12 Pet Lover Gift Ideas (Updated List)

12dog lover gift ideas

The bond that an individual share with his pet is often stronger than the one he shares with most other human beings for.

“No one appreciates the special genius of your conversations as does the dog”     -Christopher Morley

They speak in loving gestures rather than meaningful words for their love is unconditional and gives without counting the cost.

Such innocence about their warmth and affection which is rarely ever seen for Shakespeare says

“I had rather a dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me.”

Imagine all those times when the stress had completely overtaken you and with not a single hope or glimpse of happiness around your beloved pet comes running to you.

How every single one of those tensions melts away in that time and you truly realize then what a source of joy and bliss your pet can be.

Our team here at PortraitFlip has come out with a list of perfect and unique pet lover gift ideas for all those pet lovers out there.

  • Ombre Leash:

Animal leash

Just imagine how stylish your pet would look with a customizable ombre leash and the choices of different colors and sizes is sure to make you go crazy.

Who says pets don’t have swagger, put on this leash and let all of them stare as you get your coolness quotient up.

One of the most trending things in the pet industry it is sure to raise a few eyebrows and the perfect gift for your pet loving friend.

Pet portrait painting

Isn’t it beautiful knowing that you can stare at the thing that you like for hours together and just marvel at their beauty?

Well, this is the perfect gift for all those people who adore pets and have always been attracted to the artistic side of things.


Nothing professes the love that you share more than a thoughtful gift such as a custom-made pet portrait.

Pooch selfie ball

As crazy as it may sound in a world that is rapidly becoming a digital place don’t we all just love a perfect photo of our loved one

Is your pet too full of energy or just can’t be stationary for a selfie so in that case, this is just the perfect thing for you?

You can capture the perfect moment and let the whole world know about the inseparable bond that you share.

  • Pet Store Gift Card:

Pet store gift card

As you are most probably aware every person has a different mindset and therefore relates to situations differently.

No two people think the same way and hence even their choices are bound to differ from each other.

If you are not sure what to gift your pet-obsessed friend well this is the perfect choice as he is free to pick whatever he likes from a host of various choices.

Pet hoodie 1

This may seem a little extreme but a great choice for all those hardcore pet lovers out there.

It is perfect as it has a large pocket which is big enough for your cat or a tiny pup to snuggle up inside and maybe even take a nap.

Though bizarre to some it is sure to bring a broad smile to the pet owner’s face.

  • Welcome Mat:

Pet door mat

A normal welcome mat is to mainstream and traditional so why not gift a unique welcome mat which makes you feel like a proud pet owner.

A great, creative and economical gift for all pet lovers out there.

One can find such mats at any pet store or retail shop in the locality.

So what are you waiting for go and get yours fast?

  • Pet Tees:

Pet tshirt

Fashion is an ever-evolving art and a pet tee is the perfect fashion statement for all the pet lovers out there.

Our choice of clothes often reveals a lot about ourselves and our innate desires and wishes.

So why not get a tee that celebrates the beautiful bond of friendship that you have with your pet and showcase it to all your friends.

Wilmot grey sweater

Just as we speak about fashion why not buy a piece of clothing that makes your dog stand apart from the crowd and really cool.

A site such as urban pup has a whole section devoted to just a fashion line for dogs.

From leather to cotton and custom to vintage they just seem to have it all.

If you keep up with all the latest fashion trends and are a staunch pet lover this sounds like the ideal accessory.

  • Personalized Treat Jar:

Pet bottle

Well, every pet likes a good treat, doesn’t it?

So why not get a treat jar that looks and feels just as good as the treats inside of it.

A customized treat jar sounds like just the perfect gift for all those proud pet owners who like to show off their love for their pets.

Turdlebag dog poo bag holder carrier

There are many things that we love about our pets but isn’t it just so annoying when you have to clean up after them especially when there is no place to properly dispose of it.

We have just the solution for you.

Easy to attach and it comes in sizes for all dogs and it makes your life a whole lot easier.

The upside is that you don’t have to worry about any mess and are free to spend some quality time with your beloved pet.

  • Reversible Pet Bed:

Reversible pet bed

Your pet just loves your company so much that he can’t help but snuggle with you either in the bed or on the couch.

Now the downside to this is that all their fur may spread all about and cause various diseases.

But worry not for the reversible pet bed is the perfect solution.

Now your pet can sleep on any piece of furniture and you have not a thing to worry about.

  • Key Chain:

Pet key chain

A keychain has now become quite a necessary fashion accessory from keychains of your favorite soccer team to that of your favorite superhero.

A keychain swearing your allegiance to house stark or house Lannister.

The choices are endless.

So why not have a keychain of your pet and carry it as a reminder of his unfailing love everywhere that you go.

All of the above-mentioned choices have a really unique aspect and a personalized touch to it.

Perfect ways to celebrate the love between pet and master.

In the words of gene hill “Whoever said that you cannot buy happiness forgot about little puppies”.

Jokes apart the happiness and joy that they share with us is truly something that every person should be a part of at least once in their life.

Even a small act of affection can go a long way in fostering the relationship with these beautiful creatures.

No commitments, no questions, no conditions.

It truly is love in the purest form available. You almost lose track of the concept of time and worry when your beloved pal is busy licking your face and guess what you don’t even mind.

Sometimes he who does not understand words understands gestures.

He who does not know any language can be the most prudent listener.

He who does not have any knowledge about the world may be your most earnest supporter.

In a world that is constantly looking for some form of power or respect, all that he wants is your undivided attention towards him.

That is ultimately the basis for all long lasting and beautiful relationships, a place where no words are used.

A time when just a small smile can be your biggest source of joy.

To all those people who have found such companionship in their pets nothing can ever take away their well being.

We hope that this article has been of much use to you and if you have any interesting opinions or ideas for gifts please leave a comment in the comment section below.



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