13 Best Handmade Gifts Ideas

Best handmade gift ideas

In a world where the assembly line and mass production has gained unprecedented importance, a handmade gift is a rarity of sorts.

Though such items may not be entirely perfect they always have a tinge of uniqueness to it for beauty lies in the imperfections.

A handmade gift will always be a close reminder of how much the other person means to you as it takes substantially more time and also shows how much you mean to him/her.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” We have curated a list of special handmade gifts that can be gifted to your special one.

1. Handmade Portraits:

Portraits cover

A painting speaks volumes without uttering a single sound.

It is one of the oldest forms of art and isn’t bound by the realms of language.

A handmade portrait is the perfect gifting option as it shows that you have put a substantial amount of thought into the process rather than just buying some random thing.

Portraitflip offers you one of the best handmade portraits and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. What else could you ask for?

2. Hand-Painted Kettles:

rare planet kettles

Bored of your regular traditional kettle or simply want a funky and cool twist to your otherwise mundane tea time.

Worry not for we have just the solution for you.

Add some colors to your tea or coffee time with the help of some beautifully hand-painted kettles.

This elegantly handcrafted and designed aluminum kettle is available on the rare planet.

3. Wash Beads Intention Bracelet:

Wash beads intention bracelet

Why rely on shooting stars or birthday candles to make a wish.

Hidden within the bracelet’s clasp is a secret compartment to stash your personal wish or rather a goal.

A great way to remind yourself of what it is that you want to achieve.

Just write your wish on a tiny piece of paper, roll it and place it into the opening.

(A set of just the right sized sheets is included with the product.)

A clear vision and constant reinforcement is the perfect way to accomplish great deeds in life.

This wish bead intention bracelet is available at uncommon goods.

Uncommongoods also supports many NGO’s and thus donates 1$ for every purchase that is made.

It is their simple contribution to make the world a better place.

4. Hand-Painted Wooden Dolls:

Hand painted wooden dolls

Sick and fed up with all those boring showpieces which make you sadder rather than happy.

Well, these hand-painted dolls from Banaras are sure to transport you to a more rustic setting helping you to explore that authentic Indian touch.

Bright and colorful toys are made by a collection of skilled craftsmen from Varanasi which is in the district of Uttar Pradesh which is renowned for its traditional toy making.

This is also a great way to introduce India’s rich heritage to your children apart from being a stellar showpiece.

These wooden dolls can be found on itokri with a wide range of choices to select from.

5. Purpledip Terracotta Jewel Set:

Purpledip terracotta jewel set

This piece of jewelry will add a touch of tradition as well as class to your overall attire.

Its clay heating process ensures high porosity and strength.

Unlike normal clay products, it is tough to break.

This terracotta jewelry is made by the women of Jharkhand infusing their skill and talent in it.

This gift is sure to wow anyone who is a self-professed fashion geek as it will make them stand out from the crowd.

This jewel set can be acquired from the purple dip.

6. Soundwave:

Soundwave 1

‘Soundwave’ is a piece of handmade wooden abstract wall art that is sure to appeal to all those music junkies out there.

If music is your drug and you want to portray that in a grand way then there is no better option than this piece of wall art.

This Wooden wall art is in the style of a digitized sound wave, contrasting the materials provided by nature with a computerized digital waveform.

Soundwaves are available in a standard size and a large YourSong version which is made to the song of your choice.

Isn’t it amazing, so all you diehard music fans out there?

What are you waiting for?

Each soundwave is created by hand so each design is unique, hence no two soundwaves are ever the same.

You can check out this fancy piece of wall art at folksy and there is a wide variety of option for people with other tastes too.

7. Silver Plated Anklet:

Silver plated anklet

The silver-plated noisy aarya anklet is a chic way to revitalize your look and capture the Indian essence all at the same time.

The anklet has been a fashion accessory since ages in Indian folklore.

Though not scientifically proven it is believed that it is worn above the feet joint and is believed to regenerate the energy that is wasted back into your body.

The silver-plated anklet is made from high-quality alloy metals and plated with pure silver.

It is the perfect accessory to enhance your personality in parties which have a traditional or even a modern theme.

This product is available at craftsvilla at affordable prices and a wide array of choices.

8. Kullad:


A beautiful set of kullads is a great addition to any and every kitchen out there.

The elephant company offers some really dope designs to this traditional piece of kitchenware.

A kullad is the traditional cup that was used in earlier times for the purpose of serving tea to anybody.

The traditional kullads bring out an earthen flavor within the tea which makes you feel more in touch with your motherland.

9. Leather Guitar Pick Holder:

Leather guitar pick holder

Got a friend who is really passionate about music and loves playing the guitar?

Well, we have for you the perfect gift for him/her.

You get a personalized hand stamped leather pick with it for free.

The guitar pick can be personalized with a name, initials, date, phrase, a message of choice or pretty much anything.

18 characters can be fitted including letters, spaces, punctuation marks, etc on the pick.

This shall serve as the perfect memoir to remember any important situation or place which is equally essential to both.

You can get this guitar pick holder at Artfire.

10. Wooden Embossed Kundan Puja Thali:

Wooden embossed kundan puja thali

Religion plays a major part in our culture and heritage.

This fact is evident in our ancient history too.

Pujas are conducted daily in most households in India.

Hence we give you the wooden embossed Kundan puja thali which is stylish and flamboyant.

Designed beautifully, this puja thali will add more beauty to your everyday life and a touch of modernity to your everyday religious practices.

This wooden embossed Kundan puja thali is available at IGP and that too at astonishing and jaw-dropping prices.

This puja thali is full of bright colors and shiny crystals studs are added for more beauty.

11. Wooden Figurine Pen Holder Pair:

Wooden figurine pen holder pair

With the rise of the IT sector corporate gifting has come in vogue of late.

This unique penholder is the perfect gift for any employee or person in general.

It makes for a really cool accessory at your study table.

These wooden pen holders are made of top quality wood and have colorful and attractive designs, hence it is the perfect gift for any special occasion.

These wooden pen holders can be purchased at handicrafts in India.

These pen holders are also available in authentic Indian designs thus making it even more appealing to the eye.

With the prices that handicrafts in India offer this gift is definitely worth a try.

12. Card with Drawer Gift Greeting:

Card with drawer gift greeting

In today’s time and age gifting a greeting card may sound like a mundane option but wait a minute.

The team of Quilling treasures has put just the perfect twist on it.

The new card with a gift drawer thing allows you to put some chocolates, gifts, photos or messages all in one and that too with a greeting card.

It is the perfect funky twist on an age-old gift which symbolizes the value of the bond and relationship that exists between them.

That person can even keep some of his valuable things in it and you shall always be remembered when he/she makes use of it.

13. Handmade Leather Photo Album:

Handmade leather photo album

This leather photo album is made with handmade leather and paper, which is beautifully adorned with quite a few intricate designs.

One can view a wide variety of choices when it comes to design.

It is perfect for your friend who likes to write or an artist who wants more space to enjoy the experience.

It provides you with ample space for and standard size photos and postcards are available.

The peripheries or endings have been stitched to give it a beautiful effect.

It is bound strongly and a thin leather strap is provided to keep it closed when not in use.

Glaze sheets are also provided to protect the photographs.

This beautiful handmade leather photo album is available at lokalart.


With this, we now come to the end of our list of best handmade gifts.

Getting or rather choosing a handmade gift can be a perilous task but it shows that you care enough to actually go through such an ordeal to get it perfect down to the last little detail.

Our team here at PortraitFlip hopes that this article has been of some use to you and if you have any other interesting ideas regarding handmade gifts feel free to leave a comment in our comments section below.

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