41 Gifts For A New Mother That Can Make Her Motherhood Journey Easier

41 gifts for a new mother

Postpartum is a life-altering experience. 

For a new mother, it’s not easy to function smoothly in this uncharted territory. 

However, you can gift something that can make this motherhood journey easier.

I know, it’s quite intimidating to buy the best gift for a new mother—something that she can accept with open hands.


Here’s the good news: 😊 

For you, and everyone out there who struggles with new mom gifts, I’ve scanned dozens of websites that sell top-notch quality gifts for new mothers. 

Below listed 41 gifts for a new mother can lift her mood up, and respect the new status which she has just become part of. 


1. A Nap Dress For Her Comfy

A nap dress with puff sleeves and open upper back.

You can really consider giving a nap dress to her—this is to remind her that her body needs rest.

A nap dress isn’t marked or categorized for new birth givers. However, it is still the perfect and best gift for new moms when it comes to providing comfort while breastfeeding the baby. 

Also, there is no obligation on how to use it—she can wear it any time, any day!

Best Websites:

Hill House Home and Nap LoungeWear

2. Relax Her Feet With Heated Slippers

A pair of pink rabbit shaped heated slippers.

Postpartum kills their outdoor fun and activities. 

They have to stay indoors; not for themselves, but for the newly born baby. 

This heated slipper can provide her warmth and much-needed comfort. She can wear it and comfortably walk on her premises when the baby is sleeping. 

Best Websites:

Ikea and Cleantoll

3. A Nursing Robe Can Style Her

A new mom in nursing robe holds a baby and breastfeeds him.

This is the most relaxing gift for a new mother. 

And it does add fashion to her sloppy collections in postpartum. 

Wrapping it up for her not only protects her skin but also keeps her toasty at night—also, she could comfortably take care of her bundle of joy. 

Pro Tip: Buy a nursing robe with deep pockets, adjustable, and made up of 100% polyester (wrinkle-resistant).

Best Websites:
Kindred Bravely and Hatch Collection

4. A Linen Scarf For Indoors and Outdoors

A girl covers her body with a linen scarf.

A perfect add-on in her accessories!

This is the best gift for a new mom—can easily style a V-shaped neck, and the best part is that a linen scarf gets softer every time you put it on the wash. 

Best Websites:
Rough Linen and Linenbee

5. Keep Her Hydrated, Gift A Water Bottle

A water bottle with some splash of water around it.

Her water intake must be more than that of an average person. 

Remind her with this water bottle (best mom gift) and keep her hydrated in postpartum. 

Best Websites:
Hydo Flask and Yeti

6. An Eye Mask For Busiest Mom

A new mom with an eye mask looks happy

An eye mask is one of the best gifts for a new mother—I’ll tell you…

Her eyes need care and pampering just like other body parts.

From regularly changing diapers to the midnight marathon of breastfeeding, it’s hard for her to stick to the bed for a longer time. 

With this eye mask, she can relaxingly sleep for a few hours, or take a nap when her little one is snoring in the cradle.

Best Websites:
Sephora and Harpers’ Bazaar

7. Weighted Blanket For Coziness

A folded soft and warm blanket.

For new moms, this can be a perfect companion, especially in the middle of the night.

The joy is unmeasurable when she grabs this blanket and sleeps worry less as her baby is already napping in the cradle.

Best Websites:
LUXOME and Gravity Blankets

8. Classic Necklace To New Mama

beautiful and luxury necklace on a black necklace stand

The necklace is one of the unique gifts for a new mom.

She must be out of fashion for now. But this gift can surely glam up when she’s ready for parties and family gatherings. 

Best Websites:
Nordstorm and Kendra Scott

9. Nursing Bra For New Mommy

A new mom gives a wide smile after wearing a comfortable bra

Give her a nice-looking, soft, stretchy bra—a perfect fitting for breastfeeding her baby.

These best gifts for new mothers will be accepted with a broad smile. 

Best Websites:
Motherhood and Thebump

10. Gift Cute Bath Baby Cap 

A baby with a bath cap look excited for bath.

Mamas are always concerned about their kids’ well-being. 

I’m pretty sure these can be perfect gifts for mothers of twins. 

In the end, it’s all about protecting the little ones from water entering eyes and ears while giving a lukewarm bath.  

Best Websites:
Target and buybuy Baby

11. Diaper Tote To Organize 

A new mom carries a black a diaper tote.

Let’s keep her organized and updated when it’s about the welfare of the newly born baby.

Baby blues are intimidating!

Giving a diaper tote with interior pockets and zipper pouches can be winning—it is also one of the budget-friendly gifts for a new mother.

Best Websites:
Pampers and Dagne Dover

12. A Handmade Painting

A stunning handmade painting from PortraitFlip.

No gifts can ever beat a handmade painting!

Truth is handmade gifts are timeless, artistic, and out of the box—hold emotions to the highest degree. 

Just send us your best pictures with her. 

And we ensure you deliver a top-notch handmade sketch to your desired location, exactly the way you want!

13. Baby FootPrint Kit 

A square sized baby footprint.

Next, you can think of baby footprint, if you’re looking for handmade gifts. 

Let’s say 10 years down the road, if her kid asks about its childhood—she can surely show this gift that has its childhood footprint. 

And this is gonna be fascinating yet touching!

These can be the best gifts for new mothers from husbands or spouses. 

Best Websites:
Baby Footprint and First Footprint

14. Make Her Fabulous With This Makeup Kit

Make up brushes, nail polish, color palette and other make up products.

Bring back the inspiration that has been plunged since the beginning of motherhood. 

Think of ordering a makeup kit as it can jazz up her beauty to another level—one of the nicest gifts for new mother

A one-stop destination for self-care products that include lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, color palette, and you name it! 

Best Websites:
Ulta Beauty and Melissa & Doug

15. Instant Photo Printer

A new mom and her baby photo prints out of photo printer

One day she will join the work or keep herself busy with other duties or perhaps, won’t be around her little love for a longer time. 

That gonna make her remember her baby blues although those were intimidating at the time. 

However, this gift idea for a new mom will aid her to take prints out of her kid’s loved childhood, so she could stick them on her desk or place she works. 

Best Websites:
PCMag and Best Buy

16. Two In One Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush 

A Two In One Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Does the new mom have time to check with her regular stylist? Nope!

So why not consider giving a hairdryer with multiple features? 

This is one of the gifts for a new mother that can aid her in drying and combing her hair— the way it suits her in minimal time and effort.

Best Websites:
Byrdie and Good Housekeeping

17. Gift A Customized Pillowcase

A baby face pillow case

If you know what she likes, give it to her right away! 

For instance, a pillowcase can be one of the unique gifts for a new mother. 

This fluffy yet delicate and silky will add interest to her bed—she could hug 

this will directly appeal to her sleep and comfort!

Best Websites:
Spreadshirt and Canvas Champ

18. Give Her OTT Subscription

OTT channels in one frame

For a new mother, it’s logistically challenging to carry her baby. 

And of course, the lockdown restricted everyone to watch movies in theatres.

Why not think of bringing in the best entertainment with an OTT subscription? 

Let her enjoy motherhood with her favorite TV show. 

Best Websites:
Amazon Prime and Netflix

19. Body Oil To Relieve Momma’s Stress

a jar of mustard oil

New moms are reluctant to express their pain. Like others, they do need special treatments at regular intervals. 

Just order a mustard body oil for the new mom as it provides a warming effect when massaged to her body. 

Best Websites:
The Honest Company and Beauty Mums & Babies

20. Hot Water Bottle With Cover

A pink hot water bottle with its cover in purple color

These hot water bottles are the most underrated gifts for new moms. 

Undoubtedly, this is the best way to deal with cramps, aches, and muscle pains. Without thinking twice, order it for your new mom friend. 

Best Websites:
The Vermont Country Store and POPSUGAR

21. A Fancy T-shirt

A new mom smiles and point her fingers on the message written on her t-shirt.

She must have forgotten what fashion trends are because of baby blues.

But, adding this new mom gift to your cart will really elevate her joy. 

Will it work if you write some cheesy lines hinting about a new change? Yes, it will. 

Surprise her by ordering a customized t-shirt today! 

Best Websites:
Zazzle and Spreadshirt

22. A Bamboo Bath Tray

a bamboo bath tray.

This is one of the worth spending gifts for a new mother. 

Look at its benefits—store self-care essentials in an organized way, including oils, lotions, soaps, or other stress-relieving products.

Just order it now as it will prove to be the best gift for a new mom in hard times!

Best Websites:
Amazon and Bambusi

23. Face Massager

a pink face massager.

Add a face massager to her self-care regime. 

There are several perks—it reduces puffiness and tightens facial skin. This gift for new moms will eliminate face fat and other toxins, making skin glow. 

Best Websites:
Harpers Bazaar and Elle

24. Mug Set

A mug set with a quirky new mom quote engraved on it.

Don’t visualize it as an uncreative gift for a new mom. 

Just flip the thought and imagine what can you do with it!

Probably, designing or engraving her favorite quote will work magically. 

This new mom gift will remind her about you every time she has her ginger tea or coffee in it. 

Best Websites:
Bed Bath & Beyond and Wayfair

25. Portable Playard

A portable playard.

There is always a deficiency of “me time” in the life of a new mother.  

But this gift for new moms can bridge the gap and give them a little space from motherhood. 

Order a portable playard now, and let her baby crawl and dance in it.

Best Websites:
Amazon and Myntra

26. Hair Ties

A new mom with her hair tied show her back to viewers.

Time to add another brand new stuff to her accessories. 

Buy hair ties, one of the inexpensive gifts for a new mother—perfect to lock frizzy and dry hair.

Best Websites:
HairTies and The Longhairs

27. Wine Glass

Two wine glasses ting and some wine pour out of them.

You know she can have wine even post-pregnancy—once a week!

So why not give a wine glass to her? 

Let her celebrate because raising the tiny one isn’t easy though.

Best Websites:
Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath & Beyond

28. Sweatshirt

a green sweatshirt with a new mom quote

The word ‘fashion’ becomes out of fashion for new moms when they get used to the regular pair of clothes in motherhood. 

But with this cute and full-sized sweatshirt, you can bring in some style to her sloppy collection. 

Believe me, she will accept this gift for new moms with open hands as sweatshirts provide excellent comfy and cozy!

Best Websites:
Nordstorm and ASOS

29. Wireless Earphones

Expensive and luxurious earphones pop out of its case.

Music will calm her tired soul. Maybe, a podcast or an audiobook of her favorite author. 

For that, you need excellent quality earphones.

Pick these gift ideas for new mom and drive peace into her chaotic lifestyle.

Best Websites:
Best Buy and Apple

30. Personalized Mom Bracelet

a chain shaped new mom bracelet in golden color

Looking for a personalized mom bracelet is a really thoughtful and creative gift idea for new moms. 

Choose the most stylish one that has a gemstone in it. If not, make it more touching by engraving her baby name in it.

Best Websites:
Amazon and Myntra

31. Foot Massager

a comfortable and luxurious foot massager

If you have a budget, and really want to give something that benefits her fitness, consider a foot massager!

This is one of the luxury gifts for new moms that effectively massages calves, arches, tiptoes, and soles.

That’s all she needs to relax her tired body! 

Best Websites:
Alexandani and Myka

32. A Baby Moccasins

a pair of moccasins

One of the happiest moments of a new mother’s life is seeing her munchkin standing and walking on its feet. 

Just think how beautiful it is to give her a baby moccasin, and stand beside her in the queue of seeing her baby walking.

This is one of the gifts for a new mother that not only enhances cuteness but also provides superior comfort to her tot’s feet. 

Best Websites:
BirdRock Baby and Freshly Picked

33. Cotton & Silk Pajama

a new mom looks happy and comfortable in pink silk pajama.

Pack a blend of cotton and silk sleepwear (quality gifts for a new mother) for her. 

Best fitting for ladies who recently became birth givers. 

First, this soft and loose pajama will provide warmth and comfort, and also accommodate her constantly changing hormonal body temperature. 

Best Websites:
Papinelle and The White Company

34. Baby Carrier

This is something that she can wholeheartedly rely on, especially, when planning to take the little one out. 

Needless to say, a baby carrier can be one of the amazing gifts for a new mother.

This gift for a new mom is quite adjustable, has lightly padded straps, and provides ultimate support to mom for carrying kids. 

While holding a kid in front or on sides, she can perform other activities as well.

Best Websites:
BabyList and Healthline

35. A Book For Her Physical And Mental

a book named love your body

The transition of a woman into motherhood can be intimidating; super challenging if proper diet rituals and discipline are not followed

Make sure you pick up books that cover holistic aspects of women’s well-being after birth. 

Choose authors that have specialized knowledge in the field.

For instance, Nurture by Erica Chidi or Love Your Body by Louise Hay. 

Best Websites:
Goodreads and Healthline

36. Subscription Of A Fitness App 

a new mom with her little daughter plays with a ball.

It’s a golden opportunity for you if you know who she admires or follows on social media in fitness.

Likewise, you can purchase their subscription and gift it to her. 

This way she can learn her yoga session with her favorite person and get in shape. 

Best Websites:
PCMag and Gizmodo

37. A Hamper Of Dry Fruits

a hamper of dry fruits

This is one of the best gift ideas for a new mother. 

As dried fruits play an important role in a new mom’s diet. 

Cashews, walnuts, and almonds are nutrient-dense, best for sustainable health. And nuts contain lactogenic help to produce milk in new moms

These wholesome snacks can be best for new moms in between meals. 

Best Websites:
FNP and Harry & David

38. A Night Lamp

a luminous rectangle shaped night lamp

A night lamp can be one of the best gift ideas for new moms, creating a sotting vibe in the bedroom. 

Present a night lamp to her, and write a message on it saying “you’re brave and responsible, all you need is a good sleep.”

Best Websites:
The Home Depot and Bob Vila

39. Slow Juicer Machine

a slow juicer machine makes green apple juice.

This gift for new mom gift can provide what she really needs to be energetic and fit.

With this 43-revolution per minute slow juicer machine, she can have her tasty fresh orange or almond milk at her place. 

Best Websites:
Best Buy and The Spruce Eats

40. Phone Case For Mom

a white phone case with a new mom message engraved on it.

In no time, a new mom gets grumpy as she is bombarded with tremendous mundane responsibility—her phone keeps falling, misplacing, and losing.

In order to protect her handy device, classic and durable cases can be the best gift ideas for new mom. 

This way, she can access her mobile while taking care of little love. 

Best Websites:
YellowDaisyCo and CASETiFY

41. A Ring

Two golden rings placed over after the another.

Personalized gifts always stand out; No. 1 reason why most gift lovers chase for them.

When it comes to giving stuff to a new mom, think of a ring with her baby name engraved on it. 

I’m pretty she will reply with a huge “Aww!”

Best Websites:
Zales and Jared

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