Custom Painting Artists: A Guide To Hire An Artist 

Your guide in hiring a Custom Painting Artists

On your way to getting a custom painting but feel unsure about how to hire a Custom painting artist?

You will need to consider various things before you hire an artist to paint a picture.

This guide will take you on a step-by-step journey of hiring an artist online.

Getting a custom handmade painting is perfect for personalizing your space and framing memories that are hard to let go of.

The era of ready-made painting has ended. People are slowly moving towards a more global and old-new tradition of handmade custom paintings.

Creative work is satisfyingly demanding but working with creatives is very confusing.

Hiring custom painting artists can be really difficult – but you got to handle this one with kindness and gentleness.

By the end of this article, you will know exactly what you need to hire the perfect artist for commissioning your artwork.



First things first.

Be honest with the artist about your budget.

Family painting from different photos

Many artists charge by the project and not hours and know that it is never one size fits all.

The price changes as style, size, complexities, or mediums change.

It is vital to understand not every artist is an expert in every medium.

So, before you go ahead and set a budget, you should have an idea of what size, medium, style, etc. you need.

This will help set the right budget for your artwork.

Trust Is Everything


Trust is the beginning of all great creations.

You have to trust your artist and be comfortable with him.

While hiring an artist to paint, see their previous works and their duration.

Check if they have worked with the same group or client again.

And most importantly try knowing the behind that painting.

Do a background check of how satisfied was his client with his work.

Trust, but verify!

At the same time, you must believe that the artist that you have hired can do the job well.

A.  Get Familiar With The Painting Process

Get Familiar With The Painting Process

This is where the technical aspect comes in. 

The key factor to a successful, and quality custom painting is communication.

The compatibility of the client and artist should be the top priority to make a project work out.

However, what comes after that is the process of painting.

Every custom painting artist is good enough.

But good quality comes out of a creative who knows how to keep the personal touch intact in the custom painting.

Irrespective of what the photo beholds, be it a family portrait, couple portrait, or even pet portrait, it should hold the sentiments in place.

This is what a custom painting should do to a person.

And only good custom painting artists have the magic to do this.

To be able to work with a custom painting artist successfully, you need to get familiar with the painting process.

Because creating a custom painting is a two-way process and you need to be an active part of the entire work.

Having a rough idea of the process makes it easier for you to understand the jargon and pushes the coordination between you and the custom painting artists.

Professional painting artists will always keep a detailed overview of the following:

1.      The manner and clarity of the photo that is sent to the artist.

A professional artist will always seek better photos that help him make an accurate painting.

Some artists understand at one go, while other custom painting artists seek more images for a better comprehension of the subject.

2.     The type of services a custom photo to painting artist offers:

Generally, a customer service policy should include the turnaround time, cashback guarantee, warranty period, types of quality, medium, and colors used, and how long can the painting be preserved.
Custom painting artists that provide these services can be trusted.

3.     The manner of delivery of the painting:

A decent artist would have a fair idea of shipment and would know the ideal way to wrap and deliver the painting.

He would not only suggest to you the ideal ways of wrapping the chosen painting but will also make sure it reaches you safely and on time.

4.     Provides a renderable preview of the finished product.

A genuine custom painting artist will make sure he sends you a preview of the finished painting and ship it only after your approval.

If not, the painter may choose to redo the entire process until it satisfies your needs.

Is it too much to ask for? Too much to worry about?

Well, that is where we come in and make things super easy.

The only thing you need to worry about is which photo to choose and how you want it painted. The Rest? PortraitFlip will take care of it. Down to the T!

The best part? No risk.

PortraitFlip only takes a 30% deposit and gives 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee. 

Getting your custom painting made with PortraitFlip is a beautiful and seamless journey.

B.   The Art Of Post – Processing

 Post – Processing Images

What is Post Processing? Why do you need it? And how important is it to a custom painting artist?

When creating a painting from a photo, the custom painting artist needs a clear and well-lit photo.

But in many cases, that isn’t possible.
It could be because it is an old photo or maybe because that is the only photo you have of that person or moment.

There can be n-number of reasons, but just because you don’t have a good photo, it doesn’t mean you should get a bad or mediocre painting.

Post-production helps correct the mistakes of the camera.

It helps bring the person into light that you so badly want to paint (literally and figuratively)

Or maybe you want them to be part of a different memory; add their presence in a significant moment in your life.

Just like one of our customers wanted her entire family in one frame but did not a photo together.

So, our designers combined all of her beloved family members into one image.

a handmade compilation oil painting

But most artists don’t bother to do it and if they do, they charge extra for it.

creation of adam reproduction

It may seem like a headache or unnecessary but it makes a difference. So much so, that you shouldn’t skip it.

A professional custom portrait service will always consider post-processing as an important step.

They will work on it by either asking you for more such images or by developing a blemish-free image and getting it approved by you.

Any changes needed by the customer can be and should be incorporated into the custom painting.

C.    Analysis Of Competitors

Analysis of competitors

There are a lot of custom painting services out there and everyone promises to provide the best deal.

It is on you, however, to weigh among them and choose the one that is closest to your requirements.

While you are at it, fall back on a friend who has availed of a similar service.

Ask more people to help you with thorough research and broaden your scope (and the budget too, maybe?).

Also, check for reviews on trusted platforms such as Trustpilot and Google reviews.

Suggestion: Find out the place to get a custom painting for you.

D.   Customer Service Policies And Variations

Customer service policies

Wooden alphabet block ‘policy’ on white background

Customer Service P…

… I almost slept!

But, as boring as it may sound, and as careless as we are with it, it comprises to be one of the most important steps of hiring custom painting artists.

We tend to overlook the policy but I personally urge everybody to read through it.

It not only makes you a little more confident about selecting ideal custom painting artists but also gives you a decent idea of what to expect from a service.

If you ever feel cheated, you will have your bible at the back of your head and you would know how to go about the uglier aspect of it.

Generally, a custom service policy includes the following details:

  • Turnaround times.
  • The cashback guarantees.
  • Warranty period.
  • Type and quality of the stationery used.
  • The shelf-life of the portrait and how to preserve it.

E.   Turnaround Time And Hidden Costs

a girl sitting on the floor holding a circular clock looking at the front

There have been cases when people have incurred unnecessary costs without a proper explanation.

This has generally turned out to be nasty during business transactions.

Always discuss the costs that you need to incur throughout the process until the custom painting reaches your doorstep to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Along with the hidden costs, which is important to know is the turnaround time.

Long turnaround times can be really disappointing and can cause a lot of shipping charges.

Make sure that you confirm the time before taking any decision.

Choosing ideal custom painting artists is an uphill task and you really need to invest a lot of time and patience through the internet.

Once the custom painting is received, there is no going back to the artists (depending on the guarantee and return policy of the service)

Even if you plan to keep it with you, it may not be of visual interest.

Custom painting has become a growing trend and with more demand, comes more services.

Even though we need options, sometimes it can be a tedious task to choose from them.

Whenever you feel confused about whom to decide, we have the best in mind.

PortraitFlip is an online custom portrait portal that specializes in providing custom paintings to people with a vast array of painting styles, frames, mediums, and paint types.

But like I said trust, but verify!

So, Why PortraitFlip?

Why Choose PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip turn’s photos into painting for you to cherish your memories forever.

We turn photos into a painting, making them unforgettable – allowing you to experience your memories like never before.

At PortraitFlip, we aim to help you frame your happiest memories for you to relive them as and when you wish.

When you order a painting from PortraitFlip, you have the liberty of determining how your painting is going to be painted.

Making you an integral part of the process enables us in delivering the portrait painting your memories deserve.

We all need something little to remind us of our loved ones, and getting your favorite memory painted is a sure way to immortalize them.

All you have to do is upload the photo/s you want to be painted and select your preferences.

At PortraitFlip your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

If this hasn’t had you saying – ‘paint my photo’ already,
Here are a few reasons why should get a portrait painting!

  • 100% Hand-Painted by Professional Artists from across the globe.
  • No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • A Multi-tiered quality control process.
  • Unlimited Revisions.
  • Free Online Proofing.
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Superior Customer Service.
  • Exceptional Value.

Suggest: PortraitFlip vs Instapainting

How To Go About Procuring A Custom Painting From PortraitFlip?

Once the photograph is taken on the camera or mobile, it can either be sent to PortraitFlip via email or uploaded here.

Choose the category from Pet, Human, Couple, or other.

Once sent or uploaded, you can choose a medium among Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil, Color Pencil, Watercolor, or Pastel

Select the number of characters, sizes, and dimensions.

Any issue can be resolved by directly contacting our customer support.

Once done, the custom painting artists will complete the art in a short span, delivering the highest-quality custom painting wrapped the way you want it without incurring any shipping cost.

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But for the sake of 100% verification and satisfaction…

Trustpilot Review

Our expertise and precision are bound to get your affection, attention, and appreciation.

That’s all folks!

Hope you found this article answers your question on how to hire an artist for a painting.

Keep all these steps fresh in your mind before hiring custom painting artists.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section below.

Do check out PortraitFlip, a one-stop platform to get the best handmade portraits.  

And if you have reached here, thank you!         

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