PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting: Which One to Choose?

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What if I told you that you could get the best custom paintings from these two services, which have been dominating the photo to painting market?

Yes, you heard that right.

PortraitFlip and Instapainting are two companies that produce and deliver the finest pieces of art, whether you want a custom family portrait, a pet artwork, or a compilation painting.

But you can’t pick both; you’ve got to settle on one option.

There are a few factors that one should consider before choosing any portrait painting service.

Customer service, quality of work, reviews, offers, and so on.

Which is why we bring you a complete comparison guide on PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting. 

Here, we help you make a better decision when it comes to purchasing or gifting a painting to your loved ones.

PortraitFlip’s competitor Instapainting has been in the business for 13 years. But PortraitFlip, in just five years, dominated the market and delivered thousands of handmade portraits across the globe.

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Family painting from different photos

Product Comparison: PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting

The success of a business depends on how it caters to its customers and works to retain them.

You can sell your custom artwork in various ways, but if the product is not genuine, satisfying, or valuable enough, you’ll never be able to retain your customers.

When it comes to portrait painting services, a customer prefers quality over quantity. Also, they desire to own handmade paintings at reasonable prices.

PortraitFlip has a couple of premium paintings compared to Instapainting. But it delivers superior quality artwork far better than its competitors.

Here’s a thorough and accurate product comparison between PortraitFlip and Instapainting.

Starting Price$89$49
Turnaround Time11-13 days17-29 days
Deposit30% payment20% Payment
Flexible Second Payment PlanAs Per Customer Convenience$10/Month Installation
Unlimited RevisionAvailableAvailable
Online ProofingAvailableAvailable
Custom DeliveryAvailableAvailable
Professional ArtistsHandmade PainterHandmade Painter
Pricing list AvailableAvailable
Hidden ChargesNoNo
Framing OptionAvailableAvailable
Free ShippingWorldwideWorldwide for size bigger than 12×12
Specific date deliveryYesNo Gurantee
Artwork QualityHighMedium

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Customer Service And Policy – PortraitFlip vs Instapainting

How badly you want to retain your customers shows how serious you’re about your business.

When you satisfy your customers, you retain them. When you retain your customers, you generate more revenue.

A person who wants to purchase portraits will expect top-notch customer service. Because there are hundreds of players in this photo-to-painting business, which can replace a business that provides overwhelming experiences  

Let me quickly run you through the comparison between PortraitFlip and Instapainting in terms of customer service and policy.

You can read more about the policy on our Guarantee Page.

Communication PlatformEmailEmail
Dedicated Support ManagerYesNo
24×7 Live Chat SupportYesYes
Refund PolicyNo Questions Asked 100% Money Back GuaranteeTerms and Conditions Applied on Refund
Satisfaction PolicyYesNo
Customer Service QualityHighLow

You can read more about the policy on our Guarantee Page.

Safety And Security – PortraitFlip vs Instapainting

PortraitFlip takes special care if they find out about any malware activities on the website, and so does the competitor of PortraitFlip—Instapainting.

This shows how both really care about their customers’ privacy. 

Does that mean Instapainting and PortraitFlip are secure enough to create transactional relationships?

Let’s find out:

Safety CheckPortraitFlipINSTAPAINTING
Safe and Secure TransactionYesYes
Customer Reviews on TrustPilot12340
TrustPilot Ratings4.80
Trusted SealsYesYes

It’s recommended to make transactions only on websites that are spam-free, authentic, and secured.

Both have third party security seals, site stamps, and important pages such as terms and conditions.

PortraitFlip looks more reliable than Instapainting, as you can clearly see it has received 1,234 reviews so far on Trustpilot.

This is what customers at Trustpilot said about PortraitFlip:

What Do Our Customers Feel?

PortraitFlip’s Customer Testimonials:

Image: Trustpilot

Final Note

You should always take a few things into consideration while opting for a custom handmade painting service.

This helps you convey your expectations thoroughly to the service provider, who is responsible for delivering the paintings.

Some prefer paintings at reasonable prices; some want premium artwork. It depends from person to person.

Always do thorough research before investing in handmade art, and quality check too. 

A guide to custom painting artists is a must to look into. 

With that thought, let me show you the work of both Instapainting and PortraitFlip for the final action.

How is it? 

Now, let me know which one you’re going ahead with!

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip and Instapainting

That’s all folks!

I hope you found this blog valuable.

I’ve also written a comparison guide on PortraitFlip vs. PaintYourLife™, where you’ll learn their key differences and understand which company offers excellent services.

Don’t forget to check out the article, and if you like our content, you can follow us on Instagram and subscribe to us on YouTube.

See you around. ❤️


Does it vary according to the artist or company?

It surely depends on the artist on how the painting is made but a company plays a important role in hiring the best artist which makes them the best.

What could be the starting price of a handmade painting?

The price may vary according to the medium you select but the approximate starting cost could be $50.

Does the painting is 100% handmade?

The answer to this question depends on the company you are opting for. At PortraitFlip, they guarantee 100% handmade painting that will be delivered in no-time!

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