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Not everyone deserves a similar piece of art.
Customize your artwork to your taste and let us turn your imaginative idea into a painting.
What unique and one-of-a-kind customized paintings do we offer?

An Accomplishment To Share With Your Loved One

Let your absent loved ones share this beautiful achievement with you through a portrait.

family compilation painting

“My siblings and I graduated together, although in different grades. We always looked up to our grandfather as an inspiration as he always pushed us to educate ourselves. This portrait accurately represents how proud he would have been of us.”

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A Multi-Generational Portrait

Get a portrait of children and grandchildren they never had a chance of meeting.

Family Compilation Portrait

“Losing the last few photos of my husband’s dead parents and my children together due to a malfunctioning device was heartbreaking. Now I have a keepsake that can never be erased which includes nonna, poppa, my children, and us.”

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A Portrait As Royal As You Are

Make someone feel as royal as they imagine themself

“My girlfriend has a very unique regal look to herself that is why I always called her queen. I came across the ad for the royal portraits in time for her birthday. I wanted to recreate her as I treated her and I was not disappointed with the final product and neither was she. I am so glad I got it done.”



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Royal Portrait




Celebration is Never Complete Without Family

Christmas should have the spirit of family alive and the ones you lost together

“For Christmas, I wanted to gift my husband a family painting that he could hang in his office space. We had a copy of a family photo from an event we attended that needed a bit of background change. He was shocked by the painting and how seamless it looked. It proudly hangs in his office today.”



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Fragments Of A Wholesome Love Put Together

A portrait that tells your story.

Compilation Family Portrait

“Christmas is the time when all the family members get together. When my grandfather passed away, Christmas didn’t feel the same. I got my family photo made into a beautiful and stunning oil painting that also included my grandfather for Christmas and my father found it amazing!”

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A Message Worth A Thousand Emotions

Let your message speak for you

women oil painting

“Our mother passed away last year and this photo would always make us think of a phrase she often used ‘think of me, think of me fondly’. This painting speaks a lot about her and especially because of the message.”

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A Day To Remember and Be Remembered

A portrait with your loved ones who couldn’t be there on your most special day

“My husband’s father wasn’t there on our wedding day. He was pretty heartbroken due to that. I was so glad I came across PortraitFlip’s ad. This is the best wedding gift for someone whose parents or loved ones couldn’t be there.”



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human oil portrait



Changing Background Is Never An Issue

Erase unwanted objects or transport yourself to Hawaii

“My sister was the most beautiful soul in the entire world, before she passed she mentioned to me that she always wanted to travel to Hawaii. I made it possible but oh so late. I hope she loves it.”



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