19+ Memorial Gifts: Gone But Never Forgotten

Memorial Gifts PortraitFlip

Memorial gifts to heal from the loss of a loved one because life can be unfair sometimes.

Whether it is a human or a pet, the grief that losing a loved one brings to life is immense.

People need condolences and consolation for compensating the sad feeling of losing who they loved dearly.

As companions of people suffering from grief, we feel that showing sympathy for their loss and consoling them are one of the crucial things we can do to support them in times of despair.

Not only this, but by also giving them memorial gifts that feed their memory, as well-wishers, we can help our friends, colleagues, or relatives keep the departed’s memory alive and let them cherish their together time.

So, we here at PortraitFlip think that we can help you with choosing the right gifts to give to your fellows.

Thus, we have gathered a collection of some delighting and memorable gifts for friends who have lost someone beloved.

Immerse yourself in the ideas of giving memorial gifts.

That is to say select the apt one from a lovely collection that we have to offer.

Cherish the journey with us as we bring some thoughtful and unique memorial gifts out of our repository.

Our List of Top 10 Gifts:

Our List of Top 10 Gifts PortraitFlip

Memorial Pet Portrait

A memorial portrait painting of a pet would be a healing gift for a guy whose pet has died recently.

Personalized Dog Blanket

The giftee can sleep peacefully with his dog’s memories under the blanket.

Sterling Butterfly Necklace

The shiny and silvery butterfly necklace acts as a strong bond of companionship.

Rae Dunn Mugs

These lovely mugs remind the bereaved of his loved one seeing from above.

A Pet Oil Painting

An oil painting would be an emotional present to the grieving and would be cherished immensely. It has the potential to act as a medium between the deceased and the parent.

Ceramic Gratitude Jar

Thanking the departed for their good work and their memories is best accomplished by a jar.

Wall-mounted Bottle Opener

The customized bottle opener is ideal for opening various sizes of bottles.

Memorial Lantern

A lantern this classy takes the memories of the gone to a higher level.

Memorial Bench

A bench suited for the garden of the house, this one fuels an emotional recollection.

Sympathy Candle

The sympathy candle provokes a certain emotion that keeps the memories of the departed alive.

Pet Memorial Gifts

Pet Memorial Gifts PortraitFlip

To many of you, pets are emotional support.

Pets bring not only joy to life, but also give relief in difficult times.

Being able to have a pet is a privilege that many cannot imagine not having.

You might be having countless joyful moments that you have shared throughout your pet’s life.

How wonderful is it to recollect those memories without your pet?

It reminds you of nothing but the importance of your pet.

Coping with the loss of a pet is very challenging and takes a lot of time.

Dealing with time devoid of a pet is sorrowful too.

You would just wish that your pet was with you forever.

Thus, we have accumulated some gift ideas for pet gifts that will help a bereaved person live with strong memories of their pet.

Go through each of these gifts in order to decide which one of them you will choose.

Memorial Pet Portrait

Memorial Pet Portrait PortraitFlip

Every pet parent has a void in his heart when a pet leaves him or her.

This void cannot be filled with another pet, it has to heal itself, but the void will be the same forever.

A Handmade Memorial Painting acts as a medium to connect the pet parent and the pet.

All the things that the parent wanted to speak to the pet but could not, he can speak in front of the painting.

He can set free his emotions by speaking them and even crying if needed.

This is a very important milestone of healing to get back to life – Accepting.

Our expert at PortraitFlip understand the emotion behind the paintings and do their best to bring them to life with a marvelous painting for life.

You may check out our work here.

The best portrait medium for a memorial painting will be a Charcoal Portrait as the black and white look of it matches the emotion behind a memorial painting.

Pawprints In Heaven Memorial Marker

Pawprints In Heaven Memorial Marker PortraitFlip

A garden would be the best place to put the stone because that is where your pet would like to go most of the time.

The stone marker acts as a grave in the cemetery.

A grave that is flat and horizontal rather than a one standing tall.

The stone will have pawprints engraved on them, whether those of your cat’s or of your dog’s.

The marker has to be devoid of dust, or else the letters will be erased from visibility.

The stone will be a splendid way to memorialize the happiness that the pet brought to them, forever.

Your gift will stay intact for many years as it is weather resistant because it is molded from cast resin stone.

Personalize the stone with the title you want.

The title can be up to 12 characters long.

Personalized Dog Blanket

Personalized Dog Blanket PortraitFlip

One of the memorial gifts for a pet with the biggest image of him/her.

Whenever your friend uses this blanket, the huge image will remind him wildly of his pet.

Make your friend’s sleeping and cuddling comfortably during times in bed and during lonely times.

The blanket will make him feel that somebody is still there with him and for him.

Just send Etsy the photo of the pet, and they will utilize skilled photo editing modifications to make the blanket pawfect.

The cloth used is long-lasting and soft. It is simple to clean and will sustain for years to come.

You get a softer fabric with a coral fleece blanket, while you get a heavy-weight fabric with the Sherpa blanket.

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother PortraitFlip

A mother is a guiding light so much so that people follow her guidelines even when they are not in contact with her.

Even when people cannot see their Mother, they feel her words in their ears always.

The bereavement of a mother is a hard thing to live with.

A Mother’s light will always shine even without her presence.

A keepsake gift would be a great way to celebrate the bond that a person shared with his Mother.

To commemorate a strong bond between mother and her child, weed out some of the most cherishable products from our ideas, for we bring some of the most thoughtfully selected ideas for memorial gifts dedicated to a mother.

Browse through a brief list of some great ideas and decide which one would fit the best to the person you are gifting.

We help you in choosing the best memory-spawning gifts that will be truly valuable.

An Oil Painting of Mother

An Oil Painting of Mother From PortraitFlip

There is no gift in the whole world that can replace a Mother’s presence.

When someone loses his/her Mother, it becomes difficult for him to speak his heart out and express whatever they didn’t say to their Mother.

A medium that connects them both can help in such a time.

A handmade portrait of the Mother, which will stay on the walls of the home forever, is a great gift that will help them.

A Handmade Painting is an artistic expression, it has a life of its own, and hence it is the best way to remember the deceased.

Bring a photo of the Mother to life with a handmade oil painting by PortraitFlip.

We understand the emotions behind a painting, and our artist does their best to get it on the canvas.

You may add a custom message or merge characters from other photos to the painting with PortraitFlip.

We would love to help you with a handmade painting that will help you feel that your Mother is always with you!

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace PortraitFlip

The butterfly necklace is a great gift to respect an affectionate and compassionate spirit.

This charming silver sterling gift works as a reminder of the everlasting companionship between Mother and child.

The child will take along sensational memories with herself for eternity.

Necklace memorial gifts are expected to be expensive, but this one is not so much costly.

The plus about the necklace is that it will not let your skin become green and scratchy or red in color.

The chain is sturdy, and it will not rupture even after long usage.

The reliable packaging will not let the necklace get damaged during transit. An emotional surprise for the one who had to see the parent go.

Rae Dunn Mugs

Rae Dunn Mugs PortraitFlip

The Rae Dunn Mugs say, “hug in a mug from my mom above.”

Grief from a loved one is among the harshest things in life.

Hence, these mugs make us remember that he/she is seeing us from above.

The mug is one of the best memorial gifts according to its heavenly status.

You are reminded that heaven is letting a mother talk to her child.

These ceramic constructed mugs utilize skilled printing and inking methods to give it the shape and the aesthetic appeal.

The coating of the mug is highly orca-based and so, is one of the best materials.

Just keep in mind that these mugs are not microwave oven safe, and hence they must not be mistakenly put into microwaves.

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Personalized Memorial Gifts

Personalized Memorial Gifts PortraitFlip

Personalizing gifts do not always manifest themselves in written modifications.

They are many a time customized according to the needs of the customer by behaving in a non-text way.

The personalized memorial gifts are many in our collection, and some of them are really unique.

Catch hold of the soul and personality of the departed being in the form of charming and elegant keepsakes, portraits, and other lovely mementos.

With these gifts, you can include meaningful messages, photos, dates, names, and other alterations of your choice to convey your most sincere condolences and keep the cherished ones very near to your heart.

Giving these personalized memorial gifts to the grieving souls demonstrates your kindness towards them and expresses your sympathy with memorable presents.

There have to be gifts that the gift recipient can customize according to their requirements.

However, such gifts are yet to be found by us.

We believe in providing the best presents out of many available in the market.

Custom Handmade Pencil Sketch

Custom Handmade Pencil Sketch From PortraitFlip

A pencil sketch is one of the most thoughtful memorial gifts.

It serves as the memento to commemorate the departed soul.

The pencil strokes add a feeling of rawness to any image, and they enliven the spirit of the object.

A pencil sketch gets completed very quickly because it consists of just a single layer to be worked on.

After you upload a memorable picture of the lost human, within a small time frame, the ready sketch will reach your doorstep.

You can select the size of the artwork and you also have the option to choose the finishing option.

To the gift recipient, this gift will act as a remembrance in black and white for their closed one’s loss has created a scarcity of zest.

Personalized Glass Memorial Vase

Personalized Glass Memorial Vase PortraitFlip

The memorial gifts of vases are rarer than others.

Here, you have a vase on top of which candles are floating.

This effect of hovering candles beautifies the appeal of the vase.

It also says that the spirit of the departed soul is always illuminating the living persons.

The glass will have the textual imprint of your choice.

The name of the departed person will be printed beneath it and below it will be printed the date of the birth year to death year.

The vase that is in the form of a cylinder can not only hold floating candles but can also hold beautiful aromatic flowers of your choice.

Make sure to wash your hands after touching this item.

Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes PortraitFlip

Memorial gifts as chimes are one of the most resonating gifts in our yards. They ring in the ears with a sound that soothes and excites the brain.

When chimes sound during the absence of somebody’s life, they disbalance the soul of the dead and attract their memories around them like a magnet.

The soul tries to communicate its desire for resting in peace, but the vibration of the chime provokes it to enter our minds.

The chimes are made from quality wood and metal, the suspended feather has a diamond shape and is built from steel that is coated with powder.

The cheery tone of the uppermost construct is of wood.

Make sure to save the chime from harm by suspending it in low sunlight and in low wind extremes.

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father PortraitFlip

The loss of Father means a lot of grief to the sufferer.

To remember the Father requires a great deal of difficulty to bear because he means a lot.

Memorial gifts for a father’s loss will be very elaborate and deeply heartfelt.

The one whom you are giving a gift might need something that makes them remember his/her Father daily.

Some people may not like to leave their house for some days or weeks immediately after losing their Father.

At this time, that guy must care for himself/herself as much as possible.

During this time, you can convey your sympathy by letting the guy know you understand the requirement for personal time.

You can give a gift that would make your friend’s family members want to imitate how their Father lived.

Outdoor gifts can be a wonderful option if your friend’s dad loved outdoor activities.

An imprint of their Father’s photo on an item will be a thoughtful gift.

Whenever they see or use the item, the Father’s memory will be refreshed.

Charcoal Drawing of the Father

Charcoal Drawing of the Father From PortraitFlip

If anyone had to describe his Father, he would use the words – Bold, Confident, Strong, and Caring.

All fathers are like a protective layer for their family, every problem which has to reach their family, goes through him first.

We never realize the hard work and compromises he puts in to let us have a good life, but they exist!

Remember such a bold father with a Bold Charcoal Drawing made from his photo with PortraitFlip.

A charcoal drawing is a black and white drawing that perfectly describes the emotion behind a Father’s Memorial Drawing.

With PortraitFlip, you can add a message to the portrait, merge other characters, and get a custom experience.

Terra Cotta Candle Holder

Terra Cotta Candle Holder

A flame is what lights the memory and is what keeps it alive for long.

Burn a candle, it will rejoice the lost soul through memory; burn the candle in this terra cotta candle holder, and the soul will feel the warmth.

The candle holder comes in a securely kept box that is made from terra cotta and involves a lid that is metallic and decorated.

The tealight is included in this box.

Onto the front face of the candle are the words printed, “Gone Yet Not Forgotten, Although We Are Apart, Your Spirit Lives Within Me, Forever In My Heart”.

The passing away of someone special can be made less severe by the merciful terra cotta held the candle.

It gives the feeling of calmness and equanimity.

Healing After Loss Self-Help Book

Healing After Loss Self-Help Book PortraitFlip

Memorial gifts do not always need to ignite the memory.

They can even help you to deal with the loss in a healing way.

Self-help goes a long way in dealing with the grief of bereavement.

When you gift a self-help book, you not only show your condolences, but you also assist the person in coping with mental difficulty.

The author tries hard to make people understand that they have a choice while they deal with grief.

This book invokes all the grieving people to be strong and have confidence during challenging times.

Talk about self-help during bereavement and this is the first book that comes to the mind.

Flooded with thought-provoking thoughts, sayings, proverbs, and quotes, this book takes you on a journey of self-acceptance.

Finally, it leads you to the path of full recovery.

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Son

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Son PortraitFlip

The loss of son could be devastating to the entire family because the son was much younger than the parents and could have survived the lifespan of the parents.

Your friend would be in a depressed mood following the death of their son and could be spending time alone in prayer to God.

At this time, it would be wise for you to fill his moments of despair with moments of hope and solace.

Memorial gifts are apt for such occasions as they are thoughtful and strike at the heart of the sorrow of grief.

They bring a sense of earthiness to the grieving because memorial gifts bring someone lost in negative thoughts back to the reality of worldly life.

The gift recipient would not just be reassured of the faith in humanity and life in general, but also appreciate your effort in understanding his condition and trying to bring things back to normal.

There are diverse varieties of memorial gifts to give in this situation.

We list below some of the most cherishable presents the giftee will remember and use for the benefit of his soul.

Some of our ideas for memorial gifts will surely give a quantum of solace to the affected.

Colored Pencil Drawing of Son

Colored Pencil Drawing of Son PortraitFlip

While a pencil drawing of somebody would be easy to get quick and easy for the painters to make, the colored pencil drawing would be just as simple to order and make.

In colored pencil drawings, the pencils used are not plain black and white but are multi-colored.

They can make use of a very wide range of colors and with the help of them, elaborate and precise shading and texturing can be applied.

From a photo you chose of your friend’s son, our artists will create a masterpiece of a colored pencil drawing while giving life to the minutest facial expression of the son.

You just have to upload a photo…

There would be no shipping charges levied unless you chose the express shipping option.

In this case, you would be paying some additional costs.

Because of the bright, clean, and pure nature of the pencil strokes, the drawing would be most suited for a child.

Memorial gifts such as this one are rare to find anywhere.

Just go ahead and see the happy tears in the eyes of the gift recipient.

Son Remembrance Necklace

Son Remembrance Necklace PortraitFlip

Necklace memorial gifts are graceful gifts to give to anybody.

They adorn the neck region and appeal to the aesthetic sense of the observer.

This gift demonstrates the powerful bond between two people.

That is why this gift is known as the infinity linked pendant.

The pendant consists of double circles that are joined intersectionally to each other by polishing, hammering, soldering, forging with bare hands of expert craftsmen.

The- gold pendant is made from high-quality gold of 14 karats.

You can also get a silver sterling pendant if you order that.

Along with daily wear, you can have this minimal chain with intense polishing and sparkling charm.

You can avail of this gift in a hammered or a smooth finish.

Memorial Jewelry Morse Code Bracelet

Memorial Jewelry Morse Code Bracelet PortraitFlip

Now the gift recipient will be reminded of his or her son every time he or she wears this bracelet.

Memorial gifts are cherished the most when they can be experienced frequently.

This memorable present is a quiet reminder for the person who has lost his or her son.

This is a present that is heartfelt and special for the one who is dealing with the permanent absence of their son.

The text written on the bracelet says, “you walk beside me every day.”

The bracelet is not an ordinary one because it is a Morse coded bracelet.

The beads in the bracelet are made from the highest quality clasp of a silver lobster.

The bracelet is large and hence can wrap around the wrists twice.

It is so big that it can be in fact fitted to adjust to most types and sizes of wrists.

Importantly, this bracelet contains a text in Morse code and it also involves a card that contains some text in the Morse language and the English language.

Unique Memorial Gifts

Unique Memorial Gifts PortraitFlip

Memorial Gifts need not have to be a keepsake or a personalized gift.

They can be very unique in their nature.

Their uniqueness spawn from a variety of aspects.

These aspects can be their quality, texture, purpose, raw material, durability, fragility, personal ability, and other things.

If you have just come to know that your friend has lost his loved person, you would want to seek a way to console him in grief and convey your sympathy.

Many times, it is difficult to convey your true feelings, even though the friend is a near one.

The optimum way to show them your fondness and support is to provide them something cherishable.

We have found some beautiful, unique gifts for you so that you can give them to your friend or relative who has just suffered a major loss.

With these presents, you can display them that you have them in mind without saying a word.

Handmade Watercolor Painting of Remembrance

Handmade Watercolor Painting of Remembrance From PortraitFlip

When it comes to Unique Memorial Gifts, a handmade watercolor painting is by far the best option for you.

Watercolors add a sense of smooth and flowing shades to express surroundings.

These types of colors are a treat to the eyes of the beholder.

The viscosity of water as a medium needs to be excellent to let the pigments show their true nature.

This is why water is a sought-after medium for painting.

The painters find it a real challenge to alter and regulate a watercolor portrait because of the high fluidity of water as a medium.

Yet, our artists at PortraitFlip take their time and make the painting the perfect one of its standard.

All you have to do is upload the photo of which you want a handmade painting on PortraitFlip’s order page and add customizations like Message on the painting, Size, Framing, Finishing options, Merging Multiple Characters, etc.

How It Works?

Ceramic Gratitude Jar

Ceramic Gratitude Jar PortraitFlip

The gratitude jar not only contains a jar but also contains 50 cards of gratitude.

It is a smart and lovely way to ensure that your memories are safely held and the gratitude moments are saved for later use.

Memorial gifts such as these are rare and once acquired, are certainly cherished.

The strong topper cork ensures that the crucial memories are stored away by sealing them securely.

The imprinted visuals on the jar and card, and the ceramic material all improve your home décor and at the same time, they mix with the current ambiance.

The cards are blank and are meant to be written down with something beautiful to convey.

So that you remember the special day, the blank cards come with the choice to enter a date.

Wooden Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Wooden Wall Mounted Bottle Opener PortraitFlip

The gift recipient’s home will be personalized and his close one will be honored with bottle opener memorial gifts.

This gorgeous tribute is a unique sympathy present.

The wooden board is made up of raw materials such as maple wood and walnut.

The region below the opener is carved with laser and a circular design.

The periphery is written with “Raise a Glass” and the central section is written with the name of the dedicated one.

The size of the text varies directly with the number of characters.

The item contains a horizontally flat backside.

The item is completely made with hands.

The personal touch you get is elegant and comfy.

Such a unique gift is rare to find and should definitely be considered because it is useful, beautiful, and memorable.

It demonstrates the sympathy for the lost one.

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Husband

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Husband PortraitFlip

Memorial gifts for the loss of hubby means a lot to the wife.

A wife, while dealing with the grief of her spouse, needs to be consoled.

The condolences and consolation must come from someone close to her.

These gifts give the required impetus to go on with life without losing hope.

Console the wife by sending something worth cherishing and worth diverting her attention to.

Seeking sympathy gifts for the loss of a husband is frequently tough.

It is difficult to know precisely how to fulfill the legacy of a being who had so much to give.

Finding gifts to honor such a man would undoubtedly be challenging.

We make it easy for you to know such gifts because we have a collection of such gifts with us.

A heartwarming collection awaits you that will enthrall your senses and make you spend money on something valuable.

The selection of remembrance gifts is a medium to honor and get inspired by the man who deserved it.

You can also choose gifts that are customized and personalized in order to remember the husband more thoroughly.

A PortraitFlip Gift Card

A PortraitFlip Gift Card

Card memorial gifts are choice gifts that can be turned into the product one wants.

The only thing that needs to be done later is to just redeem the gift card with the amount that it can redeem.

PortraitFlip’s gift card is a special one.

You can buy a gift card for a chosen amount.

The range consists of the following figures: $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300, and $500.

For availing the gift card, you have to follow a procedure.

Thereafter, the card will be delivered to the recipient’s address.

Firstly, enter the amount that you want to purchase the card for.

Secondly, enter the address of the recipient and the name of the gift giver.

Optionally, you can send a message as well. After selecting the quantity of the gift cards you want, pay to buy the gift card.

We do not take shipping charges and additional costs are incurred for express shipping.

Memorial Lantern

Memorial Lantern PortraitFlip

When the lantern hangs from up above, the light that is seen shining from inside has an everlasting impact.

The soul stays there to remind you of all the cherishable memories that the loved one left behind.

Memorial gifts that give bright shining light always will make the gift recipient remember you along with their lost loved one.

The edges of the lantern resemble Chinese art design.

The wooden framework is constructed of quality wood.

The top of the lantern is built from steel that is stainless and a finish of copper.

The person does not have to buy a separate candle to utilize the lantern effectively.

The candle is inbuilt and operates on the power of the battery.

The battery-powered candle has an automatic timer that keeps the candle working for 6 hours and in an inactive condition for the remaining 18 hours of the day.

Do not buy AA batteries for the gift as the gift can operate on AAA batteries only.

The lantern does not accept fire-operated candles, so do not put that inside.

Personalized Memorial Bench

Personalized Memorial Bench PortraitFlip

In the garden, whenever a person sits on the memorial bench, he is reminded of the time that the departed one spent with him in the garden.

He is reminded of the pleasant walks he had with him in the evenings and the moments of coffee and love that were shared mutually.

The memorial bench is one of those memorial gifts that makes a person feel less empty because of the feeling of companionship it gives.

The words engraved on the top surface give you the everlasting joy of remembrance of the departed one.

The bench has been carved with glass at the top to enhance the appeal and give it a shine.

The words you choose to carve upon the bench are limited to 3 lines and 19 characters.

This memorial bench is manufactured in the USA and is built with cast stone and concrete.

The bench is long-lasting and can easily sustain itself in severe weather conditions.

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Brother

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Brother PortraitFlip

A majority of siblings create innumerable memories to cherish with each other all the way from childhood to adulthood.

If you are giving someone a gift who has lost a brother, then you can think of the suffering of such a person even though you yourself have not suffered a brother’s loss.

A gift not so complicated could be sufficient to express your condolences to a person who is now without a brother – the most crucial family member.

Memorial gifts can convey personal messages such as “I am always there for you” or “I love you”.

There is a possibility that you know the brother well.

In this case, you will be affected by the bereavement as well.

Hence, you might consider giving a very special gift.

You may not be familiar with a friend’s brother in the same degree that you might be aware of a family member’s brother.

This should not stop you from purchasing a great memorial gift.

An Oil Painting of Brother

An Oil Painting of Brother From PortraitFlip

For someone losing their brother, the remembrance means a lot to them.

The photos give them the recollection of memories spent in good times.

These photos do their job, and the memories are forgotten as soon as a photo is put down.

Paintings, on the other hand, are eternal.

They give lifelike qualities to the objects in them and provide a sense of intimacy to the beholder.

The memories sparked by paintings last forever in the sands of time.

Commission a handmade painting from your brother’s photo with PortraitFlip and relive the memories.

We at PortraitFlip would convert your photo into a handmade oil painting once you upload your brother’s photo and customize the order.

We understand the emotions behind a painting, and hence our artists bring the emotions to life with their paintbrushes!

Know more here.

Brother of an angel keychain

Brother of an angel keychain PortraitFlip

A keychain is a means to put something along with the keys in order to remember it or cherish it as long as you have the keychain intact.

For the person who has lost his or her brother, it is a sure-shot way to keep the brother very close to the heart and not leave them out of memory by keeping it alive forever.

The heart of aluminum measures an inch.

The birthstone is customizable according to your style of choice.

It also consists of a wing that indicates that a part of the brother’s heart lies on this earth with the one who has lost him.

Inside the aluminum heart, you can write the name of the person who is gone forever but whose memory is still alive.

Sympathy Candle

Sympathy Candle PortraitFlip

Letting go of the loved person is as difficult as hell.

To remember the loved one, he needs memorial gifts that are a charming way to remind of the good soul.

Here, the candle used is created from paraffin wax – the common substance used to make candles.

As the candle shines, the past is ignited with the flame that keeps the good memories of the brother alive.

The brother, with his soul in this world, communicates from heaven through his soul.

His body feels peace in heaven whenever the flame goes up.

Believe it or not, want it or not, you connect with your brother form a distance never measured, yet close enough.

The gorgeous frame of the candle holder is made from rust-less steel and gives an impression of the lofty aristocracy.

The candle holder may not suit someone’s house, but it will certainly suit the stature of the brother.

That was the last one!

We hope that you loved it and found a memorial gift for your loved ones.

We would love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by, Cheers!

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[{"code":"","label":"Not quite","win":false},{"code":"10OFF","label":"10% Off","win":true},{"code":"FREESHIPPING","label":"Free shipping","win":true},{"code":"10OFF","label":"10% Off","win":true},{"code":"","label":"No luck today","win":false},{"code":"10OFF","label":"10% Off","win":true},{"code":"","label":"Spin again","win":false},{"code":"10OFF","label":"10% Off","win":true},{"code":"25OFF","label":"25% Off","win":true},{"code":"FREESHIPPING","label":"Free shipping","win":true},{"code":"","label":"Almost","win":false},{"code":"25OFF","label":"25% Off","win":true}]
"label":"Not Quite"
"label":"Not Quite"
"label":"10% OFF"
"label":"10% OFF"
"label":"Free Shipping"
"label":"Free Shipping"
"label":"15% OFF"
"label":"15% OFF"
"label":"No Luck Today"
"label":"No Luck Today"
"label":"10% OFF"
"label":"10% OFF"
"label":"Spin Again"
"label":"Spin Again"
"label":"10% OFF"
"label":"10% OFF"
"label":"15% OFF"
"label":"15% OFF"
"label":"Free Shipping"
"label":"Free Shipping"
"label":"20% OFF"
"label":"20% OFF"
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