25+ Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas: Bring Home A Feeling Of Love (2023)

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, so you must be wondering what unique idea you can come up with that will reflect your love and effort for your partner.

Planning a party for February 14th sounds amazing, but the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be to decorate your home with a Valentine’s Day theme. 

With our ratings included, you may use the variety of Valentine’s Day decor ideas listed below, which will help to spruce up your house more beautifully and romantically. 

After all, February 14 is a day for lovers, why not make the day even more memorable and happening with these Valentine’s Day decorations? 

1. Wall Vinyl

Collage of two wallpaper one with lipstick mark and another with heart shapes
Image Source: housebeautiful

Incorporating bedroom wall decor, such as wallpaper with hearts or lipstick smudges, is one of the fantastic Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

It’s easy to set-up, unique, and affordable. It’ll give your wall a colorful effect, and instantly captivate your visitors’ attention. 

It’ll cost up to $55; you may have different shades in it. 

Our ratings: 4.2/5

2. Hang Streamers

Collage of two type of hang streamers decorated on the wall
Image Source: avisualmerriment

Do you remember your childhood birthdays, when you used to decorate the house with bright streamers, especially to create a buzz? 

Well, those decorations aren’t outdated yet. Importantly, those can still make great Valentine’s Day decor ideas. 

Family painting from different photos

You can set the romantic tone and create the vibe of a Valentine’s party for as little as $10. 

Our ratings: 4.2/5

3. Set Up Colorful Lightbulbs

View of a living room with set up of colorful lights
Image Source: cnn

Arrange colorful light bulbs in a way that sets a romantic mood.

Those whimsical lights can amplify the tone, and make the evening more intimate and cozy. 

Many people assume that those lights will cost them a fortune. However, in reality, their prices start at $6. 

That means your Valentine’s Eve plan is sorted. 

Our ratings: 4.5/5

4. Fill Lip Piñata Box With Surprises

Collage of two pinata boxes one in lip shapes and another in a square
Image Source: pinterest

This charming lip-shaped piñata box makes the ideal decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day; you may display it on the table with candy, tiny notes, and other spots.

It’s worth $25, but the value will drastically change when you give it to your love with a kiss as a complementary present.

Bring this into your house to enhance your Valentine’s Day ideas for decoration!

Our ratings: 4.5/5

5. Vintage Champagne Coupes

Collage of champagne coupes set on the table
Image Source: housebeautiful

Try a champagne tower as ideas for valentine’s decorations, which you can place on your table, giving your home a sophisticated and vintage look.

Your home will give off a high-end vibe, which will make the atmosphere more appealing to your partner—who always has a fondness for champagne.

I know you are thinking about the cost that comes with this decoration idea. 

Well, don’t worry! These glasses are only $32 and are well worth it for the day.

Our ratings: 4.7/5

6. Heart Made of Papers

Two collages of hearts made from paper stick on the wall
Image Source:

Make your lover think of you as the best thing that ever happened to them by decorating your home with blush pink papers cut into a heart shape that evokes a pink rose look.

It’s a unique way to express your feelings for someone that only costs $10. 

Can’t believe this, right? But this is an adorable Valentine’s Day decor idea that can blow your partner’s mind.

Our ratings: 4.8/5

7. Set Up A Photo Booth

A set up of photo booth decorated with red heart shape items
Image Source:

Is your partner all about Instagram posts? 

Surprise them with a set up of a photo booth station in your favorite corner or on the wall with a lovely room decoration for valentine’s day.

By posting up and highlighting the wonderful decor, you and your spouse can spam their Instagram account.

Our ratings: 4.7/5

8. Adorn Your Tables

Collage of tables adorned with candles, plates, floral decor
Image Source:

Add candles to your mantel and amplify its beauty with florals and miniatures. 

A $65 rose flower pot that brings in serenity and a refreshing vibe will be loved by your spouse.

A table that offers them a welcoming feel can go a long way.

Our ratings: 4.1/5

9. Add Colorful Cards

Collage of colorful cards with small messages on them
Image Source:

On Valentine’s Day, the color red speaks for itself as a symbol of love.

When your date is getting ready to dine with you, cards with personal notes could be placed next to the plates that convey the love message.

Cards decorated with red watercolors can be an add on to this amazing decoration idea for Valentine’s Day, which costs you only $10. 

Our ratings: 4.1/5

10. Create A Timeless Wall Piece

Adorn your wall with a stunning piece of art, displaying your favorite time with your spouse.

This is simply the best Valentine’s Day decor idea. 

It could be your first date, your first bike-ride, or the time when you proposed to her. 

Recreate your special moment with wall art.

Send us your photos, and

11. Deck Out Mason Jar 

Mason jars decorated with sparkling glitter with a artificial flower added to it on a wooden table
Image Source:

Create painted little mason jars and add light to them to give them a romantic glow for your Valentine’s Day supper.

These adorable small jars could be purchased for $25 and add an amazing view to your room’s decor for Valentine’s Day. 

Our ratings: 4.1/5

12. Wall Hanging With Roses

Collage of wall hanging with roses one behind the bed and another on the wall
Image Source:

Handing your bae a bouquet of flowers is monotonous, boring, and outdated. 

Why not plan something unique to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Maybe, a cascade of her favorite flowers, which can give a striking look to your bare wall. 

By spending 25 dollars, you can grab this amazing idea for your decor; Amazing, isn’t it?

Our ratings: 4.5/5

13. Heart Out Of Balloons

Collage of two balloons in heart merged in shape of heart
Image Source:

Decorate your wall with heart shaped balloons, in different colors and shades, which can add an alluring touch to your wall decor for this Valentine’s Day. 

She’ll be amazed by this beautiful Valentine’s Day decor—as it can instantly light up her mood, and set a romantic theme. 

This incredible Valentine’s Day decoration costs only $12!

Our ratings: 4.2/5

14. DIY Love Knots

Love knots placed on colorful papers
Image Source:

You’ve found the person you were looking for!

Tie true lover knots as a symbol of your unbreakable bond and togetherness, which you share with your lover.

Showcase them on the table or in the room you are planning to decorate for Valentine’s Day, which is worth up to $6 and adds meaning to your evening. 

Our ratings: 4.3/5

15. Move Over Roses

A branchy stems with heart shape small cushions hanged to it placed on the wooden table
Image Source:

To give your partner something out of the blue, surprise them with branchy floral decor for Valentine’s Day rather than some regular roses. 

These blossom stems come at a price of $30 and carry a sophisticated and polished look that can go with your Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Our ratings: 4.5/5

16. Give Message In Art Form

Action speaks louder than words!

How you decorate your abode for Valentine’s Day Eve shows the importance of February 14 in your life.

Above all, it shows how badly manifest the day to be special and unforgettable for your bae’ happiness.

Along with decorating your rooms with wreaths, lights, and cascades of flowers, why not mount a beautiful portrait of your favorite day?

You can have portraits made of your first date or the trip to Europe; either way, you can customize it the way you want without breaking a bank!

creation of adam reproduction

17. Toast With Love Plants

Picture of  Heart of Jesus Caladium plant set on round table
Image Source:

Are you familiar with the Heart of Jesus Caladium plant?

It’s a foliage plant with enormous heart-shaped leaves that makes lovely Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

This plant will draw attention by infusing your living area with life and representing itself as a sign of love if you add it as decor.

Depending on the sort of Caladium plant you desire, the price range varies.

Our ratings: 5/5

18. Set Up Dessert Table

Various types of desserts set on the table
Image Source:

Keeping with the decoration idea for Valentine’s Day, a dessert table with all the chocolate, candies, and cakes will give your partner a sugar rush for your love.

You can pamper them with sweets in their mouths as well as in their hearts by filling all the little bowls with love pies at a reasonable price of $13.

Our rating: 4.3/5

19. Bring In Message Balloons

Heart shaped balloons with small text or messages on it
Image Source:

Are you a shy person who struggles to express your feelings to your partner?

Hang these beautiful balloons from your ceilings with messages telling your lover how much they mean to you.

Prices for these balloons range from $3 to $5, depending on their size, color, and message.

Our ratings: 4.1/5

20. Arrange Candle Lights

Candle lighted and placed on the dining table
Image Source:

Having a candlelight dinner sounds like a perfect plan for Valentine’s Day, but it seems so outdated.

Decorate your room with gray taper candlesticks that give your dinner a sophisticated yet classy vibe, with an antique candle holder. 

You must be considering the cost that it entails. 

Well, it only cost $17, which seems reasonable given the appearance of your home decor.

Our ratings: 4.7/5

21. Place Love Cushions

A rectangular shape cushion with a text love placed on a sofa
Image Source:

Instead of your regular cushions, give your Valentine’s Day decor a more romantic setting by placing love pillows all over the sofa.

You already know how adorable this living room decor is with all of these love cushions added to it for a beginning price of an incredible $6. 

Our ratings: 4.5/5

22. Get A Home Spa

Two different bath caddy with flowers, a book, candles, added to it
Image Source:

Save water by bathing together!

Pamper your spouse with a home spa treatment to relieve stress and make them feel lighter.

Design your dream bathroom with a bath caddy filled with rose petals, bath bombs, scented candles, and any other romantic items you wish to keep that can be used in the bathtub for Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

To make this day special for your favorite, arrange a bath caddy for just $37.

Our ratings: 4.8/5

23. Create Embroidery Bags

Collage of two embroidery bags with heart shape design on it
Image Source:

Considering that it’s Valentine’s Day, a bottle of wine sounds like a perfect evening plan while you two indulge in one another.

Why not crochet a bag with tiny heart designs for Valentine’s Day and use it to adorn the table where the bottle is set.

An embroidery bag, costing 10 bucks, that holds the bottles and gives them a unique appearance while also serving as Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Our ratings: 4.2/5

24. Bake The Cake

Cake with floral icing on top set on a black plate placed on the table
Image Source:

For Valentine’s Day, bake them a delicious, rich cake, and decorate it in the center of the table to draw attention to the fact that you prepared it yourself.

It would be a wonderful idea to decorate the cake and add some adorable icing flowers that can only cost you $13 to give it a gorgeous finishing touch. 

They’ll adore it; that’s quite obvious!

Our ratings: 4.7/5

25. Add A Painting To Your Decor 

Want to give out an artistic vibe to your decor idea?

If so, picking a home decor painting that you created for your darling to your Valentine’s Day decor ideas couldn’t be more suitable.

And if you are not into art, no worries! 

Make room for a unique painting that will go flawlessly with your other gorgeous decor.

Look no further than the PortraitFlip oil painting gallery, which will blow your mind with the different frameworks included.

Now you definitely know what to add to your Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

26. Make A Polaroid Box

Collage of two different polaroid box in which one holds few pictures and another is covered
Image Source:

For Valentine’s Day, bring in some cute wooden polaroid boxes filled with souvenirs that recall important moments in your relationship.

Adding these boxes to your decor list makes your room more adorable and enticing.

You can have these incredible wood card boxes for your lover for just $7 from Etsy and express your love and care for them.

Our ratings: 4.4/5

27. Wrap Your Gifts With Love

Gifts wrapped with designed papers with a bow and another with heart shaped strings
Image Source:

Valentine’s Day gifts are a must, but simply placing them on the table doesn’t seem like a smart decorative idea.

Wrap them in Valentine’s Day wrapping paper with designs that say “Be Mine” and “Love”, and stick them to your hallway; these will add a gorgeous touch—perfect as a Valentine’s Day decor. 

These lovely wrapping papers are more attractive and tempting because they cost only 12 bucks.

Our ratings: 4.2/5

28. Be Mine Signs

Large boards with messages "Be Mine" and "Love" place against the wall
Image Source:

The finest approach to express your feelings to the person you love and want to stay in your life forever is through signs.

Include these signs board in your theme for Valentine’s Day home decor to let people know how you truly feel about them. 

Our ratings: 4.4/5

29. Dress With Your Better Half

A couple hiding behind the heart shape paper wearing t-shirts which shows better together text
Image Source:

You must have missed that you needed a decoration for yourself when you were busy decking the house for your Valentine.

You can dress up with a forever tag or a t-shirt that reads “She is yours and you are hers” into your Valentine’s Day decor which comes easily under 20 bucks.

Darling, keep up with the theme!

Our ratings: 4.5/5

30. Create Canvas HeArt-Work

Canvas hanged on the wall with heart shape designed made which is above a table
Image Source:

For Valentine’s Day decor ideas, hang a collage of heart-shaped paintings or stickers on a canvas hung on the wall of your room to display romance and charm.

Create your own original piece of art on canvas for $13 and impress your sweetheart with your move. 

Our ratings: 4.7/5

Summing it up! 

Home is where people find peace. 

By decorating it, you create a welcoming, cozy, and pleasant environment where your person knows they can return when they are feeling restless.

Always be proud of the work you or your representative do to make this day special. 

Giving unique gifts and throwing parties are great, but beautifying your room, especially for Valentine’s Day with flowers, whimsical lights, artwork, and ornaments is something beyond one’s expectations. 

After all, your effort, your excitement to catch her reaction is what matters in the end…

Hey Folks!

Thanks for taking out time and reading my blog “25+ Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas: Bring Home A Feeling Of Love”

Now it’s your chance to use the lists given above to decorate your room for February 14. 

I hope you found these Valentine’s Day decoration ideas simple and effective.

If you have your own unique Valentine’s Day home decor idea, we’d love to hear about it and include it in our writings.

Also, check out our website, PortraitFlip, where we make handmade paintings in seven different mediums and deliver them across the world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Valentine’s day decoration can be aced by hanging red, pink, and white decor to your home. You can add roses, ribbons, wreaths, colorful lights, balloons, a custom handmade painting, and whatnot!

Valentine’s day started as a religious day to celebrate the martyr of Saint Valentine. Later it became a tradition and had a cultural influence. All in all, today, it is a day of celebration of romance in many regions of the world.

Some of the best Valentine’s day room decor ideas are to add balloons, roses, to paint the walls, get a new bed, decorate with flowers, and hang a couple portrait.

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