PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt: Which Pet Portrait Services Shall I Choose?

PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt Whom Shall I Choose

Where can I find the best pet portraits for my little friend? A question that is still confusing and unanswerable!

You know what would be a simple answer: a comparison between two custom art services.

Have you heard about the phrase “The masters of the sea”? Of course not, because I made that up.

But there is always one single person who is the master of all. A differentiation between those art services can surely leave you satisfied.

Here, I bring in a comparison between PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt to help you gain perspective on who will be the best man for your pet artwork.

Purchasing a piece of art is tricky, especially when a huge amount of money is involved.

Trust and open communication can surely lead you to the best custom pet portraits.

Let’s see who is at the top of the race.

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Services: PortraitFlip vs. Purr & Mutt

PortraitFlip is a handmade painting company that paints a variety of portraits from human pastel portraits to pet oil portraits, whereas Purr & Mutt is all about digital art.

Family painting from different photos

But there must be more features that make one of them stand out in the market.

The below list includes:

FeaturesPortraitFlipPurr and Mutt
Starting Price$89 (Handmade Pet Painting)$49 ( Digital Print)
CharactersInclude humans along with petsOnly pets
Turnaround Time14-15 days7-12 days
Deposit30% paymentUnavailable
Express DeliveryAvailable Unavailable
Return PolicyAvailable with 100% refundUnavailable
Refund Initiate4-5 business days10-12 business days
Unlimited RevisionAvailableAvailable 
Professional ArtistsHandmade ArtistDigital Artist
Pricing list AvailableUnavailable
Hidden ChargesNoYes
Framing OptionAvailableAvailable
Free ShippingWorldwideWorldwide
Specific date deliveryYesNo
Service TypeHandmade PaintingDigital Print Art

I have presented you with the primary difference between PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt.

But there are more than these aspects that could be on the priority list, including a customer service policy! Let’s hear what it has to say.

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Customer Service Policy: PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt

Getting the best custom art piece is always secondary if we don’t have the best customer service policy.

No matter how beautiful your work is, a customer will only think about a second purchase if you offer them the best customer service.

At PortraitFlip, our customer’s satisfaction is our first priority.

Let’s read the comparison between PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt, which will make your decision easier.

PoliciesPortraitFlipPurr and Mutt
Communication PlatformEmailEmail
Dedicated Support ManagerYesNo
Customer Support24×7 customer supportMonday to Friday (9:00am -4:00pm)
Chat FrequencyImmediate48 hours

There is no fixed time when our customer’s need help. With this in mind, PortraitFlip has 24 hour chat support that will answer all your questions accordingly.

After all, it’s you who made us!

When we say PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt, why not have a quick glance at their pet portraits, which will speak about their quality of work?

Quality Check: PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt

We are discussing the features and customer policies of PortraitFlip vs. Purr & Mutt. But we haven’t witnessed their work, for which this article was written in the first place.

Scroll down for some amazing pieces of art by PortraitFlip and Purr & Mutt. Examine and filter out your best choice.

Dog portraits by PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt
Image: PortraitFlip and Purr and Mutt
Royal pet portraits by PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt
Image: PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt

One more..

Rabbit portrait by PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt
Image: PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt

How was the mini tour to the gallery of PortraitFlip vs. Purr & Mutt pet portraits?

You know what I felt while adding these pet portraits, that Purr and Mutt don’t include any human characters, but PortraitFlip does.

I mean, why not celebrate our adorable pets with us? Isn’t this a gorgeous idea?

By the way, have you made your choice yet? Wait, I have more for you below from PortraitFlip that will make your decision definite.

Plus, to sort it down on ground zero you can try ordering a people and pet pastel portrait first!

Other Pet Portraits by PortraitFlip

Pencil portrait by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

One more..

Horse portrait by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Last one..

Pet portrait by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Looks amazing, right? 😍

Get your handmade pet portraits delivered to your doorstep by clicking on the link below.

Security: PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt

Who doesn’t have a risk while buying custom paintings online?

But the smarter one always knows to get a background check to determine whether the website you are going to is authorized or not.

Again, I have prepared a list between PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt, making your task easier. PS: Thank me later!

Safety CheckPortraitFlipPurr and Mutt
Secure TransactionYesYes
Customer Reviews on TrustPilot1,1981,930
TrustPilot Ratings4.84.8
Trusted SealsYesYes

Although there is not much difference between PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt, the one thing you can rely on are the reviews of their customers.

When I was going through their customers’ reviews, I found that the comments of people on PortraitFlip were way better than those on Purr and Mutt.

Don’t believe me? You can check out the reviews of PortraitFlip on TrustPilot all by yourself!

It’s not just Purr and Mutt, but a comparison between PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow has also mentioned the same.

My ViewPoint: PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt

I have added all the information about PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt. As a writer, I tried to deliver facts that were true and valid.

After a thorough analysis of PortraitFlip vs. Purr and Mutt, the conclusion was that an alternative to Purr and Mutt does exist, which is better than the site. It’s PortraitFlip. Why?

The reasons include:

  • Proper guide about pricing lists, which was hard to say for Purr and Mutt.
  • Although Purr and Mutt claim to include different pets, their site shows something different.
  • PortraitFlip offers 100% handmade painting services, whereas Purr and Mutt offer digital art.
  • The best part? PortraitFlip has a 24 hour chat support, which makes me feel like there is always someone to answer questions.
  • PortraitFlip uses real painters, whereas Purr and Mutt have in-house designers to deliver your portrait.

Digital art is cool, but when you want something that has a personal touch, you can only rely on a handmade painting.

A painting illuminates a sense of emotion and leaves the viewer with nothing but an “Aww!”

PortraitFlip not only offers dog and cat portraits, but they also have a separate section for horse portraits and even cow portraits, which is the cherry on top.

And, before I forget, have you heard about anything called compilation painting? As in compilation pastel portraits or paintings? 

Basically, they merge characters from different pictures and send them to the artist, who creates art that is not even possible to exist in real life. Wow!

So now, you don’t really have to have all your pets in one photo to get a painting. Just send individual pictures of each dog and order by clicking on the button below!

They even have pet memorial portraits for the one who is healing from their pet loss or a royal pet portrait service where you can see your little friend in their true self.

If I go on, this section will be flooded with the varieties of pet portraits that PortraitFlip offers to their customers.

Their only goal is to deliver the best moments of people’s lives by bringing them to life on canvas.

I think they are pretty good at what they do, which makes them stand out in the crowd.

But in the end, it’s up to you with whom you want to go. May the best man win!

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Author’s Note

I hope you find the blog, PortraitFlip vs. Purr & Mutt, valuable.

You can also explore PortraitFlip in comparison, where we have brought down different online custom portrait services under one section, discussing them separately.

If you have any suggestions to give or questions to ask, write to us in the comment section.

We will love to acknowledge it.

I’ll soon be back with my new blog; till then, keep reading and make the choice that is suitable for you!

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