8 Best Places To Buy A Custom Painting Online

Best places to buy custom portraits online.

Is it worth spending a few hundred dollars to get a custom painting for your loved ones?

Well, that cannot be answered with a simple yes and no.

Paintings are a form of art that connects people across generations and beyond time.

Unique to each beholder, a painting speaks volumes and conveys emotions better than words ever have.

Art, especially when personalized helps us elevate our personal space, and add charm and coziness to our homes.

It becomes a comforting aspect of decor that we resonate with; which is almost like a balm for the soul.
And perhaps that is why paintings have been loved for centuries by their owners.

Paintings from photos make your precious memories into an expertly crafted work of art. 

A painting is a timeless gift that is not bound by age or gender and can be enjoyed by all; the colors, the composition, and of course the subject matter will connect and resonate with all its viewers.

So, yes! It is worth spending on a custom painting because it is an investment that will deliver returns in form of happiness.

More than that, it takes your photo to the next level, making it an art that is solely exclusive to you.

Family painting from different photos

But you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars to get your cherished memories painted from a photo.

Just because a few popular platforms charge a lot doesn’t mean you can’t get a better deal somewhere else.

That’s where we come in, we intend to help you get the best possible custom painting made from photos.

On top of that, we also paint your imagination or bring unreal elements into art. Here at PortraitFlip Ideas and inspiration, we turn your imaginative ideas into custom art.

Anyway, let’s get down to business and see the best platforms to buy a custom handmade painting

1. PortraitFlip – $$$$$

PortraitFlip - one of the best place to get custom portrait painting.

Image: portraitflip.com

Prices starting at — $60

Quality – 4.5/5

Customer Service – 5/5

Turnaround Time — 12-13 days

PortraitFlip has been creating art from your memories for more than 3 years now.

A young company that isn’t just passionate about creating art but also uplifting the artistic community around the world.

We convert all kinds of photos into custom paintings and deliver them on-demand across the globe.

Offers a variety of mediums of custom paintings to choose from including Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil, Color Pencil, and Charcoal.

You can also get to know about how to get watercolor portraits from photos.

The quality of PortraitFlip’s painting matches, if not exceeds all of its competitors.

With excellent 24×7 customer service, a 100% money-back guarantee, and a quality check at every stage; one can be assured that our painting will be made with utmost care and diligence.

Get PortraitFlip to flip your memories into a colorful handmade painting.

2. Portraits On Demand – $$$$$

Portraits on Demand - A website that sells handmade Portraits

Image: portraitsondemand.com

Prices starting at — $138

Quality — 4/5

Customer Service — 3/5

Turnaround Time — 19-23 days

Portraits on Demand is a new company, with a small customer base that provides pictures into painting services.

They offer good quality custom paintings from photos that are beautifully detailed.

Although their customer service isn’t the best on the list, one can make do if there aren’t many changes needed to be made in their custom artwork.

I believe the art you produce is only as good as how well you satisfy the needs of your customer. 

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and ample framing options, Portraits On Demand make for a good choice.

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3. Paint Your Life – $$$$$

Image: paintyourlife.com

Prices Start at – $189

Quality – 3.9/5

Customer Service – 3.7/5

Turnaround Time – 13-16 days

Paint your Life is a popular website that gives decent Quality portrait painting from photos but isn’t very economical.

No matter what you sell, the needs of your customer should be a company’s priority but that doesn’t seem like the case with Paint Your Life.

Knowing transparency is a key factor for establishing the trust of your clients, this company’s actual charges are hidden from its clients.

So, it is advisable to have a thorough look and understanding of the charges you are going to be paying.

This is also a common tick to make people pay more and customers end up going over budget.

But beyond all that, they are a trusted company that provides photo into painting services.

To know more about their services check out PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife™

4. Paintru – $$$$$

 Paintru- A website that sells handmade Portraits

Image: paintru.com

Prices starting at — $185

Quality — 3.5/5

Customer Service — NEI

creation of adam reproduction

Turnaround Time — 30-42 days

Paintru is a startup born from Instagram, they have a great artist community.

They don’t just provide a photo to painting services but also classical reproduction of famous paintings.

They don’t have a public review platform such as Trustpilot or google reviews, so it is hard to know what quality of service they are capable of providing.

5. Etsy ­- $$$$$

Etsy -  A website that sells handmade Portraits amongst many other things.

Image: etsy.com

I’m sure you have heard of Esty, it is a platform that allows independent artists to provide their art commission services at reasonable rates.

You can easily find various artists who specialize in different mediums and styles that offer custom painting of photos.

But do not forget to research the artist well before ordering as it is quite easy to get tricked with low-quality or fake products.

Especially, with Custom paintings. Many just photoshop, apply filters to make it look like a painting, and print it over a canvas.

I cannot provide exact details for their prices, quality, or turnaround time as it will vary from seller to seller.

6. Instapainting – $$$$$

Instapainting -  A website that sells handmade Portraits .

Image: instapainting.com

Price starting at — $89

Quality — NEI

Customer Service — NEI

Turnaround Time — 30-42 days

Instapainting is a good platform to get a custom painting from photos made. They offer a good range of options in style and size.

They also have a budget-friendly option, Mixed Media — for those who don’t care much for the technicality, it allows the portrait painter to first print out the outline of the images and then hand-paint the portrait.

It helps reduce the turnaround time of the artwork as well.

Although not many reviews of their work are available online, it is hard to talk about the quality and customer service they provide.

Besides their lack of reviews, Isntapainting has been painting photos for a while and appears to be a genuine and trusted website.  

For a detailed review, you can check out how Instapainting compares with Portraitflip.

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7. What A Portrait $$$$$

Image: whataportrait.com

price Start at – $89

Quality — 4/5

Customer Service — 4/5

Turnaround Time — 14-28 days

What a portrait is a company that sells custom artwork made from your favorite photo.

They provide good quality custom paintings and communicate well with their customers to understand their needs.

What a portrait has a wide range of portrait painting styles to meet your needs and provide a 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee.

8. My DaVinci $$$$$

Image: mydavinci.com

Price starting at — $99

Quality — 4/5

Customer Service — 3.4/5

Turnaround Time — NEI

A photo-to-canvas painting service that offers quality portrait painting to its customer.

They have good customer service and 20+ years’ worth of experience in converting your photos into paintings.

My DaVinci specializes in offering other kinds of handmade items like an engraved wood, custom paper cut and celebrity Art, etc.          

They don’t have a free shipping policy like their competitor and charge extra if you are to get it shipped outside the USA.

And as peculiar as it is, they don’t let their customer proceed without providing a rating to them.

End Note

The aim of this article is to bring the best options to get a custom painting, with different qualities and price ranges to fit everyone’s budget. 

The art of converting pictures into painting is best done by professionals and we believe everyone can enjoy and cherish their favorite memories through art.

Custom painting made from photos is a unique experience that cannot be replicated with any other means (photos or prints).

They lack a tangible feel to them, the inimitable stroke, textures, and shades; all create a unique experience to own a handmade painting.

And with that thought, Portraitflip started to create custom paintings from photos for you to cherish your memories along with the intent to support artists across the globe.

Learn about our story and join us to create art with your best memories.

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I hope we helped you choose the perfect place to buy your very own custom painting from photos.

PortraitFlip is a small company that sells handmade portrait paintings. We hand-paint your memories from photos and deliver them to your doorstep. 

Help us Support the artist community around the world by choosing us to paint your cherished memories.

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