35 Gift Ideas For A New Mom Which Are Bound To Satisfy Her Needs.

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Taking the first step into motherhood can be both intimidating and challenging.

There would be dirty diapers everywhere, toys all over the house, and late-night crying sagas to handle.

With all these tantrums in the background, a new mom might find it difficult to manage her personal life while giving full attention to the baby.

So it’s your job to fulfill her desires by showering her with lots of gifts and her favorite snacks.

But what do you get for new mothers who have just welcomed a baby angel into the world?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered, as these 35 gifts for a new mother are all the rage.

Not only will they be the best bang for your buck, but they will also make her postpartum easier and more manageable.

A. New Mom Gifts For Your Wife

Man and a pregnant lady smiling
Image Source: freepik

Watching your better half bring a new life into the world can be a surreal experience, even for someone who has been through it many times.

As soon as the new baby comes home, there will be a barrage of good wishes and a bundle of joyful memories.

But, it’s also important to take care of her while she is in this budding phase, right?

1. Custom Baby Portrait

Baby portrait on a wall

Welcoming a new member of your family is nothing short of a festival, am I right?

So how else to make it a celebration other than by gifting your queen with a watercolor portrait of your baby?

Something that will be a friendly reminder of her journey as a young mother.

2. Heated Slippers 

Heated slippers
Image Source: aliexpress

Let’s be honest; no one loves having cold feet.

And while looking after a newborn for the first time can be a gigantic task, you want to be at ease to keep your mental state in check.

So, these heated slippers are just the thing you would want to give your better half to show her how much you really care.

She can stay warm and cozy, and be at ease all the time with its assistance.

3. Voice Assistant

Voice assistant
Image Source: reliancedigital

With the little one taking up most of the space in the house, moving around for even the smallest chores can be seen as walking through a minefield of dirty diapers and Legos.

So, to even flipping a switch would be seen as a tough task for a new mom while taking care of the little guy.

However, with the aid of a voice assistant, her efforts are significantly reduced, allowing her to completely devote herself to the infant without moving a muscle.

4. Nursing Seamless Bra

Lady in a bra similing
Image Source: shoppersstop

Being a new mom comes with its own set of challenges.

Gifting your partner something comfortable, stretchy, and good-looking will make her midnight breastfeeding sessions a breeze.

Plus, the comfort it will provide to your partner will show your thoughtfulness, earning you a lot of brownie points.

5. Diaper Tote 

Diaper Tote
Image Source: flipkart

Being blessed with a new cutie in your family fills everyone with a new boost of joy.

However, it has its own unique set of discharge issues, if you get what I mean.   

You can still relax by giving your queen a convenient diaper tote so she can orderly organize the baby’s diapers.

As a result, your home will be less messy, and you’ll have a convenient location to store all the clean diapers.

6. Baby Monitor And HD Camera

Baby monitor with display
Image Source: Amazon

Having a baby means completely giving up on any personal time you have, giving almost all of your time to the baby.

What happens, though, if your partner is a working new mother who is unable to spend all of her time with the child?

If you’re willing to spend some money on it, buying your better half a baby camera for her nursery and a monitor for her home office would be the best gift you could give.

With its help, she could be there for the little guy and also focus on her work at the same time.

7.  Belly Mask

Belly Mask
Image Source: Amazon

Giving birth to a child is an experience a mother will never forget. But as time passes, she becomes more conscious of her appearance. 

A belly mask can make a great gift for a new mom who gets stressed out about her stretch marks and dry, itchy skin.

She will appreciate your being sensitive and helpful towards her in this new motherhood journey. 

B. New Mom Gifts For Your BestFriend

Two woman smiling with one holding a pair of baby shoes
Image Source: Etsy

It can be insanely fun for anyone to have a young child turn your crazy duo into a crazy trio, right?

Having your best friend become a mother for the first time means she carries an increased burden of responsibilities.

So how can you help your partner-in-crime overcome the challenges of being a new mom?

What unique gift can you give her that will symbolize the kickass bond you have?

Relax, we have you covered. Just follow our lead.

1. Compilation Portrait

a compilation painting of two woman with one holding a baby

What can be a more special present than a handmade painting featuring you, the baby, and your best friend? 

Imagine how amazing it will be to see three of you in one frame!

Nothing compares to having a keepsake that your closest friend can treasure and use to remember you.

In addition, it can be used to add to the wall decor of her home or nursery and personalize it.

After all, is there anything better in her life than you?

 2. Face Massager

Face massager
Image Source: Amazon

Having a child for the first time is really stressful and can take a great toll on your physical health.

It can even result in sleep deprivation and a loss of appetite.

So, take care of your best friend and give her a face massage to remind her not to forget about herself too.

This face massage by … will be the best present for a new mom since it helps in relaxing the pores, keeping skin healthy and glowing.   

3. Hot Water Bag

Hot water Bag
Image Source: Amazon

There is a reason why being a mother is considered one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

Aching muscles, cramps, and body pain are just scratching on the surface on the surface of the struggles of being a new mom.

So what can be a better gift for a new mom than something that drives their pains away?

This hot water bag might just be the solution to your gifting problems.

4. Wine Glass

Wine glass
Image Source: decor-fur

What? She can’t drink? Who says?

Grab the bottle you’ve been eyeing since your best friend became pregnant, and crack it open.

Give her a wine glass as a gift and sit in on the gossip session that you have been missing for months.

This will also help her relax from the troubles of being a new mom.

5. Sweatshirt

Woman wearing a shirt with a quirky text
Image Source: Etsy

Hoodie season incoming?

So why not give your best friend, who is soon to become a mother, a stylish sweatshirt in her favorite shade?

Sweatshirts, which are cozy, warm, and relaxing, maybe the answer to all of her fashion problems in her postpartum years and the key to helping her feel confident.

6. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera
Image Source: Amazon

Keeping track of your cherished memories in her early motherhood years is just what your best friend might need.

And what better way to materialize all of your memories on a single slide of paper and use them to decorate your wall than with a Polaroid camera?

7. PlaySilks

Image Source: Amazon

Something for the little guy who is about to join your party of two.

These silk cloths are a really useful gift for new moms because little devils can occupy themselves for hours with something practical. Little kids love playing with themselves.

And watching them happy will really make your best buddy’s day.

C. New Mom Gifts For Your Sister

Two woman laughing while one is playing with a baby
Image Source: adventhealth

Watching your sister grow from the she-devil that she was, during your childhood, to a new mom can be amazing. However, it’d be a bit exhausting for her.  

She needs her sibling to support her more now than ever.

And what better way to be there for her other than to shower her with gifts from new moms, which will make her life easier than ever.

You can also gift them a baby pencil portrait, which will surely make them feel wholesome.

1. Family portrait

Family comes first, always!

It’s tough moving on from the loss of a loved one too, but having them in a painting, along with your newcomer, will add a lot of sentimental touch to your paintings.

A memory of their presence will always be there when you look at the immaculate work of art that hangs from your walls.

2. Cotton Bed Cover Set

Cotton bed sheets
Image Source: Amazon

Raising a baby for the first time is a huge task, not to mention one for a new mom.

It takes a lot of time to look after your young one, and there is really no time for daily chores for your sister.

So what kind of present can you give your sister, who recently became a mother?

Save her from her laundry chores by gifting this new mom a bed cover set.

It will help her dispose of daily junk and keep her away from mundane tasks.  

3. Mini-Fridge

Mini Fridge
Image Source: Amazon

Someone who becomes a mother for the first time has a lot on her hands, which really limits her mobility.

She has to spend hours on end looking after the little one, during which she might forget about herself.

Invest in a mini fridge for your sister, which she can put in the baby’s room.

A mini fridge can let her store smoothies and home-made juices, keeping her away from packaged items. 

4. Portable water Warmer

Portable bottle warmer
Image Source: mothercare

Attending a baby for the first time can be a scary experience.

Their needs and wants can increase from just a small cry to world-ending tantrums.

Amidst this, taking care of its health is a top priority, and supplying the baby with hot water takes center stage.

With this portable water warmer, the worries of what to gift a new mom are thrown out the window.

It will save her the trouble of going to the stove every time she runs out of supplies.

5. Eye Mask

Eye Mask
Image Source: nestasia

With the joys of having a baby for the first time come the blues of sleepless nights.

Midnight feeding sessions and changing diapers at odd hours will really hamper your zzzs.

So what can you do as a sibling to really lift her weight?

Give her an eye mask as a gift, and she’ll appreciate it every time she closes her eyes as you help her make the little sleep she does get more enjoyable.

6. Portable Playard

Portable Playard
Image Source: Amazon

Having mini versions of your sister with bundles of energy crawling around the house can be dangerous.

As in, exposed plug sockets, forks, and whatnot!

These little devils demand a more safe space in your home, but one that is big enough so that they are not irritated and can go exploring in the wilderness.

The momma can be relieved that the cutie is safe, has plenty of room to burn off all of their energy, and is still looking good while in this portable playard.

7. Phone Case

Phone case with mom texts.
Image Source: Amazon

The sudden increase in responsibilities may lead our lady in charge to be more grumpy and ignorant of her belongings.

Her phone might keep falling, being misplaced, and being lost.

Why not give her something that will not only protect her phone but also give it a personal touch? 

A phone case by…, talking one of her favorite quotes, which goes well with her personality!

D. New Mom Gifts For Your Co-Worker

Pregnant woman holding a baby shirt smiling at another woman
Image Source: freepik

Going through motherhood for the first time as a working mother is nothing short of lifting a mountain.

Working from home, meeting your targets, and sending emails with zero sleep and the little ones’ constant need for attention can be a hard task to manage.

So, as a co-worker, what gifts can you give a new mom to make her life just that teeny, tiny bit better?

1. Custom Gift Card

a gift voucher

Can’t think of anything specific to give your colleague?
Then don’t worry; we have just the right thing for you.

Just get them a custom gift card from PortraitFlip!

All you have to do is customize it according to your colleague’s preference and send it over to them.

It will undoubtedly earn you a lot of brownie points with them.

2. Showercap

Woman wearing a shower cap
Image Source: Amazon

Time to add another accessory to her list!

Raising a baby really leaves no time for shampooing and taking care of their hair.

So, by getting them a shower cap, you are actually taking a great deal of pressure off their shoulders.

3. Books for her Mental and Physical Health

Self help books
Image Source: tinycamels.wordpress

Tough times can befall anyone, especially when raising a child for the first time.

Taking care of your daily chores, working, and looking after the baby’s midnight tantrums can have a toll on anyone’s mental and physical health.

So, gifting a new mom with these self-help books can not only refresh her with some light reading but also help her deal with the blues of raising a child.

Plus, it can work as a much needed break!

4. Baby Journal

Baby Journal
Image Source: thejuneshop

Just pick up a mom’s phone, and you’ll see her baby’s pictures all over the gallery.   

Dancing, crying, looking goofy, and whatnot!

So, why not give them a baby journal which will have a place for all of their artistic pictures?

A baby journal as a new mom’s gift, will make a cherishable treasure trove for the parents. 

Plus, she can post some pictures, or write about her new journey there.   

5. Multipurpose Pregnancy Pillows


Multipurpose Pregnancy Pillow
Image Source: flipkart

A mother gets a very limited amount of sleep as it is.

Finding the most comfortable spot might take up almost the entire area, which can be a hassle at times.

So why not just cut the crap and give them this multipurpose pillow, which will make them cozy in an instant? A genuine lifesaver!

6. Fragrant Skin Friendly Soaps

Image Source: wedmegood

As a new mother, taking care of oneself is always sidelined in favor of the attention of the little baby.

The house would be overpowered by the stench of dirty diapers, unfinished dishes, or even just routine laundry.

That’s when a new bar of fragrant soap might just be the best gift for a new mom.

Taking the bad smell with it, the new mother will also be left feeling good about herself.

7. Headband

Image Source: hairdramacompany

A new mom wears several hats.

Not only does she have to look after her newly born baby, but also herself.

But as they say, a mother understands what a child does not say; she’ll put everything into making sure that her child is happy and healthy.

This is why, oftentimes, new moms neglect everything that really matters to them.

For a new mom, a handy headband by Aruna’s Project makes a great gift, which is to make her life just a bit easier.

E. New Mom Gifts For Your Girlfriend

A soon to be parents couple holding baby shoes
Image Source: shadygrovefertility

Motherhood can be one of the best experiences of a lifetime!

But this is also a time when your relationship may be put to the biggest test.

Your goal is to not let her feel alone, to tend to her needs, and to always be there for her, unconditionally!

How better to show her you care than with new mom gifts designed just for her?

1. Couple Portraits 

A painting of a pregnant couple

Raising a baby is a team effort; it’s never a solo job.   

It’s your duty to reassure her, and what better way to do that than by giving her a custom couple portrait of the two of you? 

A surprise gift? 

Imagine how relieved she will feel when she feels alone, simply by gazing at the wall-mounted painting because she will know that her true love is always by her side.

2. Baby Stroller

Baby stroller
Image Source: Amazon

Being a mother is recognized as a role that frequently wears you out and keeps you confined to your nursery.

However, a new mother is liberated from the monotonous confines of the house when given stylish baby strollers.

As a result, your little new angel can accompany you on your little dates and still be in the comfort of your nursery.

3. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker
Image Source: Amazon

Even the thought of being with a baby for a whole day is enough to make you feel tired for decades.

No, but seriously, being a new mom is a way more demanding job than people expect it to be.

And gifting your partner with a coffee maker might just be the best gift for a new mom you have ever come up with.

Providing her with a much-needed caffeine boost will make you the best boyfriend ever!

4. Skin Care Kit

Skin care kit
Image Source: allurecosmetics

A Baby’s need for stress and attention frequently results in a mother who neglects her own needs.

This is the time when you need to be there for her and remind her that she is still the woman you would spend your life with.

She would greatly appreciate this token of love as it’ll constantly remind her of your effort and unconditional love.  

5. Night Lamp

Night Lamp
Image Source: flipkart

Want to make the late-night feeding sessions of your partner just a little bit easier?

Then why not save herself from the bright lights by gifting her with a night lamp in her favorite shade?

Even though it may not be able to fully protect her from the baby’s late-night meltdowns, having handy nightshade by her bed will be very helpful.

6. Water Tracking Sippy Bottle

Water tracking sippy bottle
Image Source: walmart

Even just a little bit of exercise leaves you panting and begging for water to drink.

But mothers have some kind of superpower where they are able to sacrifice every little bit of their needs for the baby.

As her partner, it is your duty to take care of her by making sure she gets her daily sustenance.

By giving her this water tracking sippy bottle, she will have a constant reminder to consume the daily limit of required fluids.

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7. Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets
Image Source: ikea

A mother’s comfort should be every partner’s top priority.

So why not make the little sleep that she gets one of her best ones?

These weighted blankets will allow her to get the coziest sleep possible.

So why not give her these weighted blankets and make her feel as good as possible?

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End Note’

Is there anything more difficult than raising a miniature version of yourself for the first time?

They are filled with heaps of energy and have the most notorious tendencies toward mischief.

This takes a lot of toll on the mother, and it’s our responsibility to be there for her when she is not.

So although it can be a difficult task, it can be made easier by giving them something unique like a custom painting.

So are you waiting for the baby to grow up? Go buy it right now!

Heya Art Readers,

Thank you for reading this article all the way to the end.

If you have any suggestions or something you would like to add anything, make sure to use the comment section down below.

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