custom handmade pet portrait companies and independent artists can get you a custom dog or cat portrait (or any animal portrait). 

Amongst thousands of options that you have to get pet portraits from photos, the best place in regards to the quality and turnaround time is PortraitFlip! 

Not only do we give the option to choose from many mediums, do we offer many types of portraits in different mediums. 

(You can click on the link above to read their story and know why 804 customers voted on Trustpilot to give us a rating of 4.8/5).

Pet Portrait Mediums 

If you ever thought that custom handmade paintings are always made of oil then think again! 

With us, you get the freedom to choose not only oil but also 5 other mediums for your lovely pooch. 

Check out our famous medium below.  

1.   Oil Pet Portrait

The most famous and widely used medium—oil—is one of the best mediums to get custom oil pet paintings from photos. 

Not only does this medium is capable of creating a vibrant and real-life portrait of your companion, but does it last for a lifetime. (You might know that most of the century-old paintings were made with Oil) 

So when you want a painting that’ll last for a lifetime without losing its essence, an oil pet painting is what you should get (or give it as a gift). 

(P.S: Did I tell you that Oil is the most trending medium of all time at PortraitFlip?)

Fun-to-do thingy: Choose Oil medium if your pet is a happy, dancing, jolly companion.  

2. Acrylic Pet Portrait

If you keep oil portraits and acrylic portraits side by side, it’d be so difficult for you to figure out the difference—this is due to the properties of acrylics.

Although similar to oil, acrylics can have a rough consistency—just for the times when you want a painting that speaks of action. 

Having fast-drying properties and a texture that can fall between oil and watercolors, acrylic paints can be your preferred medium when you want to play with portrait styles—like the doggo above!

Fun-to-do thingy: Choose an acrylic pet portrait if your pet is as cool as Jimi Hendrix who likes soft rock music!

3. Watercolor Pet Portrait

If you ask me, in my opinion, watercolor is one of the most unique mediums ever! 

As oils are preferred when you need detailing in your pet portrait, watercolors can be used to create paintings that appear to be easy and smooth—thanks to their transparent qualities. 

Watercolor paintings appear to be flowing, so honor your pet with a watercolor portrait. 

Fun-to-do thingy: 

Choose a watercolor medium if your pet is the out-of-the-box pet who’d rather sit at home and read than playing out. 

4. Pet Pencil Sketch

If you think that pencil sketch looks dull and doesn’t have essence in it, I’m not afraid to say that you’re wrong—and if you see our pencil sketch gallery, you’d say otherwise!

Yes, a pencil sketch is monotoned, but many of us (including me) find black and white classy. If you agree with me,  a pencil sketch medium is for you. 

And yes, if you’re tight on budget, you can easily get a pencil sketch of your pet made from a photo for just $60. (Yes, you read it right!) 

Fun-to-do thingy:
Choose a Pencil sketch if your four-legged friend is an old-is-gold fashioned pet who enjoys listening to old songs. 

Order a pet pencil sketch now! 

5. Color Pencil Pet Sketch 

When you want a portrait of your pet that is detailed but have colors in it, a colored pencil sketch is what you should aim for. 

The texture, quality, and strokes of a colored pencil sketch are similar to that of a pencil sketch, but with just one change—it is colorful. 

Colored pencil sketches for pet portraits are great when you want a sketch that is as vibrant as oil but with a shading texture of a pencil.  

Choose a colored pencil sketch as a medium for your pet portrait if your pet is a moody type.

creation of adam reproduction

6. Charcoal Pet Sketch

Somewhat similar to a pencil sketch, but with added rich tone—charcoal medium remains one of the most elegant mediums ever. 

Just see in the photo above: the tone, texture, and consistency…it looks as if it’s printed —but it’s not! (It’s 100% handmade).

If you compare a pencil sketch with a charcoal sketch, you can see a major difference in the consistency, whereas a charcoal sketch appears to be more uniform. 

If monochrome is your love, you can always bet on a charcoal sketch for your pet 🙂

Fun-to-do thingy:

If you want to let your pet state a fashion statement, you can go with a charcoal pet sketch and hang it in your living room. 

Now that you know what mediums we offer for pet portraits from photos, you can see what types of pet portraits we have to offer. 

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Types of Pet Portraits

Painting medium is just one of the things when it comes to selecting the pet portrait; but here, we have also got types of pet portraits! From dog portraits to royal portraits, you’ll find types of pet portraits that you can get handpainted from photos. 

1. Dog Portrait For Everyone’s Best Friend

You should definitely get a dog portrait made from their photo if you own a doggo or know someone who has a four-legged companion. 

I’ll tell you a short story about how we helped one of our customers: 

Victoria’s doggy passed away and she felt empty every day when she woke up—just to find out that her dog is no longer beside her. 

She told us how devastating she felt and we did what we had to—we handpainted an oil dog portrait for her!

This is what she said on Trustpilot,  a reviewing site. 

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

― Agnes Sligh Turnbull

So honor your doggo and make them immortal!

2. Cat Portrait For The Independent Soul

Cats, many call them gods of ancient, some call them narcissist animal—which I disagree. 

As goes a saying that we don’t own cats; they own us. It’s true that, unlike dogs, cats are independent creatures. 

Cats may not interact with you the way dogs do, but they do give back the love—go and ask any cat lover, they’ll give you 100 reasons why they love cats more than dogs. 

Keeping the argument aside, cats are pets in the end, and for a cat lover in your life (including you), there would be no greater joy than getting a cat portrait from a photo. 

So take this opportunity to make your cat more royal with a cat portrait. 

3. Horse Portrait

Horse portrait is pretty famous amongst jockeys, hippophiles, and people who follow ancient traditional practices like Feng Shui or Vastu shastra. 

The reason for this is that horse signifies power, strength, and agility. When it comes to traditions, a horse portrait at home 

  • signifies positive energy and helps release negative energy
  • helps one discover their inner self and guides you onto the right path
  • energizes you and keeps you motivated
  • brings power and freedom in life
  • is part of religious connotations 

Regardless of whether you own a horse or not, if you’re into religion and traditions, you should definitely hang a horse portrait in your home. 

And if you’re a horse lover, then you know what to do 🙂

4. All Pets Portraits

Who said that pet portraits are just meant for dogs, cats, and horses? 

No matter what kind of pet you have—whether it is a cow, chameleon, otter, lizard, bunny, parrot, or any animal that you call your pet—you definitely can get a pet portrait made from their photos.

So go ahead and honor them!

5. Pet and Human Portrait

What’s better than having a pet portrait? 

Having a pet and human portrait that has the pet and their pet-parent in it!

Pet and human portraits are one of the best-selling categories here that many pet parents tend to choose. 

With a pet and human portrait, you can show your guests how strong your bond is with your pooch by hanging a painting on the walls!

Not only will it make your space look beautiful, but the painting will also remind you of your pet every day. 

6. Compilation of Pet portrait

What if you want a painting of all the dogs that you have owned—but unfortunately, some of them are not here on earth with you… 

What can you do? 

You can get a merged pet portrait!

A merged portrait or compilation portrait is a handmade painting having different subjects from different photos in a single portrait. 

So you can now get all the photos of your pet and send them to us. Our talented artists will move their wand.. or I may say paintbrushes to create a beautiful pet portrait that has all your pets in it!

You gotta try to believe it! 

7. Royal Pet Portrait

Don’t you feel that your pet is just like you? a human? 

If yes is what you think, you can prove that to the whole world by getting a Royal Pet Portrait. 

This category of pet portrait is filled with humor and fun—just like your pet’s cute antics try to fill your life with!

A royal pet portrait lets you merge your pet’s face with humans, dragons, or any mythical creature in the world! But that’s not it, with a Royal Pet Portrait, you can create any wonderland with your pets (and you too) in it. 

The sky is the limit with what you can do with royal portraits!

How To Get A Pet Portrait From A Photo? 

Now that you know the mediums and types of pet portraits that you can get, here’s a little guide to help you out with the ordering process. 

  • First, decide what category want to choose. After that, choose the medium that you feel most comfortable with.
  • Once you’ve decided on the medium, choose the number of characters and the size of the painting. 
  • Upload photos and you can leave a suggestion to the painter if you wish. 
  • Once done, you can choose the delivery option (free shipping or express shipping) 
  • Checkout! 
  • You have the option to pay the full payment, or 30% in advance and the rest can be paid once the painting is finished. 
  • You can also have a wide range of framing options!

If those steps look confusing to you, you can place your order by writing a mail to [email protected] and our executive will do the work for you!

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