42 Generous Thank You Gifts For Women That Are Better Than Just Saying ‘Thank You’

a woman holding a heart balloon and a gift in hand
Saying thank you can be enough, but giving appreciation gifts to the women in your life will be cheery on the top!

We often thank loved ones for their kind gestures, whether they help us rearrange the room or if it’s a small act such as getting you a cup of coffee.

But when saying those kind words aren’t enough, there are gifts that you can give!

For all the women in your life who have helped you in the tiniest way, sure they deserve perfect gifts along with a thank you note!

Whether she’s your mom, girlfriend, wife,  grandma, daughter, or if she’s a friend—sure you should appreciate them with appreciation gifts.

Below you’ll find some awesome thank you gifts for all the women in your life. To make things easier for you, here are useful links that’ll take you to the desired section 🙂

  1. Thank You Gifts For Women
  2. Thank You Gifts For Mom
  3. Thank You Gifts For Wife
  4. Thank You Gifts For Girlfriend
  5. Thank You Gifts For Grandma
  6. Thank You Gifts For Daughter

A) Thank You Gifts For Women

“Females are the most beautiful, gorgeous creatures in the whole world. And I think that we are gorgeous no matter what size we are.”

-Alicia Keys

Whether she’s tall or short, or whether she’s your girl or aunt; thank you gifts are for them all. (See? I can rhyme!)

Now, let’s see some amazing thank you gifts for the amazing woman in your life:

1) How To Eat Book

How to eat book by Mark Bittman and David L katz

Say thank you berry much as you hand her this amazing book that’ll solve all her doubts on nutrition. This book by Mark Bittman and David Katz will give her new insights on food, health, and diet.

2) Thank You Gift Basket

Thank you gift basket with chocolates and snacks.

My dad always warned me never to put all my eggs in the same basket… I’m never taking him to the grocery store again!

A beautiful way to thank the gurl in your life is to gift her a basket that has all her favorite stuff in it. From chocolates to cosmetics—this thank you basket is the vibe!

3) Grow A Tree Set

Grow a tree set on a table.

Although trees don’t celebrate valentine’s day, they are always sappy. (Pun intended)

But you don’t have to be sentimental to get this great thank you gift for her! The “grow a tree’ set is a nice way to show that you root for her.

4) Floral Diary

Floral diary on a table.

Take the stress off from the women in your life by giving this thoughtful thank you gift! A cute floral diary will motivate her to pen down her thoughts daily that’ll let her destress every night before she hit the hay.

5) A Handmade Painting Of Her Pet

Make the impossible possible by turning her favorite memory into reality!  The best thank you gift for any woman in your life—a handmade painting from her photo will make her shed happy tears, just like how mitchelle reacted when she received a painting of her pet.

You can also check out why you should gift a painting and its the best gift out there.

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6) Thank You Spoon

a spoon with "thank you for helping me grow" written on it.

If the girl in your life overthinks too much, you might wanna consider giving a Thank You spoon so she feels appreciated. Now next time she’s down to eat cereal, she’d remember not to stir up the trouble.

7) Reminder Jar

a reminder jar filled with notes.

This DIY gift is just right for thanking any lady in your life! Put some happy messages in the decorated jar and give it as a thank you present.

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8) Wooden Cat Statue

a small wooden craved cat figure.

Statue-tary warning: You might receive a hug after giving this gift!

A small yet purr-fect thank you gift for women-a wooden cat statue will not only make a good thank you gift but also will make a nice addition to her wall decor!

9) Metallic Thank you card

metallic thank you card.

Leave a lasting impression on her by giving an elegant metallic thank you card. Although it’s just a gratitude card, it’s steel better than over-the-counter thank you cards.

10) Donuts

colorful donuts placed on a decorated paper. in middle, it is written "Thank you, girl!"

Satiate her sweet tooth and thank her by getting a box of Donuts! Once you give this gift, you donut have to worry about giving anything else!

11) Planters With Plants

gold painted metallic planters with plants.

Put the petal to the metal and get cute planters with plants in them. Adorable and inexpensive, gifting plants with planters is a nice way to appreciate someone!

12) Brave Cuff Bracelet

a woman wearing "Be Brave" bracelet

Show her what a brave woman she is by giving this wonderful thank you gift: a brave cuff bracelet.

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B) Thank You Gifts For Mom

The lady who raised you and made your childhood me-mom-rable—your mom—deserves your support, love, and some gifts! Find out some awesome thank you gifts for mom that are not cliche.

1. A Family Portrait

family portrait made by artists of porrtaitflip.

“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.”

—Susan Gale

Show how much your mom means to you by thanking her with a Mom-umental thank you gift—a custom family photo that portrays her loved ones!

Not only will she like the painting; the painting will let her relive the memory 🙂

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2. Handmade Scented Candle

handmade scented candles decorated  with flower petals.

Take time off your busy schedule and give your mom a handmade gift—A DIYed scented candle. Don’t worry, even if the candle is not perfect, your mom will still appreciate it.

3. Tea Samplers

assorted tea in mason jars

Get Crea-Tea-ve with thank you gifts for mom and get tea samplers that will let her brew new tea every day.

4. Ice Roller

A smiling woman using an  ice roller on her face.

Let your mom ace her skincare routine with an ice roller. This thank you gift for mom will improve blood circulation, aid in depuffing, and will soothe the skin.

5. Bluetooth Tag

a hand holding three different Bluetooth tags

For the mom who keeps misplacing her stuff—a Bluetooth speaker will let her keep track of her belongings. Now, she won’t call you for a treasure hunt round!

6. Spa Gift Basket

Spa gift basket with all the body care products.

Do the mini-mum and get a Spa gift basket that’ll let your mom relax and recover from the daily hurdles of life.

Check out our guide on 41 gift ideas for a new mother who has recently joined the motherhood club.

C) Thank You Gifts For Wife

The woman with whom you plan to spend your life—sure needs a reminder that she’s the one and only!

No matter what the occasion is (or if there’s not), sure you should appreciate her with thank you gift. Explore the best appreciation gifts for your sweetheart that don’t suck!

1. A Getaway Vacation

a woman in a bikini splashing water in the sea while looking at the setting sun.

Seas the day by taking your wife to a beach or mountains—wherever her getaway destination is!

A pleasant and cute thank you gift doesn’t have to be materialistic; it can be filled with beautiful experiences.

2. You Are My rock

a black rock with engraved "you are my rock"

Give your wife a thank you gift that’ll show how much you appreciate her: “You are my rock” is a sedimental gift that your sweetheart will love to keep with her.

3. Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb balls on a table.

Say thank you and give your girl a therapeutic gift that’ll take all her stress away—bath bombs. Now, she’ll never be grumpy again!

4. Say Thank You With Succulents

Three succulents placed side by side on a counter.

Buy a gift that doesn’t succ! Succulents are one of the thoughtful thank you gifts that your significant other would love!

5. Cookies Box With Flowers!

cookie box with flowers and a succulent is kept beside it.

A batter gift than just giving the flowers alone—thank your wife for being a wonderful person by giving her a cookies box along with flowers!

6. A Wedding Couple Portrait

A wedding photo of a couple is turned into a handmade painting by artists of portraitflip.

Remember the special day when the priest pronounced you both husband and wife? make that moment more memorable by getting a Wedding portrait and showing your wife how much she means to you.

D) Thank You Gifts For Girlfriend

Take a look at my girlfriend

She’s the only one I got

-A verse from Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes

For the bae who means the world to you—get thank you gifts that say, “you’re my world”.

1) Ice Cream Subscription

a decorated plate with three scoops of vanilla ice cream and a dash of chocolate syrup and chocolate pieces.

Be a nice boyfriend and get a weekly subscription of Ice cream for your bae. She will lose cone-trol when she gets to taste new flavors every week.

2) Glass With A Message

two glasses with text 'you make my world complete" written on it.

For a drink-lover girlfriend—get a glass with a lovely message and show that she’s the best no matter what “sip” happens between you guys.

3) Phone Strap

a woman wearing a phone strap with her cellphone attached to it.

Show your support to your girlfriend who is always on the go by getting a practical thank you gift for her. A phone strap will let her keep her phone easily accessible no matter how busy she is.

4) Beewax Lotion Bar

Bee awesome and get your girlfriend a thank you gift that’ll take care of her skin—Bee wax lotion bar!

5) Thank You Chocolate Box

a red heart shaped box filled with chocolate. there a note at side that reads "thank you, my girl"

Give your girlfriend a few chocloates and then kiss her! This thank you gift is great when you don’t have time to plan and wanna express gratitude toward your girlfriend.

6) A Charcoal Sketch

Show your girlfriend that she’s the one by turning her photo into a classy charcoal sketch. Affordable and easy to get—this thank you gift for her will remind her how beautiful she is. Just remember: no matter what you do, don’t forget to keep your coal (pun intended)

E) Thank You Gifts For Grandma

For the woman in your life who says that she has everything—here are a few thank you gifts she would love to receive.

1. Perfume With A Twist

two perfumed bottles against a background.

Appreciate your grandma with a gift that she’ll love—an old-school perfume that’ll transport her back to the good old days!

Here are a few suggestions: Jean Nat,  Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds.

2. Grandma Mug

A light-pink grandma mug where "I'm a grandma what's your superpower?' written on it in gold.

Selecting a mug for grandma won’t be tea-dious when you know which one to get! Let your grandma sip her morning drink in the grandma mug you brought!

3. Amazon Kindle

A man holding kindle in his hand

For the grandma who can’t get enough of books- Amazon kindle is what you should plan on giving to her! This thank you gift for grandma will let her read thousands of books without the hassle of storing them!

4. Grandmother Love Note Blanket

Grandmother love note blanket kept on a sofa.

Show your grandma that she’s the best by getting a love note blanket for her! Your grandma would love to use it every day!

5. Silk Sleeping Mask

silk sleeping mask with flowers around it for decorative purpose.

Give your grandma the rest she deserves by getting a silk sleeping mask. This thank you gift for her will let her sleep peacefully and will keep her in a good mood throughout the day!

6. Family Tree Necklace

a golden family tree necklace

Grandmas treasures family like nothing! And just for that, you can show your appreciation by getting a cool Family Tree Necklace.

F) Thank You Gifts For Daughter

The girl who taught you how to be parents surely is worthy of thank you gifts. Whether she stays with you or is going to visit home this weekend, it’s never too late to get some amazing thank you gifts for her.

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1. Wonder Woman Necklace

a close up shot of a woman wearing wonder woman necklace

Show your daughter that she’s the superhero in your life by getting a wonder woman necklace!

2. Lego Mug

a pink lego mug  kept on a table.

Let her fiddle around with Legos when she working! With a lego mug, your daughter can destress while she’s at her job!

3. You’re A Star

a star with "you're a start" written on it,

Show how much of a star your daughter is by giving her this “you’re a star” gift. She’ll definitely love to keep it on her desk 🙂

4. “Thank You” Tumbler

a black tumbler  that has "thank you" written.

Let your daughter carry her cool drink when she’s traveling around! With a Thank you tumbler, she’ll feel appreciated whenever she sips her favorite drink.

5. Snack Towers

a snack tower with pieces of cakes stacked on top of each other.

Munch! Munch! Munch!

No matter what your daughter’s liking is, she’ll love this tasty thank you gift.

6. Child Portrait ❤

a photo of a little girl is turned into  a painting by portraitflip artist.

Show your daughter how much she means to you by getting a child portrait of her! Browse through her old photos and select the one that is dear. Now, send the photo to us, and we’ll send you a mesmerizing handpainted portrait of her!

Every time your daughter looks at the younger version of herself, she’ll feel content.

Don’t you wanna give her this wonderful thank-you gift?

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