40+ Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas: Bring In The Perfect Romantic Date

The text reads - valentines day decor trends to bring in the perfect romantic date
You'll get struck by cupid's arrow with these Valentine's day decor ideas for home.

Valentine’s day is almost around the corner and it’s time to level up the home decor by a notch!

It’s one of the first major events of 2022 and so shall you decorate your home with a valentine’s theme.

When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas or another event, you already have a fair idea of what you can do and even have the supplies in place.

But what about valentine’s day?

Revamping your home with valentine’s day decor doesn’t have to be a task. Knowing that it’s a great day to celebrate romantic friendship, love, and admire the loved ones in your life; valentine’s day decor ideas should be simple, yet more than papercut hearts and roses!

Whether you’re planning a romantic home date with a special someone or having a get-together with your besties, or if you wanna pop the question with the best proposal ideas; here are awesome valentine home decor ideas for you.

Let’s make your valentine feel special!

01) I Art You Very Much ❤

A couple portrait made by PortraitFlip's artist is hanging on wall as an addition to valentine's day decor

Who doesn’t love art?

Flutter two hearts with one look with a Couple Portrait that’ll not only impress your valentine but also make a lovely addition to your home decor.

This handmade painting will add aesthetic beauty to your home, setting in just the right mood for valentine.

Put it on the table or hang it on the wall—your sweetheart’s sure will love it with all their heart. Bonus if you give it as a gift!

02) Turn Them On

A beautiful room decor is lit with colorful lighting for valentine's day
Image credits: livewire.com

I mean the lights.

Add some colors to your home by swapping the regular lights with colorful bulbs! This valentine’s day decor idea will total nail the occasion!

03) Knock knock?

Front doors are decorated by hanging bouquets and wreaths for 14th February.
Image credits: californiagrown.org and twoinspireyou.com

Who’s there?


Bea who?

Bea my Valentine!

There’re many ways to make a good valentine’s day front door decor, but as we’re focusing on easy ways to spice things up, hanging a bouquet will make all your efforts worthwhile.

No mess, no hardwork, just a minute of your efforts and you have a decent-looking door for valentine.

04) You’re brew-tiful

A close up of a Black coffee in a white cup placed on a blue table.

Espresso your feeling by setting the right mood for your valentine by decorating the coffee table with some elegant decor.

This valentine’s day decor will invite them to drink the coffee even if they’re not a coffee lover.

05) Make That Board A-door-able

Doors are decorated with Valentine's day home decor
Image credits: funcutcrafts.etsy.com

You know, being a door can be so hard… you can get board easily 🙁

Just to save your bedroom door from boardom this valentine’s day,  decorate it with some fancy decorations. This romantic bedroom door will invite them to enter the room and…

(Psst! If you wanna buy some unique gifts for bae, take a look at our blog Valentine’s day gifts 2022 for awesome ideas.)

06) Shhh Don’t Tell Anyone…

A bed is decorated with rose petals to make a heart. the whole room decor is complimented by orange-red-pink-white color scheme.
Image credits: thearchitecturedesigns.com

Uff! Uff! Here comes the intriguing part! You’ve just had one of the best days with your valentine, now it’s time to take things to the bedroom… 

A simple yet clever Valentine’s day bedroom decor idea is to declutter the room, dim the light, use scented candles, decorate with red (‘coz why not!), and if you wanna take a step ahead, add some string lights to set in the right mood.

07) No Strings Attached

Pink and white balloons with ribbons filled in a room
Image credits: evibe.in

Keep them free!

Another valentine’s day decor is to fill the space in your house with balloons. Just don’t play pop music, it will terrify the balloons (pun intended).

08) Sip Sip, Hooray!

A champagne tower decorated with rose petals for valentine's day

This Valentine’s day, get adventurous and make a champagne tower, because no cham-pagne, no gain.

09) Take A Leaf Of Faith

On left: A beautiful white heart shaped planter with a small plant in it. On right: a red colored round planter with a white heart engraved.
Image credits: windandweather.com and amazon.com

Show some love to your plants too! Get some heart-shaped or heart-engraved planters and make them part of your home decor for this special occasion.

You can even gift your valentine a heart-shaped planter and say, “I aloe vera you too much”.

10) Say I Heart You With “Heart Soaps”

Soft pink heart shaped soaps in a bowl
Image credits: www.shelterness.com

Scrub! scrub! scrub! Don’t miss that spot!

That little place also needs some love! A cool valentine’s day bathroom decor idea is to switch the regular soaps with cute heart soaps.

These tiny soaps will brighten your bathroom decor on valentine — just as the aromatic fragrance will lift up the mood 😉

11) A Paw-trait Of Their Pet

A custom handmade pet portrait of a dog that is made by PotraitFlip's artist is hanged on wall to complement valentine's day pink scheme decor

Valentine’s day is a great day to surprise your bae with a pet portrait of their pet! Not only will they love it, but this wonderful handmade painting will also make a pawsome addition to the home decor!

Whether it’s a painting of their pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge or if it’s a compiled portrait of all their favorite pets — they sure are to treasure it with their art… I mean heart.

12) Wood You Be Mine?

Three house shaped wooden decor items with pink heart on it are placed on a desk as an addition to the 14th February decor.
Image credits: www.shelterness.com

Sticks and stones may break your bones but those sticks can be used to make amazing valentine’s day decor for home —so don’t forget to get some!

13) If They Say Bye, You Say Aloe!

A zoomed image of Hoya kerrii, heart shaped succulent.

Become succ-cusful at acing valentine’s day decor for your home by adding some heart-shaped succulents! These cute little plants are a nice addition to the home, as well as a way into your valentine’s heart.

14) Make It Oh-fish-ial

Fish tanks decorated to complement valentine's day decor.

This valentine’s day, make it oh-fish-ial that she’s yours and yours only!

With this cute fish decor idea for valentine, make her fall in love with you and also let the fishes enjoy 😉 Oh didn’t I tell you that it’ll make a beautiful addition to home decor?

15) Pom Pom!

Valentine's day truck decor with a "Be Mine" card and a small red truck.
Image credits: Etsy.com

Say happy valentine’s day with a truck decor that’ll instantly make your valentine’s heart go wrooom wrooom wroooom!

Hang it on the wall or keep it on the mantel— this cute valentine’s day home decor idea will impress them in no time.

16) Get Wick-ed

Different scented candles palaced along with a small gift on a brown table

A pleasant addition to valentine’s day decor is to add some lovely candles! And if you get some scented candles, they’re gonna be the real show-stealer.

17) Mantle Health Is Important

Mantle decorated with white and light pink decor items to give a classy Valentine's day decor look
Image credits: Amazon.com

Yesterday, I visited a psychologist after I discovered cracks in the hearth of my fireplace.

He asked me how I was feeling… I said, “I’m having a mantle breakdown.”


Jokes aside, if you have a fireplace at home, make sure to decorate the mantle with a photo frame and love cards — but wait you can do better than that!

Get a handmade painting of you both and keep it on the mantle and wait for them to see their reaction.

18) Let Your Heart Swing

On the left: big 3D paper hearts hanging from the ceiling. On the right: valentine's day decor hanging on the wall from ceiling.
Image credits: littleorchardcraft.etsy.com and withasplashofcolor.com

Oh….I’m gonna swing from the ceiling…. from the ceiling… I bet you your valentine won’t Sia this coming. Get some heartily valentine’s day hanging decor and show some love to the ceiling as well!

19) Don’t Betray That Tired Tray

Two tiered trays decorated with valentine's day decor like hearts, candles, chocolates, plants, and other decor items.
Image credits: livingoncloudnine9.com pinterest

The tiered tray can be overlooked while decorating for valentine but here’re some tray decor ideas that’ll make it match the valentine vibe: Add some paper flowers, candies, pink roses in glass, heart marshmallows, and every little valentine decor you could think of!

20) Everything’s Red And White

A big rose bouquet is placed on a well decorated dining table. the whole decor follows red, pink, and white color scheme to give an elegant look to home decor.
Image credits: luxxu.net

A romantic date is the essence of valentine’s day and so you cannot forget to have a delicious menu. But what about the dinner table?

There’re endless ways you can decorate the dinner table, and one of the most awesome tables decor ideas is to decorate it with the white and red theme.

Red flowers, candles, wine contrasting with white tablecloth and plates will light up the romantic atmosphere!

21) Don’t Forget Your Family

A watercolor family portrait made by the artist of Portraitflip is hanged on wall by the stairs.

Who says valentine’s day is just for love birds?

Often associated with romantic love,  valentine’s day can be celebrated with your family too! And just for such an occasion, you can get a family portrait made from photos!

Gifting your family a handmade painting is a great way to shower the love and make a great contribution to your home decor. So don’t miss the opportunity!

22) Say XoXo With A Doormat

a XoXO doormat with O replaced with hearts is at the door.
Image credits: AABiglerDesign (etsy)

Your porch is well decorated with valentine decoration, but wait! Did you keep the same welcome mat? Yo gurl change that!

Say to your man how much you love him by swapping it with a XoXo mat.

23) Feel Your Shelf

2 Book shelves are decorated with valentine's day decor to make them stand out.
Image credits: suburbancrunchygirl (Instagram) and chasing_nostalgia (Instagram)

Put some pink covers on your books and give that bookshelf the love they deserve!

If you have empty space on the shelf, add some succulents to fill the gap or use some cute decoration to give it the valentine vibe. On a side note, do you know why did the run-on sentence think it was pregnant?

Because the period came too late.

24) Tassel The Decor

A heart tassle is hanging on a wall
Image credits: harlowandthistle.com

Add some heart tassels to your valentine’s day home decor and watch it make a wonderful addition to the home. 

Hang it on the walls, doorknob, windows, or any place where you deem it to be useful.

25) Wool You be My Valentine?

A living room decorated in the theme of farmhouse for valentine's day.

For all those country bois and gurls looking for taking their valentine’s home decor up a notch, go with the farmhouse-themed decor! 

No matter if you live in a farmhouse or in an apartment; this farmhouse theme will surely give you the farm feel.

For more great ideas, you can check this article on valentines day farmhouse decor idea

26) Give Them Your Heart!

A heart wreath made from peach colored roses.
Image credits: southluminastyle.com

You can live without one…or Nah?

So make a heart from roses and add it to your precious valentine’s day decor. Of course, you can make one with a ballon too! Just look it up on the internet and you’ll find many DIY projects.

27) Yum Yum Yum!

cupcakes with pink, and white cream toppings are kept in a glass tray.
Image credits: backroadbloom.com

Any event or celebration is incomplete without some delicious food and this lovely day calls for something cute and sweet.

Valentine’s day kitchen decor can be done just right by decorating the kitchen with yummy colorful cupcakes and delicacy.

When they enter the kitchen, your boo is sure to say, “you bake me crazy”.

28) Green Green Pink?

A tabletop decorated with a pink cloth, a flower pot with roses, and two plates.
Image credits: amazon

Yesterday, my telephone rang “green! green!”, so I hurried to it, pinked it up and said, “Yellow?”

Valentine’s day tabletop decor can be aced by adding a fine touch of pink theme to it. Have a pink or white tablecloth and put pink rose petals for a pinky contrasting valentine’s day theme.

29) Put A Hulk!

A wall is decorated with "Happy Valentine's Day" banner.
Image credits: romantichomes.com

Nope, I don’t mean to hang Bruce Banner, but a valentine’s day banner. These cute banners will fill your home decor with lovely messages that’ll show how much you love your boo.

30) Get Ajar

3 mason jars are decorated with glitters and flowers for valentine's day
Image credits: kastyles.co

Make the best of the mason jars by DIY-ing them into wonderful valentine’s day decor. Keep them on the table, fridge, shelf, counter, or anywhere — these cute jars will glorify the home.

31) Pie Like You Berry Much!

An oil painting of a beautiful woman painted by PortraitFlip's artist is hanged on a wall to complement valentine's day decor.

Probably the best valentine’s day living room decor includes not only decorating the living room in valentine colors but also hanging a valentines day painting of your boo’s sweet memory! It’s just the cherry on the top 🙂

32) Porch Love

A white porch is decorated with red garland s and wreaths.
Image credits: betweennapsontheporch.net

When you’re decorating the home for valentine’s day,  the porch shouldn’t be missed. Now don’t tell me that you don’t want to have a romantic evening sipping with a glass of little something with bae. An easy and effective way is to decorate the porch with garlands and hang wreaths!

33) My Heart Is Outside

The outside of house- a yard is decorated with big hearts that spell "I Love You, Melissa!"
Image credits: flamingos2go.com

Now that you’re investing so much energy on valentine’s day home decor, it’s worth decorating the yard coz that’s the first thing your valentine’s gonna notice when they walk to the door.

Valentine’s day outdoor decor doesn’t have to be hard—just decorate with ribbons, but if you’re the romantic type, you can do something like above 🙂

34) Be Shelf-ish

The shelf is decorated with  valentine dcor
Image credits: justagirlandherblog.com

Peep up those shelves with some fancy decor that’ll complement your home decor, just like the one shown above.

35) A Branch Of Rose…

on the left:  a branched floral is placed in a glass jar at window side. On the right: a red -purple  branched floral in a vase is placed on a brown table.
Image credits: marthastewart.com and hgtv.com

If you’re tired of decorating your home with roses, and wanna try something new, go with branching floral decorations that will add a sophisticated look to your valentine’s day home decor.

(On a side note, if you’re not sure how to spend the day with your bae on this special occasion, you may wanna check out some cute valentine’s day ideas)

36) Become En-lighted

On the left: a heart shaped string lamp is on the wall. On the right: heart shaped string lamp is lit on table.
Image credits: .zoodmall.az

The other day, my wife asked me why I was keeping the night lamp on while sleeping. Apparently, telling her that I want to have bright dreams was not a good idea…

But you can decorate your lamp with a valentine’s theme or get a fancy lamp just for the occasion!  It will look nice and will let you have a nice time as you prepare for sleep 😉

37) Walls N’ Roses

A woman is decorating the blank wall by hanging white, and pink roses.
Image credits: collectivegen.com

One of the easiest and most effective ways to turn those blank walls off your home is to hang rose gardens!

Those hanging rose gardens will glamorize your room decor for valentine’s day and your lady will appreciate the “budding’ romance. (see what I did there?)

38) Flirt With Wall Decals

kiss theme wall decals with a table and chair in middle.
Image credits: Etsy.com

Put some fancy wall decals that have lipstick prints or some romantic design to give that sexy feel to the walls. 

39) Chic Ideas For Chic People

On the left is a vase with a heart decorated branched decor. On the right, a tdining table and wall is decorated with classy valentine's day decor.
Image credits: goodhousekeeping.com and theinteriorfurniture.blogspot.com

If you admire a classy lifestyle, then you must choose modern valentine’s day decor that involves putting sophisticated decoration just for that moment.

40) Ne-on Love

On the left is a heart shaped neon light glowing in pink. On the right is a pink neon sign glowing that reads "Love"
Image credits: amazon.com and tongeropto.com

Say I love you to your valentine by getting Neon signs that’ll light up your home! These funky neon signs will light up your room in colors. But make sure that you don’t leave the neon alone… because do you know when neon gets sad?

When his friends Argon!

41) Rock It With Heart Coasters

red, pink, and white heart shaped coasters are placed against a grey background
Image credits: .uniqueyarndesigns.com

Get some heart-shaped coasters for this valentine’s day and make the coffee table just right for the occasion!

Baba dada Baba dada Ba ba Da da!

Now that you’ve decided on how you’re gonna decorate your home, let us help you in planning your v-day with these cute valentines day ideas.

With these cool decoration ideas, I’m sure your valentine’s gonna be hit by cupid’s arrow! So, go now and start decorating!

Hey, Sexy!

Thanks for reading my blog 35+ Easy and Quick Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas That’ll Spice Up Your Home In 2022.

I hope you find the right kick for 2022.

If you’ve got more valentine’s day decor ideas, please share them with us in the comments  Or

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Frequently Asked Questions

Valentine’s day decoration can be aced by hanging red, pink, and white decor to your home. You can add roses, ribbons, wreaths, colorful lights, balloons, a custom handmade painting, and whatnot!

Valentine’s day started as a religious day to celebrate the martyr of Saint Valentine. Later it became a tradition and had a cultural influence. All in all, today, it is a day of celebration of romance in many regions of the world.

Some of the best Valentine’s day room decor ideas are to add balloons, roses, to paint the walls, get a new bed, decorate with flowers, and hang a couple portrait.

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