Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas That Aren’t Overrated

A couple is shown in an embrace and the image suggests cute ideas for Valentine's Day

We get it, most of you aren’t the biggest fan of this festival, as most valentine’s day ideas are just plain cringe and boring.

So, what to do on valentine’s day?

Well, worry not my lovies! We have a list of things to do on valentine’s day that will capture the essence of the festival but in a fun and creative way.

This valentine’s day, we have come up with things that are not so materialistic and mainstream nor over the top but be sure that they are heartfelt, steamy, and exciting.

You can choose to do one or more things this valentine day from the list with your better half or friends or family.

Honestly, I find the spirit of the day quite enchanting, it gives us an excuse to do things that we would normally not think of or refrain ourselves; deeming it to be too much or very over the top.  

Go all out and express your love, be it with a heartfelt gift or a vacation.

No matter what type of person you are, we have creative ideas for everyone.

Do you prefer to cozy up and stay indoors? Or are you someone who seeks adventure? Is your love language gifting or making food?

This list of ideas for valentine day has something for everyone.

Let’s dive right at it with this cute valentine day idea:

1. Exchange heartfelt gifts

A beautiful painting of a couple painted  as a valentines gift by PortraitFlip.

And nothing can be more heartfelt than a painting of the person you love.

It can be a painting of both of you or just your partner’s, made from your favorite photo.

A portrait painting is a gift one can hardly go wrong with; it embodies a personalized touch that is everlasting.

A gift that is just unique to both of you, representing your love for each other.

This is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas.

2. A Special day needs a special start – Breakfast In Bed

A couple is enjoying their valentines day by having breakfast in bed.

But don’t just stop with breakfast to make their morning mindblowing *ahem*.

Starting your day with delicious food and love is the perfect way to start the day.

So, get ready to cook some steamy and scrumptious food for the love of your life, and remember the meal doesn’t have to be something big or complicated, just something both of you can enjoy.  

This is one of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day at home.

3. Host A Party With Your Bae To Celebrate With Friends And Family

A couple is ready to throw a valentines day party for their close friends.

Throw Valentine’s Day-themed party, from heart-shaped everything to even dressing up as St. Valentine himself.

Or maybe not, but when was the last time you had a valentines day party? Elementary school?

Just like the old-fashioned way, get ready to party with some heavily spiked punch and games like pin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven for a nostalgic and mischievous evening.

This is a great thing to do on Valentine’s Day with friends. It is like celebrating not only your love for your significant other but also the mutual love you have for each other as friends.

Honestly, I think is very sweet and it seems like the perfect way to celebrate this beautiful day.

“Friendship is another word for love.”

4. Soak In The Beauty Of A Sunset Together

A couple enjoying sunset at the beach.

With our busy lives, we often miss out on small but beautiful things like sunsets.

Be it on a mountain, beach, or from your home’s balcony, as long as you can see the beauty of the setting sun with its changing shades reflecting on the clouds and sky is a laidback way to celebrate the day.

Holding your partner’s hand and gazing at the sky, have a moment of peace and appreciation, not just for your view but also for the beauty of your relationship. 

Sometimes, celebrating your love doesn’t have to be a big show or wild, it can be cherished with some undisturbed moments.

5. Love In The Old Fashion Way – Write Each Other a Love Letter

writing love letters as a part of valentines day

There are things we can’t say, things we don’t realize and take for granted.

And one way to introspect the intricacy of any relationship is to write about it.

You will realize a lot about yourself and your partner that you might have never noticed before.

This way you can draft up something heart-warming for each other and express your love in a way that can be held on forever.

Writing a love letter may seem old school, but it is a rewarding experience that you will share with your partner.

It is not only one of the most unique Valentine’s Day ideas, but also an extremely romantic one.

6. Use Art To Express Love

A beautiful oil painting of a couple made from a photo by PortraitFlip.

And what better way to say I love you than gifting your loved one something that celebrates your favorite moment?

Art has the power to bring your cherished memories to life; forever and unchanging, always there to remind you to celebrate the love both of you share.

Display that by converting your favorite photo into a painting with PortraitFlip.

But remember to achieve the best results and let professionals do it!

With PortraitFlip, you can commission an artist to paint your photo in any medium of your choice.

A couple portrait is the most romantic valentine’s day idea.

“If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets”

– Haruki Murakami

7. Shop For Lingerie Together

A couple on a lingerie shopping spree as a part of their valentines day celebration.

Let’s add some spark to your valentine’s day,
and the perfect way to light up your evening is to get in (or out) of some Oo So sexy lingerie.

But remember, participation needs to be on both ends.

There is nothing sexier than a person who can match your energy and enthusiasm.

This is one of the most fun valentine’s day ideas.

8. Basket, Blanket, And Wine – Get Picnic Ready

A young lesbian couple on a picnic to spend some quality time together on valentines day.

Go to a scenic spot, be it a park near your house or somewhere away from the city and people.

Pack up your old picnic blanket with some wine and your favorite munchies.

Spend the day together and enjoy each other’s company.

This is a simple but beautiful valentine day idea on this list.

9. Go See A Burlesque Show With You Best Fits On

A still from a Burlesque Show

A burlesque show is more than a strip show, it differs from performer to performer.

They are fun, and sexy and can arouse a range of emotions with their artful acts.

You will experience rhythm, skill, and charisma in the way each artist reveals their persona.

Be ready for a roller-coaster night filled with sensuality and awe.

Also, don’t forget to dress the part, or you will be standing out in your plain jane outfit.

This is one of the most fun valentine day ideas to do this year, especially if you want to do something new and sexy.

 “Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can’t help falling in love with you,”

– Elvis Presley

10. Take a Scenic Drive

A happy couple on a drive with their dog on valentines day.

Do I even need to sell you this idea?

Background music. The intimacy. The scenery. What else do you want?

If you live in an urban area that is quite populated then this is one of the best valentine day ideas. 

11. For The Wanderers – Go On A Hike

A couple enjoying nature on their hike for valentines day.

There are people who would willingly go climb a mountain and enjoy it!!

So, if you are that kind, this is your chance to get wild in the wild. *wink* wink*.

But being conscious of choices, just because you enjoy doing something doesn’t mean your partner should enjoy it too.

Be aware of yourself and their expertise. Choose a location that is suitable for both of you.

This is a great outdoor activity for valentine’s day, if not romantic.

12. Dial Back In Time By Recreating Your First Date

A Gay couple sharing a kiss in front of a theme park where they had their first date.

You, your better half, and your relationship has been through a journey, so celebrate that by recreating your first date or favorite date.

Try dressing up in the same or similar clothes and go to the same place, order the same food, crack the same lame joke, and have a blast!

Embrace your journey and enjoy this trip to the past.

This is one of the fun things to do on valentine’s day that will remind the young love.

A perfect way to celebrate the festival of love is with this romantic valentine’s day idea.

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

-Paulo Coelho

13. A Present That Lasts Forever – Just Like Your Love

A beautiful portrait painting of a young couple, made by PortraitFlip.

Gift them a present that makes them think of you when you aren’t around.

A gift that not only reminds them of you but a pleasant movement that they shared with you.

I think it is a cute valentine’s day idea for someone who is trying to take their relationship to the next level. 

The only way to express so much with just a glance is only possible through art.

Hand-painted artwork is kept as a souvenir of your cherished memories.

Painting made from your photos brings the moment to life.

Gift your better half a gift that is more than just a gift, it is a legacy. That will outlive everything, but your love for each other.

14. Do Some Good By Volunteering Together

An elderly couple volunteering to clean up a beach near their house.

There is something about just doing good for your community.

It makes you feel good about yourself and your partner.

Be it a soup kitchen, an NGO, or an animal shelter, you can volunteer for a cause that feels close to you.

Or better yet, you can make it a regular thing, maybe something you both could do over the weekend or once a month.

Be it cleaning your city/street or feeding and taking care of the street dog or helping spread awareness for a cause.

Doing good together will bring an appreciation towards your partner and yourself.

I think this is one of the most meaningful valentine’s day ideas.

15. Go Stargazing

A couple enjoying a the stars, away from the city and people.
Stargazing is a great valentine days activity for couples.

I think everyone should go stargazing, regardless of Valentine’s or a date night.

It is simply a beautiful experience with natural beauty that anyone can experience with a bit of planning and research.

All you need to do is check for clear skies and a star map (if you are an amateur).

Make sure to carry some food and drinks along with a blanket.

With a beautiful starry night on view, this is one of the most effortlessly romantic valentine day ideas.

 And with a little planning, one can hardly go wrong with this valentine day idea.

16. Summon The Child In You And Go To A Theme Park Or Carnival

A couple recreating their first date by going to a theme park.

Nothing beats a day filled with thrills and fried/sweet carnival food and adventure that fills you with child-like excitement.

What would make this perfect day of adventure and excitement for your partner more romantic? A hot makeout sesh on top of a Ferris wheel *swoon*

But I would suggest that you take into consideration your partner’s limitations like motion sickness, nausea, or any other thing that can make them uncomfortable in such places.

This is one of the most adventurous valentine day ideas on the list.

“Don’t ever think I fell for you or fell over you. I didn’t fall in love; I rose in it.”

– Toni Morrison

17. Start a New Tradition Together

A couple Starting  a New Tradition Together for valentines day

Start a tradition that is just as unique as your relationship.

Be it something as simple as having dinner at a certain restaurant or making a trip to s special spot everyone’s every year, on this day.

Or something as simple as sharing a sweet or having a movie night

It can be anything, as long as both of you do it together and enjoy each other’s company amidst the task.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day shouldn’t have to be grand or expensive, a lot of people suffer for months from spending too much on holiday.

So, it is wise in many cases to consider having affordable Valentine’s Day ideas.

Like this one, it is one of the best things to do on valentine’s day on a budget.


Valentine’s day has always been about celebrating your love, be it by confession of your heart, reigniting the flames, or learning to love again.

Don’t forget that valentine’s day is about love; the love that you have for people in your life and most importantly the love you have for yourself.

Our list of valentine’s day ideas is extremely cute and doable.

Hope you enjoy doing these things for Valentine’s Day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do on Valentine’s Day?

Express you love on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate it by spending quality time with them.
Go for movies, buy them gifts and their favorite food. For more valentine day ideas check out the list above.

Here are some best things to do on Valentine’s Day on a budget:
• Breakfast in bed
• Go for a Picnic
• Do a movies night
• Make some desert
Remember, celebrating valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily have be grand or expensive.
It just has to be special to the both of you.

The best Valentine Day gift for her would a be a handmade painting made from photo. It is the perfect gift as it is not generic or materialistic. It is intimate and romantic gift that can come to represent your love.

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