Pet Portrait From Photo

pet portrait from photos

With so many creative advances in the world show your unflinching love for your pet by getting a custom pet portrait from photo done.


Just imagine being able to see that wide smile and wagging tail every time that too in a special form of art that will make you feel truly special.

As we know every human or individual requires some source of unconditional love and joy in his life.

Many times a pet is the perfect solution to all these requirements.

They are those perfect companions who only expect your time and attention.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Tales of loyalty among pets have been common folklore for quite some time now.

Pets have on numerous occasions shown that their affection is unparalleled to anything that we have ever seen.

A companion likes a few others.

Someone who immediately makes us feel important loved and better about ourselves.

A pet may not understand human words but he does understand human emotions.

He may not speak our tongue but he understands our problems.

photo to pencil sketch

He may not be able to speak but at times he is the only person who can make us feel better.

For at times what a person needs is not a head full of knowledge but an open heart and an ear willing to listen.

A custom pet portrait is a perfect way to celebrate this bond which exists beyond the bounds of self-interest as one so often sees.

Like Chanakya says “There is at least a little bit of self-interest in every relationship and there is a very little relationship without self-interest.”

But such is not the case with pets for their only interest is your time and affection.

Not a pound more, not an ounce less.

Though the more part is always welcome and the less part rarely remembered.

It is highly recommended even by doctors that patients suffering from anxiety or depression should keep pets as they are great stress busters.

Animal-assisted therapy or the more commonly used pet therapy is a growing field.

It makes use of dogs or other animals to help them recover from various health problems and mental health disorders.

This therapy is known to have many benefits for patients especially those with post-traumatic stress disorders, chronic heart failure or those who have been in care facilities for a long time.

Imagine the state that will smith would have been in if it were not for his beloved dog in the movie ‘I am the legend’.

If the above-mentioned example is too cinematic for your taste then let us take a look at some instances where the animals were the real heroes.

pet portrait

In 2004 Brutis a 7-year-old golden retriever snatched up a coral snake as it was moving in to close to a young child and suffered a near-deadly bite himself.

He was even flown to Los Angeles to receive the National Hero Dog award(yes an award like this does exist).

This is the perfect epitome to showcase the fact that dogs can not only be good companions but even lifesavers at times.

Putting their own life at risk to protect others.

A symbol of true heroism.

Thus the relation between an individual and his pet is an important one and should be constantly remembered and cherished by some form of gratitude.

Well, what better way than to get a special custom-made portrait of the pet.

That adorable smile will look even greater when stroked on the canvas.

A perfect memoir of your unfathomable love and affection towards him.

Imagine looking at that face every day in the morning, isn’t it a great way to start your day.

“Without my pets, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty.”    – unknown

This quote is the perfect summation of all things that a pet’s love stands for.

For money can buy you a dog but only happiness can make him wag his tail.

dog oil portrait

A pet can’t bear the sight of his master being sad and thus will try everything in his power to bring a smile onto the face of his master.

It is most often a union which is only broken by unforeseen circumstances such as a sudden demise.

Such a great companion and at times the best counselor.

Who says you need to speak to give good counsel!

A greater understanding is all that you need.

And that is present in abundance among these pets.

A genuine concern for the well being of others.

They don’t put up a façade of false information or feelings, there is no mask, everything is out in the open.

There is no judgment.

There is no inherent sense of pride or ego which is the biggest murderers of the most successful relationships.

For they give and do not ask the cost, never have and never will.

They may not be able to grant every single wish of our’s but they would do almost certainly anything to bring a wide smile on our faces.

Not everybody reciprocates the love, time and affection that you shower upon them.

Well, your pet is not included in that list.

Waiting earnestly by the door or gate waiting for you to enter.

And then jump on you no matter how good your clothes are.

It is all so worth it that one doesn’t even mind getting a bit of fur on his clothes for that special feeling of warmth.

Doing even the simplest of tasks like fetching a ball with utmost enthusiasm, unlike today’s youth.

Their ability to find jubilation even in the most boring task is something that we should learn from them.

For a wise person realizes that with the right attitude one can learn even from the simplest of gestures he need not attend a big college or institution.

These pets can impart wisdom unlike any other but only to those who are willing to receive it.

They live in the moment without thinking too much about the past or the future.

They will find interest in even the most uneventful chores or games.

They enjoy the simple things in life such as treats, affection and your company.

They can virtually find joy in any of life’s situation.

dog oil portrait from photo

It is a beautiful journey watching your pup grow into a fully bred male.

From having to protect him to the roles changing vice versa.

Sometimes though he may snuggle in bed with you how can you be mad at him?

Not even the most rigid-minded people will be able to resist the love that they resonate in their immediate surrounding.

All that is done by them is in good faith and never looking for any personal gains.

He is even described as the vast majority of audiences as man’s best friend and has proved himself worthy of this title on several occasions.

A best friend who transcends the boundaries of language and love.

Setting the perfect testimony for others as to what true friendship really is.

A companionship unlike most has ever seen.

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