PortraitFlip vs. Paintru: Who’s Best in the Game?

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PortraitFlip vs. Paintru!

Yes, I am talking about two of the industry leaders in the handmade artwork niche.

Given the fact that both brands work in a similar way and deliver handmade paintings to their customers, what exactly sets them apart?

Well, PortraitFlip moves a step ahead and caters to the needs of their customers, which doesn’t weigh down their pockets.

Both brands provide a wide range of paintings, from family portraits to dazzling custom car portraits.

A Portrait acts as a lifetime memory of the people who are or were once dear to us!

So, choose wisely, considering the features, services, prices, etc., and then move ahead with your order!

Hereby, I present to you a brief difference between PortraitFlip and Paintru.

Services: PortraitFlip vs Paintru

As viewers or customers, we frequently struggle to distinguish between what is authentic and what is not. 

The same is true for the company’s products; occasionally, they are overpriced simply because they have been oversold.

Family painting from different photos

But that’s not always the case when it comes to delivering quality products. 

Even though both industry leaders have a common product, which is a custom portrait, they both share their own differences.

So, let us take a look at how both companies look on the comparison chart:

Starting Price$89 $185
Characters15 charactersCompilation allowed
Turnaround Time14-15 days15-38 days
Deposit30% paymentUnavailable
Express DeliveryAvailable Unavailable
Return PolicyAvailable with 100% refund30-day-policy
Refund Initiate4-5 business daysUnavailable
Unlimited RevisionAvailableAvailable 
Professional ArtistsHandmade ArtistHandmade Artist
Pricing list AvailableAvailable
Hidden ChargesNoYes
Framing OptionAvailableAvailable
Free ShippingWorldwideUnavailable
Specific date deliveryYesNo
Service TypeHandmade PaintingHandmade Painting

This was all about the services that PortraitFlip and Paintru both offer. 

Considering that there are many other aspects that we have to take a look at when it comes to making a decision, let us move ahead with the quality of customer service.

Customer Service Policy: PortraitFlip vs. Paintru

When you think of ordering from a company, the first thing you will notice as a customer is the promptness with which they respond to you.

If you are impressed with their customer service, then only you will think of moving ahead with your order.

At PortraitFlip, our customer’s satisfaction is our first priority.

Let’s read the comparison between PortraitFlip vs. Paintru, which will make your decision easier.

Communication PlatformEmailEmail
Dedicated Support ManagerYesYes
Customer Support24×7 customer supportMon-Fri 9:00-5:00 pm EST
Chat FrequencyImmediateImmediate

We can’t assume when our customers might need our help, so we offer them exclusive 24 x 7 customer support.

It is because of our customers that PortraitFlip has been going strong and satisfying all their needs.

When we say PortraitFlip vs. Paintru, let’s have a quick glance on their quality of portraits and work?

Quality Check: PortraitFlip vs. Paintru

We have discussed the services and the quality of customer service both companies provide.

And as we move further to compare other features of PortraitFlip and Paintru, it becomes necessary to take a look at the quality of artworks they produce.

Let’s take a look at the artwork from some of the different categories:

Pet Portraits:

Comparison of pet portraits in PortraitFlip vs Paintru

Wedding Portraits:

Comparison of wedding portraits in PortraitFlip vs Paintru

Baby Portraits:

Comparison of baby portraits in PortraitFlip vs Paintru

This was a quick tour for you guys so that you can get a brief understanding of how the products look for PortraitFlip and for Paintru.

You can easily see the difference between the quality of work in PortraitFlip vs. Paintru. 

PortraitFlip makes sure to give you that extra high-gloss finish and satisfaction you seek when ordering online.

We never leave our customers disappointed!

If you don’t believe it, you can go through our reviews on Trustpilot!

Battle of Replica

As a matter of surprise, both companies are known for their series of reproduction paintings.

In terms of quality, PortraitFlip and Paintru both offer a certified replica that is on the same level as that of a museum.

You can easily order them by simply visiting the website.

But a very distinctive thing that makes the difference here is that PortraitFlip has mentioned their starting range of replicas.

Whereas, no specific details in terms of replica paintings have been made available on Paintru’s website.

So, watch out for that as well.

Talking about the quality of our reproduction paintings and how you can get your hands on them, so:

Safety and Security: How to Identify the Real One

When it comes to buying a custom painting on an online platform, it always looks like a risky trade.

But, if your background check is on point, then there are no chances of you getting scammed.

For your reference, I have compiled a list so that you can see for yourself that in PortraitFlip vs. Paintru, who leads the way in terms of security.

Safety CheckPortraitFlipPaintru
Secure TransactionYesYes
Customer Reviews on TrustPilot1,198Unavailable
TrustPilot Ratings4.8Unavailable
Trusted SealsYesYes

When you look at the difference between the companies in a larger frame, you can see multiple reviews on trusted sites like Trustpilot.

Unfortunately, Paintru is not available on the review sites, which makes it a bit hard to rely on!

It’s not just Paintru; a comparison between PortraitFlip vs. West and Willow has also mentioned the same.

Final Decision?

As we have reached the end of this blog, I want to give you a quick recap of what I just shared above.

We compared the features, services, prices, privacy, etc. between PortraitFlip vs. Paintru. 

So, now whenever you want to order a handmade portrait, you can order it from a reliable source like an alternative to Paintru, i.e., PortraitFlip!

PortraitFlip makes it very easy for you to order a handmade portrait of your choice and get it delivered to your doorstep.

To learn more about the same,

Author’s Note

If you are still here, then thank you so much for staying till the end!

This was all about PortraitFlip vs. Paintru.

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