PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting: Custom Portrait Artists In Comparison

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting: Custom Portrait Artists In Comparison

Looking for a portrait painting service that is economical and has quality? Daunting, I must say. 

You may find quality services, but the price may touch the skies, and the economic ones do not provide a good quality handmade painting.

Despite many portrait painting services available across the internet, it is among the top five handmade painting companies online, making it challenging to choose from. 

Now you cannot trust anybody with your memories. Most of the companies in the market hire novice portrait artists to earn some extra bucks but disrespect the subject of the painting. 

To help you make an informed decision about a portrait painting service, I bring you a PortraitFlip’s comparison with its competitor Instapainting.

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Product Comparison – PortraitFlip vs Instapainting 

Product satisfied the needs, wants, and desires of the customer. 

You can sell a broken lamp in a decorative box, but you only gain a customer’s trust when the product is of high quality.

PortraitFlip may come off a little expensive as Instapainting’s alternative service. However, the quality is far better in all aspects.

Here’s a thorough and accurate Product comparison between PortraitFlip and Instapainting. 

Family painting from different photos
Features PortraitFlipInstapainting
Starting Price $60$49
Deposit 30%20%
Minimum Turnaround Time 12-15 Days17-29 Days
Unlimited Revision Available Available
Online Proofing AvailableAvailable
Professional Artists YesNot Sure
100% Hand Painted YesMixed-Media
Artwork Quality HighMedium
Framing Options Available Available
Quality Check YesNo
Quality Control YesNo
Free Shipping WorldwideWorldwide for size bigger than 12x12
Flexible Second Payment Plan As Per Customer Convenience$10/Month Installation
Custom Delivery Available Available

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Customer Service And Policy – PortraitFlip vs Instapainting

Respecting customer concerns and providing the best and most immediate solution determines good customer service. 

A company will never disappoint its customers. To protect them from any disappointment, a company will make sure to create policies that cater to their needs. 

There may be a hundred big fish in the market, but customer service tells you which service is genuine.

So, let me quickly run you through the comparison between PortraitFlip and Instapainting in terms of Customer Service and Policy. 

Features PortraitFlipInstapainting
Customer Communication Platform EmailEmail
Dedicated Support Manager YesNo
24x7 Live Chat Support Yes Yes
Flexible Second Payment PlanAs Per Customer Convenience $10/Month Installation
Refund Policy No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions Applied on Refund
Satisfaction Policy YesNo
Customer Service QualityHighLow

You can read more about the policy on our Guarantee Page.

Safety And Security – PortraitFlip vs Instapainting

A mark of genuine online handmade painting service is a trusted seal on the website. A secured website protects its customers from cybercrime and makes sure that the website is safe to use. 

creation of adam reproduction

It creates trust amongst the users. 

So, is Instapainting and PortraitFlip secured enough to create transactional relations?

A little something to give that ultimate push towards choosing PortraitFlip as your go-to service to commission a handmade painting: 

Safe and Secure Transaction YesYes
Trusted Site Stamp YesNo
Trustpilot Reviews 814 0
Third Party SealYes No
Trustpilot Ratings 4.80

What Do Our Customers Feel?

What Do Our Customers Say?

PortraitFlip trustpilot review in comparison with PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting
Image: TrustPilot

To Conclude

It is okay to be in a fix, primarily when investing in something that takes your time and effort. Most importantly, you cannot trust everybody with your photographs and memories.  

You may try to find an economical way to work things around, but an economical service doesn’t guarantee quality. 

It does not even protect you from involving in fraud. 

Always do thorough research before investing in handmade art and quality check too.

A guide to custom painting artists is a must to look into.

With that thought, let me show you the work of both Instapainting and PortraitFlip for the final action.

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip and Instapainting

The rest remains your choice. 

That’s all folks!

I hope you found this blog valuable.

I’ve also written a comparison guide on PortraitFlip vs. PaintYourLife™, where you’ll learn their key differences and understand which company offers excellent services.

Also get to know our story from the blog post here.

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See you around. ❤️


Does it vary according to the artist or company?

It surely depends on the artist on how the painting is made but a company plays a important role in hiring the best artist which makes them the best.

What could be the starting price of a handmade painting?

The price may vary according to the medium you select but the approximate starting cost could be $50.

Does the painting is 100% handmade?

The answer to this question depends on the company you are opting for. At PortraitFlip, they guarantee 100% handmade painting that will be delivered in no-time!

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