9 Custom Painting Companies: Get the Best Painting Services Now!

9 Custom Painting Companies: Get the Best Painting Services Now!

What on earth can still make you feel worthy after spending hundreds of dollars?

A simple two-word answer—custom painting!

Have you ever spent a lot of money on gifts or things that you regretted later? Of course you have!

Speaking from my personal experience, I invested my money in custom painting services, and that, my friend, turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Are you wondering how you can get the best custom painters?

In that case, I welcome you to this blog that covers the best places to buy custom paintings online.

Below are websites listed from highest to lowest rank, based on the reviews, prices and ratings of their customers.

Let’s find the best painting websites for you!


PortraitFlip home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: PortraitFlip
Starting price$89
Happy customer review5/5
Turnaround time12-14 days
Deposit30% of payment
Express DeliveryAvailable
Mediums7 mediums
ShippingFree Shipping Worldwide
Safety and SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Customer Support24×7 Customer Support

PortraitFlip has been in the business of handmade paintings by placing them flawlessly on canvas for five years now.

A growing company whose aim is not only to deliver high-quality paintings but also to uplift the artistic community and people across the globe.

Family painting from different photos

They have served more than 12,000 happy customers worldwide, with brilliant reviews on TrustPilot.

They offer 7 varieties in mediums and unlimited revisions with zero extra charges.

Guess what? PortraitFlip also deals with reproduction paintings of famous artists around the world at the most reasonable prices. I mean, a full package in one!

I wonder why no one would go for PortraitFlip in the first place.

You can get one for yourself with just one click!


PaintYourLife home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: PaintYourLife™
Starting price$199
Happy customer review4.8/5
Turnaround time15-16 days 
Deposit10% of payment
Express DeliveryAvailable
Mediums7 mediums
ShippingLimited to the United States
Safety and SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Customer SupportOnly Dashboard, Monday – Friday (8am – 12am)

PaintYourLife™ is another custom painting that you can opt for.

Their customer reviews on TrustPilot say it all about how trustworthy they are.

You can even visit their website and take a quick glance at their work. 

However, when it comes to pricing, they are comparably higher than others.

They also have some hidden charges that are not visible to customers.

For example, if you are looking for express delivery, they charge you 15% extra, which is not mentioned in the prices section.

This can be a little misleading.

There are various companies like Paint Your Life, that offer relatively affordable paintings.

Read small comparison between PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife™ that can make your decision easier.

What A Portrait

What A Portrait home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: What A Portrait
Starting price$89
Happy customer review4/5
Turnaround time12-15 days
DepositFull Payment
Express DeliveryAvailable
Mediums6 mediums
ShippingFree Shipping to Specific Countries
Safety and SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Customer Support24/7 live chat

One of the photos to painting services could be seen through What A Portrait.

They do their best to deliver some fantastic custom painting with their hassle-free services.

With different styles and mediums, What A Portrait makes your task easy as well as affordable.

They have prepared their page in the most simple and clear manner, which makes the customer’s navigation easy.

Ordering custom painting from them could be one of the finest choices with no extra charges.

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Portraits On Demand

Portrait On Demand home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: Portraits On Demand
Starting price$139
Happy customer review4.2/5
Turnaround time20-30 days
DepositFull payment
Express DeliveryAvailable
Mediums6 mediums
ShippingFree WorldWide Shipping
Safety and SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Customer SupportOnly Email

When it comes to ordering customized paintings online, Portraits on Demand stands firm in the race.

They offer a good-quality product with amazing detailing and an easy ordering process.

But with the pros, there are some cons that need to be heard as well.

When it comes to their customer service, it falls behind. 

I feel that customizing artwork is a secondary part of getting the best painters online. The first and most important factor is customer service.

If your services aren’t the best, no matter how beautiful you paint, people will always have a second thought before opting for you.

Also, their prices are comparatively higher than others.

Suggested read: Comparison between PortraitFlip vs. Portraits On Demand that also talks about their services.

My DaVinci

MyDaVinci home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: MyDaVinci
Starting price$66
Happy customer review3.8/5
Turnaround time20-30 days
DepositFull Payment
Express DeliveryNot Available
Mediums5 mediums
ShippingCharges Applicable
Safety and SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Customer SupportChat Support and Email

Here we come to another place for personalized painting, which is as colorful as its name—My DaVinci!

With 20+ years of experience and good customer service, they convey some beautiful yet vibrant custom artwork.

They specialize in offering handmade items like custom paper cuts, engraved wood, caricatures, pop art, and many more.

You can get a painting made in just a few easy steps with their effortless process.

If I talk about the charges, then it may be more than its other competitors because they don’t have a free shipping policy like other custom painting companies.

For better clarity, you can check out PortraitFlip vs. My DaVinci.


Instapainting home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: Instapainting
Starting price$89
Happy customer reviewNone
Turnaround time30-45 days
Deposit20% Payment
Express DeliveryAvailable
Mediums5 mediums
ShippingOccasionally or Worldwide for size bigger than 12×12
Safety and SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Customer Support24×7 Live Chat Support and Email

Instapainting is a trusted platform when it comes to buying a custom painting.

They are budget-friendly, with multiple options in style, and also have mixed media (digital portrait).

The turnaround time is longer, which could be a drawback.

Also, we cannot talk about the quality and customer service more, as there is very little feedback that is present online. 

Still, if you wish to look at what and how they paint, you can go visit their website for a better perspective.

For some clear vision, we bring you PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting, which will give a detailed viewpoint. 


Paintru home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: Paintru
Starting price$185
Happy customer review3.8/5
Turnaround time15-38 days
DepositFull Payment
Express DeliveryUnavailable
Mediums2 mediums
Safety and SecurityTrusted Site Stamp
Customer SupportMon-Fri 9:00-5:00 pm EST and Email

Paintru is a startup that was born on Instagram.

Apart from custom portraits, they even have reproductions of famous paintings that will look beautiful on your walls.

As it is new in the market, you won’t be able to find any Paintru reviews on any platform such as TrustPilot or Google, which makes it hard for customers to learn about them.

For a quality check, you can visit its site, where you can catch a glimpse of their work.

Also read: PortraitFlip vs. Paintru


Etsy home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: Etsy

There could be a possibility that you have already checked this website.

But still, I’ll give you a perspective on this.

This online platform allows independent custom artists to provide their art at reasonable charges.

If you go for these custom painting services, then you must do a good amount of research about the artist’s background.

Because in the era of handmade custom paintings, they could just Photoshop it and hand it over to you under the same charges.

Sounds scary, right?

Don’t worry; just go with your instincts and choose the best among all.

Due to the variation in artists, I am not able to provide exact details or ratings about the quality, prices, or turnaround time on Etsy.

But you can always filter out the best from the reviews available on the platform.


Photolamus home page that is of the custom painting companies
Image: Photolamus

Photolamus started with a fantastic concept – providing personalised artwork that is easily accessible online.

In our busy, wild world, caricatures have this unique way of lifting moods and spreading smiles.

Remember when getting a caricature meant long, motionless waits in public spaces under the scrutiny of passers-by? It was quite a challenging experience. You could feel the artist’s rush to accommodate the growing queue of eager customers.

Nowadays, it’s a breeze: just hop online for your caricature. These hand-drawn gems, made with lots of love, are easy to get and won’t break the bank. Picture getting a caricature that makes you smile right away and lifts your spirits.

This is where the fantastic team of artists excels, offering the fastest online caricature drawing service. As a top online destination for comic art, they make it accessible to everyone, anywhere, and the reviews are a testament to their excellence.

Who shall I choose?

I have given you numerous options when it comes to buying the best custom painting online.

Some have the best turnaround time, some have the best customer service, and some have affordable prices.

Einstein once said, “There is nothing known as “perfect.”

But from my point of view, if you work hard, then you can surely achieve perfection!

And this I have witnessed in PortraitFlip.

When I first started the hunt to get the best custom painting, I was confused. 

But I had the best experience after ordering a handmade painting from PortraitFlip.

They not only have the quickest delivery but also make sure that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

Just look at their happy customers below, which will surely make you want to own one of their kind. Become a part of these amazing videos and the PortraitFlip family!


1. On an average, how much time does takes to receive a painting after placing the order?

It takes about 10-14 days to receive a shipment after placing the order from website.

2. Does any holiday causes delay in shipping services?

Usually, on holidays like Christmas, New year and Thanksgiving there are chances of slight delays due to high traffic of orders.

3. What is the average order value?

Average order value stands around $100-150 USD.

4. How can I turn a photo into a painting?

Turn your photo into a painting in three easy steps- send your finest picture, tell about your requirements, and choose your medium. It’s done!

5. What is the estimated cost of buying custom paintings online?

The price can range from $60 to $800, depending on your size, medium, and other factors.

6. Who is the best in the market for custom painting?

There are numerous options available when it comes to buying custom painting. The most reliable website is PortraitFlip, which gives you infinite options at an affordable price.

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