41 Pet Christmas Gifts That’ll Keep Them Happy & Entertained

41 Christmas gifts for pets

The most blissful time of the year is around the corner! 😊

Which would keep you busy with festivities—making a Santa dust, decorating Christmas trees, and of course, hunting for a Christmas present for your loved ones.

From bouncing between gift hunting to adorning the abode, you’d be shadowed by your furry friend.

Somehow they’d understand what exactly was happening from all this hustle and bustle.

Since gift-giving is a ritual—why not give something pleasant to your furry friend and make them feel that they are also a part of this family?

I mean the most thoughtful Christmas pet present that’ll make them feel they’re as important as other members.

Although your four-legged companion never asks for it they do deserve the best Christmas pet gifts. 

For a caring and lovely pet parent like you, I’ve scoured the internet and curated some amazing Christmas gifts for pets. 

If you have a dog, a cat, or a hamster as your pet, these pet Christmas gifts will certainly make them the happiest pet in the world. 

Let’s CHECK!

Family painting from different photos

A. Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

9 Best Christmas Gifts For Pets

These are our top picks when it comes to giving gifts to dogs on Christmas.

Whether your dog has been nice or naughty throughout the year, these Christmas gifts for pets will certainly delight them, and keep them engaged and entertained in your absence. 

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1. Reindeer Hide & Seek Plush Toy

3 Reindeer Hide & Seek Plush Toy in a white background
Image Source: Amazon

It’s one of the interactive and multifunctional Christmas gifts for dogs!

You can have treats, toys, and squeaky reindeer hidden in this plush toy, and ask your dog to find them.

It’s fun though as they would see pieces pop out of it when they’d dig or nudge it.

This Christmas present for dogs is for a small and medium-sized pooch that can satiate their urge of sniffing and digging in the ground.

2. Dog Treat Gift Basket

a basket filled with toys, treats, cookies, and a chew bone.
Image Source: Amazon

Dogs love surprises as much as we do.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than presenting your dog with a dog treat gift basket. 

The adorable basket is filled with their favorite rawhide sticks, bones, dog biscuits, and peanut butter cookies that’d be appreciated by your furry friend.

(PS: Keep an eye on them as they might devour those artificial toys from them.)  

3. A Dog Charcoal Drawing

a charcoal painting of a dog sleeping on a mattress.

As a pet parent, it’s very important to spend quality time with your pet.

Spending time is something that lets you make memories.

Talking about memories, you must have had lovely moments with him, and the best way to keep this bond growing is by transforming beautiful moments into a portrait.

A people pet watercolor portrait sounds like something which will look amazing on the walls.

He wouldn’t understand it; however, when you’d unwrap it in front of your loved ones, everybody would find it unique and realize how much you adore your pet!

Send us any of your pet’s pictures/images, and we’ll flip them into a beautiful charcoal drawing exactly as shown above. 

This Christmas present for a dog will tell everyone a story that you have experienced with them.

Also, a handmade portrait makes great wall decor

4. Bacon Bubble Machine

a bacon bubble machine
Image Source: desertcart

This Christmas, give your pooch a bacon bubble machine as a present that’ll keep them engaged and active throughout the day. 

It’s better than any other bubble machines as, sometimes, they can be lethal for dogs.

Also, the bubbles from this machine are tastier and healthier—your pet will get immense pleasure from chasing, throwing, and chomping the bubbles. 

5. Interactive Ball Launcher

A dog chomping and carrying a tennis ball from a ball launcher
Image Source: shopee

This can be a great Christmas gift for a pet as it’ll do your work in your absence.

An interactive ball launcher will turn a lazy pooch into an active and loyal pet. 

However, you have to make an effort at the initial stage.

You’ll have to train your pet how to drop the ball in the hole, and wait until the ball gets shot from it.

This will work great in your absence or when you feel lazy about taking your dog out for a walk.

This unique gift for a pet may cost you some extra bucks, but it’ll be worth your money, which comes in different sizes and colors

6. Dog Smart Puzzle Toy

a dog puzzle toy, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

This Christmas, surprise your pet with a smart dog puzzle toy that’ll help you polish his intellect.

This paw-shaped, five hiding cups puzzle toy will grow his mental strength as it slows down the meal time.

Also, it’ll help him find their dog treats, and prevent boredom or negative behavior. 

If your pet is young, this pet Christmas present will strengthen his sniffing and retrieving power. It’ll also let him paw, nuzzle, and make him aware of his surroundings. 

7. Talking Babble Ball 

a puppy playing with a red ball, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: buzzfeed

Another budget-friendly Christmas gift for your pet: a talking babble ball

This gift will fascinate your pet as it makes amusing sounds when touched, heard, or received any kind of murmur.

The sound it produces is wisecracks that’ll keep your puppy entertained.

8. A Treat Dispensing Ball

a puppy nuzzling a treat dispensing ball
Image Source: istockphoto

It’s a win-win situation if you give your pet a treat-dispensing ball.

Dogs love a treat-dispensing ball as it’s fun and full of food.

On the other hand, you’ll love it because it’ll keep your dog busy and entertained.

This Christmas present is made for mischievous dogs who mess around in their free time.

Make sure you give him the buster cube that fills kibble in large quantities.

It’s fun and easy to clean as your dog would want to nudge and nuzzle to get treats out of it.  

9. Indoor And Outdoor Dog Bed

a dog lying on a bed with eyes open
Image Source: forbes

The best part of giving a dog bed to your pooch is it lets them sleep wherever they want—from the bedroom to the spacious yard. 

It’s the best Christmas gift for a dog that offers protection while sitting on a chair, sofa set, and other pieces of furniture.

Basically, it’ll protect any piece of furniture from dirt and damage caused by your pet. 

Plus, it offers comfort to aging joints and orthopedic dogs by making them sleep comfortably on a soft and comfy mattress. 

B. Christmas Gifts For Cats

9 Christmas Gifts For Cats

This section will help you find the best Christmas gifts for cats with different characteristics and preferences.

Whether your furry friend loves to climb on walls or cuddle up in the darkest corner of a closet, this Christmas present for a cat will satiate their desire, and keep them entertained. 

1. Cat Scratching Post

cat scratching a post, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Your furry friend will love this incredibly useful cat scratching post.

It’ll let them stretch themselves to claw away to satiate their desire.

If you want to prevent damage caused by your feline, you must buy this Christmas pet present that’ll let him knead and claw when he stands and lays down. 

There are plenty of options—you can order a poly-rattan wrapped wire frame scratcher or a wall sisal cat scratching post, which are available at a decent price. 

2. A Kitten Tent

a kitten looking up lying under the tent
Image Source: diyprojects

Cats are sleepyheads!

Why not gift them a tent and make them feel like they’re on a vacation?

Order a tent that is multifunctional, durable, and affordable; this kitten tent can be easily carried outdoors and offer the nicest comfortable place for your cat to sleep on. 

3. Cat Condo

a cat is playing in a cat condo
Image Source: klarna.com

Cats are skilled climbers. That’s why we see most of them on walls, trees, and a roof.

The multi-cat tree and condo are designed for two kittens. 

When your friend showed up along with his cat, there would be great fun to see yours and his cat inside this cat condo.

The legs of the condo can also be used as scratching posts—this way you could protect your walls and curtains from getting damaged by them.

4. Cat Portrait From Photo

a beautiful cat portrait made by PortraitFlip

What should you get for your cat on Christmas?

A cat portrait made from his photos!

This little feline may not know what exactly it is, but deep down you know what it means to you to have your pet photos flipped into a portrait.

You should give this Christmas pet gift idea a shot and commission us as we’ve been delivering portraits for 4 years now.

If you didn’t like it, we would return 100% of your money.

You know there has not been a single customer who had asked for money back.

This is a golden opportunity for you to have a pet portrait ordered this Christmas.

You know this is a fantastic way to recall beautiful days and think of the time that let you make unforgettable memories.

As said, they won’t care for it but at the end of the day, you will cherish their beautiful moments—this will let all of your family and friends know about your love for your pet.

5. Paw Breaker Bonkas

a paw looking at a paw breaker bonka, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

This will be a unique gift for a pet.

And it will release a flavor every time your kitty chews or paws it.

Paw Breaker Bonkas is one of the Christmas gifts for pets that entice your feline’s instincts and keep them engaged for days and even weeks.

For mature cats, surprise them with a catnip goldmine that is big, and easily chewable. 

6. Petsafe Interactive Toys

a petsafe interactive toy, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: homesalive

Petsafe interactive toys can be great Christmas pet gifts as they will keep him active in your absence.

He will paw, nuzzle, and sniff to seek what’s inside the box.

This Christmas present for cats will promote activities that involved hunting that’ll keep them active in their spare time.

7. Breed Intellicat Feeder

a cat pawing the breed intellicat feeder., Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: fearfreehappyhomes

This Christmas present for pets will bring dinner time and fun together!

Holiday family portrait

A breed Intellikat feeder provides a stimulating experience for your cat and prevents unwanted behavior associated with boredom.

Plus, it slows down the eating process and makes your feline chew food properly. 

8. Cat Food & Water Bowl

a cat food & food bowl on the great surface, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: lowes.com


Your pet, like others, can be sophisticated—they don’t like to have their meals in a dirty bowl.

For a cat with tantrums, this food and water bowl can be the perfect present for them.

There can be ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic bowls.

Buy any of these bowls and stop them from scooping down for treats in front of everybody.

9. Automatic Cat Feeder

treats dispensing from automatic cat feeder, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Does your cat grub too often?

Gift your cat a Whisker Feder-Robot that’ll control this habit. 

An automatic cat feeder is a must-given Christmas gift for cats that’ll feed their furry friend when you’re away. 

Also, it gives out the food in the right proportion to prevent overeating. 

Bonus Gift Idea:

We always tend to feel uplifted when we cherish melancholic memories of our lives. How about turning one into a timeless portrait?

C. Christmas Gifts For Hamsters

9 Christmas Gifts For Pets (Hamsters)

After dogs and cats, for many people, hamsters make excellent pets.

They don’t need special attention and health care. However, they do deserve pleasant surprises this Christmas.

Order any of these Christmas gifts for pets and bring joy to your furry friend’s life. 

1. Wooden Playground

wooden playground for a hamster, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

This jolly little creature will love to roam around or hide in this enclosed space.

compilation portrait for Christmas

There is a cage, ladders, and tunnels to let your hamster perform activities such as exercising, sleeping, and climbing.

This wooden playground has playful elements engraved in it to stimulate your pet in order to prevent boredom.

It’s one of the best Christmas gifts for pets that’ll satiate their playing and explore instincts. 

2. Hamster Chew Toys and Exercise Set

hamster chew toys and exercise set for a hamster, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Hamsters like chewing things.

It’s what they love to do in their free time unless we, who love to spend hours watching Netflix.

This Christmas, gift your rodent a chew toy and exercise set and let him play with it.

Hamsters are meant to be hyperactive, and this Christmas gift for a pet will bring back him to the routine and make them feel happy again. 

3. Christmas Hat For Hamsters

Christmas hat for hamsters, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: pinterest

This adjustable Christmas hat will look adorable on your little buddy. 

This hat will be perfect for their daily wear, and occasions—Halloween, Cosplay, and of course, Christmas.

You’ll definitely fall in love with them when you see them with this little Christmas hat.

4. Hamster Carrier Bag

hamster carrier bag, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

This Christmas gift for a hamster should be on your list. 

Petting a hamster is like nurturing a kid; you’ll have to constantly make them feel happy and active!

With this hamster carrier bag, you can comfortably take him out on a picnic and summer vacation.

This way he can feel the breeze and conveniently travel from one place to another.

5. Hamster Bed House With Sticks

Hamster Bed House With Sticks, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Amaze your rodent with this bed house this Christmas!

Make sure you get him a bed house made of natural environment material. 

It’ll create a wonderful space for your little friend to sleep, climb, and wander in. 

The tunnel-like space and tiny ladders make an adorable environment for your pet to play in.

6. Hamster Climbing Bridge

a hamster on a climbing bridge, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

This is the best way to decorate your tiny friend’s house and make a playful space for him.

This sleek wooden climbing bridge will create an environment to play on. 

Make sure you get a flexible and bendable hamster climbing bridge that’ll let him walk and perform various activities.

Also, this is available in various sizes and colors that’ll blend in with your furniture. 

7. Small Animal Exercise Wheel

small animal exercise wheel, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

This is a Christmas gift for a pet that truly belongs to those who love to sweat as much as to eat. 

This exercise wheel will control your hamster’s range of activities in case of an accident.

Bless your tiny friend with this Christmas pet present and satiate his urge to run that’ll burn some calories.

8. Small Pet Bed

a hamster sleeping in a hamster bed, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Make your pet the happiest in the world by gifting him this Christmas pet present.

The small bed can be best for him to jump in and hover around, keeping him active on Christmas eve.

Make sure to gift them a soft, comfy bed that’ll instantly put them to sleep.

9. Pet Hamster Swing

a pet hamster swing, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Add another toy to your cart as it’s always less to entertain your little friend.

A pet hamster string will give your pet a chance to exercise, swing, and play in it. 

This is an interactive Christmas gift for a pet that’ll take away their boredom, and add fun to their lives. 

D. Christmas Gifts For Rabbits

Christmas Gifts For Rabbits

Here you’ll find the most trending Christmas gifts for rabbits. 

Even though every rabbit has its own preferences, you can still grab these pet presents for your little friend that’ll stimulate their mind and keep them entertained!

Whether they have been with you for months or years, these Christmas gifts for pets will excite them and create an environment they’ll love to be in. 

1. Woven Grass Pet Bed

a rabbit in a woven grass pet bed, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Your bunny’s delicate paws will get a nice spot to sit on than those hard surfaces at your place.

They can sit, lay, stretch, or even chew it, that isn’t hazardous in any way.

This pet Christmas present is lighter, portable, and affordable to make a room for your bunny to sit on.

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2. Carrot Chew Toy

a carrot chew toy, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Etsy

This Christmas pet present is worth your money.

It’s one of the toys that let your pet chomp safely, and keep them away from other bad activities.

They can pick it up and roll on the floor and show their enjoyment with these gestures. 

3. Rabbit Adjustable Soft Harness

a rabbit with an adjustable soft harness, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

Is your bunny a notorious one? 

They follow your commands till you depart for work or outdoor work.

Once you give someone else a charge, they start to lose control and require supervision from the appropriate individual.

This pet Christmas present will be worth your money since it will allow your friends and family to keep him under control and make the scenario a little less stressful.

4. Rabbit Igloo Hideout

rabbit igloo hideout, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon

To provide a secure atmosphere for your furry pet, add this Christmas rabbit gift to your shopping basket.

It’s one of the most popular pet gifts that is stain and odor resistant.

Although it may appear little, your bunny will be able to create a space inside it for sleep.

5. Animal Nail Trimmer

a man trimming rabbit's nail, Pet Christmas Gift

Use this instrument, which pet owners frequently buy, to keep your bunny’s nails cut.

You must take care of a pet rabbit in a variety of ways.

In their natural environment, rabbits maintain their nails short by scratching and digging. However, keeping it healthy inside gets a little challenging.

Additionally, going to a vet merely to have them cut the bunny’s nail sounds like quite an expense.

You can securely cut his nails and keep him happy and healthy with this pet Christmas present.

6. Rabbit Hammock

two rabbits swinging in a hammock, Pet Christmas Gift

Some rabbits aren’t afraid of hammocks. They enjoy jumping, rolling, and lying in the hammock.

If your rabbit prefers to sleep in a hammock rather than a bed, you should consider this pet Christmas present idea.

Before you buy it, think about where you’ll attach it, as well as the size and length.

7. A Rabbit Portrait

a rabbit portrait made by PortraitFlip

The final item on our list is a lovely rabbit portrait created from their photograph.

If you have everything your pet rabbit need, you should order a rabbit portrait for Christmas.

Why? Decorate your wall with anything that portrays your small fuzzy pet.

This may not make a difference in the life of your rabbit. However, it will undoubtedly suffice in yours.

This will show your devotion to him and serve as a good discussion starter when your friends and family visit.

E. Christmas Gifts For Horses

Christmas Gifts For Horses

You’ll find the gift ideas that can be given to your horse this Christmas!

Your horse will stomp with joy once they hear them on Christmas eve.

Let’s buy it! 

1. KONG Equine Hanging Set

three horses nuzzling and playing with a KONG Equine Hanging Set, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: thewholisticpet

This is an excellent Christmas present for pets (horses) who like to play while eating.

The Kong equine hanging set is an innovative horse toy with outstanding characteristics that relieve boredom.

On the button, you’ll discover a hole for stuffing hay and your horse’s favorite meat.

To kill their ennui, you may either set it on the ground or suspend it from the stable’s roof.

2. Weaver Grooming Kit

Weaver Grooming Kit, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: freepik

This Christmas, take your friendship to the next level by gifting this weaver grooming kit!

Your pet requires grooming, and I’m sure no other kit can keep them nice, clean, and manicured!

Get this pet gift, which contains a tote bag including a comb, hoof pick, and a selection of brushes.

3. Jolly Mega Ball

a horse nuzzle a pink ball, Pet Christmas Gift

A ball isn’t just for dogs and cats to play with.

In your absence, it may be a horse who likes to nuzzle a ball.

Give your horse this Christmas pet gift that will keep them amused all day.

Make sure you choose a ball that is the appropriate size for your horse.

4. Classic Equine MagNTX Sheet

a horse is covered partially by Classic Equine MagNTX Sheet, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: jefferspet

Give your horse a traditional equine MagNTX sheet for Christmas so he can unwind.

Their back will feel comfortable and their blood flow will be encouraged by its svelte form.

5. Treats For Horses

a man giving treats to his pet horse, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: heb.com

Why do Christmas presents for horses always have to be toys or tools?

Why not give chewy and delectable snacks for Christmas?

There are several horse treats available. You go ahead with Mrs. Pastures’ flavorful and scrumptious horse cookies, though!

These unbaked, preservative-free cookies from Mrs. Pastures are perfect for your beloved horse.

6. Lami-Cell Airflow Shaped Saddle Pad

Lami-Cell Airflow Shaped Saddle Pad, Pet Christmas Gift
Image Source: Amazon
Lami-Cell Airflow Shaped Saddle Pad
Image Source: Amazon

With the help of this Lami-Cell Airflow Shaped Saddle Pad, make their journey more comfortable.

This sturdy pet gift from Santa can support heavy weights and endure strong shocks.

Additionally, it reduces pressure spots and offers excellent support to withers.

7. A Horse Portrait

a horse portrait made from a photo

Even if you don’t ride horses anymore, you had the finest time of your life with him.

And you take pride in the moniker “horse person.”

Some of your photos bring back memories of those significant days when you relied on your horse to help you win some of the biggest contests of your life.

However, if not maintained correctly, pictures are something that would degrade.

It gets more difficult to reconstruct a former image from a ruined photograph.

The good news is that you may commission one of our painters to use those images to create a horse portrait.

Our team of talented painters at PortraitFlip creates entirely original portraits by taking inspiration from the photos that you sent.

Your horse won’t understand it but only you know what it means to have a friend from stable photos turned into a beautiful handmade portrait.

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That’s all folks!

Thank you if you’ve read this blog till the end.

I’ve tried to share the most meaningful and unique Christmas gifts for pets.

I hope you found them worth buying!

If you have any questions or suggestions, do contact us.

You can also connect with us via social media—Instagram, Facebook & YouTube

Wish you a warm and Merry Christmas 😀 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Christmas gifts for pets (dogs)?

Dog treat gift basket, a bacon bubble machine, a dog smart puzzle toy, and a interactive ball launcher are some of the best Christmas gifts for pets (dogs).

What are the best Christmas gifts for pets (cats)?

Cat scratching post, a kitten tent, and a petsafe interactive toy are some of the best Christmas gifts for pets (cats).

What are the best Christmas gifts for pets (hamsters)?

A wooden playground, a Christmas hat for hamsters, and a hamster carrier bag are a few affordable Christmas gifts for pets (hamsters).

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