28 Creative Military Retirement Gifts

Military retirement gifts

Salutations from PortraitFlip for you to come down here and explore Military Retirement Gifts for the soldier in your life!

It is a very long journey of a soldier to complete his service for the nation and come back home.

Retirement brings in a new phase in their lives which must be celebrated proudly and extravagantly!

Which fuels us to bring this blog about Military gifts for him and her to you guys who are looking for a perfect gift.

Most of the gifts covered can be customized according to the rank and the name.*

So without any further ado let’s jump into the pool some amazing Military gifts:

1. A Portrait Painting Expressing His Grandeur:

As a parting gift at a farewell party

How will a painting made from the officer’s photo in his uniform look on the wall of the living room?

Stunning, won’t it!

If you are looking to commission a military painting of your loved ones then PortraitFlip can help.

All you have to do is:

  1. Upload a photo which is to be painted by selecting a medium on the order page.
  2. Select Size and Framing.
  3. Review the final painting before and after it is done (You Can Suggest Changes)
  4. PortraitFlip will deliver it to you anywhere in the world for FREE!

Have a look at our gallery of oil paintings or get your questions answered using our 24×7 chat feature.

2. Invitation:


If you are looking for military gifts chances are that you might throw a celebration party.

So how about you invite the guests in some military styled invitations.

You will get the digital copy of the invitation which you can forward to your guests.

Get your customized invitations from any dealer easily from Etsy.

3. At Ease Pillow:

At ease pillow

Gift the retired officer a soft pillow which signifies much more than just the customizable date on the pillow.

You can choose from many vendors from Etsy.

4. Eagle Award Keepsake:

Eagle award keepsake

Beautifully carved crystal eagle on black crystal base. Laser engravable aluminum plate. Packaged in the satin-lined, padded gift box.

This is one of the perfect Military retirement gifts for the officer in your life get yours from awards-gallery.com.

5. Retired Caps:

Retired caps

Every chief needs a cap!

Get an apt cap which showcases his service to the nation from cafepress.com.

6. Whiskey Flask:

Whiskey flask

Get the officer in your life a whiskey flask which was his partner during the days of service as well.

This 6oz flask can be bought from armedforcesgear.com which features a resealable to cap.

7. The Best Personalized Diary:

The best personalized diary

This personalized diary is specifically designed for the soldiers in your life as it features some great soldier themed stationery at its cover.

The diary looks very puffed up and strong like an officer and it features very antique pages as well.

Soldiers need something to record their amusing, strange, and patriotic incidents which they can hold back to.

You can also personalize it by adding a name to the cover of the diary.

Now isn’t that one of the best personalized military gifts!

Customize yours on Etsy.

8. Personalized Compass:

Personalized compass

Soldiers love their accessories and maintain them beyond everything.

Memorialize their services to the nation by gifting a compass.

Customize the compass with his/her name by easily finding a dealer on Etsy.

9. Salute To Arms Cigars:

Salute to arms cigars

SALUTE TO ARMS cigars is handmade in small batches and in limited quantities by Tabacalera Esteli.

They make Military gifts for those that served in or have retired from the U.S. Military.

The 5 fine cigars are packaged in a humidified humidor bag.

These cigars celebrate those that serve the country in the United States Armed Services.

Each boutique cigar is handcrafted by Tabacalera Esteli with super premium aged Cuban Seed Habano long-filler tobacco.

You can buy them on cubancrafters.com.

10. A Bold Charcoal Sketch Of The Bold Officer:

A bold charcoal sketch of the bold officer


A charcoal portrait of the military man in uniform on your living room wall.

The charcoal will act as a great element which will showcase the intricacies of his personality on white support in depth.

It would be a perfect add on to the décor of the house.

But finding a genuine artist and getting a painting with which you are 100% satisfied is difficult.

Try PortraitFlip if you may.

We offer:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or No Questions Asked Return Policy.

Unlimited Free Revisions.

100% Handmade Painting.

Free Worldwide Shipping.

Checkout our happy customer’s testimonials here.

11. Personalized Military Wood Keepsake:

Personalized military wood keepsake

This personalized military wood keepsake is made to signify the time your officer has spent serving the nation.

It is a very creative way to express how a part of one’s life is completely dedicated to the nation.

The text is painted on a wooden block with smooth finishing.

This would look completely amazing in the welcome area of the retirement ceremony.

Personalized it according to your date by finding a dealer on Etsy.

12. Whatever – I’m retired Clock:

Whatever i'm retired clock

Give your special military loved one a gift that will send them off in style!

One of the best Military retirement gifts ever for someone who has kept a rigid schedule!

 A funny, and very personal gift!

These clocks are made of wood and are 11″ in diameter!

Order yours from Etsy.

13. Personalized Beer Mug:

Personalized beer mug

He is retired and we all love beer so how about a beer mug?

This personalized beer mug is a great gift for the soldier especially when personalized with a custom message.

If you don’t have anything in mind go with the same.

Find yours on Etsy.

14. Retirement Coffee Mug:

Retirement coffee mug

This ceramic coffee mug can be customized with any message of your choice.

You can be funny with the text or add his/her name in the bottom by simply adding lines like:

  • Served For 20 Years, Now Serve Me Coffee!
  • Retired Since 2019
  • USA Army (21st Oct 2000 – 20th Sept 2018)

Find yours on Etsy.

15. Veteran T-Shirt:

Veteran t shirt

This T-Shirt from CafePress is one of the perfect Military retirement gifts for him as it showcases a logo of the US Army on the T-Shirt.

The T-Shirt is available in 15 different colors.

16. Parade Rest Statue:

Parade rest statue

Parade Rest Statue stands on a solid walnut base with an engraving plate and has plenty of room for engraving.

You also get personalization options like uploading a custom logo and editing the featured text.

Order yours from awards-gallery.com.

17. Military Backpack:

Military backpack

Military men are outgoing and not couch-lovers.

Any military man would love such a backpack which can carry his basic necessities to a trek.

Get this from armedforcesgear.com and surprise him with gifts for army soldiers.

18. Personalized Retirement Gift For Women:

Personalized retirement gift for women

Looking for a retirement gift for her?

This personalized tumbler can be customized with the name of the retired person on it.

They’ll see it every day and remember who give it to them.

They’ll be smiling whenever they use it because of all the good memories.

Find yours on Etsy.

19. A Stunning Family Acrylic Portrait:

A stunning family acrylic portrait

We know how he/she has been busy with the schedule and the duty for the nation, which may have led to very less family time.

But now that he has been retired, how about welcoming him to the retired life of peace with a stunning acrylic portrait?

This would be the most beautiful present of all time for the man who always had his nation on his priority.

Just send PortraitFlip the family photo on the order page and get your family joy package anywhere in the world with Free Shipping!

Don’t have everyone in the same picture?

No Problem!

PortraitFlip offers the Merge feature which lets you merge subjects from multiple photos into one single picture,

Check out our happy customer’s reaction when he received the merged painting with his pet family.

PortraitFlip also offers features like Background Replacement, Style Transfer, and Face Swap.

20. American Wood Flag:

American Wood Flag

This keepsake perfectly goes onto the wall of any living room, it signifies that the house has a member of the forces.

Personalize yours from Etsy.

21. US Military Awards Display Case:

Us military awards display case

Flaunt his/her Medals and award case in solid hardwood and hook it up in the living room.

This is a great add on for your living room décor.

The frame can be customized and bought on the website allamericangifts.com.

Make his/her achievements while serving for the nation be remembered forever by getting this military gift.

22. US Military Textured Flag:

Us military textured flag

The textured flag has a Size as W 33″ / D 1″ / H 23″ and weighs 7 lbs.
This military texture flag is made on Canvas with the utmost precision and is one of the best perfect Military retirement gifts.

As it signifies that a member from the family is a military man and has now retired.

Get yours from houzz.com.

23. Personalized Decanter Set:

Personalized decanter set

Yes! He is retired now and no would mind him taking those extra glasses of whiskey in the evening, so how about a decanter set?

Personalize decanter and the glasses with custom text and gift it to the military man in your life.

The decanter can be easily personalized on Etsy by just adding the text you want in the description box available on the order page.

24. Personalized Lighter:

Personalized lighter

Every military man loves his cigars, isn’t it?

Gift him with this personalized cigar lighter which would go perfectly with the high quality smokes.

The cigar lighter from zippo.com takes 4 texts front and back with each text capacity of 16 characters.

What is the next gift on the list? Of course,

25. A Personalized Ashtray:

A personalized ashtray

Surprise him with a personalized ashtray with his own photo and text in a unique design!

This isn’t just any old ashtray, but a unique ashtray with a personalized design!

Every ashtray is more fun with a funny text, your name or a beautiful photo.

Get this amazing military gift on yousurprise.com.

26. Shotgun Shell Engravable Stainless Steel Flask:

Shotgun shell engravable stainless steel flask

The stories that come back after a great day of hunting can be larger than life, much like the engravable shotgun shell stainless steel flask.

Machined from stainless steel to the likeness of shell casing, the gold-tone can be removed, revealing a screw top lid that protects the whiskey & liquor.

Measuring 5″ tall, these unique flasks can be engraved with custom text creating a unique gift.

A funnel is included for easy pouring, as well as a black gift box.

Customize yours on homewetbar.com

27. American Heroes Personalized 50 Caliber Ammo Box Can:

American heroes personalized 50 caliber ammo box can

When it comes to gifts for gun lovers, you don’t get much better than the American Heroes personalized ammo box.

Made from authentic military surplus boxes, each case was previously used by the US armed services to carry real ammunition.

Each ammo carries the genuine government stamp on one side, with the bullet measurement, the other with the name, date, and rank of your choice, highlighted by an America flag inspired graphics.

Find yours on homewetbar.com

28. A Portrait Painting With His Team:

A portrait painting with his team

A military man once he is retired only misses two things, his uniform and his crewmates.

Every military man’s journey starts with all the members getting a photograph and ends with few not making it home.

How about you get all his crew members into one single painting and gift it to the military man/woman in your life!

PortraitFlip salutes all the military men and can help in bringing them together in a portrait painting.

Use the free merge feature and combine all the teammates in one painting no matter if they are in 4 or 8 different pics.

You can get the merged painting as an Acrylic Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Color Pencil Sketch, Oil Painting, Pencil Sketch, or as a Watercolor Painting.

This is by far one of the best Military gifts.

That was the last one!

Phew! Did we get them all covered and how was the blog?

Do let us know in the comment section.

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Happy Gifting!

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