50 Gifts for Long Distance Relationships to Keep the Spark Alive Forever (2024 edition)

A love affair can prove to be one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

Those tender feelings, those little butterflies in the stomach you get when you think of your s.o are inexpressible. 

Everything seems great and wholehearted unless you have to be away from your bae for a while. 

Most relationships go through a rough patch, and long distance is the most typical ones. 

You tend to miss them even more when you’re apart.

All you’ve got to do is keep surprising your s.o with a few alluring gifts for long-distance relationships every now and then. 

Thinking of finding the best gifts for long-distance relationships? Take a chill pill. I’m here to throw 50 suggestions about how you can put a smile on your loved one’s face. 

Long-Distance Relationships can affect your mood directly, you might feel low, anxious or stressed out very often. 

Thinking about them and missing their presence is such a heavy feeling. To keep yourself away from this unease please check out these presents.

1. Smell it and Tell it

Two big and two small bottles of lavender, stress relief and calming essential oils kept on a flat wooden top as gifts for long distance relationships. .
Image Source: divinearoma

Aromatherapy can help ease the stress and anxiety of missing your loved ones.

Couple Painting

Essential Oils by Divine Aroma could be the stress buster; this is what your boo needs while thinking of you.

I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with a soothing fragrance? Send one of these to your partner and spread the ambrosia in their life.

2. A Cup of Love

A personalized mug printed with a couple photo on it, kept beside two pink colored roses as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: fnp

Let’s be honest: At least once in a while, you must recall your first coffee date moment while having coffee. 

Whether it was a classy starbucks coffee date or a small budget street side brew affair, the order was 2 cups of hot coffee and a cookie of compassion. 

This Magic photo mug will make your partner remember your precious moments. 

As soon as you pour hot coffee in the mug, the black mug starts to unveil a cute photograph of you and your honey. 

3. You’re the Sweetest

A pack of write now, read later letters in a white background as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

We are all aware of the fact that how important it is in a relationship to appreciate your partner’s effort. 

Every day is a day of passion and pampering for a couple. 

However, when we’re far-fetched, texting and facetime don’t always help—something more personal makes the cut here.

Whenever you think of writing a letter to your long distance boyfriend, give a pack of “Write now, read later” letters to your sugar-plum. 

They can open it and read it whenever they miss out on those little pamper-me moments. 

4. Stir a Little More to Find me

A spoon with "still having coffee together" written on it and a small heart shape below it in a white background.
Image Source: Amazon

Another spectacular present for all the coffeeholics in ldr. 

Imagine you had a long and tiring day. You seek some comfort in a cup of coffee. 

As soon as you stir your coffee and take out the spoon, it says, “ Still having coffee together.”  I can only imagine how adorable that must be. 

5. A Pocket full of Hugs

A white letter note with " A hug for you" written on it along with a pink heart with Pocket Hug written on it as gifts for long distance relationship.
Image Source: Amazon

Loving touches can heal you emotionally in a relationship. 

A prolonged kiss on the cheek, a subtle kiss on the forehead, and the most important one, a comforting hug from your s.o. 

However, for LDR couples the cute physical touches aren’t an option to seek. 

So, how about a pocket full of hugs? Take your sweet-heart’s comforting hugs wherever you go. 

Whenever you feel grumpy, just pull out one of those pocket hugs and feel the presence of your significant other.     

6. When We Met

A map figure in a round shaped frame with a location pinned on it with "where it all started" written on it in a white background as one of the best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Etsy

We all love to cherish the sweetest moments of our lives as a set of memories. 

Those who keep track of all the dates and places are always appreciated in a relationship. 

Remember, where did you cross paths with your s.o.? 

How about framing it as a map and surprising your long distance lover with this gift. 

(Suggested: 25 “Just Because” Gifts That’ll Make Them Feel Loved)

7. A Vivid Memory for your Bae

A photo on the left with it's oil portrait on the right with a grey wall background along with a sofa and center table beside it. Oil portrait by PortriatFlip as one of the best gifts for long distance relationship.

Gifts and presents that are customized and give a personalized essence to the other person, portray the efforts and thoughtfulness you’ve put into them. 

Couple oil portraits by PortraitFlip are one of the best gifts for long distance relationships. 

Evoke the hidden affection for her in this painting, which will appear vibrant and surreal. 

8. Pick-a-Boo

A wooden box with" Made with love"  written on it with black ink surrounded by 13 small brown and red boxes with white colored notes stick on their top.
Image Source: oyehappy

Are you missing those late night conversations with your bae? I know. You are. I’ve covered you, friend. 

Send this box full of surprises to your honey and light up their day. 

They miss you. Your absence has already started to create a difference. However, gifting your loved one this box of surprises can amaze her and bring a wide smile to her face. 

9. Stranger Things

A lot of red and gray colored cards with levels and messages written on them in a white background as gifts for ldr couples.
Image Source: popsugar

Role-playing is essential to keeping the spark alive in a relationship.

However, it becomes challenging to stay as closely connected to your partner as you were. 

In such a scenario, having this game ordered for your bae can make a difference. 

“We’re not really strangers” contains three levels packed with some emotionally stimulating questions. 

This game will let you and your partner talk with each other about your relationships and keep the fire alive while being apart.  

10. Let’s Groove Together!

A cassette shapes usb mixtape with a " I've made you a mixtape" note written on it in a white background.
Image Source: Etsy

Every couple has some special songs that reflect the intensity and firmness of their bond. However, it’s tiresome to enjoy those songs together in a long distance relationship.

These songs can play a vital role in keeping the spark alive for some music lovers in a long distance relationship, 

Send a customized USB mixtape full of your “couple songs” to your s.o. Admire the certitude of your relationship with them. 

11. Intimacy of Positions!

A red and white colored book titled as "Position of the day playbook" with a man and women having sex drawn on it.
Image Source: urbanoutfitters

Keeping the spice alive is every ldr couple’s dream. 

Here’s a handbook on sex positions to enlighten you on the subject. 

It isn’t taboo anymore. It’s important to be aware of certain things and to be vocal about subjects that matter in your life. 

12. You Have my Heart 

Two heart shaped green colored plants in a white flower pot with a golden heart on it's center in a pink background with a pen kept beside as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: mydomaine

Aesthetics matter a lot. 

For an art-loving girlfriend/wife who loves to keep the interior intact with trendy and beautiful artifacts, this heart shaped Hoya kerrii indoor ceramic plant pot arrangement can make the perfect LDR present.  

With its lush and cute heart shaped plant, she’ll remember you every time this crosses her eyes.

13. Guess What Time it is 

A clock showing the time zones of New York and Sydney in a white background perfect as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Etsy

Relationships suffer when one person remains unavailable for the other. Especially if the other person is in need of emotional support. 

That’s when things start to separate from their places, which is why a lack of proximity makes a LDR relationship suffer.

So, do not let this happen. Keep the relationship spark alive by giving your bae this “Dual time-zone long-distance clock”.  Keep track of your honey’s schedule,and don’t let any time-zone hinder your conversation.

14. We’re Never Running out of Hugs

A white colored pillow with" If you miss me hug this pillow" written on it with black ink kept on a grey sofa.
Image Source: igp

Feeling cuddlish? Clutch this pillow whenever you miss a loved one. 

Face-time your darling while grabbing this pillow and feeling their presence in your arms. 

Surprise your bae with one of the most amazing gifts for long distance relationships.

15. A Splash of Lovely Colors!

A couple's wedding photo in the left and it's watercolor on the right on white colored wall with a plant on the right and a grey couch below it. It's one of the best gifts for long distance relationships.

A couple sharing a colorful bond and a similar passion for art will love these portraits. 

The vibrancy of the colors depicts the evocative nature of your relationship  

Upload your couple photos on our website, select the style and size from our catalog, and there you go. 

Get your vividly amazing couple portrait shipped to any corner of the world.

16. I Miss your Chocolatey Face

18 small pieces of chocolate with letters and heart shapes on them kept in a white colored box alongside red ribbons and red flowers.
Image Source: Etsy

Chocolate is a synonym for happiness. 

A rough day and a clumsy mood—that ain’t a tough opponent to beat for chocolates that say “I miss your face.”

Lift your bae’s mood by packing a box of chocolates for her. Let her know how sweet she’s while you’re miles away from her. 

17. Wear My Secret on your Wrist

A metal wrist band with a message " Thank you for all that you do" written on it's inner side in a white background as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Etsy

Is your s.o a fashionista or a style icon? 

Send this cute LDR gift to your special one, who lives an ocean away from you. 

Not only will it appear as a fashion statement, but it’ll also make her recall special moments shared with you. 

18. I Can Feel ya in my Arms!!

A girlfriend pillow with a pink colored body and a yellow colored hand kept on a white table as one of the special gift for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

Sometimes, hugging a pillow helps to some extent, but it’s not the primary solution. 

The girlfriend’s pillow gives the feeling of an intimate cuddle. 

It can be a game changer in case your boyfriend feels the need for an intense clutching with you. 

19. Touch n Glow!! 

One pink and one blue colored illuminated touch lamp kept beside each other in a black background as perfect gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

Caring for your sugar-plum is one of those things that you can’t avoid. 

 In a long distance relationship, it becomes a little typical to remind them of even basic things.

The telepathy lamp is a solution to that problem in a very technical yet romantic way. 

You wish to remind them of their medicine, just tap your lamp and their long distance lamp will illuminate automatically.

Take care of your tech-savvy s.o. in the most roman-tech way. 

Touch here to know more.

20. The Century of Love

A red colored box with a white note which says " 100 reasons why I love you angel" written on it in a white background.
Image Source: Amazon

Hey babe, do you know why I love you so much? Just open this box. 

“100 reasons, why I Love you” is a savior for every couple who gets into an argument and seeks for a common ground to resume their romance.   

This not only being one of the best gifts for long distance relationships but also acts as a romance moderator for Ldr couples.

21. A Kiss of Caffeine

A pair of black and white colored cups with a kissing gesture, having hearts imprinted and a heart shaped handle in a white background.
Image Source: Amazon

Morning routine before Ldr – Wake up, morning kiss, coffee to kickstart the day. 

That mellow forehead kiss from your s.o is missing in long distance relationships. 

Let your coffee mugs kiss each other when they are miles apart. 

Take a sip of caffeine from kissing mugs and kickstart your day.      

22. Vibrating Penis ring for men!

A dark blue colored gadget with a circular opening in the bottom and a button on the top in a white background as one of the best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: thatdrawer

This gadget is one of the most exhilarating long distance gift ideas for a boyfriend.

This makes the perfect LDR present for those who don’t want to miss out on any fun while being miles away from each other.

23. Miss ya…!!

A white letter kept on a brown envelope with a note " you live too fucking far away " written on it in a white background as a perfect gifts for long distance relationships.
Image source – Amazon

You don’t feel cheesy always, but you feel the urge to appreciate your s.o. continuously. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! These sarcastic miss you notes will surely make your 

love-bud grin, and they’ll start missing you already. 

24. Hold up, It’s face-time

A girl wearing a red sweater sitting in front of a phone mounted on a black colored phone stand with a headphone kept beside it on a table as one of the suitable gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Freepik

Face-time them when you cook, when you go for a stroll, when you get back from work—these are very frequently exchanged phrases between a LDR couple. 

Couple painting ad

Holding your phone for too long is indeed very tiring. 

Gift this phone stand to your s.o. and enjoy hours of face-time with them. 

25. Love in a Capsule!

A bottle of love capsules with a silver colored cap with a note" Vitamin messages " written on it. The supplements facts written on the left as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

Tired of gifting cliche items, such as soft toys and greeting cards, to your girlfriend. 

How about giving just the right medicine for the fever of love? 

Each love capsule contains a special message to cheer up your boo!

26. You and Me on my Sleeves!

A black and a white sleeve with initials B and S embroidered with hearts on the cuffs kept on a white bedsheet as best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Etsy

Comfort is an uncompromisable part of our lives. Hoodies and sweatshirts are synonyms for comfy clothing on a chilling winter night.

Having your s.o.’s initials embroidered on your sweatshirt’s sleeve takes it to another level of comfort altogether. 

Gift one of these to your s.o. and let them snuggle up in their sweatshirt.

Couple and pet portrait Ad

27. Boyfriend Roll on 

A metal roll on bottle with "Billionaire" written on it in a white background as gifts for long distance boyfriends.
Image Source: Amazon

Let me introduce you to one of the aromatic gifts for long distance relationships.

Fragrance is a turn on for a lot of girlfriends. 

Gift your boyfriend this fragrant roll-on and make sure about the fragrant turn on next time you two cuddle. 

28. Love in a Box 

A brown open box with a red lego heart embedded on it in a white a background as perfect gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: uncommongoods

This is one of those magical long distance relationship gadgets. 

How about waking up to a love note sent by your s.o in your love box. 

It could be a cute morning snuggle picture, a custom love note, a drawing, or a sticker. 

The hype to see what’s in the love box every morning would be surreal. 

Click here to open the Love Box

29. We’re not too Far!

A map of two countries on a white background with some text on the top and below it with two location pinned and connecting each other with a heart shaped line on a white background as one the best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Etsy

“Borders are temporary, love is permanent,” and this distance map signifies the power of your love. 

Despite being miles apart, our hearts cuddle each other. 

30. Bloom up

Twelve packets of flower seeds with different colors and months written on them kept on grass and small flowers as perfect gifts for long distance for long distance relationships.
Image Source: notonthehighstreet

If your honey happens to be an anthophile, gift them a flower kit. 

Being of the prettiest gifts for long distance relationships, it contains flowering seeds for every month.

Let them have their own homegrown blossoms. They’ll surely name one of the blossoms after you. 

31. Strokes of Compassion!

The original photo on the left and it's pencil sketch on the right in which the couple is kissing each other kept on a brown cabinet in white background. Pencil sketches by PortraitFlip are the best gifts for long distance relationships.

Pencil is like a lover who can capture your most intense emotions with subtle nuances. 

Consider giving a pencil sketch to the love of your life, who shapes your dreams, shades your personality, and erases your flaws. 

She’ll be amazed to see herself in this fine piece of art, which has displayed one of her special memories. 

She’ll feel more respected and important because you valued a meaningful moment in her life

What else could one ask for?

32. Tick-Tick One!

A printable countdown calendar with title " days until I see him " with all the dates kept in heart shapes kept on a brown table alongside four plants.
Image Source: Etsy

Meeting your sugar-plum after a long-time might excite you to a level that can’t be contained. 

You might miss out on important stuff due to this hype. Gift your s.o this countdown calendar before you pay them a visit. 

It’ll help them plan things in a much easier way, and the best part is that they don’t have to compromise their excitement. 

33. Just Tap!!

A pair of black colored bracelets in a white background perfect as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

Hey ! I miss you, oh wait, lemme touch my bracelet. 

I got a text from you. Hey, babe, , you good? What a feeling that must be! These long distance touch bracelets work like magic. 

Gift one of the long distance relationship bracelets to your s.o this Valentine’s Day, and you’re just a tap away from their heart. 

34. Super Rare Sugar Rush!

A bottle of maple syrup with "ESCUMINAC" branding in a white background. It's one of the best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: sabato

Maple syrup is used in a variety of dishes. 

Pancakes, waffles, and french toast are the most popular ones among them. 

Gift a bottle of super rare maple syrup to your s.o and let them start their day with a little sugar rush. 

35. The Stars in our Fault! 

Two heart shapes with star patterns in them, there are two names below these shapes on a white background, perfect gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

Stargazing and romanticizing the night sky are a symbol of the limitless love between the couple. 

Here’s one of the most popular gifts for long-distance relationships among astrophiles.

Send one of these to your boo, and enchant the attraction within. 

36. Long-Distance Map Art 

A heart shaped map on a white background and a wooden frame kept on a wooden shelf as prefect gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Etsy

Long-distance becomes hard with time. The wait is really frustrating, although embracing the wait with time is challenging yet interesting. 

Surprise your s.o with this long distance map art and let them know “distance doesn’t stop either of you from loving each other.” 

37. I Envy Long Distance Mug 

A white coffee mug with a " I envy" message on it in a white background best gifts for long distance relationships, specially for coffee lovers.
Image Source: Etsy

A cup of coffee that makes you smile whenever you read the quote on it. 

One sip is equal to one smile; that’s all you need to make your loved one’s day special. 

That’s how to comfort your partner in a long distance relationship. 

38. Our Story Roadmap!!

A white colored our story roadmap in a wooden frame on a white background. One of the best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Etsy

Being a little dramatic in your relationship adds a little extra fun to your life. 

Our story roadmap can make a unique custom long distance relationship gift. 

Do you know why? It’ll draft your story in the form of a timeline, and adore those little memories whenever you miss your s.o.

39. Castle Frame of Glass..!!

A couple photo in a frame of glass with " forever together" note below it in a dark blue background.
Image Source: Amazon

A well-crafted piece of memory, highly aesthetic and beautiful. 

This frame of glass with a couple photos will always be a vivid memory of you and your partner. 

40.  My Heart Skipped a Beat!

Two black and copper colored rings in a white background as suitable gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Pinterest

The smartest health tracker in the market, with compact design and technical expertise. 

Designed especially for those who really take their partners’ health seriously. 

Stay fit while being romantic. 

41. Nostalgia!!

A red reel viewer with a black lever in an  off-white background as gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: refinery29

Walking down memory lane is always a beautiful way to cherish those whimsical instances that you both paved together. 

You can create a customized series of your favorite couple moments, such as your first date, your first anniversary celebration, and many more romanticized instances. 

Surprise your distant lover with this heart-warming gift. 

42. Plug n Play!

Had a bad day? Just plug in and play your favorite song. Music is known to heal grumpy mood swings and short-tempered scuffles. 

A personalized acrylic album cover with a photograph of a girl holding a degree in her hand and wearing a black gown and a cap.
Image Source: collegemagazine

Had a bad day? Just plug in and play your favorite song. Music is known to heal grumpy mood swings and short-tempered scuffles. 

Gift a customized acrylic album cover to your s.o with their favorite playlist on top. 

Let the melody take away all the stress from them. 

43. Let’s get Naughty! 

Well, an evergreen game known to heat up things in parties and get togethers. 

A black and red colored jar of  Sexy truth or dare kept on a table as adventurous gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

Truth and Dare can be the glue you need to stick the falling pieces of your Ldr. 

Face-time your honey and get sexy things going. 

44. Cozy n Comfy!

A pair of blue socks with prints of the photos present in white background.
Image Source: Amazon

Like I said earlier, customized and personalized gifts always tend to have an edge over other options. 

Custom printed socks with their photo, a great yet funny idea to put your love and affection forward. 

45. Relax!!

A grey colored heating neck pillow in a white background.
Image Source: Amazon

Are you married to a workaholic? If they sit and work for hours, they’re surely going to get a cramp in their neck. 

But, the savior is always there. Send them a heating neck pillow with a pack of aromatic massage oil. 

Click here to Relax

46. Some Poetic Essence

The book " love poems" by Pablo Neruda in a pink foreground color as one of the best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: Amazon

“Where the lights shimmer, the serene streams glitter and the birds chatter, I’ll wait for you then and there forever” 

P.S – If you’re not a brilliant writer like me, please give an addition of “Love poems” by Pablo Neruda to your s.o. 

“The poetic intimacy is real”

47. Air BnB Gift Card

An air bnb gift card depicting winter holidays in a white background.
Image Source: weddingwire

Frequent meetings can go over budget and are expensive for ldr couples.  

If you can save some bucks, then traveling would not be an obstacle between you two. 

Surprise your s.o with this travel gift card and make your affair interesting. 

48.  Instant Camera

An instant camera with films of different colors in a white background. On of the perfect gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: polaroid

“We keep this love in a photograph”  by Ed Sheeran, it really defines the beauty of a photograph. 

An instant camera would let you click and print all your precious moments within seconds. 

49.  Cuddle Pillow

A women laying on the bed holding to a blue color pillow with a pink lamp and  pink coushion in background.
Image Source: forbes

Affectionate actions like cuddling decrease the level of stress exponentially. 

But your cuddle partner is miles away from you! 

He has sent you this cuddle buddy. 

Whether you clutch it, squeeze it, or even canoodle with it, It’ll surely give you an essence of your s.o.

50. App controlled Toy for Women

A maroon colored box with" app controlled sex vibrator written on it" alongside a mobile phone in a white background. One of the best gifts for long distance relationships.
Image Source: zipy

A woman’s desire is like water. It keeps on flowing with the same vigor. 

However, in an LDR, you’re not there to fulfill it every time. 

Surprise your women with this app controlled toy. 

Let her reach the heights of her pleasure.

(Suggested Read: Gifts For Gay Men which gives a rainbow spirit) 

Final Note

Being miles away from your significant other is not the best thing to do. However, the ball is not always in our court. 

Surprising them with unique and different presents acts as a token of love and respect you embark upon them. 

LDR is like an exam of your bond. I’m confident that after reading this article, you’ll know how to ace it! 

Author’s Note

Oh great! You stayed, and I’d like to thank you all for staying till the end. I have scanned almost half of the internet to get the best suggestions for your love buds. 

I feel despondent for our Romeos and Juliets, who are holding each other’s hands in every phase of life with facetime and messages. Do not worry at all. 

Anyway, the grass will become greener, the roses will turn red again. Until then, if you have any suggestions for me, please put them in the comment section. 

Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such utopian content. 

Adiós, ¡ Mucho gusto !

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An Ipad would be an ideal tech-gift for a long distance couple. It will enable the accessibility of connectivity between the two love birds.

2. Is an amazon gift card a decent gift option for a long distance lover?

In a long distance relationship, the urge of making your partner happy matters the most. With a gift card, they’ll have the freedom to buy anything that makes them happy.

3. How do I surprise my long distance girlfriend with a special gift?

The best surprises are those who are special and personalized. Gift your girlfriend a personalized portrait of her by PortraitFlip. Click here for amazing options.

4. What is the most budget friendly gift option for a Long distance relationship?

A flower kit would fit in your budget easily. You can buy it for as low as $4-5 bucks.

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