28+ Ideas for Valentine’s Day, Make Your Day Count! (2024)

Couple sitting on circle type structure with the text Ideas for Valentine’s Day, Make Your Day Count!

What could make an amazing present for your partner on Valentine’s Day?

People mostly put effort into finding the right gifts for Valentine’s Day, but do you know what could be the best gift for your partner? To spend some quality time with them.

Make memories by undertaking adventurous activities that you will always treasure.

Using the love language, you can prepare something spectacular for your special someone who has always been there for you.

The best ideas for Valentine’s Day could include something that reflects your excitement, fun, and spontaneity.

You might plan a straightforward candlelit dinner, which is also among the finest Valentine’s Day ideas, or book a flight ticket to Dubai to explore its wonders, or something really unexpected. 

But if you’re looking for some meaningful plans for this Valentine’s Day, then let me tell you that you’re on the right track. 

We’ve shared 28+ Valentine’s Day ideas to make your February 14 memorable and enjoyable. 

1. A Cocktail Class

Preparation of cocktail glasses
Image source: twitter.com

Why go to some fancy restaurant and order the same old cocktail?

Do something that will pique your and your partner’s interest as the day progresses.

Couple Painting

Take some cocktail classes and make each other’s favorite drinks to raise your spirits!

Who knows more about your partner’s finest choices than you!

2. Ride A Bike

Couple riding bikes while clicking the picture of the view
Image source: freepik

In this romantic winter season, you can select your bikes and drive to the venue together where you first met.

You can have a fun ride and get to spend some quality time with each other. 

Sounds like an amazing idea for Valentine’s Day to me.

3. Get A Couple Massage

A couple getting a body massage
Image source: Facebook

How about a delightful evening where you feel relaxed and joyful, where you actually initiate intimate conversations?

If you and your partner eagerly need a break from a daily routine, this Valentine’s Day idea sounds like a fair deal!

A couple’s massage that takes away all the stress from your body and stimulates your muscles for better performance could be fun.

Don’t you think that this can be one of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day and one of the ways in which you can woo your bae.

4. Go For A Stargaze

Back view of couple stargazing while holding each other
Image source; starbiz

Get your warmest clothes and your blanket, and take some time out to gaze at the stars with your lover.

There are various places where you can visit and have a perfect stargazing experience.

On this lovely night, they know that you’re the only one, and they love you to the stars and back!

This is a unique Valentine’s Day idea that your partner will find romantic since you’ll be spending the night gazing at stars and snuggling into each other under the blanket. 

5. Attend A Concert

Crowd of people attending a concert
Image source: istockphoto

It’s February 14th, and it’s pretty sure that some concerts will be held nearby your place.

You can grab your hollering skills and attend a concert with your partner if you are a party person.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to move, don’t worry! There are many upcoming tours of 2023 that bring live music to the summer, which you can explore with your partner.

Even better, host a mini-concert at home where you and your partner can perform your favorite songs. 

You are together, enjoying the song and the moments with each other beside you, which is a perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day.

6. Go Shopping

Couple who is out holding shopping bags outside a store
Image source: herzindagi.com

You know she is the one who looks into your closet and selects the outfits for you.

As a surprise, take your fashion designer shopping for all the things she always wanted to buy.

It feels like you are very dedicated to her, and it’s your time to take care of her possessions.

She’s going to adore it!

7. Movie Night At Home

A couple sitting on a couch with blankets on while the man is having a popcorn
Image source: freepik

Prepare some munchies, cook some popcorn, pour some drinks, and then settle down with a comfy blanket to have a romantic movie date at your home.

An evening spent together seeing the show you both have wished to see for ages could be the best idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Snuggle around and have the best time of your life.

8. Express Love With Art

A couple portrait kissing on the cheeks, created by PortraitFlip that expresses the love in art form

It’s time to express your appreciation to your partner and let them know you’re always there for him or her.

Nothing is more intimate than sharing artwork that captures your connection and relationship over time.

Celebrate your day by bringing in a beautiful hand-painted portrait of you two.

PortraitFlip will guide you in choosing the best medium for your portrait. Also, they will have it created for you with the help of experts. 

Express your love with some gorgeous portraits.

9. Make Some Pizza’s Together

A couple making some pizza together
Image source: grillbee.com

You both know what your go-to comfort food is.

Instead of ordering pizza, why not make scrumptious pizza?

Spice things up by engaging in a friendly competition to see who can make the best pizza—even if you both end up eating it all by yourself.

This sounds like a delicious idea for Valentine’s Day that could make you both spend time with each other while having some fun.

10. Attend A Burlesque Show

Couple walking outside a Burlesque show and holding hands
Image source: freepik

Looking for something fun to do?

Attend a burlesque show that has some comic, absurd, literary, or dramatic elements that will leave you with a good laugh.

It’s fun, interesting, entertaining, and amusing at the same time.

You and your partner will likely enjoy the show and spend the evening together, which is one of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day.

11. Breakfast in Bed

A table bed that serves croissant, juice and white roses depicting breakfast in bed
Image source: freepik.com

Whip up something sweet and delicious for your special someone in bed and start their day with a surprise, giving them the idea that it’s just the beginning.

It is still one of the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day. 

On the list of 14 February ideas, breakfast in bed never gets old.

12. Gym Together

Couple doing pushups together
Image source: freepik

Is your partner a workout freak?

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other, they always have spare time to workout.

Well, as a surprise for him or her, join them when they are about to hit the gym.

Partners who go to the gym together stay together!

13. Hike The Mountains

Couple hiking into the mountains with a greenery view

Hiking through the mountains is an idea that everyone could list as something to do on Valentine’s Day.

Get your hiking bag prepared, put on the shoes, and go for some dauntless activity that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Even if you don’t know how to hike, you can look for places where people mostly go and travel.

Some adventure on Valentine’s Day sounds lively, right?

14. Go For Ice-Skating

Couple kissing each other while ice skating
Image source: adobe.com

This time, step outside of your comfort zone and try something with which you might later have a conversation.

This could be a chance to fulfill one of your bucket lists and hang out with your partner while doing something amazing.

There are various best ice skating rinks that you will surely love to explore with your partner.

This will be one of the most entertaining Valentine’s Day ideas!

15. Have Karaoke Night

A couple singing out loud in a karaoke night

An activity to do with your special someone on this special day that includes your favorite songs is something to consider as an idea for Valentine’s Day. 

A karaoke night where you both can sing along to all of your favorite love songs and dance around the room could be a fun way to celebrate.

It will be an incredible night, for sure.

16. Camp In Your Backyards

A couple holding each other while camping outside
Image source: freepik

Set up a night camp in your backyard with warm blankets to snuggle in, some delicious food to go, and your camping goods.

It could be intimate with all the coziness going around, which will make your bond stronger and allow you to indulge in the moment.

Couple painting ad

It feels great to implement such ideas, especially on this occasion.

17. Visit A Trampoline Park

Couple playing in a trampoline park while the man hang on the rods and woman hangs on the man

As we grow older, we leave our childhood phase behind.

Go back to your childhood days with your partner and add some playful activities to your life.

A day at a trampoline park is a great way to spend time with your significant other while having a good time.

Let that inner child in you come out!

18. Play Video Or Board Games

A couple playing video games
Image source: freepik

How about some games that you used to play during the summer?

It’s now your chance to compete with your partner and see who loses and has to cook dinner tonight.

Those old-school games that bring back memories and allow you to share your experiences with each other could be classic date ideas for Valentine’s Day. 

19. Cook Up Carnival Food

Couple while facing each other holding a slice of yellow bell peppers
Image source: freepik

Say farewell to the meat section for a while and make some carnival food for this special occasion.

Who doesn’t enjoy freshly baked food, especially if it’s sweet?

For preparing the carnival food, there are numerous recipes and preparation methods.

For the remainder of your life, this day will be in your memories and hearts.

20. Visit A Local Bookstore

Couple sitting in a local bookstore while reading out
Image source: certsimple.com

Are you both bookworms?

If yes, then what could be better than visiting a local bookstore and indulging in the most romantic novel that describes love just the way you two have it?

Read to each other and nourish the old-school love that can be the cherry on top of your relationship. 

21. Go To A Painting Classes

Couple painting with each other
Image source: stepanova.studio

You might be the worst artist; you know that.

But it can be something you two treasure and have your own style with.

Look for studios or classes where painting is held and take your partner there. 

The thought of you two engaging in something in which you are both terrible at could be interesting. 

Paint your heart out and display it as bedroom wall decor to remind you of the best time you’ve ever had!

22. Open Up A Bottle Of Wine

Mid shot of a couple pouring wine in the glass

Over a glass of wine, you get to learn more about each other.

Romantic lights, a cold yet warm evening, two glasses of wine, and you both sitting beside each other—what else would you ask for?

This could be your chance to get to know your partner in a more meaningful way and make your bond stronger.

23. Volunteer Work

A couple doing volunteer work together
Image source: freepik

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by volunteering for a cause that can affect other people’s lives.

You do good for others as well as for yourself, which makes you feel good and connects you with different aspects.

It could be counted as a good deed for Valentine’s Day.

24. Turn Photos Into A Timeless Piece

An old age couple looking at each other smiling while going through the old photographs
Image source: freepik

Remember the long, hard days when your partner was a support system for you or those lovely memories where you shared a moment together?

You can preserve memories by using old photos that have been sitting in your cupboard for a long time and have taken on an antique appearance.

A quiet time spent together reminiscing on old memories is an ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

25. Go For A Long Drive

Couple sitting in a car going for a long drive
Image source: freepik

A planned destination sounds great!

But how about a drive with nowhere to go?

Adventurous right?

Couple and pet portrait Ad

Take a long drive with your partner to an unknown destination, and you will end up having the best time together.

26. Write Love Letters

A letter type paper with the text Happy valentine's day
Image source: awardsnetwork.com

Never done this before?

Well, now is your chance to keep your heart on that piece of paper.

Some things can’t be expressed verbally, and by writing the letters, you can actually wind up your feelings and thoughts that have been hanging around with you for a while.

Get started with yours!

27. Make A Wish List

Man holding the woman from behind while making a to do list

You have been thinking about completing your bucket list for a long time.

Now make a list of the activities you agreed to do with your partner and schedule time for them.


Try it out!

28. Mini Staycation

A couple sitting on a bed seems to be like on a vacation

One of the wonderful ideas for Valentine’s Day is to get away from everything going on in your life and spend a relaxing day with your lover.

A little break is necessary in everyone’s life, and doing so with the person you truly adore is the icing on the cake.

Treat your person with this amazing surprise, which they are going to love!

29. Relive Your First Date Memories

Gay couple where a man keep hands on the other man's eyes as a surprise holding roses
Image source: freepik

Go down memory lane and relive the first date, which could be counted as one of the reasons you two have stuck together by now.

Create the same scenarios, which will be a surprise for your better half, and make them realize how much they mean to you from the time you first met. 

First dates always hold a special place in the heart.

30. Create a Treasure Hunt

A treasure map with camera, binoculars, and some pictures place on a wooden table
Image source: freepik

Set up a treasure hunt throughout your house, lawn, or nearby area.

It could lead to the surprise gift that you have planned for them, giving out playful ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Bring in some great Valentine’s Day decor ideas to your hunt for more of a romantic theme. 

31. Attend Yoga Classes

A couple doing yoga together
Image source: freepik

A healthy way to start your day with your partner is by attending yoga classes.

As an idea for Valentine’s Day, it could be a perfect match for couples who enjoy working out together and are health-conscious.

You can also opt for some hot yoga sessions that are as intense as your relationship.

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32. Send A Message Of Love

A oil portrait of a couple taking selfies hang on the wall created by PortraitFlip

Being in a long-distance relationship and not being able to meet on this special day, which is dedicated to love, makes the heart ache.

You can send something out of the blue as an idea for Valentine’s Day.

Why not send them a handmade painting that reminds them of you and says that no matter how far you both are, you are still close.

You can even check out best places to buy a custom painting online.

Get your oil painting made at PortraitFlip; it could also come in different frames.

Hello readers,

I hope you find your best ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make the day more special for you.

Whatever you pick to do, don’t forget to document it with an Instagram photo and the ideal hashtag for Valentine’s Day.

If you have any new ideas while going through the blog, please feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

We would be happy to hear and include those points.

Last but not least, celebrate your day by putting your heart out and learning new things with each other.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Check out our incredible, handcrafted paintings at our website, PortraitFlip, that will leave you amazed and wanting to order one right away.

Relish your Valentine’s Day!

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