25 “Just Because” Gifts That’ll Make Them Feel Loved (2024)

Just because gifts

Win your favorite ones’ hearts by gifting one of these “Just Because” gifts.

“Just Because” gifts are my favorite kind of gifts.

The kind of gifts that barely need any reason to be given.

Whether you’re planning to surprise your girlfriend or express gratitude to the savior of your life, these spontaneous gifts are perfect for anyone.

Let’s dive in.

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A. Just Because Gifts For Best Friend

just because gifts for best friend

Get one of these Just Because gifts for the ones who have been with you through your thick and thin times.

1. A Denim Jacket

Memorial Portrait
a lady with a denim jacket looking at her left, Just Because Gift
Image: Nordstrom

Do they follow a dress code exactly like Max and Eleven from Stranger Things?

If not, then this Detour Denim Jacket from Athleta has to be your No 1 pick.  

Don’t think twice, order it now. It will go spectacularly well with a plain tee and skinny jeans.

(This is one of the highly recommended “Just Because” gifts for her.)  

Best Websites: Nordstrom and Athleta. 

Price Range: Starts from $41.00

2. A Quote Engraved Bracelet

A Quote Engraved Bracelet, a Just because gift
Image: Tim Jeweler

It will look flawless on their wrist.

It comes in an adjustable size, suitable for men and women of all age groups.   

Best Websites: Tim Jeweler and Name Plate Depot. 

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3. Necklace

a silver blooming flower necklace, Just Because Gift
Image: Zales

Snap up this “Just Because” gift from Zales or Mint & Lily. 

It’s one of the most appreciated products in the market. 

Best Websites: Zales and Mint & Lily. 

Price Range: Starts from $29.99

4. Whiskey Tumbler

Two whiskey tumblers with ice cubes and whiskey in them, Just Because Gift
Image: Hammacher Schlemmer

This can be one of the best “Just Because” gifts for friends — whose poisons are Bourbon, Balvenie Doublewood, etc. 

Pack a whiskey tumbler for him, and add a sarcastic note in it that asks him to invite you to his next booze party! 😅

Best Websites: Hammacher Schlemmer and Dragon Glassware. 

Price Range: Starts from $34.99

5. Fun Themed Socks

a pair of fun themed socks, Just Because Gift
Image: CrazySocks

Upgrade your friend’s wardrobe with these fun themed socks!

These thoughtful and unique “Just Because” gifts are always available in stocks at Socklogie – go grab them NOW!

Best Websites:  Novelty Socks

Price Range: Starts from $12.00

B. Just Because Gifts For Boyfriend

just because gifts for boyfriend

Whether you’ve been together for 8 weeks or 4 years, these “Just Because” gifts for boyfriends will never fail to put a smile on your lover’s face. Plus, they are affordable and can be used on a daily basis.

1. Multix Shoes

a white Multix shoe is placed on the white surface, Just Because Gift
Image: Adidas

The universal fact is Boys love shoes!

Boyfriends may run behind sturdy shoes to look more manly. However, in the end, all they really need are these comfortable Multix shoes.

Make sure you order them from Clove. They have comfortable, trendy, and the best ones in the market! 

Best Websites: Adidas and Clove. 

Price Range: Starts from $48.00

2. A Handmade Sketch

a beautiful handmade sketch of a couple made by portraitflip

Do you remember the most beautiful scene from the movie Sundays at Tiffany’s? 

The scene, when Eric tells Alyssa that he sees the prettiest lady in the room on her left. 

And it was none other than Alyssa!

Basically, Eric was asking her to look at her left where he sees the most beautiful girl in the mirror.  

The actors nailed it, so did the scriptwriters!

You know what it taught me is to make the most out of the day! To celebrate every present moment by doing special things for your loved one. 

Just like Eric, you too can plan special surprises for your boyfriend. And make him realize how pure his soul is and how lucky you are to behave him by your side.

Let’s Do This: send us his best photo, and let us cast the magical spell.

A gorgeous handmade painting can be a great “Just Because” gift if you’re giving it for the first time!

Are you a long term couple? Remember the first house you moved into?

You can also gift your boyfriend a memorable pastel portrait of your house!

3. Deodorant

every man jack deodorant, Just Because Gift
Image: Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack Dry Spray is a go-to deodorant for a party lover boyfriend.

Gift this deodorant made with vegan-friendly ingredients – Let his magnetic personality charm, everyone, around.  

Best Websites: Every Man Jack

Price Range: Starts from $10.00

4. Jack Black Beard Oil

black jack beard oil, Just Because Gift
Image: Sephora

When it comes to styling your boyfriend’s facial hair, Jack Black Beard Oil is the best choice! 

This blend of organic oil is known for preventing dry and itchy skin. This way, your boyfriend can shine his facial hair and keep his beard healthy and seductive!

Best Websites: Sephora and Look Fantastic US

Price Range: Starts from $10.00

5. Earbuds

earbuds from hammer, Just Because Gift
Image: Hammer

Order these “Just Because” gifts from Hammer.

Let him shake his legs with the highly durable and top-notch sound earbuds!

Best Websites: Hammer

Price Range:  Starts from $63.70

C. Just Because Gifts For Girlfriend

just because gifts for girlfriend

Shop for one of these Just Because gifts that are reserved especially for ones who brought happiness to your life.

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1. Hoodie

a girl with a pink hoodie, Just Because Gift
Image: H&M

This can be a precious “Just Because” gift for her. 

Get it from Banana Republic Factory which stocks dozens of varieties.

This way, she will stop wearing your favorite hoodies. 😅 

Best Websites: Grayson Hoodies

Price Range: Starts from $ 40

2. Heated Indoor Slippers

a pair of cute heated indoor slippers, Just Because Gift
Image: Urban Outfitters

The feeling of wearing heated slippers at home is magical and luxurious.

Add this item to the cart, and gift these comfortable pairs of slippers to your partner in crime.

Best Websites: Urban Outfitters and The Warming Store

Price Range: Starts from $45.00

3. Locket

a gemstone locket from Angara, Just Because Gift
Image: Angara

Buy this flawless piece of jewelry from Angara!

This will upgrade her charming look and bring out her magnetic personality in front of others.

Best Websites: Angara and Things Remembered

Price Range: Starts from $48.00

4. Backpacks

a girl with a backpack, Just Because Gift
Image: The North Face

No matter how much space a tote bag has, girls find it poky. 

However, this one contains lots of scope for the organization.

She can keep her laptop, accessories, and skincare products in it.

Best Websites: Fossil, The North Face, and STS Ranchwear

Price Range: Starts from $69.00

5. A Senreve Maestra Bag

a green senreve maestra bag is placed on the white surface, Just Because Gift
Image: Vestiaire Collective US

This mid-sized fashionable bag from LooksGud can be the best “Just Because” gift for her. 

It is big enough that she can use it to safely carry phones, cards, and even an umbrella.

Best Websites: Vestiaire Collective US and Mercari. 

Price Range: Starts from $556.92

D. Just Because Gifts For Wife

just because gifts for wife

Order one of these Just Because Gifts that will not only brighten your wife’s day but make it even more special.

1. One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brush

one step hair dryer and volumizer, Just Because Gift
Image: Bed Bath & Beyond 

Your wife can use this versatile tool to dry, style, and volumize her hair in one step.

When your better half gets frustrated with frizzy hair this unique dryer from Revlon will calm her by smoothening her hair in one go. 

Best Websites: Golden Shop and Bed Bath & Beyond 

Price Range: Starts from $34.99

2. Outdoor Slipper Boots 

a pair of outdoor slipper boots, Just Because Gift
Image: Famous Footwear

This is one of the best Just Because gifts for your wife who loves outdoor adventure.

Make her adventure more comfortable by gifting these soft, relaxing, fluffy slipper boots.

Best Websites: Famous Footwear and Zappos

Price Range: Starts from $25.98

3. Oil Portrait From Photo

a beautiful oil portrait made by portraitflip

Let art express your love and make the moment beautiful and memorable.

Send us your best photo, and we will turn it into a memory that can be cherished forever!

If you want to revive moments captured in pictures that are on the verge of decaying, then you must consider getting yourself an acrylic photo from a photo—a finest way to preserve memories that matter to you.

Painting of Two girls

4. Sweatpants

a girl in green sweatpants, Just Because Gift
Image: Fashion Nova

No lowers can ever beat sweatpants as it’s highly comfortable, also act as a style statement. 

Whether she works from the home or plans to re-enter society, these sweatpants can match any mood. 

This is the best and most inexpensive Just Because gift for a wife — who is an on-the-go human but likes to do it in comfort.

Best Websites: Everlane and Fashion Nova.  

Price Range: Starts from $10.00

5. Leather Jacket

a girl with a liquid leather signature jacket, Just Because Gift
Image: Fashion Nova

Grab one from Clara Sunwoo that sells extremely lightweight, elegant, and travel-friendly leather jackets. 

Whether she is a party lover or travel freak, you can find the best jackets at Clara Sunwoo that can be worn on any occasion. 

Best Websites: Fashion Nova and Macy’s. 

Price Range: Starts from $28.00

E. Just Because Gifts For Husband

just because gifts for husband

Pick out one of these Just Because gifts that can make him smile from ear to ear and make him feel lucky he’s got you.

1. Wallet

a brown leather wall from true religion jeans, Just Because Gift
Image: True Religion Jeans

Wallets are husband’s best friends in traveling and commuting.

Gift a leather wallet to your hubby as it keeps his small-sized documents, credit cards, cash, and other essentials safe and organized.  

Best Websites: True Religion Jeans and Poshmark. 

Price Range: Starts from $24.98

2. A Jacket

a man with a jacket, Just Because Gift
Image: Banana Republic

Giving a jacket is one of the best surprise ideas for husbands. 

This water-resistant field jacket from the Banana Republic is actually worth your money.

He can wear it for any event – birthdays, Christmas, family get-togethers, etc.

Best Websites: Sportman’s Guide and Banana Republic

Price Range: Starts from $89.00

3. Running Shoes

running shoes from Nordstrom rack, Just Because Gift
Image: Nordstrom Rack

These running shoes from On can be exemplary Just Because gift ideas for him.

Its comfort, style, and flexibility will motivate him to go for a brisk walk and other outdoor activities

Best Websites: Nordstrom Rack and Under Armour

Price Range: Starts from $49.97 

4. Fitbit

a white colored fitbit from best buy, Just Because Gift
Image: Best Buy

This surprise gift will pinch him and make him realize how lethargic he has become since the work from home culture began.

Introduce this Fitbit and hint him to burn some calories to stay fit.  

Best Websites: Best Buy and HSN

Price Range: Starts from $149.95

5. Whiskey Gift Set

a whisky gift set from swanky badger, Just Because Gift
Image: Man Crates

Win your husband’s heart once again with this Just Because gift.

This whiskey gift set contains happiness, which includes Dalmore Port, and two rock glasses engraved with its brand name.

Best Websites: Swanky Badger and Man Crates

Price Range: Starts from $124.00

F. Inexpensive Just Because Gifts

inexpensive just because gifts

From you to them, without breaking a bank. Grab one of these inexpensive Just Because gifts, because some people are amazing!

1. Pajamas

a girl with white pajamas, Just Because Gift
Image: H&M

Buy these inexpensive Just Because gifts for moms. 

These funky and comfy jammies will match any of her regular t-shirts. 

With these jammies, she can do her daily chores, lounge, and sleep — just more comfortable.

Best Websites: H&M and Victoria’s Secret.  

Price Range: Starts from $24.99 

2. Beach Glasses

beach glasses from fashion nova , Just Because Gift
Image: Fashion Nova

If your pal is planning on chilling out on the beach sides, then giving these Just Because gifts can be the best deal!

This versatile accessory can perfectly go with vests and Bermuda – a perfect beach look! 

Best Websites: Fashion Nova and Blenders Eyewear

Price Range: Starts from $8.00

3. Send Ice Cream

a dish full of ice cream from walgreen, Just Because Gift
Image: Walgreen

This is one of the most inexpensive yet yummy Just Because gifts for him — be it a boyfriend, fiance, or husband.

Send the most delicious, mouth-watering, and best tasting ice cream right away! 

Let him have it on his cheat day. 

Best Websites: Walgreen and Gopuff

Price Range: Starts from $6.99

4. A Mug

a girl holding a mug of coffee, Just Because Gift
Image: Zazzle

Caffeine lover girlfriend loves to collect mugs from different stores.

Surprise her with a mug, which has her favorite characters!

It’s fulfilling to see her sipping coffee while reading a novel on the balcony.  

Best Websites: Zazzle and Anthropologie

Price Range: Starts from $14.00

5. A Funny Flower Pot

funny flower pot from cotta planters, Just Because Gift
Image: Cotta Planters

If you’re browsing Just Because gifts for him, consider buying this funny flower pot.

This will add interest to his favorite space. Similarly, there are dozens of cool flower pots on Etsy at the lowest rates. 

Best Websites: Cotta Planters and Greendigs

Price Range: Starts from $12.00

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Final Note

Finding a gift is a daunting task, however, these “Just Because” can help you surprise your special ones on any odd day.

But, let me address the elephant in the room: Do you want a simple or the best Just Because Gift?

Since a denim jacket from Nordstrom may be perfect for lady love and earbuds from Hammer may win any music lover’s heart.

When it comes to expressing emotion through gifts you should really think of creative stuff.

Perhaps, a handmade gift.

I’ll tell you, why?

Recently, we delivered a compilation portrait to a mother which was ordered by one of her children. And her emotional reaction to it made my day.  🤩

Check out the video

Let’s surprise them the way these children did!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the budget-friendly Just Because gifts for husband?

Wallet, a smart watch, and a leather jacket are some of the budget-friendly Just Because gifts.

What is the best budget-friendly Just Because gifts for wife?

One-step hair dryer, outdoor slipper boots or a handmade painting can be the best Just Because gifts for wife.

What is the most meaningful Just Because gift?

A handmade piece of art can be the most meaningful and thoughtful Just Because gift

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