PortraitFlip vs. Portraits On Demand: Choosing The Service Of Quality

PortraitFlip vs. PortraitsOnDemand

You scavenge the internet for portrait painting services and come across big names, but trust becomes one of the most significant factors while commissioning a custom handmade painting. 

Trusting the quality, trusting the artist, and most importantly, trusting a company with your money. 

You may want to go ahead with a local artist, but the internet is a blessing and can take away half of your burden in just a few clicks.  

However, it starts getting difficult to choose when the names of industry giants like PortraitFlip, PaintYourLife™, or Portraits On Demand come up. 

All the more, you are left utterly confused with no precise comparability between the bests.

Keeping all the factors in mind, especially the trust factor, we have created a comparison of PortraitFlip with PortraitsOnDemand. 

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Product Comparison – PortraitFlip vs. Portraits On Demand

The first factor that matters the most when choosing a custom portrait painting service is the product. 

They say that marketing is a hoax. If the product is good, it has the power to sell itself. 

I mean, yes, money does matter, but what if you get an economical painting service that has high quality too?

Keeping that aside, here’s a product comparison of PortraitFlip and Portraits On Demand:

Starting Price$60$139
Deposit 30%20%
Minimum Turnaround Time 12-15 Days13-16 Days
Unlimited Revision Available Available
Online Proofing Available Available
Professional Artists YesYes
100% Hand Painted Yes Yes
Artwork Quality HighMedium
Framing Options Available Available
Quality CheckYesNo
Quality Control YesNo
Free Shipping WorldwideWorldwide
Flexible Second Payment PlanAs Per Customer Convenience80% At Once
Custom DeliveryAvailableAvailable

Customer Service And Policy – PortraitFlip vs. Portraits On Demand

A great product calls for excellent service. While commissioning a portrait through a third-person company, communication becomes one of the guiding factors. 

A company is only reliable when it not only listens, understands, and conveys your requirements to the artist but also makes sure that the entire process is hassle-free. 

The companies should offer accessible communication and instant availability in queries or issues.

With this thought, you might want to look at the Customer Service and Policy of the companies, which include PortraitFlip and PortraitsOnDemand reviews, payment flexibility, and guarantees.

A complete customer-perspective comparison between PortraitFlip and Portraits On Demand:

Features PortraitFlipPortraitsOnDemand
Customer Communication PlatformEmailDashboard
Dedicated Support Manager YesNo
24x7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Flexible Second Payment PlanAs Per Customer Convenience80% at Once
Refund PolicyNo Questions Asked 100% Money Back GuaranteeAvailable With Terms and Conditions
Satisfaction PolicyAvailableAvailable

Safety And Security – PortraitFlip vs. Portraits On Demand

The very first thing every buyer would seek while dealing in online transactions is safety and security. With online fraud increasing, it is fit to deal only with websites with proof of being authentic and secured. 

There are various ways of understanding if a website is genuine or not, like third-party security seals, Trustpilot reviews, or site stamps. 

So, the next time you plan to purchase something online, keep an eye on these trust indicators. 

Meanwhile, let me give you an Authenticity comparison between PortraitFlip and Portraits On Demand.

After all these comparisons, I am sure you must have understood why PortraitFlip is not only one of the most economical in the market but also provides a service that can be trusted. 

If you still think PortraitFlip is not a very good Portraitsondemand alternative, you may want to see this. 

Features PortraitFlipPortraitsOnDemand
Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
Trusted Site Stamp Yes No
Trustpilot Reviews 81483
Third Party Seal YesNo
Trustpilot Ratings 4.84.8

TrustPilot Says:

PortraitFlip TrustPilot Review

Tonka Dog Get A Handmade Painting from PortraitFlip

Tonka the Malamute got a beautiful handmade portrait of him and his girlfriend by us, and we can’t stop obsessing over it.

Photo to painting of Tonka dog by PortraitFlip

Watch the full video here.

Hosico Cat’s Portrait by PortraitFlip


To Conclude

It is often wise to work with a transparent service that cares for its customers, provides high quality, and, most importantly, takes all the burden off your shoulder. 

With PortraitFlip’s variety ranging from compilation portraits to giving importance to even something meager as vehicle portraits, we do it all. 

Besides, our Guarantee makes sure that you as a customer do not face a hassle and have a great experience. 

It believes in providing to customers and keeping their thoughts ahead of all.

PortraitFlip in comparison to Instapainting, portraitsondemand.com, or even industry giant PaintYourLife™, can overpower in quality. Have a look if you don’t believe it.

Get to know the story about PortraitFlip which will blow your mind.

PortraitFlip vs. PortraitsOnDemand Comparison

You can check out our gallery to see more.

Meanwhile, I’ll let you ponder over it.  

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That’s all!
I hope this article will help you make an informed decision to land you with quality and not compromise.

For more details, you can read my other comparison blog between PortraitFlip and MyDaVinci.

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