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Trends In Home Decor: The New Statement Of 2022

An interior of a very beautiful house with a house portrait up on the wall, there are some plants, a lamp and a chair in the image. The text reads Trends In Home Decor: The New Statement Of 2022

The trends in home decor bedazzle themselves every year. We get Instagram-worthy trends, the ones that blow our minds away. How can something be so simple yet elegant or so bold yet calming? This year we are going all-in for comfort. Since the past two years have been an emotional rollercoaster, the experts predict this […]

13+ Gay Erotic Art: The Naked Truth Revealed

This image shows the statue of David a sculpture by Michelangelo who was a gay artist and this art piece is considered to be gay erotic art. The text reads Gay Erotic Art: The Naked Truth Revealed.

For me, to use the word ‘queer’ is a liberation, it was a word that frightened me, but no longer.  – Derek Jarman. Gay erotic art is the epitome of art.  A form of art that has prevailed itself over centuries, it has been hidden away from the eyes of society.  Homoeroticism didn’t just come […]

Memorial Gifts: To Evoke The Cherished Memory Of The Departed

An image of a lady wearing a black dress and memorial veil with red nail polish. The text reads memorial gifts: to evoke cherished memories of the departed.

The thought of having to give someone a memorial gift breaks my heart. Watching someone break down because they miss the one they love, is just sorrowful. Knowing there is nothing we can do except be there for them in every possible way.  There are so many thoughts racing through your mind,  How do I […]

Occasions To Gift A Handmade Custom Portrait in 2022

A guy holding a handmade custom painting the text reads 25+ occasions to gift a handmade custom painting updated 2022.

Have you ever wondered what are the perfect occasions to gift someone a handmade custom painting? Well, don’t worry I have shortlisted all of the occasions I could, making it easier for you.  Just so you could gift these beautiful and thoughtful paintings to your loved ones. What is a custom painting you ask?  It’s […]