PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop: Painting or Digital Print Art?

PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop: Painting or Digital Print Art?

A talk over on PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop?

I guess this needs to be done for a better view of who could be the best in the game.

Wrangles of words can go on and on related to this topic, but first there is one thing you need to know.

PortraitFlip is famous for producing handmade paintings/portraits while Canvas Pop creates digital print art.

Although the reviews available on the site of Canvas Pop are more, PortraitFlip has something unique to share.

We can say that the alternative to Canvas Pop is right in front of your eyes.

Let’s examine how!

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Services:  PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop

The thing that could be a game changer is services.

Before getting involved, you need to have a clear-cut view of the services that PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop offers.

Family painting from different photos

Here’s a list of features that can be held accountable in the eye’s of customers.

FeaturesPortraitFlipCanvas Pop
Starting Price$89$102
Turnaround Time11-13 days12-14 days
Deposit30% paymentFull Payment
Express DeliveryAvailable Available
Mediums Used7 Mediums3 Mediums
Custom LayoutYesNo
Unlimited RevisionAvailable
Professional ArtistsHandmade PainterDigital Artist
Pricing list AvailableAvailable
Hidden ChargesNoNo
Framing OptionAvailableAvailable
Free ShippingWorldwideWorldwide
Specific date deliveryYesNo Gurantee
Service TypeHandmade PaintingDigital Print Art

You are pretty clear about the services that PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop deliver.

I would like to highlight some additional points that are not mentioned in the table.

Where to hang: 

Canvas Pop only delivers digital artworks that can be placed in a bedroom or living room.

They do not give guarantees or recommendations about the washroom areas because of the print that could warp.

But the case is slightly different with PortraitFlip.

PortraitFlip delivers a painting that is made for all room walls.

Mediums available:

The mediums are limited to three in Canvas Pop, which doesn’t give you many options to explore.

But PortraitFlip has different mediums for you to choose from.

Writer’s tip: PortraitFlip’s pastel paintings are a must to try on.

Framing options:

Canvas Pop provides wood frame options in three colors: black, white, and espresso.

PortraitFlip has three options: rolled, framed, and gallery-wrapped (canvas).

After witnessing their finishing options, people can’t help but order one for them, as they are fascinating to the eyes.

Even the price is higher when you look at PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop.

Clearly, the ball is in PortraitFlip’s court. Let’s learn more about PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop, which may make your choice easier.

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Customer Support:  PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop

I have a question for you: will you go for irregular updates with no guarantee of customer support?

I think I know your answer!

A smooth and stress-free delivery experience is everyone’s right.

Why indulge in something that will only leave you with zero satisfaction, even if you receive your delivery on time?

With this thought, here is another checklist on PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop. 

It will provide you with crystal clear data about their customer support.

PoliciesPortraitFlipCanvas Pop
Communication PlatformEmailEmail
Dedicated Support ManagerYes
Customer Support24×7 customer support
Chat FrequencyImmediate

While searching their sites, Canvas Pop didn’t claim any dedicated customer support.

This doesn’t give me any evidence that makes me aware of their customer service.

Whereas PortraitFlip has made it clear on its website that you get 24/7 customer support.

Again, this puts them ahead in the game of PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop.

Additional info: Have you checked out PortraitFlip’s reproduction paintings yet? 

If not, then do visit their replica gallery, and I can bet that you won’t be able to guess which is real and which is just a reproduction.

Security:  PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop

Here comes the most important factor that many don’t look into—Security!

Don’t you want to know whether the money you are going to put in is in good hands or not?

A check on the reliability of the company is a must.

But trust me on this you don’t want to get involved in the process.

It’s tiring as well as lengthy.

Easiest way? A list that provides all the details about the site. But how?

Don’t worry, you have me.

Below is the PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop security check that will provide you with all the answers.

Safety CheckPortraitFlipCanvas Pop
Secure TransactionYesYes
Customer Reviews on TrustPilot1,1987
TrustPilot Ratings4.83.7
Trusted SealsYesYes

Although Canvas Pop is secure and trusted, the reviews are not so pleasing to the customers.

As the saying goes, there’s no better source of feedback than an experienced person, and this is clearly in front of your eyes.

You can check PortraitFlip’s TrustPilot reviews for your satisfaction.

There are many aspects from which you can choose.

Whether it’s learning from the perspective of people who have already gone through the process or ways to hire a custom painting artist.

Once again, PortraitFlip takes the lead when it comes to security and honest reviews.

One more thing that everyone looks for is the quality of the work.

So how about a mini tour of PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop art and craft?

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Quality Review: PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop

Choices depend a lot on the quality you go for.

During my research, I was not able to get a clear view of how Canvas Pop works.

Although they have many reviews on their site, when it comes to witnessing their work, they kind of lack that.

Whereas PortraitFlip didn’t leave a single opportunity to showcase their work to the customers.

It was all over their site, speaking on behalf of them.

Let’s watch a comparison between PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop!

Pet Portrait:

PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop Pet Portrait
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip & Digital Print Art by Canvas Pop

Wedding Portrait:

PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop Wedding Portrait
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip & Digital Print Art by Canvas Pop

How about some scenery?

Landscape Painting:

PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop Landscape Portrait
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip & Digital Print Art by Canvas Pop

How was the visit to the mini gallery of PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop?

Pleasing to the eyes?

Let me show you some more paintings by PortraitFlip that captivated me!

Other Works by PortraitFlip:

Handmade Paintings by PortraitFlip that show tiger on bench with people standing behind him.
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip
Reproduction Paintings by PortraitFlip that show the famous Mona Lisa
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Few more..

Couple Paintings by PortraitFlip that show a woman on man's back
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip
Pet Paintings by PortraitFlip that show close up shot of horse
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Can’t stop watching these arts? I know right, me neither!

Well, PortraitFlip knows how to make their customers stop and convert their pictures into handmade paintings.

Yes, I ended up ordering one for myself. Can you blame them? They are pretty amazing!

Check out their galleries and choose the best medium for yourself.

Who Wins (My View): PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop

Here comes my favorite part.

Are you curious to know who really wins the race?

Clearly, there was no competition, as PortraitFlip was ahead in each aspect as compared to Canvas Pop.

Digital print art is cool, but the feeling a painting illuminates is beyond one’s explanation.

I have held it, and all the emotions just rush through your veins with the personal touch that it brings.

It was wholesome!

Their features, including unlimited revisions, 10+ categories, and the honest reviews of their happy customers, just made the decision a bit easier.

From my point of view, spending $102 on a print of art is not worth it compared to spending an affordable $89 on a painting.

You get something that is personal and full of emotions.

I haven’t disclosed the best part yet. 

Apart from regular paintings, they have some amazing royal pet portraits that bring out your little buddy in the most amusing way.

Isn’t it humorous?

If I went one by one, then this section would be flooded with PortraitFlip’s services that they offer to their people.

I’ll now rest and let their customers do the talking!

Hear From the Customer!

Everyone can be partial but when it comes to reviewing products, no one can be a true adviser more than a customer.

They have gone through the entire process along with the customer service, which makes them the best judges anyone can ask for.

The cat in the above image is Makoa, who was hand-painted by PortraitFlip’s artist.

We have a blog dedicated to one of our testimonials who has undergone the services of PortraitFlip and given their honest review on how the painting is 100% handmade.

You can read the PortraitFlip Pet Portrait Review, which will make your decision definite!

A painting that is irreplaceable.

Hi from Writer

How was the blog PortraitFlip vs. Canvas Pop? Did you get your best man?

I have gathered all the information in one place and tried to make the task easier for you.

Now, the choice is yours, and I hope you get what you were looking for.

If there is something you want to add to this blog, feel free to mention it in the comments section.

Hearing from my readers is always pleasing to my ears.

If you like the blog, you can definitely look into PortraitFlip in comparison, where we have discussed more such content.

You’ll love it.

At the end, all I’ll say is to choose wisely!

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