Loving Your Pet The Way They Deserve To Be

Loving your pet the right way.

Today, let us take a look at a few great ways of loving a pet.

“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life. “

James Cromwell

Loving your pet isn’t a difficult thing, I mean look how cute little or not so little it is.

Your pet will love you for just being there. That is, no conditions or what so ever.

A pet’s mere presence is like a calming force, a force that humbles and strengthens on our best and worst days.

All worries and troubles will dissolve as soon as he comes running to you with all of that enthusiasm and excitement.

They live such short lives yet have such a drastic and lasting impact on us.

Doesn’t matter if your pet has fur, feathers, or scales; these ideas will help you you’re your pet the way they deserve to be!

Here are a few tips to show affection to your pet in ways that not just tell them how you love them but also deepen your bond.

1. Learn Your Pets Love Languages

Learn Your Pets Love Languages
Image: Freepik

Our pets may not be able to communicate verbally but their actions speak a lot.

Their body language can communicate a thousand different words and emotions.

Family painting from different photos

Try and see the things that disrupt him and make him aggressive.

Notice the different changes in his behavior and accordingly make changes in his environment.

Small gestures like these help in creating a strong and lasting relationship.

Understanding that different animals have different ways of communicating it important.

For example; dogs love to hear high-pitched voices, it excites them but your pet bird will not appreciate the same pitch.

They would feel uncomfortable and would prefer a much softer and calmer voice.

Similarly, a pet rabbit or any reptile would like to be left alone for a long time. They like to take their time to get comfortable in a new space and a human.

But pet dogs or cats don’t necessarily require that much amount of time albeit they do need their space too.

So, the key here is to understand what your pet needs from you.

The best way to find that out is to observe and read about them.

2. Make space for your Pet

Make space for your Pet in you home.
Image: Freepik

when pets have a space for themselves, it becomes their safe spot, and it creates a sense of comfort and control.

Be it a crate/cage, bed, or just a spot where your pet can go and relax.

and it is your responsibility that their space is respected.

you can make their space more comfortable with their toys, food, and of course some decor.

You can get a pet portrait painting and show your pet some love by immortalizing his memory.

Art has always been a great way to portray a thousand different feelings and emotions.

This can be a great memoir and tribute to all the joy and happiness that your pet has brought into your life.

It will be a stunning masterpiece that not only appeals to the eyes, but also captures the heart.

A pet portrait painting truly befits the amount of bliss and love that a pet can bring to your life.

Find one here!

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3. Pets! Pets! Pets!

Petting is a way of showing your pet love.
Image: Freepik

Pets are an excellent way to bond with any animal

But be aware of how they like to be handled.

Different animals like to be petted at different places and speeds but need less to say that it is important that you only pet them when they want to be petted.

And make sure that they are free to move away from you whenever they like.

This gives them a sense of control that helps build trust.

What also matters is how you pet them. Make sure you give them your whole attention while you pet them.

I mean there isn’t anything wrong with just a few pets here and there or just absent-mind pettings but bonding doesn’t happen over a few causal pets.

You need to make sure you are spending quality one-on-one time with them.

4. Spend Time With Your Pet

a cute man in a hoodie who is covered by a heated blanket is holding a brown fur cat and is looking at her with all his innocence
Image: Freepik

When I say spend time with your pet doesn’t mean just mindlessly being around them.

Spend quality time with them which will help you form a bond with your pet.

Training or interacting with your pet is a great way to engage them.

Be it teaching them tricks or just talking to them, you need to make sure they are comfortable in your presence.

And remember different animal bond differently, their bonding time and ways vary so, be aware of it and set your expectations accordingly.

And no matter what kind of pet you have, it is important to give them their space and have patience with them.

They are going to love spending time with you but there are going to be days when they just want to be left alone.

It is important that you respect their personal space and allow them to seek you out.

When your pet starts to seek you out it can be a sign of trust and love.

5. Let Them in Your Space

 Let your pet in Your Space
Image: Freepik

Letting your pet in your space makes matters because when you let your pet in your space it is viewed as a sign of trust.

A trust that you have in them, that you feel comfortable with them in your space.

This also lets your pet know that he also plays a pivotal role in your life.

It also helps reduce any anxiety that is present in them as dogs are born with natural territorial instincts.

Before you take this step beware that you have no kind of medical issue which can be a problem.

I would suggest that you talk to your doctor or veterinarian before you let your pet in your space and make sure they are well trained.

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Make it clear that they are only allowed in your personal space when you invited them.

This also brings us to our next point.

6. Enforcing Rules

Enforcing Rules with your pet.
Image: Freepik

Your pet needs to know what is okay and what isn’t.

Having a set of rules that is followed by all the members of the household is not only essential for your sanity but also for your pet’s quality of life.

Rules don’t mean that you are strict or dull. By setting rules for behavior, you are helping set the right expectations.

It can be really hard to resist your pet’s cute face and begging eyes but don’t let those eyes fool you for it is necessary that you maintain some ground rules.

 If you are not firm with them then they will feel that it is acceptable behavior and will continue it.

For example:- if your pet starts tearing at the carpet or other things in the house.

Reprimand him with a firm ‘NO’ as opposed to any physical punishment.

Sometimes being strict is the best way to show your pet some love and at times a necessary step.

We are only strict with the people we love and that is because we care for them.

If you see some aggressive behavior or sudden changes in your pet it is better than you see whether everything is fine.

If it becomes too much you should take him to the veterinarian.

7. Health Care and Grooming

Taking care of your pets Health Care and Grooming is way to show them love.
Image: Freepik

Your pet depends on you to be taken care of.

Our pets cannot speak hence we may not even know if they are going through some problem.

Not only is it your basic responsibility to take care of your pet’s grooming and health care but also a great opportunity to build trust.

Take your pet’s grooming needs seriously and make sure to visit the pet regularly.

It is advisable to start familiarizing them with grooming and vet visits from their puppyhood so that they know what to expect.

Most pet parents may find it difficult to take their pets to the vet. It could be because of the strange smells or being handled in uncommon ways.

You can remove this fear by taking him to the vet to socialize rather than for a checkup.

This should help establish some level of comfort within him.

and taking care of your pet’s health and grooming is a great way of loving your pet.

8. Feed Them

Feeding your pet helps them trust and love you.
Image: Freepik

Most animals are food motivated so when you start feeding them, they start associating your presence positively.

This is also a great way to build confidence and get them to bond with you.

But remember that our pets depend on us to keep feed them and keep them healthy.

That means as much as your pet would love to have all treats and delicious food, it is important that we maintain their diet.

Understanding your pet’s dietary needs is essential and maintaining them; is even more.

There is a lot of information on the internet but for thorough knowledge, I would suggest that you consult with your veterinarian.

Different animals and their breeds have different needs and requirements.

One diet-fits-all approach does not work, even with the same pets.

It is essential that you research the breed and find out its specific requirements.

For example: – a border collie and a basset hound will have different nutritional needs

The border collie will need more calories in its diet as it is a more active dog compared to a basset hound.

9. Develop a routine

Develop a rotine with your pet
Image: freepik

Animals are a creature of habit who love to know what to expect at a given time.

Have a set schedule as early as possible. Animals find comfort in routine which can help them relax.

Try having a few activities scheduled every day like feeding, playtime, petting time, or something as simple as going to bed at the same time.

“Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children.”

Michael Morpurgo

To End

Remember that bonding with a dog and bonding with birds or any other animal is different.

Each species, down to their individual personalities is different and so will your bond with them.

And sometimes we don’t bond with our pets or we are not able to give them the care they need.

In such cases, it is essential that you do your best to give them a home that can give them the care they need.
After all, your love for a pet should not exceed their need for their well-being.

Also, It is very unfortunate that pets live substantially shorter lives than their owners.

Hence whilst time is on your side you should show your pet some love and make him realize his importance in your life.

Love knows no language and barrier and the relationship between an owner and his pet is a shining example of this fact.

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What do we have to offer?

A service to immortalize their wagging tails, wet snouts, and absolutely cute puppy face with a custom pet portrait.

The best way to honor them for their unconditional love!

Dear readers,

Hope you’re having a good time loving a pet.

Our time with your pet is limited so see that you make the most of it.

And If you want to share any interesting ways to show your pet some love, do mention them in our comments section below

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