25+ Christmas Gift For Pets – Dogs, Cats, And Hamsters

You completely forgot a Christmas gift for pets, didn’t you?

It is the most beautiful time of the year again and jingles are on the way.

While you are preparing a list of hosts to invite to your Christmas Party this year, don’t forget to make a list of Christmas Gifts for everyone

…which also includes your pet, by the way.

Were you planning to miss out on him? Shame Shame, Puppy Shame! What you need is a detailed guide to the perfect Christmas gift for pets.

Christmas is a time when people show their affection by exchanging gifts.

We cannot expect your pet to get you a present except of course a dead rat or something.

Pamper your furry friend this Christmas from our well-curated list of Christmas gift for pets.

After all, our best companion never has fewer feet than four.

Christmas Gift For Dogs

We have made a list of fancy Christmas gifts for dogs of medium, small and big size.

Some are mentally and physically challenging while others are just to satiate your dog’s big diet.

There is a saying that “outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.”

So, while the clock counts day to Christmas, find a super cool Christmas gift for pets in your life from our list of dog gifts.

Reindeer Hide And Seek Plush Toy

Dog playing with christmas gift for pets

A hide and seek plush toys are an adorable, and mentally stimulating toys for your dog.

You hide the plush, squeaky reindeer in the toy thereafter asking your dog to find it for you.

Dogs have this urge of digging and their nose works like an antenna when it comes to finding their prey.

Get this toy to satiate his urge to dig. To his surprise, you can also use some treats.

However, there is one major drawback.

Plush toy is mostly for small and medium-sized dogs leaving the big guys out.

But big dog parent, don’t be disheartened. We have a lot of other Christmas gifts for dogs of your size.

Dog Treat Gift Basket

Dog treat basket

There isn’t anything in this world better than food – the same logic works with dogs.

Dog treats are every dogma and paws last and final resort.

It can be used for training, motivation, and snack purposes but all they want is a treat.

If you are reading this aloud, I am sure your dog is already drooling.

Get a gift basket full of dog treats this Christmas. He will not only love you a little more but get a few more dead rats to show his affection.

Dog treat gift basket should majorly include rawhide sticks and bones, jumbo Bully sticks, gain-free dog biscuits, and peanut butter cookies specially made for dogs.

Make sure that the treat is 100% digestible and free from adulterants. If you can, buy a homemade treat box as a Christmas gift for dogs.

Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed

Thermo snuggly sleeper with a lhasa dog

Give your doggo a comfy and cozy pet bed this Christmas.

Thermo-Snuggly pet bed gives your pet a warm place to snuggle up and it is known to work as a therapy for dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

It works wonders for a young puppy who has just departed from his mother

It will induce the same emotions as sleeping close to his mother.

Dogs are our connoisseurs of comfort and they deserve to get the same comfort in return.

Watercolor Pet Portrait From PortraitFlip

Watercolor pet handmade painting of a man and a dog

An ideal Christmas gift for dogs would be a handmade custom pet portrait from a photo.

Though they would not really understand what the portrait is all about, it is a great way of giving them homage.

You know your pet is not going to be around you forever.

While you still have time, crystallize your favorite memory together in a handmade custom pet portrait from Portraitflip, and you will never regret it.

Years down the line even if your pet is not around you can cherish the golden times together.

Why do we think Portraitflip is the best platform?

Handmade Portraits are a way of evoking emotions that you didn’t even know existed.

Bacon Bubble Machine

Dogs love to chase and chomp bubbles and there is a whole lot of fun to watch them do that but let’s accept it, soap bubbles can be extremely lethal for the pooch.

This Christmas you can gift your dog a bacon bubble machine. Bacon flavored bubbles? –  well, yes!

A lot tastier and healthier than the one your pupper keeps chasing.

This would be the coolest dog Christmas give any pooch would have ever received.

The best part is that your dog can have an access to it without your help…

…aaand it is 100% non-toxic – one of the best Christmas gift for pets especially these active pooches.

Interactive Ball Thrower

ifetch automatic ball thrower with a dog on a white background

If you are working and your dog mostly stays home alone, this is the best way for him to entertain himself.

If your dog cannot have enough of playing fetch especially when you are getting late for work, an Interactive Ball Thrower would be a perfect Christmas gift for the dog and you.

Your pup needs to drop the tennis ball into the top hole and within seconds, the machine will pop the ball out.

Neither the dog stops nor the machine.

Although, this may require initial training on your part after a while your dog will know how to entertain himself when you are not around.

It also comes in different sizes to satiate the needs of every dog breed and size.

As a Christmas gift for pets, it may go on an upper budget but it will be totally worth it.

Outward Hound Puzzle Training Toy

A Labrador dog playing with Outward hound puzzle on a white background

 Dogs need a lot of mental stimulation to polish their intellect.

This outward hound puzzle training toy satiates both mental and appetite needs.

The puzzle is shaped like a paw and holds six hiding cups.

Fill one cup with a yummy dog treat and let your dog find it.
By pawing and nuzzling your young pup will learn how to sniff and retrieve.

Plus, who does not like some good treat after a long day’s labor?

Talking Babble Ball

A dog with multicolored balls on a white background

Talking babble ball is an interactive way to keep your puppy physically stimulated at the same time be exposed to different sounds.

This babble ball talks when touched and is sensitive even to dog breathing.

It produces 20 different wisecracks and sounds that keep both the puppy and you entertained.

Let go of the traditional ways of playing fetch with a boring tennis ball and get an interactive talking babble ball as a Christmas gift for dogs.

Custom Royal Dog Portrait from Portraitflip

Custom royal dog portrait as a Christmas gift for pets

Pay a gallantry honor to your dog this Christmas by transforming his photo into a royal pet portrait from Portraitflip.

Dogs spend their entire lifespan playing the fool just to see us smile.

If you want to remember your pet as a humorous and amusing personality, this would be a great dog Christmas gift.

Portraitflip transforms your dogs’ photo into a royal portrait making him look like the king of the world.

which he definitely is of your world…

It comes on an Oil medium and all you have to do is click here and turn your dog blue-blood.

If, however, you are not satisfied, let us tell you why our customers love us:

Why our clients love us on a white background

Decent pet gifts or not? The choice is yours!

Puppy Ice Cream Mix

Maybe Christmas isn’t the best time for ice-creams but your dog wouldn’t mind having a sweet treat.

This puppy ice-cream mix just needs a little bit of water and a lot of freezing.

Scoop it up for your pup to make it look like an actual ice-cream.


It is absolutely healthy and dog-friendly.

Dogs enjoy licking ice-creams.

With this dog Christmas gift, make his fantasy come true.

Christmas Gift For Cats

Christmas gift for pets cats

You are safe if you are a cat owner because they love anything and everything about gifts, even the box – especially the box.

Until she is done smelling, scratching, tearing, and finally pooping in that box, she will not move towards the gift.

Thereafter, the gift becomes her favorite thing to spend time with.

Christmas is on the way and you would want to impress your fancy feline with a gift she will love.

I am sure you do not want to bore her with the regular treats and yarn balls.

We have designed a list of Christmas gift for cats.

100% cat-approved!

A Kitty Tent

Kitty Tent with two cats

Cats are a lot similar to humans and like us, they need getaways too.

This Christmas gift your cat a Kitty Tent to satiate her need to have a vacation.

It is a make-believe tent that makes your kitty feel like she is having the time of her life and gives her a little space of her own too.

If you are familiar with this meme:


The Cat in his Yurt with his iPad – you will not be able to resist this teepee.

Cat Condo

Cats have high climbing instincts.

If you have a cat, you would that they are escape artists will always be found sitting either on a roof or a tree.

Cat condo as a Christmas gift for pets

This cat condo comes in multiple layers, perches, and even a hammock for cat lounging.

No wonder cats consider themselves to be the Lord Almighty!

The legs of this condo can be used as a scratching post saving your walls and curtains.

Cat-Chute Cat Toy

Cat chute for cats

Cats love climbing and snuggling into bags, drawers, cabinets, and other enclosed spaces especially when they want to some cuddles.

Get your catto a cat-chute cat toy that has a pop-up play tunnel which three entries and exits.

It is a perfect Christmas gift for cats that love to explore, play hide, and seek or spend their entire evenings sleeping in a closed space.

You can open and close it when needed.

Let your mischievous cat who has a habit of getting into things vent all her thirst for it.

Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic cat feeder with a cat and a dog on a white background

Does your cat have a habit of grubbing a bit too much?

Get her this automatic feeder for a foodie feline who needs a little help with portion control.

The feeder connects with your cat’s existing microchip and gives them access to wet or dry food as soon as it senses your cat approaching.

You don’t really have to worry about your cat over-eating.

It gives out food in a precise measurement assuring your purrfect pet does not get obese in your absence.

Custom Cat Portrait From Photo

Handmade cat portrait

A great idea would be to get a handmade custom pet portrait from Portraitflip for your little feline.

Cats have a history of considering themselves as the ultimate throne-holder of the house and they deserve to be honored that way.

Get a portrait as a Christmas gift for a cat to make your cat feel prestigious.

She is not going to be around for a long time anyway, but getting a portrait will assure her presence and hold in the house even after she is gone.

A cat wouldn’t understand and definitely would not care about a portrait for heaven’s sake but it will be a nice way to crystallize her the way you remember her.

Just follow these clean steps:


Turbo Scratcher

Cats have this sudden urge to scratch whatever they get by the side of their paws.

To spare yourself from the horror of finding your couch scratched all over again, get a turbo scratcher for your feline.

Turbo cat scratcher

This not just a scratcher but also an excellent cat toy that will have your kitty chasing a ball in circles.

If a cat has ever loved anything then that is scratching and chasing, and sometimes purring of course!

This turbo scratcher works as an ideal gift for cats that can scratch and chase their entire life.

Fancy Cat Food And Water Bowl

Cat bowl white

Cats have a lavish demand for everything.

Get your fancy cat a fancier cat food and water bowl so she never has to scoop down in front of anybody even for food.

These fancy bowls are generally made of ceramic which is more hygienic and easier to clean.

A Throne

Cat throne blue

Cat, like a queen, loves to sit on an alleviated position especially if it is near the window because then her pigeon pray would be one paw-swipe away.

Gift them a window seat which will work as a throne and will let her gaze upon her kingdom in peace through the window.

While you will be busy drinking wine with your loved ones, this Christmas gift for the cat will let your kitty enjoy her view all cozied up!

Custom Royal Cat Portrait From Portraitflip

Royal Cat Painting

While dogs are busy looking up to us as Gods, the cat thinks herself to be the God.

No wonder she has all that attitude when she walks around the house with the air.

Her Highness deserves to be remembered by all her and your generation as the Great Virgin Queen.

Portraits work like sorcery and getting her portrait hung in the living room will always remind you that “once there was a queen, with eyes like James Dean” (pathetic poetry, I am giving up!).

Coming back to what I am good at, let me put forth an offer.

Portraitflip with a 4.7 Trustpilot Rating makes 100% Handmade Portraits by professional artists and gives Free Shipping Worldwide.

If you still have qualms about it, you need to know that we provide Unlimited Revisions and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Additionally, a little 10% discount for you at the checkout. I don’t think you are going to look back from here, are you?

To transform her into a person she thinks she is click here.

A Hoodie With A Cat Pouch

Cat pouch sweatshirt with a cat

This last one is to provide you with a fashion sense and your cat with some emotional stimulation.

A hoodie with a cat pouch would be a perfect Sunday-wear to enjoy the entire day cuddling with your cat.

Cats hardly cuddle unless they need some serious emotional support and it is the best day when they want.

You can carry your little kitty in your pocket like a kangaroo (with or without consent – just beware of the scratches) especially when you want some big ass snuggles.

It also has a hood with ears, pom-pom, and paw prints on the sleeves. An ultimate Christmas gift for cats and yourself.

Christmas Gift For Hamsters

In the fight over cat or dog, a lot of people have resorted to petting hamsters.

While we are discussing about Christmas gift for pets, we should also consider this tiny mate of ours too.

We do not judge anybody with their choice of pets and we have made a small list of Christmas gifts for hamsters for all the new hamster parents.

Hope you find perfect pet gifts for your little buddy.

Small Animal Exercise Wheel

hamster running on the wheel

An amazing Christmas gift for hamsters who loves to sweat as much as they eat – a small animal exercise wheel.

It will satiate your baby’s urge to run and also help him double the exercise to burn the fats and it does not squeak.

Hamster Chew Toy

Hamster chew toys

These cute chew toys are a healthy way of making your Guinea Pig’s Christmas fun.

It is sanitary and will help control your little friend’s chewing instincts at the same time the calcium present in the stone will grind their teeth without any injury or damage.

Small Pet Bed

Small pink and green bed for hamster

Your little hamster may be an introvert when it comes to expressing what he likes but he will totally love a small pet bed to jump and hover around as a pet gifts while you will be busy attending guests the entire Christmas.

A cute and warm Christmas gift for hamsters.

Royal Pet Portrait

Royal hamster handmade portrait

If you love your hamster and you want him to stay with you forever, freeze your amusing pet in a Royal pet portrait from Portraitflip.

It would just not be a unique idea to get a hamster portrait but you will honor him by hanging this grandeur portrait on your wall.

After all, they are the smallest pets that deserve the biggest hearts!

Crystallize your sniffing, running, and eating your plants’ pet with this royal Christmas gift for hamster by clicking here.

We, at Portraitflip, provide Unlimited Revisions and a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the portrait.

Additionally, we give FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

When it comes to deciding Dog Team, or Cat Team (or even Hamster Team) it is to each, his own.

All the three-teams collide at the end where everyone needs a companion to snuggle up with on bad days and wake up early even on Sundays.

For this companion, even a thousand gifts are less.

This Christmas, gift pets not only their favorite pet gifts and toys but also a lot of affection, attention, and cuddles.

They totally deserve all the love in the world!

Talking off from here.

Do not forget to hit the icon and…

That’s all folks!

If you have reached here, thank you!

Go, spread love and joy to all your pets.

Hope this article could help you find a perfect Christmas gift for pets

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section below.

Do check out Portrait Flip, a one-stop platform to get the best handmade portraits,

Wishing you a Warm and Merry Christmas!

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