39+ Gifts For Pet Lover: That They’ll Love 2022

An illustration of a girl holding her pet cat. The text reads 35+ Gifts for pet lovers.

Do you wish you could get awesome gifts for your pet lover friends? 

Guess what? this article is exactly what you were searching for.

Your wish is my command, ooofff I’ve got just what you’re looking for.

You won’t believe the gifts I’ve shortlisted for you. 

Growing up, I’ve been a pet parent to fishes, hens and cocks, dogs, cats, birds, and ducks as well. 

Trust me I’ve seen it all and I wish someone would’ve gifted me these amazing things. 

You won’t be disappointed, don’t worry.

Let’s get into it so I can help you choose the most unique pet lover gifts for your zoophilist friends.

A. Personalized Gifts For Pet Lovers

An image of a couple with two dogs sitting on a sofa with red gifts and white polka dots. the dog also has a christmas cap on and the other one has reindeer cap on. The text reads personalized gifts for pet lovers.

We always start with personalized gift ideas for a pet lover. 

What’s better than something that literally looks or is made for their pets right?

These animal lover gift ideas will make you go ‘awwwwwwwwwwwww’

1. An Alluring Portrait

A portrait of a dog on a wall with beautiful interiors around it. There are plants and a sofa as well as a table.

Have you ever seen anyone happier than a paw-parent receiving a handmade custom portrait of their pupper?

Oh! I’ve seen reactions and it automatically brings a smile to your face as well even if you don’t know the person.

Imagine walking into a house and the first thing you see is this majestic painting of this Floofball.

It is instantly going to lighten up your mood and then you meet the fluffer right after.

God, I wish I was you!

But if you want everyone to react this way when they visit your friend’s place who owns a beautiful pupper then,

Do them a favor and get them a custom pet painting of their fluffers.

2. Personalized Wooden Key Holder

A personalized wooden key holder with their dogs name on the key holder as well. The text reads This is us and their names are written there. It is hanging on a wall.

I mean when everyone in a home is given so much importance why won’t our pets?

They mean just as much as any other human.

(Sometimes way more than humans themselves)

A personalized wooden key holder with a special hook for their collars or chains.

Just another place they claim rightfully other than the one in our hearts.

3. A Personalized Hoodie

A hoodie that is blue with the illustration of a dog on it.  It can be given as a gift for a pet lover.

What better way to leave the house than taking your BFF (best furry friend) with you?

Take an awesome photo of your pet and illustrate it.

Get it personalized and rock that hoodie!

4. A Bandana And Mask Set

A lady and her dog sitting down in the grass while the lady holds her dog and they are wearing matching mask and bandana set.

A bandana that fits every animal ever.

Be it a duck, a cow, a dog, a cat, or a lizard. It’ll fit them all and look fab as well.

Wouldn’t they look like a mini you? If you want to go viral rush to get this gift!

Pretty Instagramable!

B. Gift For Dog Lovers

A photo of a dog sitting with a gift in between his paws. The dog is brown in color. The gift is white with a golden bow. The text reads gifts for dog lovers.

Most of the Cynophilists we know will burst into tears the moment they see anything cute for their puppers.

So let’s make them cry with these amazing gifts for dog mom.

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1. Custom Socks

Fuzzy customized socks for dog lovers with two dogs and their paw-parents wearing the socks with their face on it. Gifts for dog pet lovers.

You can get them custom socks with their Floofers face on them.

A nice pair of fuzzy socks feel nice while they snuggle with them.

Maybe they’ll like warm feet more than their owners.

2. A Custom Charcoal Painting Of The Rover

A beautiful portrait that is hung up on a wall with a pretty exterior there is a sofa nd a table with a vase and plant on the table. The portrait is of two dogs and the medium used is charcoal.

There is nothing that means more than their babies for a dog dad and gifts for the peppers are the way to their heart.

A painting of the gems in their life will make them giggle like kids who have a sugar rush.

All you have to do is check out our custom dog paintings.

The best part is you can get it in any medium desired.

3. Peanut Butter Bath Toy

A dog in a shower with a peanut butter toy stuck to the wall while the dog is licking the toy.

We all know bath time gets hard.

The Floofballs don’t co-operate!

Make it easier for them by gifting them these awesome and thoughtful gifts for a dog dad.

4. Necklace With Paw Print

A necklace with a paw print as a pendant. It is yellow and red in color and the chain is gold.

Imagine a necklace that’s so dainty and a pendant that means so much to you that you don’t ever get it off.

That is exactly what this present for dog lovers is going to symbolize.

The nose print of their fluffer and their name.

Exactly what one of the best gifts for a pet lover looks like.

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C. Gifts For A Cat Lover

A act is sitting on a table surrounded by gifts there is a plant also. The text reads Gifts for cat lovers.

Your felinophile friend would love a sensible and smart gift for Christmas, Easter, New Year, or any other occasion.

But these gifts for cat lovers are going to make their holiday wayyyy brighter and happier.

1. Pet Carrier Backpack

An image of a lady carrying her cat in a carrier bag with holes for ventilation.

This gift for a cat lover is so essential that I think every cat parent should have this.

It will help them carry their fluffers anywhere they want with ease. 

Throw in a wool ball and the baby will be the happiest.

2. Portrait Of Their Floof

A portrait of a cat sitting on a table with home decorations surrounding it.

I mean imagine, being a pet parent and receiving a customized gift.

How can you not get a little sentimental?

A beautiful painting of a cat that basically takes your breath away, and makes you realize the love you have for your floof.

And now tell me how you will feel if you’re the one gifting this to a pet lover.

You get to witness those raw emotions firsthand.

This is one of the best gifts for cat lovers. 

P.S Let me know how they react, even better record them and send us their reaction.

3. Sunflower Scratching Post

A cat scratching a flower pad that is also a scratch post that looks like a sunflower.

What do cats love more than sleeping? 


These gifts about cats will not only make your friend happy but will also keep the floof occupied. 

Actually, don’t even wait for an occasion just gift this to your friend for no reason, a just because gift

4. Fluff You Cup

A cup that says fluff you you fluffing fluff, a gift for cat lovers.

I always wanted to talk about how sassy cats are.

I mean why? Why do they act like they’re the kings and queens ruling the world?

But anyway isn’t that the reason we love them?

These cat lover gifts will make you look so cool, you’ll be the center of attention.

This cup literally describes a cat’s attitude and I love it!

What do you call it when a cat wins first place at a dog show? 

A cat-has-trophy!

D. Gift For a Horse Lover 

A girl standing next to a horse in a field. The text reads gifts for horse lovers.

Are you stuck with no gift ideas for your equestrian friend?

These gifts for a horse lover are just the things you’re looking for.

I’ve got the best of the best just for you!

1. Whimsical Sitting Horse Eyeglasses Holder Stand

A horse spectacle stand with glasses on it and the horse is holding a cup in his hoof.

Ahahaahh! This is my kind of gift for an equestrian.

If I found this under the Christmas tree, I would start chuckling and hug the person who got me this wonderful gift.

It’s the right amount of funny and cute, let’s not forget it’s useful as well.

2. Horse House Ornament

An ornament of a horse that is made of silver and has one leg up in the air.

A decorative piece that will have everyone saying wow as soon as they see it.

Horses are already so majestic by nature and a figurine of that would add a touch of class.

This is one horse lover gift idea I’m sure they’ll love.

3. Paperweight Of A Horse

A hand holding a glass crystal with a horse in it.

Working can get exhausting, imagine looking at your desk and seeing this amazing crystal with your fav animal there.

A glorious horse that gives you the motivation to keep going.

Since it is their fav animal it is the best gift for an equestrian.

4. Painting Of A Horse

A portrait of a horse and a lady that is hanging on a wall with a chair and some plants next to it.

As I have mentioned before, horses are not only majestic and good pets but they are also so photogenic. 

I mean I wish I could look that good running around a field. 

Anyway, imagine a portrait of their dear Charlie, standing tall and looking great.

They will absolutely love it!

Hanging it over their bed or in the living room where everyone can be fascinated with the precision and liveliness of the painting.

Our artists have never disappointed, they are the best of the best.

You can get this gift for an equestrian in the easiest way possible.

Just hover over the custom horse portraits and place your order with us.

What did the pony say when he had a sore throat? 

“Do you have any water? I’m a little horse.”

E. Bird Lovers Gift

A girl standing with a lot of birds sitting on her hand and the text reads gifts for bird lovers.

How precious are those little things that make the most beautiful melodies ever?

As a bird lover, I’ve searched and longed for these gifts myself.

I wish I knew about these gifts for bird lovers before 🙁

1. Bird Bath

A beautiful bird bath in the middle of the garden made of wood and cement.

If the person you want to get a gift for is a bird lover then today is your lucky day!

This is one of the gifts for birdwatchers that will let them see the thing they love the most, more often.

This pretty birdbath is also a good addition to the garden as it will attract colorful birdies.

2. Bird Feeder

An image of birds with bird feeders. There are four birds in the frame.

Birds are the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.

I envy people who can see them often, a bird feeder has helped me see a few.

These can be bought as well made with plastic bottles.

Just like the birdbath this also is a very helpful gift for a bird lover.

3. A Portrait Of A Bird

A portrait of a bird that is hanging on a wall with a chair and table.

Do you have that one friend who is always showing you photos of pretty birds?

The one who does not shut up about the various species and the ones they’ve seen?

This gift is for them, for the bird lover who is immensely happy when they see birds. 

A beautiful watercolor painting of their bird, showing off their wonderful colors and their marvelous charm.

The best part about it is that you can gift it to anyone and it will depict the exact emotion you’re going for.

Watercolor in itself is beautiful.

And don’t worry we ship worldwide!

4. Pillow Covers With Birds

An image with four pillows and four birds on the pillows. Illustrations of all these colorful birds that look so attractive and pretty.

They will remember you when they sleep and wake up.

Every time they look at their bed full of pretty pillows, they’ll remember you.

Mesmerized by the love and affection put into this gift for bird lovers.

Your friend will be the happiest person when they open their eyes to this gift.

F. Gifts For A Cow Lover

An image of a cow and a lady caressing the cow, the text reads gifts for cow lovers.

Have you ever seen a cow having a spa day?

They are adorbsssss!

Literally big huggy creatures. Yes, there are people who love cows.

Let’s leave love, they are obsessed. Legit obsessed! 

But here are some cool cow stuff you can get for your friend who loves them.

1. Beautiful Paintings Of A Cow

A photo to portrait of a cow, the image reads a photo and a portrait.

I think everyone has that one friend who was always traveling to the country.

The one who had goats, sheep, chickens. And obviously, their best friend was a cow or a calf that they grew up with. 

The ones they miss oh so much because they were given away 🙁

This is exactly the reason why it will be the perfect gift for a cow lover, a beautiful portrait of a cow.

You don’t have to get a big painting, that’s where PortraitFlip helps you.

The smallest size available is 12×12 inches. 

Just a lil reminder of the dearest nostalgic memory.

Suggested: You can check out PortraitFlip’s size chart as well.

2. Crocs With Cows Painted On Them

An image with a pair of crocs with cows painting on them in a very beautiful manner.

Crocs are fun, but when you have cows on them it makes them super fun.

Walking down a road while wearing these rockstars will make you feel super stylish.

I mean you have cows on your crocs they will make a statement!

Now, this is the perfect gift for a cow lover.

3. Cow Tote Bag

A colorful and playful tote bag with a cow painted on it. Its a gift for pet lovers.

Very genuinely, how cool is that?

A bag that not only saves the world but also looks like the loveliest bag ever.

As long as there is a cow in the scene I think your friend will love these.

These cow-themed gifts are going to be the death of me.

4. Popsockets

Popsockets with cows on them, these are gifts for pet lovers as well.

Who else wishes cows were a lil smaller than their usual size?

I for sure would try to befriend one and live with him/her forever.

These Popsockets are the cutest thing ever, just look at them!

Get them for your friend who is obsessed with cow print gifts.

Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? 

Because they lactose!

G. Gifts For Reptile Lovers

This image shows a women holding a reptile in her hand the text reads gifts for reptile lovers.

I have to say, they are unusual pets but those eyes really say something don’t they?

Looking for these gifts for reptile lovers has been interesting, I have seen everything I was supposed to now.

My eyes have been blessed with cute Geckos and Newts.

1. A Personalized T-Shirt

A t-shirt that reads warning may suddenly start talking about reptiles. It's a gift for reptile pet lovers

A T-Shirt that is personalized to say something like 

my pet can eat your pet,

Or, warning I might start talking about my reptile.

This is a cute and useful gift you can gift to a reptile lover.

2. Get Them An Acrilyc Portrait Of Their Reptile

The portrait of a reptile on a wall with a beautiful interior. A gift for a pet lovers.

Who says love can’t be found anywhere?

Look at these beautiful reptiles, they have so much love in their eyes.

Also known as mini dragons, people have a really strong attraction to reptiles.

Not all of them are dangerous and your friend who owns one loves that cheeky thing to death.

Let’s get them something memorable this gifting season, a gift this reptile lover will never forget.

An acrylic painting of their pet, one that will engrave itself on everyone who sees it.

One that they can display with pride. Showing their baby off to everyone.

Let me make it easier for you, get your very own acrylic painting.

3. Snake Earrings

They’re always in fashion. A timeless piece like the beauties they are inspired from.

Even though they are considered dangerous there are so many instances where you can see them showing love.

They are said to be great pets and these earrings will make your friend feel like they’re always with them.

4. Reptile Necklace

Someone holding a reptile necklace in a hand it is a gift for reptile lovers.

A pretty lil necklace that will always be with the person who loves reptiles.

This affectionate reptile lover gift is not a grand gesture but subtly says you love them and notice what they like.

I’m sure this gift will score you some brownie points and make your friendship stronger.

H. Gifts For Rabbit Lovers

An image of a Rabbit sitting in a white box wrapped as a gift with a red ribbon. the text reads gifts for rabbit lovers.

Bugs Bunny had our hearts, didn’t he? What about the rabbit, Thumper from Bambi?

Gifts for rabbit owners who have the cutest pets in the world, coming up for you!

1. Ceramic Bunny Ring Holder 

Two cute bunny ring holder. they are placed in a bowl with pearls. A gift for a bunny lover.

The cutest gift you could get someone who owns a rabbit/bunny is this ceramic bunny ring holder.

Two cute little bunnies holding each other with long floppy ears.

I wish rabbits were everywhere, I wish the whole world only consisted of bunnies.

2. A Fluffy Rabbit Keychain

A rabbit keychain that is furry and grey. It is a gift for rabbit pet lovers.

Rabbits are anyway so fluffy. I can’t do justice when I try to tell you how cute these things are.

A unique gift for rabbit owners that I assure you they will love.

The reaction of a person receiving this gift will be so cute! I wish I could see it.

3. Pencil Drawing Of Their Pet

A portrait of a bunny rabbit sitting on a wall in a beautiful interior. it is a gift for rabbit pet lovers.

You’d think a pencil portrait of a rabbit wouldn’t be able to portray the right emotion.

That is exactly what we excel at because our artists put their minds and soul into making these drawings.

They do justice to the photo sent to them. If you gift this to someone they will always have their floof with them. 

Just send us a photo of their baby and all your needs will be taken care of.

The only thing you need to worry about is getting the cutest photo you can!

4. LED Bunny Night Light

Cute little rabbit night lamps on a bed it is also a gift for rabbit pet lovers.

Who says night lights are just for kids?

These ones would be the most adorable gift for a bunny owner or lover.

Cute and small just what is needed in a night light.

I. Gifts For Unusual Pet Lovers

An image of a mother and daughter feeding ducks in a park. the text reads gifts for unusual pet lovers.

So when I say unusual pet lovers I really mean animals that you wouldn’t think could be someone’s fav.

I have seen people obsess over these animals so much more than the mainstream floofs, who have always been loved.

I can’t wait, let’s just get into it!

1. An Oil Portrait Of The One They Miss

A collage of a photo to painting of a girl petting a lamb. This portrait is a gift for a pet lover.

This is Joana, she has always been fond of animals.

Be it any animal, all she wanted to do is care for and nurture them. 

She found this lamp when she went to visit her relatives in the country.

Instantly fell in love, they were inseparable.

Like every other story, this one had to come to an end when Joana had to leave.

Luckily her mother managed to take this beautiful picture.

They wanted to cherish this memory forever, they thought what better way to make it last.

Alas, they contacted us and our artists made this dazzling oil portrait

The benefit of getting an oil painting is it looks so alive.

Like you look at the portrait and it feels like you were right there.

This is the ultimate gift you can give a person who misses their short-term pet/friend.

2. Fuzzy Monkey Slippers

A person wearing fuzzy monkey slippers that are brown in color and are a gift for unusual pet lovers.

I cannot stress this enough. 

These slippers look so comfortable!

Even if I wasn’t a monkey lover I would love to have these.

(I do love monkeys as well, they are like toddlers).

But this monkey lover’s gift is the best one I could find.

3. Kiddie Pool For The Quackhead

Ducks swimming in a kiddie pool. This is a gift for unusual gift lovers.

As you already know I own ducks now and I know the joy they have while playing in a kiddie pool.

They are so silly and dumb but oh so cute when they’re playing in the water with no worry in the world.

This gift for duck owners is the one for the duck parents and their pets.

4. Panda Piggy Bank

A piggy bank in the shape of a panda that is an unusual gift for pet lovers.

I wanna be a panda mom so bad. 

If your friend is anything like me I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy with this panda gift.

A cute little panda piggy bank is one of the fun gifts for a pet lover.

J. Pet Memorial Gifts For Pet Lovers

A photo of a man holding the paw of his dog. The text reads pet memorial gifts for pet lovers.

Losing your best friend is heart-breaking. The person going through this period needs support and love.

Understand that they need time to heal and we can help them by giving them something to remember forever.

1. Memorial Wind Chime

An image of a wind chime with a wooden block with their name and a quote. A gift for a pet lover.

This gift is a way of saying whenever you feel a breeze, know it’s me.

Even when you can’t see me know I am near.

This is one of the gifts to memorialize dogs, get a wooden block with their name and a quote about how they made you feel.

This way every time they hear this sweet melody they will remember their floof and reminisce about the good old days.

2. Personalized Pet Photo Projection Necklace

Getting them something that will be remembered sounds like a task.

This personalized pet photo projection necklace will let them see their baby whenever they want. 

The floof will always stay close to their heart. Pet memorial gifts should always be thoughtful and considerate.

3. Pet Memorial Stone

Five different memorial stones that read different things but are all pet memorial gifts for pet lovers.

No matter what kind of pet someone has lost, a memorial stone can be something they can always remember.

Something that will remind them of the good times. Which will give them the strength to move on. 

To be happy just like their floofball would want them to.

4. Pet Memorial Portrait

A portrait made form a painting. This image shows a photo and then a portrait of the same photo. It is a pet memorial gift for pet lovers.

The kind of pet memorial gifts that would make them smile while crying.

Watching their pet look so lively, so real, so happy.

Every time they miss them a bit too much or are feeling low, all they have to do is look at this portrait of their baby. 

As a pet is a family member we would honor them the same way. A handmade pet memorial painting seems most appropriate in a time like this.

Make your friend a little less miserable by getting them this memorial gift, seeing their baby all happy and lively will help them.

Are you worried about getting a pet portrait from photo?

Don’t fret, all you have to do is get your hands on a photo of them both.

Send it to us and we will take care of the rest.

You take care of the one who is hurting.

(I am extremely sorry for anyone who has come across my page looking for memorial gifts for their pets. Please feel free to let us know if you need help, we’re all ears for you).

De conclure

Gifting anything shouldn’t be hard. 

Especially gifts for pet lovers because I am right here to help you.

These 35+ ideas have always been in the back of my head and I am the happiest at the moment.

I get to share these gifts with you hoping your friend will receive them one day.

Animals are the best, they love you more than anyone else.

Doesn’t matter if your pet has fur, feathers, or scales; these ideas will help you love your pet the way they deserve to be!

You will know true love when you look in their eyes and realize how much love they have for you.

Exactly why you should gift pet lovers something so personal so special that they understand the thoughtful nature of your gift.

Hé mes amours!

A piece where I give you my opinion on gifts for pet lovers.

I love writing for you guys, hoping you love reading my thoughts and ideas.

If you ever feel like I have missed out on something, feel free to comment down below.

You can check out the beautiful gallery at PortraitFlip and order your very own portrait as well!

Check out our Instagram and Youtube channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to gift someone who loves pets?

Getting a gift for someone who loves dogs can be hard of easy. We have listed a few gifts like some custom socks, a peanut butter bath toy, a custom charcoal portrait for your dog or a personalized necklace.

Gifts for an animal lover may vary from the animal they have or adore the most, but generally, it could a animal reference t-shirt or a piece of jewellery.   

A gift for pet lover that is personalized for their pet becomes the all-time favorite gift, it could include a portrait painting for their pet or any personalized pet accessory.

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  3. Jimmy says:

    Thank you for this blog! Super helpful because there’s options for everyone 🙂 Another idea for the hoomans is a dog walking fanny pack! They have a built-in poop bag dispenser, an attachment for the leash, and a huge capacity for our water bottles!! I would recommend Gentle Paw Fanny Pack for that idea!

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