40 Budget-Friendly Handmade Gifts That’ll Warm Their Hearts! (2022 List)

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If you ask me to pick one: Simple handmade gifts or expensive gifts from a branded store? 

I’d say “handmade gifts”. Any day. 

It’s not about disliking ready-made gifts, it’s about appreciating the efforts taken by the sender. 

Handmade gifts are striking!

Packed with emotions, love, and of course, creativity.

In order to give the best handmade gifts for friends and the ones you love the most, I’ve curated 40+ handmade gift ideas. 

These unique handmade gift ideas will not only warm their heart but also feel special and blessed. 

Let’s dive in!!

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A. Handmade Gifts For Best Friend

Handmade gifts for best friends: Two guys smiling and opening a blue color gift box.

Let’s start with our best friends: Folks, who know our life better than anyone.  

Well, they know all of our secrets. 

And to be thankful for that let’s shower some love in the form of handmade gifts for best friends. 

1. Camera Straps 

A strap is attached to an old camera.

You know you’re special and lucky if you have a photographer as your best friend. 

Not because he clicks amazing pictures of you but you can gift any camera accessories to him, any day,

A tripod, an external flash, a stylish camera bag, and stuff most uncreative people give. 

You know you should go for a camera strap.

It has everything your lensman needs. 

It protects your lens, reduces wrist as well as shoulders’ weight, and is handy too. 

2. Handmade Plates

Two handmade plates are placed on a brown background.

Whether your friend loves to cook or not, he will never refuse this unique gift.

He would never as they are eco-friendly, simple yet eye-catching. 

When you present handmade plates to someone, you promote an artistic work that has gone into it. 

And that’s very thoughtful and priceless!

So opt for one before someone grabs this beautiful opportunity. 

3. Handmade Oil Portrait

Two different photos are compiled and then converted into a beautiful oil portrait by Portraitflip.

I wish I could travel back in the past and live the life I had with my best friends. 

But that’s an illogical wish one could ever have.

One thing I know is that I can recall those memories through pictures. 

So why not let your friend recall those memories? At least, one of them. 

Handmade Oil Portraits can be the ideal choice to do so. 

Here’s a deal: Send your best photo to us and we will turn it into a beautiful handmade portrait. 

These are one of the best handmade gifts for a best friend that will make him feel special, elated, and maybe emotional too. 

4. Funky Coasters

Two heart-shaped handmade coasters are placed below a glass of tea.

Friendship is not only about protecting your best friend.

But it is also about protecting his dining table, side table, and other pieces of furniture where he sits and drinks his coffee. 

I’m talking about the most underrated gift: Coasters

You know they are used to prevent unsightly water rings that cause damage to tables. 

Gifting coasters would definitely save some of his future expenses. 

5. Personalized Reading Pillow

A beautiful designed pillow is placed on the couch.

I love those who are into books.

Because it becomes easier for me to give them a personalized reading pillow.

Did you know? One study from 2013 says that reading pillows offer great support to the back, spine, and shoulders as well.

That’s why I urge my readers to give their book lover friends a personalized reading pillow. 

This can also be used for pillow fights when you’re upset with him.

B. Handmade Gifts For Boyfriend

Handmade gifts for boyfriends: A girl is blindfolding her boyfriend with her hand.

The simplest way to express your love is to surprise your loved ones with heartwarming gifts. 

Well, there are innumerable choices when it comes to giving surprises to a boyfriend. 

But the below-mentioned are best and worth-spending handmade gifts for him that can be given on any occasion.

1. Bracelet 

Two amazing handmade bracelets are shown in two different backgrounds.

Boys love accessories!

Bracelets are one of the accessories that style the bare wrist.

Although some prefer watches, there can be no comparison when you put a bracelet on. 

It makes our hands look fashionable and we can just walk confidently with it. 

That’s why I suggest you pick a cool bracelet for your love. 

Stainless steel or colorful thread bracelet can also work. Both look eye-catching. 

2. Memory Jar

A memory jar filled with letters, sticky notes, and chocolates is placed on a white surface.

Do you know what is the shortest distance between two beautiful souls?


And it’s worth reading if it has all the different flavors of life. 

You know this beautiful thought can be transferred into a jar and given to your boyfriend. 

That’s called a memory jar. 

Add your pictures, some chocolates, letters which he had given to you in a jar, embellished some flower over it and gift him. 

Believe me, this one would make him feel loved. 

3. Handmade Watercolor Portrait 

There is a watercolor portrait made by compiling three photos by Portraitflip.

Once a wise man said, “one should give a present that lasts forever”. 

I don’t remember who he was. But all he was talking about is “Custom Portraits”. 

The beauty of gifting someone a portrait is its uniqueness and creativity. 

It’s a form of art that can be given to anyone on any special occasion.

You can give these handmade gifts to your boyfriend as he can hang them anywhere: Bedroom, living room, or anywhere which is close to his heart. 

4. Personalized Leather Keychain 


Multi-colored leather keychains are placed on a hard surface.

Keychains are common souvenirs.

You just clearly identify which keys are for what from their keychains.

And there are lots of metal and leather keychains available, but opt for a handmade one.

The engraving adds a personalized touch to it and makes it elegant.

This is one of the unique handmade gift ideas for a boyfriend. 

He can use it for his bike keys, house keys, or for some other purposes. 

5. Leather Wallet

A brown colored leather wallet is placed on a wooden surface.

Most wallets have pleasing designs but are made of cheap quality material. 

That’s why most folks’ money gets damaged due to rain, insufficient space, and others.

The only way to prevent their damage is to give them a nice leather wallet. 

A leather wallet that lasts longer.

They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain as well. 

They may not be funky handmade gifts, however, they are best to intact your boyfriend’s debit or personal information.

C. Handmade Gifts For Girlfriend 

Handmade Gifts For Girlfriend: A girl is surprised by the her boyfriend's present.

I know it’s a daunting task to look for perfect handmade gifts for a girlfriend. 

Not because it’s challenging and time-consuming. But one question always disappoints in this process is: What if she doesn’t like it?

But reading this till the end will give you the best handmade gift ideas for a girlfriend. 

1. Handmade Ring

A silver-colored handmade ring is placed on a brown background.

What’s more romantic than a handmade ring?

It’s one of the inexpensive and lovely handmade gifts.

When you give any handmade gifts, the first thing you need to consider is: How will this surprise her?

For her, the best thing you can give is a coffin or gemstone-shaped handmade ring. 

That looks apt for a science or fiction lover…Or pick one that can relate to her world. 

2. Handmade Candles

Handmade candles on a plain surface with a bunch of leaves.

Do you love candlelight dinners? So does she.

What if you plan one at your girlfriend’s place?

Gifting a bunch of candles can make this happen. 

It not only puts a broad smile on her face, but she will start seeing you as the most romantic person.

So be picky and give the best collections of candles to her. 

3. Wind Chime

Two wind chimes are shown in two different background. In first image, blue wind chime is on a white background. In second image, a girl is touching the brown wind chime which is above her head.

Wind Chime is one of the gifts that is made to spread positivity and attract good charm.

It not only beautifies your place but entices your neighbors to peek in.

For your art-lover girlfriend, you can always give her windchimes made up of different colors and forms.

There are crystal or floral or vintage cutlery wind chimes that glorify fine art and positivity. 

Just make sure you give her proper guidance about setting up, as they emanate different energy in different directions. 

4. Handmade Scarf

A stylish handmade scarf is lying on a plain white background.

You know it will spice up her outfit if you give handmade scarves.

These are the best handmade gifts for her as they glorify femininity, refreshen the look, and sprinkle extra elegance to their appearance. 

Your girlfriend can use it for other events as well.

Whether she wants to go for a bike ride, work in an air-conditioned office, or something else.

This handmade gift jazzes up her simple attire and provides warmth to the shoulder and neck.

5. Homemade Chocolates

Two heart-shaped and rounded chocolates are placed on the white plate.

Chocolates tingle your tongue and take you to place where other food products can’t. 

The blend of caffeine and theobromines tastes divine. However, it hits differently for women.

That’s why I’m suggesting chocolates as a handmade gift for her. 

It would be lovely and romantic if you could make some for her. 

Making some isn’t that expensive or challenging.

Even if you fail to make perfect chocolates for her, she won’t complain about it.

In the end, it’s the effort she cares for, not the results. 

D. Handmade Gifts For Mom 

Handmade Gifts For Mom: A girl is handing over the birthday gift to her mother.

It’s time for you to return some favor in the form of handmade gifts.

After all, they spend half of their time catering to her family and you. 

The below-shared handmade gifts for mothers will surely respect their diligence and dedication. Let’s begin. 

1. Trays

Two handmade trays are placed in different backgrounds. The first one is in rectangular shape, the other one is circular in shape.

It’s not the result but your efforts that matter the most.

Even if you give something basic like trays, your mom is gonna like it.

She may not see its design but its benefits and uses that may catch her eyeball. 

But that does not mean you will go for a regular one. 

You have to be selective, and of course, unique.

Maybe, a teak wooden tray or minimalist tea serving tray can be the best choice.

2. Eco-friendly Bags

Two beautiful eco-friendly bags are placed on green and white backgrounds.

Your moms will love this not because it is cost-effective but it is environmentally friendly.

These handmade gifts are going to be your mom’s favorite bag. As they are used for multiple activities.

She can use it for her accessories and clothes shopping. 

To make it striking, you can also stitch some photos in it. 

3. Handmade Pouches

There are two handmade pouches in two different backgrounds. The red pouch is placed on bed whereas the multicolored pouch is on white background.

Most people love handcrafted pouches but only a few end up buying them.

Don’t be those folks.

Take action. At least, this time!

Pouches are handy and multi-functional. 

She can keep her cash, cards, cosmetics, and other stuff safe and secure in it.

Instead of giving her ready-made pouches, give her handmade pouches that are durable, flexible, spacious, in short, worth buying.

4. Ceramic Mugs

Multiple ceramic mugs are placed on a white background. These ceramic mugs are in multiple colors.

The first reason to give ceramic mugs is that they are used daily.

The second is it makes beverages taste divine in it.

Your mom will love to have her orange juice or a cup of hot tea in it, as it retains heat much longer.

Also, Ceramic mugs are eco-friendly.

You can give these handmade gifts on mother’s day as well by keeping a special note on them.

5. Handmade Bookmarks

A red bookmark is placed on white notes.

Handmade bookmarks are one of inexpensive handmade gifts. 

They’re tiny, cute, and very helpful for avid reader moms.

You can either buy one from the store or online.

Otherwise, if you have time and a sense of creativity, you can create it in your home as well.

As I said earlier, moms are the greatest human beings. 

Your little effort will mean the world to her.  

E. Handmade Gifts For Dad 

Handmade Gifts For Dad: Two boys are sitting next to their father seeing him opening his birthday cards.

Dads deserve more than what they get. 

We always have their back in ups and downs, no matter what situation it is. 

And now it is time to shower some love on them through handmade gifts.

These handmade gifts for dads are gonna brighten their day to the fullest. 

1. Toolbox

A man is smirking by holding a tool bag in his finger on a blue background.

Time has finally come to discard your dad’s damaged toolbox.

Dad with technical skills is so obsessed with their old stuff. However, most tools are just good for nothing.

Surprise him with a toolbox that has everything your dad is looking for.

You can either give them a wooden or plant toolbox.

They are eco-friendly, multifunctional, and appealing which are enough to perform various tasks.

2. Wine Bag

Wine and its bag is seen floating on a light brown background.

A wine bag is one of the best ideas for handmade gifts.

Wine totes have always been special for wine lovers.

Have you ever thought about how he would react after he saw this gift? 

Believe me, it would win his heart. 

Try to pick the best wine bags for him. 

Something that makes a wine bottle look rich and classy.

3. Travel Bag

A flower shaped handmade travel bag is hanging.

Maybe it’s Covid or other reasons that have canceled all of his travel plans.

But you can plan something special for now or in the future.

For a perfect plan, one needs the best travel bag. 

A handmade bag can always be an ideal gift as it is gorgeous, spacious, and sustainable too.

Make sure you buy the best quality travel bag for him.

4. Grilling Apron

There are two grilling aprons. First is in black and the other one is in pink color.

If your dad is a fan of cooking or loves making delicious barbecue food, you should probably give him the best grilling apron.

He will look professional on it. 

This will also show that you encourage what he loves to do.

A grilling apron is one of the unique and inexpensive handmade gifts for men. 

5. Handmade Book Bags

Two eco-friendly book bags are kept on a yellowish brown background.

One of the cutest handmade gifts for daddy is a book bag (perfect for book lover dads). 

It just extends the shelf life of old books and keeps everything organized.

You can either gift a cute flower-designed or vintage oil-painted book bag or something else. 

F. Handmade Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Handmade Gifts For Valentine's Day: A girl is in surprise after seeing his boyfriend's valentine gift.

It’s on you how you want to spend your valentine’s day.

No matter what plans you have, try to give one good surprise. 

I have checked almost 50+ handmade gifts for valentine’s day. 

I think these 5 handmade gifts can win your loved one’s heart. 

1. Button Heart Valentine Day Card

Love letters embellished with buttons in heart shape are placed on a white background.

Valentine’s day cards are special, thoughtful, and heart-touching.

It’s one of the handmade gift ideas that let you pen your thoughts to bring a broad smile to your loved one’s face.

Gift a romantic card embellished with small buttons in a heart shape. 

Do not forget to add your special message to it to warm their hearts.

2. Thumbprint Heart Jar

A white colored beautiful jar is placed ahead of two jars which is embellished with pink paper.

A thumbprint heart jar is one of the easiest yet unique handmade gifts for valentine’s day.

It’s one of the handmade valentine’s gifts that can turn a simple jar into a sweet and romantic jar.

Anyone could appreciate this idea as it shows what one can create from the simplest thing.

3. Handmade Crayons

Six different crayon colors are kept on bowl.

Handmade crayons are the perfect handmade gifts for valentine’s day.


It is not like other gifts that find their place on the table or inside the cupboard – left and ignored, forever!

With this gift, you inspire your loved one to be an artist and encourage them to colorwork.

4. Handmade Bouquet Wraps

A flower bouquet is kept besides a tiny gift box on a white background.

This is the easiest handmade gift for her or him.

It’s not only women who fall for this, but some men also love this kind of gesture.

It is very easy to transform an ordinary bouquet into a beautiful floral bouquet. 

If you wish to make it more attractive, try to stick some notes on it with beautiful messages.

5. An Acrylic Portrait

An acrylic portrait made by Portraitflip shows a man with black hat and black suit ridding a horse.

When it comes to handmade gifts, nothing can beat acrylic portrait paintings. 

It’s a timeless gift one should give, at least once, to their special one.

It’s original and creative.  

That can preserve beautiful memories of yours, forever!

At PortraitFlip, you can place your order any day, anytime, and get your customized portrait ready in weeks.

G. Handmade gifts For Christmas

Handmade gifts For Christmas: A cute and happy family smiling on the Christmas day.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for handmade gifts for Christmas. 

You know this festival is not only famous among Christians but also folks from other religions. 

Let’s check which are the best gifts you can give this Christmas!

1. Easy Dinner Kit

A packaged box of meal is placed on a wooden bench.

This one is for those who keep themselves busy, even on Christmas.

The best way to win their hearts is to impress their tongue.

So, how about roasted pork and Yorkshire pudding? And Christmas Trifle for dessert?

You know these Christmas handmade gifts will be appreciated by them as they’re gonna be something different, and delicious, too!

2. Personalized Cup

A boy in a white shirt is holding a personalized mug while grinning.

You know nobody refuses a personalized cup.

Even if you give a basic one.

Well, they are one of the highly acceptable handmade gifts.

And a fabulous one for tea fanatics.

You may not be there with your friends 24/7 but your gift can remind them of your existence.  

3. Handmade Christmas Painting

A marvelous Christmas painting made by Portraitflip shows a man smiling with his daughter and a pet.

The best way to warm your friends or families’ hearts is by surprising them with a Christmas painting. 

It’s one of the unique and creative handmade gifts.

You can easily order by connecting with us.

You know the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas will never stop. 

However, you need to come up with unique handmade gifts to capture that million-dollar smile of your friend. 

I think a Christmas painting by us will fulfill your desire as we make portraits in six different mediums…Exactly the way you want

4. Handmade Christmas Vase

A beautiful yet small Christmas vase is placed on the white table in the pantry.

It is not similar to best out of waste. But it is close to awesome out of average. 

I mean to say a stunning Christmas vase from an ordinary and abandoned vase.

You can take a round glass vase and fill in chocolates, soft toys, and things that you love.

Make sure you use a variety of sizes and colors that make it striking and unique. 

5. Wine Bottle Sleeves

two delicious bottles of wine covered in the bag are placed on a plain and white surface.

Don’t just grab a wine bottle for your loved one, but cover it with an eye-catching bottle sleeve.

You know wine bottle sleeves are underrated.

They not only protect the wine bottle from dust and sunlight but also keep it safe from bumping into the luggage. 

It is the best gift for wine lovers. 

As Christmas celebration is incomplete without wine. 

H. Handmade Gifts For Birthday

Handmade Gifts For Birthday: A lady is hugging her husband whereas her family member is busy gazing at the birthday gifts.

Birthdays are special!

Instead of posting stories on Instagram, try to give one of these handmade gifts on birthdays.

1. Pack of favorite products

A gift hamper placed on wooden surface.

They are not birthday handmade gifts but it’s more than that.

All you need to do is bring some of your favorite person’s favorite things, and collect and wrap them up.

That includes chocolates, letters, cosmetics, or cool gadgets if they are geeky. 

Sometimes, it’s imperative to give the same thing instead of new things in the best and most creative ways. 

2. Wooden Music Box

Two pieces of wooden music box are placed on a white background.

Wooden music boxes can always be an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any other event.

Irrespective of age, you can give this handmade gift to anyone. 

There are three reasons why one would receive it on birthdays: Their uniqueness, nostalgia factor, and creativity. 

The design of a music box is its uniqueness, songs that play in it are a nostalgia factor, and figurines that dance in it make it creative. 

3. Embroidery Hoop Art

A embroidery marvel hoop art is placed beside the artificial plant in the living area.

You know you can do a lot of things with this unique handmade gift.

You can create different designs in variant colors in hoop art.

Maybe, Harry Potter or one of the Marvel characters they love the most. 

These handmade gifts look fancy, appealing, and of course, will set a vibe wherever they hang it. 

4. Handmade Paper Lantern

Two handmade lanterns are placed on a plain surface.

It’s one of the handmade gifts that are easy to make. 

The person who you give this will use it for an outdoor summer party or indoor Christmas celebration. 

Especially to catch outsiders’ attention. 

Well, it’s a unique handmade gift that can be made of ordinary lantern paper.

You can go for paper plates or designer yarn lamps. 

Both look exotic and eye-catching. 

5. Handmade Colored Pencil Drawing 

A splendid color pencil drawing by Portraitflip shows a couple standing on a brown background.

What is the nicest thing about handmade gifts?

They are unforgettable.

One of the unforgettable handmade gifts you can give is handmade portraits. 

Because every time the receiver would see it they recall the time when they had received it. The special, maybe, memorable moment in their life.

You know you can get it in its finest form from us. 

All you need to do is share the photo with us that you want to be converted into a handmade portrait… and go for your next plans. 

As we look after all the steps carefully: From creating a portrait to delivering it to the birthday boy’s doorstep.

Hey Reader!

Thanks for reading this blog till the end.

We all know how magical handmade gifts are. 

And I have shared the best ones with you guys.

Let me know which one you like the most by sharing it in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

The handmade gifts are special because they have a personalized touch. Each one of them is unique, creative, and meaningful.
Well, it depends on person to person. The best handmade gifts are eco-friendly, provide a feel-good vibe, and befitting the recipient’s preference.
There are plenty of gifts you can make. You can design ornaments, photo frames, and other DIY gifts.

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