15 Ways to Heal After Pet Loss: Get Your Therapy Here!

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Losing someone you love is heart-wrenching.

Relationships are described by the bond we share with each other, whether it’s humans or pets.

Losing a pet that you have cared for almost half of your life could be the hardest thing you have to go through.

People find it difficult to cope with the memories of their pets and struggle with the healing part.

We understand your situation, and that’s why we have come up with different ways to heal from the pet loss that will help you recover from the pain.

Let’s fix your broken heart!

How to get over a lost pet?

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Fixing your broken heart after a pet loss is difficult. 

It only becomes worse when you discover that those people, whose eyes light up when they see you approaching, have left.

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with the loss of a pet and minimize the pain.

To lessen the grief in your heart, use these ways that will help you cope with pet loss.

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1. Permit Yourself To Grieve

A woman posing sadly in a grieving situation from a pet loss
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Allowing your heart to grieve is the first and most crucial step in the healing process.

We know you are strong, but the pain has to come out in some way or another.

Allow yourself to grieve over the death of your pet and accept the fact that they are not with you anymore.

Acceptance is a mandatory part of the healing process.

Never ignore the event that has occurred, as it will only reflect on your health.

A feeling of sadness and complete shock is normal after the pet loss, which is why you have to grieve the loss of a pet.

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2. Stop Blaming Yourself

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Many times, people seem to blame themselves for the death of a pet.

They would be reflecting on how things might have gone differently if they had taken the cat to the doctor sooner or double-checked the dog’s condition.

A feeling of guilt is acceptable, but never blame yourself, as this only leads to deep depression.

If you think about what exactly went wrong, you will realize that you were not responsible for the loss of your pet. 

Some things have to happen, no matter how hard you try to stop them.

Take your time and make peace with it.

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3. Make a Tribute

a symmetry giving tribute to a pet referring to the pet loss.
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Your pet deserves a memorial, right?

Make a tribute with pet memorial stones to their loving memories, and mark a day with their name to remember for the rest of your lives. 

This way, you’ll be able to share your pain with your close ones and recall a memory that will help you put your heart at ease.

You can even get pet loss souvenirs that will reflect your pet friend.

There are numerous memorial gifts for pet loss available to honor your beloved friend or to give to someone who has recently lost an animal friend.

4. Allowing Yourself To Recover

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You have to understand that the healing process takes time.

It is not something that will happen overnight.

Some people have a speedy recovery from the loss, like within a week or two; some may require a month to heal; it depends from person to person.

Understand that healing is not something that is rushed into.

Take your time, and while you are recovering from the pain, you may have some reading on pet loss books that could help you heal easily.

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5. Express Your Feelings

A woman who is consoling another woman from a pet loss.
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One of the best ways to heal from the loss of a pet is to open up about your feelings to someone you are close with.

They understand you and know what you are feeling.

At some point or another, everyone has experienced this loss and has suffered in their own way.

You can relate to a lot of things and feel lighter in your heart after expressing them.

6. Understand The Causes Of Events

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Now that they are gone, it’s important to understand what caused the incident to occur.

Being aware of what happened in the first place that led to the loss of a dog or loss of a cat could be a way to heal from the ache.

Knowing what caused the incident will provide you with closure.

How about a pet loss journal that will guide you through the healing process and give you a sense of meaning that you can relate to?

Try giving it a shot!

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7. Go For A Walk

A person is walking down the area after a pet loss
Image Source: campsited.com

A stroll with your friends can make a difference, especially if you’ve been experiencing a lot lately. 

You know you need this after all the things you have been through since your pet loss.

This may benefit your health and help you keep up with other things after a fresh start.

If that lane you pass by or the garden you see on the path you walk on reminds you of your pet, perhaps those special moments.

Then you should cherish them and bring those moments into existence once again.

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8. Relive Your Special Memories

Mockup of pet loss painting from ProtraitFlip.
Image Source: Painting by PortraitFlip

The memories you shared with your pet will live forever in your heart.

No matter how many years pass, you will remember and think about them, especially if there is some special event.

How about making that memory live and real?

You could have a portrait made of your friend as a unique gift dedicated to the loving memory of your pet.

At PortraitFlip, you have the option to customize your portrayal and create it in any way that suits you.

You just have to provide the instructions, and it’s done.

An amazing, handmade painting of you and your pet is at your door.

Incorporate your loved one in a single frame! 

9. Remember About Your Other Pets

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Losing a pet is the hardest thing to get over.

But what about the other pets that are awaiting your attention and love?

Pets never leave, no matter what the situation is, and all they need in return is constant affection and care.

Since the first loss has already occurred, we don’t want another one.

Loving the pet the way they deserve shows your concern for them as well.

Keep an eye out for other creatures by having some meaningful cat gifts that will lift your spirits and feelings.

10. Don’t Rush Into Anything

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Pet loss puts you in a devastated state where it’s hard to get yourself back to a normal life. 

Making some big decisions in your life in such a scenario does not sound like a smart decision to me.

It might be advisable to get an opinion from someone who is close to you if you feel like making a substantial shift in your life.

Any outcome could result in something you later come to regret.

So pause and consider your next move!

11. Delightful Bits With Your Pet

Mockup of a cat painting made by PortraitFlip that refer to pet loss
Image Source: Painting by PortraitFlip

It’s time to admire some bits that you shared with your pet friend, whether it’s a dog, a cat, or any other kind.

They were the main character in your life, and you don’t want your favorite thing to vanish all of a sudden. 

Let us create something out of nowhere for them that encompasses all of the facets of their existence as an upcoming gift for Christmas or any other event.

All you need is a painting that only features their best portrayal; that would make the perfect gift.

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12. Talk With Your Kids

A father talking out with a son about how to overcome from a pet loss
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Children are more affected by the loss of pets than anyone else.

They’ve never experienced this kind of loss before, so all you need to do is console them and provide pet loss sympathy.

Acknowledge that their friend has died, but no matter how far they have traveled, they will always remain in their hearts.

Give them something that reminds them of their buddy.

You are aware that they will remember the humble gesture you made to cheer them up.

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13. Get Enough Sleep

A woman sleeping on bed peacefully.
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Most people struggle with sleep during such circumstances.

Getting a proper amount of sleep is what you require during this period of time.

Make sure your lights are dimmed; no screen time before going to bed; and no consumption of caffeine as it may lead to a delay in sleep.

If you follow these steps, it may help you increase your sleep cycle and keep your health in good condition.

14. Adapt A New Routine

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You are aware that they are no more.

After the loss of a pet, there are changes that people have to go through while adapting to a life without them.

It’s essential to establish new habits according to the things going around lately.

It’s not meant to make you forget about the pet loss you’ve experienced, but rather to support you as you move forward with your life.

And yes, change is the only constant!

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15. Lastly, Adopt A New Friend

A man who is with a kitten after his pet loss.
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Even though you lost your pet, you are still free to adopt a new one. 

Similarly, there are many pets that may have lost someone special and are now somewhere they do not belong to.

Adopt them and have a new, adorable friend around.


I would like to dedicate a beautiful quote marked by Helen Keller that says,

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; all that we have loved deeply, becomes a part of us.”

Helen Keller

Hello People,

It is difficult to recover from the loss of a pet.

But we know that you are strong enough to handle the situation.

How to deal with losing a pet is just what you need to be knowledgeable about.

At some point, everyone in their lives needs a little push, which I hope you have received from this blog, “The Nuts & Bolts to Heal from Pet Loss: Get Your Therapy Here!”

I know it’s not the right time but if you want to give out something to the pet lovers you can get an idea from the blog post here!

If there are any other thoughts or questions, you may reach out to us or mention them in the comment section below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

I appreciate you spending some time reading my blog.

We hope you heal from the pain soon!


How do you comfort someone who has lost a pet?

When someone suffers a loss of a pet, validate their feelings before anything else. Give them their space and time to grieve. Remind them to go easy on themselves. Hear them out. Gift them something in honor of their pet. Just let them feel what they want to until they feel okay.

Why is losing a pet painful?

Pets for some people aren’t ‘just a pet’. They can be someone’s mere source of happiness, they can be a companion to someone, the source of safety and comfort, or just their baby. When someone loses a pet, they aren’t just losing a pet; they are losing it all.

What do you get someone when their dog dies?

When someone loses a dog or any pet, sympathy gifs are the best idea you can lean on. You can find the best, tried, and tested pet sympathy and memorial gifts in this article and even some tips on how to help someone cope with the loss of a pet.

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