15+ Veterinary Office Décor Ideas to Elevate Your Clinic

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Veterinary office décor!

Why is it necessary? Well, if you are a recent graduate or an experienced vet who is ready to set up a new clinic, then there are a few things you should keep in mind!

And trust me, choosing a new design and décor theme for a brand new office can be very intimidating.

Because not only are you going to sit and work there for hours, but you will also welcome your clients with their fur babies. 

With that being said, you have to face the challenge of decorating your office to give it a pleasing look and to make the critters feel at home.

To help you I have made a list of the coolest office decor ideas. 

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at one of the most fun veterinary office decor ideas that will help you set up your space like a pro.

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1. Office Furniture for Veterinary

Office Furniture for Veterinary
Image Source: Designcurial

Who would want a cramped up working station?

When a pet parent comes in with their fur baby, all they want is for you to attend to them as soon as possible. 

For that, you need to keep your furniture minimal, which would provide enough space for you to manage your pet patients. 

Family painting from different photos

Also, it is necessary to leave room for ventilation as you will be working with pets, which sometimes cause a lot of smell.

With that being said, plan your office furniture wisely and make sure to leave extra space for the critters to relax. 

2. A Pet Portrait

A Pet Portrait

A pet is a man’s best friend and they love us unconditionally.

A waiting lobby can definitely be made interesting, and what else can be cuter than mounting a couple of handmade pet portraits?

Or, if  you have a furry companion, then flaunt your baby across your office.

You can get a handmade portrait made especially for yourself that showcases your bond with your pet.

Also, know how to hang a painting in five successful ways.

We have a variety of options for you in-store, make sure to check them out:

3. Personalized Animal Sign

Personalized Animal Sign
Image Source: etsy

Of course, paintings and wallpapers are beautiful, but do they set the vibe right?

For that, you can get a customized pet clinic wall-sign and you can also get the ones with LEDs in them.

These wall signs are definitely one of the best veterinary office decor ideas and will make your monotone colored walls more interesting. 

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4. A Customized Doormat

A Customized Doormat
Image Source: houseofpets

A customized doormat is one of the best veterinary office décor ideas, as it will perfectly match your theme.

A paw printed or a bone treat painted doormat sounds cute, right?

Pro tip: Make sure to get it cleaned frequently, as it can accumulate dust and pet hair as well.

5. Door Sign for the Doc

Door Sign for the Doc
Image Source: etsy

To give your veterinary clinic a more professional touch, you can get customized door signs.

Door signs can be helpful for people to understand the direction that they need to go in for the service they wish to use.

For example: if they want to use the restroom, they would understand easily with a door sign without even having to ask someone.

You can buy door signs online or get them customized for yourself.

6. A Pet-Shaped Clock

A Pet-Shaped Clock
Image Source: myipadsource

To add a cute and fun element to your office, mount a pet shaped clock on your wall.

This will elevate the look and feel of your clinic.

Just make sure to mount it at a safe distance from the pets reach to prevent them from knocking the pet shaped clock off!

7. A Pen Holder

A Pen Holder
Image Source: Amazon

As a vet, you surely need a pen to write prescriptions.

And often, when you keep a pen on your table, it disappears. 

So it’s either your pupper who wants to play fetch, or your cat just knocked it off the table. 

A pen holder comes to your rescue, and you can always keep your pens there and use them whenever you need.

And as one of the best veterinarian office decor ideas, a paw shaped pen holder sounds amazing!

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8. Cute Doggo Spectacle Holder

Cute Doggo Spectacle Holder
Image Source: Etsy

After a long day at the clinic, your eyes need rest, and you want to nap for a while.

Are you worried about your glasses, as you tend to forget where you have kept them? Or there are chances that your dog with chewing habits might take it disappear?

Then a cute dog spectacle holder is one of the best veterinarian office decor pieces you can invest in.

No more of, “Oh, where are my glasses, I can’t see clearly.”

9. A Book Shelf

A Book Shelf
Image Source: Coatserfurniture

Pet-parents definitely accompany their furry babies to the vet, and there are times when they have to wait.

Waiting can be fun when you have a shelf full of books, magazines, and comics that are suitable for every age range.

So, nobody gets bored while they wait for their turn. 

Happy reading and happy waiting!

10. Toys for Puppers

Toys for Puppers
Image Source: Amazon

A vet not only takes care of their cute little patients but also hypes them up and gives them the energy to stand back on their paws.

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For that, you can stock a box full of chewy toys or cotton toys. 

Once the treatment is done, they get to play with the toys.

This definitely sounds exciting!

You can shop for some amazing pet toys online. 

11. A Treat Box

A Treat Box
Image Source: littlefreelibrary

As humans, we seek appreciation in even the smallest and lightest forms. 

Same with our pets, they seek appreciation in the form of treats.

So as soon as they get their shot, you can give them a treat. 

Alternatively, to calm them down, as some doctors do, give your patient a treat and inject the medicine right after!

It sounds a bit evil, but treats with treatments are in!

12. Plants to Enhance the Space

Plants to Enhance the Space
Image Source: Mycityplants

Plants are known to elevate the overall look and feel of any place they are planted or placed.

Go ahead and place two or three beautiful plants in your office space to make it aesthetically pleasing and more beautiful.

PS: Keep the critters away from munching on the plants, because they often munch on greens when they are sick. 

Alternatively, you can also get pet-friendly plants to decorate your space. 

13. Cute Bandanas for Pets

Cute Bandanas for Pets
Image Source: mypersonalizationmall

Want to reward your pooch for being a good boy but want to give him something apart from treats?

A cute bandana!

If the baby critter behaves well and gets the vaccine on time, then give them a cute bandana and watch how they smile and wag their tail.

14. Wooden-Touch Flooring

Wooden-Touch Flooring
Image Source: twentyandoak

As a space where many pets come and get treated, the floors of your clinic should be wooden lined or covered with anti-slip tiles.

It can prevent pets from tripping and falling.

The wooden lining also keeps the floor cool and its temperature maintained. 

This will allow the pets to roam around freely and without any hassle. 

15. Comfy Couches and Pillows for Pet-Parents

Comfy Couches and Pillows for Pet-Parents
Image Source: wallpaperflare

Give your veterinary office a feel of comfort and a homely vibe by setting up a comfy couch in the waiting lobby.

This will give your clients a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee while their pooch gets examined by you.

This will also add a sense of comfort to your clinic, making couches one of the best veterinary office decor ideas. 

16. Comfortable Vet Bed

Comfortable Vet Bed
Image Source: ysenmed

You are running a veterinary practice, and one of the most important elements is a vet bed.

Make sure that you purchase a high and premium quality vet bed so that you can provide your patients with the best service.

A good quality vet bed will be spacious and will have all the necessary add-ons attached to it.

So, select wisely and pick the best vet bed. 

17. Pet Essentials

Pet Essentials
Image Source: pymnts

Won’t it be fun to have a nook at your clinic where pet parents can shop for all the essentials their pup needs?

There can be nail trimmers, packets of critter diapers, leashes, and many more things that fall under the essentials of a critter.

All this will definitely get your clients hooked on the fact that your clinic is their one-stop solution for their fur baby’s needs. 

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18. Pet Inspired Calendar

Pet Inspired Calendar
Image Source: twinkl.co.uk

As a vet, you need to plan your schedule and mark your dates so that your clients’ appointments don’t clash.

What else can be better than marking the appointments on a calendar that is inspired by pets?

Decorate your desk with a calendar like this, and it will surely plant a smile on your face whenever you take a look at it. 


A veterinarian proves the fact that every pet is loved, and the love and care we give them will surely bloom with time.

They strive each and every day to take care of our critters and resolve them as soon as possible.

Veterinarians are the ones we can rely on with our pet’s life, and they are the first people to whom we reach out when even the slightest thing goes wrong with our fur baby.

So, we have curated this list of veterinary office decor ideas that they can refer to and that can make their clinic shine.

So, if you are a recent graduate who is thinking of setting up their first clinic or you are an existing doctor who is looking to set up a new space, then we’ve got your back!

We hope that the veterinary office decor ideas we have mentioned will prove helpful for you.

Author’s Taking a Pawse

If you are still here, then thank you so much for staying till the end!

This was all about the blog, Veterinary Office Decor Ideas.

We try our best to provide you with the most refined and researched information, so if you find this blog helpful, then do leave your valuable feedback in the comments.

See you soon; till then, stay hydrated!

Give your pet a treat on behalf of me as well!

Bye bye.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you mount a pet portrait on the office walls?

Veterinarian offices must have at least one pet portrait mounted on their walls. This veterinary office decor idea will make the space welcoming and enhance the look.

How can you add interest to the space around your vet’s office doors?

With the help of single or double-sided veterinary door signs, you can amplify the environment around your vet office.

What is the best item for your vet’s office desk?

A Quote Engraved Jar can be the best item for your vet’s office desk, as it lets you offer treats to puppies and other pets when they visit for a check-up.

What is the budget-friendly vet office decor idea?

A Paw-Shaped Pen Holder can be a budget-friendly vet office decor idea.

Any good suggestions for veterinarian’s cabin?

Paw stickers can be a good way to decorate a veterinarian’s cabin.

What is a minimalistic veterinary office decor idea?

A customized pet clinic sign is a minimalistic veterinary office decor idea.

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