PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw: Digital Or Traditional Pet Portrait?

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PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw

There isn’t any massive difference between the services provided by Crown & Paw™  and PortraitFlip.

The order flow, features, and creation process are similar to one another.

But PortraitFlip deals in handmade paintings, whereas Crown and Paw’s portraits are hand-illustrated.

If I put this out in simple words, PortraitFlip is like an ocean where you can get various forms of art—family, pet, or car portraits.

On the other hand, Crown and Paw™  is a platform where you can buy digital pet art, from modern to illustrated pet artwork. 

Knowing the difference between traditional and digital art is crucial. 

Maybe then only you can purchase any pet or cat portraits and honor the companion of your life.

Here, we’re trying to emphasize each website’s features and offers, so that a pet parent like you can make a decision without any regrets.

Service Comparison: PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™ 

Crown and Paw’s reviews are positive and appealing across the internet; you will find over 20K reviews on Trustpilot. 

Family painting from different photos

Conversely, PortraitFlip has a strong presence on every review website. 

PortraitFlip has 1,207 reviews on Trustpilot (at the time of writing this blog); plus, it has 4.8 ratings, which is pretty impressive!

Here’s a list of services provided by them (PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™ )

FeaturesPortraitFlipCrown and Paw™ 
Starting Price$89$59.95
Deposit30%Full Payment
Minimum Turnaround Time12-15 days15 days maximum (depending on the location)
Unlimited RevisionAvailableAvailable
Online proofingAvailableAvailable
Professional ArtistsPaintersDigital artists
Service TypeHand PaintedHand-illustrated
Artwork QualityHighMedium
Framing OptionsAvailableAvailable
Quality CheckYesYes
Quality ControlYesYes
Free ShippingWorldwideAvailable (conditions applied)
Custom DeliveryAvailableAvailable

When it comes to product shipment, both deliver at their own speed. 

Crown and Paw™  delivers pet portraits faster in European countries and the United States than PortraitFlip.

But PortraitFlip, is known for being true to their word and has delivered pet portraits on time, even in busy seasons like Christmas. 

Let’s take a look at their policies!

Services and Policies: PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™ 

The policies of any company tell you about its work ethics and the benefits it offers in exchange for the price you pay.

Here’s a complete list of policies:

FeaturesPortraitFlipCrown and Paw™ 
Customer Communication PlatformEmailEmail
Dedicated Support ManagerYesYes
24×7 Live Chat SupportYesNo
Chat Response TimeImmediate
Flexible Second Payment PlanAs Per Customer ConvenienceUnavailable
Refund Policy100% Money Back GuaranteeRefund under certain conditions
Satisfaction PolicyYesYes

The option of live chat support isn’t available at Crown and Paw™ . But it doesn’t imply that they have poor post- or pre-sales service.

Despite not enabling live chat support, they were able to serve hundreds of customers.

Crown and Paw’s alternative, PortraitFlip, on the other side, provides seamless customer support as they have a dedicated in-house team to look into grievances or quality related issues.

Perhaps, that’s the sole reason why there are countless people who have shared their kind words for their pet portrait artists

Safety And Security: PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™ 

Customers require quality assurance more than anything else. 

Buying a dog portrait from PortraitFlip or Crown and Paw™  for that matter, is safe and secure, regardless of medium or category they deal in. 

Each player comes up with unique offers.

You’ll see a coupon code available on Crown and Paw™, that helps you remove the delivery charge if your purchase amount hits a certain threshold.

On PortraitFlip, you will have worldwide free shipping, and PortraitFlip’s offers are more exciting and better than Crown and Paw’s coupons.

Anyway, let’s take a look at their safety and security features (PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™)

FeaturesPortraitFlipCrown and Paw™ 
Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
Trusted Site StampYesYes
Trustpilot Reviews120720046
Third-Party SealYesYes
Trustpilot Ratings4.84.4

Quality and Preferences: PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™ 

I’ve already talked about PortraitFlip and Crown and Paw™ companies’ policies, features, and offers. Also, I’ve compared their features with one another.

Take a look at their pet portrait images:

Royal Pet Portrait PortraitFlip and Royal Pet Portrait Crown and Paw
Image: PortraitFlip & Crown and Paw™ 
Pet Portraits by PortraitFlip vs Crown and Paw
Image: PortraitFlip & Crown and Paw™ 

One more..

Watercolor pet portrait by PortraitFlip and Crown and Paw
Image: PortraitFlip & Crown and Paw™ 

There are limited options in Crown and Paw™  when it comes to pet portrait art. 

But if you look at the pet’s category in PortraitFlip, you’ll see custom, royal, and compilation pet portraits.

Also, they deliver pet art in seven different mediums.

That’s why PortraitFlip is the world’s most reliable and budget-friendly service for turning any old photos into pet portraits.

My Honest Review: PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™ 

The pricing of Crown and Paw™ starts at $59.95, which is fairly cheap compared to PortraitFlip.

But when you buy handmade pet portraits from an online marketplace, you’ll see prices above $150 and sometimes $250 for a single character painting. Considering that, PortraitFlip delivers 100% handmade paintings for just $89.

Also, there’s a lot of work that goes into creating handmade paintings—understanding customers’ expectations, outlining the art, editing, framing, and shipment. 

If they deliver fine quality artwork for just $89 after going through this process, then it’s worth buying.

Not only that, but there are other reasons as well why PortraitFlip is still superior and better in terms of its quality and services.

  • A team of dedicated professionals for pet paintings
  • Availability of frames, rolls, and gallery wrap
  • 100% original and handmade paintings
  • Unlimited revisions with no questions asked refund policy

The work that goes into making handmade paintings is comparatively challenging.

Only focused and skilled professionals can work on it, as a blunder can jeopardize the entire process; there’s no such thing as undo!

That doesn’t imply digital art is conveniently safe and a no-brainer. The bottom line is that digital artists can undo things that you can’t expect in handmade pet portraits.

PortraitFlip’s Customer Review!

To get the best product on the market, there is one thing on which we can rely—customer reviews!

A customer can be your true adviser when it comes to buying any product online, with all the feedback they share without being partial.

This flawless custom painting above is of Micah, who was hand-painted by PortraitFlip’s best artist. Isn’t he adorable?

Our customer’s were extremely impressed by the portrait and even shared a pet portrait review of the experience and process they underwent.

A painting that is as eternal as your love!

Author’s Note

That’s all for now, guys! 

I hope you enjoy this blog (PortraitFlip vs. Crown and Paw™). 

You can also look at our PortraitFlip in Comparison, where we give extensive comparisons with our competitors. 

Alternatively, if you have any recommendations or questions, please leave a comment on this issue. Visit our Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channels for additional information and trending art stuff.

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