Pet Portrait From Photo: Preserving Memories of your Pet

Pet Portrait from Photo? 

It definitely sounds like the best idea for a pet-parent and for someone who is enthusiastic about pets.

They don’t ask for much but they just want your kisses and cuddles!

So, why don’t we appreciate them in a more unique way? 

A way with which you can preserve their memories forever!

That’s when some treats, your cuddles and a portrait comes in the frame and will surely make your eyes shine.

We at PortraitFlip believe that the best way to preserve memories is through art!

We have figured out that a pet portrait from a photo is and can be one of the best ways to surprise a pet-parent or a pet-lover in general!

But, where and how to get them done? And what are the options when it comes to the mediums of portraits you want to move ahead with?

To answer all your questions I have prepared a go-to guide for your reference in finalizing the perfect pooch portrait for pet-parents like you <3

Family painting from different photos

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Significance of a Pet Portrait

A pet portrait from a photo is not just a gift that you are going to get for yourself or give it to a friend who is a pet lover or pet parent!

It is an emotion!

It is a token of love and appreciation for your pet for accompanying you through the thicks and thins of your life.

It is guaranteed that your pet will not understand the importance of a portrait but rather let’s call it a way of keeping them close to your heart forever!

PS:- They will come running to you when they see you unboxing a portrait, for sure!

Any of your friends who are either a pet parent or a pet lover, their phone will be filled with the photos of their pets!

But, often the photos tend to get piled down when the new photos get added in the gallery.

So, doesn’t it sound like a good idea to get the photos converted into a custom pet portrait?

Once your friends take a step ahead and get a pet portrait from photos made, they will only thank you and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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The Best Gift for Pet Lovers? 

When anyone asks me, why do I love pets?

I tell them that even though there are more than 100 reasons to love them, some of them are:

They add spice and twist to life; they are the best emotional support, one of the best cuddle partners (not me trying to console myself), but yes, they are indeed!

And many more reasons..

But when they leave, it hurts like hell, and it leaves a void that remains unfilled for a long period of time.

So, what is the ultimate way to cherish them and their memories forever?

Well, a pet portrait from a photo is a simple and one of the most effective ways to preserve your critter’s memories!

A custom people pet watercolor painting is one of the best gifts for a pet lover or a pet parent.

If you know anyone who is head-over-heels for a pet then giving them a pet portrait can be the best gift.

PS: This can also make them cry the tears of joy!

Just like one of our pet-parent Megan couldn’t control her tears when she received the painting of her pet.

Where Can You Get a Pet Portrait?

What if I tell you that you don’t even need to step out of your comfort zone to order a pet portrait and in fact get it delivered to your doorstep?

In the era where everything is online, commissioning a portrait is a few clicks away!

As a matter of fact there are many pet portrait companies out there and many independent artists who can make a portrait of your pupper!

But in comparison to all of them and in terms of quality, prices and turnaround time PortraitFlip proves to be the best!

Don’t believe it? Take a look at what Trustpilot has to say! 4.8 out of 5 is a no joke!

Mediums of Pet Portraits

There once was a time when I used to think that Portraits were only made up from oil paints!

I am sure many of you must be thinking the same!

Well, for many platforms the only medium they offer is oil, but with PortraitFlip, you not only get our best-selling oil medium but also 5 other options to choose from!

So, you can select any medium in which you want your custom pet portrait from a photo to be made.

Check the mediums below:

1. Oil Pet Portrait:

This is our best-selling and most widely requested portrait medium!

Yes, oil medium portraits are highly recommended when you want to get custom oil pet paintings from photos.

To your surprise, most of the ancient and famous paintings of history are made from oil paint. 

Oil pet portraits are preferred because they give the painting a vibrant and a realistic touch to your pooch’s painting.

Element of Fun: If your pooch is funny, always hyper and a jolly baby then go ahead with an oil pet portrait. 

2. Acrylic Pet Portrait: 

Acrylic pet portraits fall between the category of oil and watercolors.

They have a very quick dry-time and give the painting a rough texture.

To your surprise it gets pretty challenging to differentiate between oil and acrylic mediums. 

If you want a painting that speaks for itself and comes out as a bold and actionable one!

Then you should definitely get an acrylic pet portrait for your pooch!

Element of Fun: If your pet is a fan of Tony Bennett then you should get a custom acrylic pet portrait for your little buddy. 

3. Watercolor Pet Portrait: 

Watercolor pet portraits are for the ones who love to take risks.

If you want to get an easy and convenient portrait then you should opt for a watercolor custom portrait for your pet.

Given the fact that watercolor portraits look soft and flowy and adds a grace to your portrait!

Element of Fun: Order a watercolor portrait for your pupper if he loves to sit and read his paw-o-pedia!

4. Pencil Pet sketch

If you are someone who gets fascinated by the black and white effects and when you see the shades of black and white you get happy!

Many people find pencil sketches boring, well, they haven’t been to a gallery or have they?

I will suggest you opt for a pencil sketch if you want to keep it elegant, simple and classy!

Element of Fun: If your pet is a fan of the era of the 90’s then get a pencil sketch for the old-school pooch!

5. Color Pencil Pet Sketch

If you want to keep everything as simple and elegant as that in a pencil sketch, but you want to add a pop of colors to it, then a color pencil sketch will be a fine choice.

The way a color pencil sketch is made is it has defined strokes and vibrant shades of colors.

Element of Fun: If you can’t predict your pet’s mood then get a color pencil sketch for them. 

6. Charcoal Pet Portrait

For all the monochrome lovers in the house! Make some noise as we present the last yet the classiest medium!


The quality of portraits we have in-house for you might confuse you if they are actually hand-painted or not.

But let me tell you, every pet portrait from a photo is hand-painted by our artists!

The texture, the consistency and the smudges of charcoal are all tempting, so get one for your pooch now!

Element of Fun: If you critter loves to sport the fashionista-walk then you should get a charcoal pet portrait!

Now that I have briefed you about the mediums of portraits we offer, now it’s your call to decide and proceed to order one now!

You can also look for pet pastel portraits, which is as cool as above mediums.

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Pet Portraits: Types and Styles

This was about the variety of mediums we offer while converting pet portraits from photos.

Now, let me tell you about the types of portraits we offer:

1. Dog Portraits for the Good Boy

You should get a dog portrait for yourself or for someone who has a doggo as their best-friend!  (You can definitely consider your dawg too)

A dog is often called a hooman’s best friend and what else can be better than getting a custom dog portrait made to appreciate your cute little doggo?

Those cute paws and droopy nose shall remain immortal, so honor them by ordering a pet portrait from the photo.

2. Cat Portraits for the Meany Lover

Pet portrait from photo? For a cat?

This statement may offend a lot of dog-lovers but go and ask a cat lover and they will surely start a heated debate and will give more than 50 reasons why cats are better than dogs!

Matter of fact, cats don’t usually show love in the way dogs do, but that doesn’t mean  they don’t love us (the scratches on any cat-parent proves them)!

Well, staying out of the debate, what you can do for your pet Feline is you can get a custom cat portrait made for them and you can decorate it in your living room.

3. Horse Portraits for the Independent Soul

Horse as a pet?? Yes, why not?

Horses are very well-acquainted with jockeys and riders! 

And considering the ancient traditions and Feng-Shui, hanging their paintings brings you luck and prosperity as well!

There are many benefits of hanging a horse portrait in your house, for example:

  • signifies positive energy and helps release negative energy
  • helps one discover their inner self and guides you onto the right path
  • energizes you and keeps you motivated
  • brings power and freedom in life
  • is part of religious connotations 

There are many more benefits and positive aspects of why you should get a horse portrait, and if you are a horse-lover then you definitely should get one asap!

4. All Pets Under One Frame

Now you may ask, what if I don’t own a cat or a dog, but I do have a hamster and a lizard as a pet!

No problem dear friend, you can get a portrait made for them as well.

Just send us a picture and we will get it hand-painted and shipped to you!

5. Pooch and Hooman Portraits

 A pet and hooman are best friends for life and there is absolutely no doubt in that!

So why not celebrate the friendship and take it to the next level by ordering a portrait that includes both you and your pet?

This will signify your bond with them and will leave your guests awestruck!

You can also see it in the video, what happens when we paint a pooch and a hooman in a portrait:

6. Royal Pet Portraits

Your pet ofcourse lives life king size, but have you ever wondered what their portrait will look like in the royal perspective?

If I got you wondering, then you surely should try ordering a royal portrait for your critter!

When you hang the masterpiece in your living room, you will not stop loving it more each and every time you come across the painting. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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The Process Of Getting a Pet Portrait from Photo

Now that you are aware of the types, styles and mediums of portraits available in the market that you can get made!

Here is a step-by-step procedure for you to make your ordering process with PortraitFlip sail smoothly!

  • Explore our website and decide the category you would like to move ahead with.
  • Select a medium which you think will work the best for you
  • Once you get done with selecting the medium, then you can move further and choose the number of characters and the size of your painting.
  • Upload the photos that you want to get hand-painted and you can also leave remarks and suggestions for the artist’s reference. 
  • Once you get done with the formalities then you can choose a delivery option: free shipping or express shipping.
  • Checkout!
  • You can either make the full payment or 30% advance in the payment window. You can pay the balance amount once the painting gets done.
  • You can also get your portrait framed, we offer a wide range of framing options.
  • These were the steps of ordering a portrait, if they confuse you then don’t worry you can write to us at [email protected] and we can assist you with the order via email as well.

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 A pet is one of the most loyal to their hooman or anyone who helped them or loved them with their whole heart.

They are so innocent that if they love someone then they’d even take a bullet for them!

They understand our emotions and they get happy too when we celebrate, so why can’t we appreciate them in our lives?

Now is the time to celebrate your lovely critters and get a pawsome portrait made for them!

Hang the portrait anywhere you want, whether it be in your living room or your bedroom and watch everyone go aww!

Make sure to give your pooch an extra treat for being the goofiest ball of fur who makes you laugh, who comforts you and who loves you unconditionally. 

Author’s Signing Off

Hello dear readers,

Thank you so much for reading the article about turning pet portraits from photos!

If you find this blog helpful or if you have any questions/ feedback regarding it, then do leave a comment down below.

Also, feel free to reach out to us via our socials, you can connect with us on Instagram, Threads, YouTube, and Pinterest.

See you soon; till then, take care and stay hydrated.

Adios folks!


Is there a character limit?

There is no such character limit, you can give a picture with the number of characters you wish for.

How many revision I am allowed to go for?

At PortraitFlip there is unlimited revisions with a zero cost added.

Where can I get pet portraits made at affordable prices?

Although there are many places where you can get pet portraits made, we suggest you opt PortraitFlip as we assure you portraits made with love and affordable prices. 

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