25 Most Famous Paintings in the Louvre Museum

22 Paintings In The Louvre

Going to the Paris Museum and witnessing the most famous paintings in the Louvre is an experience of a lifetime.

However, you can’t explore every gallery and door if you have limited time. 

The magnificent Louvre Museum holds over 5,500 paintings. It takes a couple of days to actually view them. 

But why not view the most popular Louvre paintings first, and spend the remaining time on other works of art?

Each painting in the Louvre holds historical significance, from the Mona Lisa to the Astronomer, which is why we must first view those famous paintings of the Louvre that are responsible for bringing in 90% of visitors. 

With our pick of 25 must-see artworks displayed at the Louvre Museum, you will make the best use of your time!

1. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa: one of the famous paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

The number one reason most tourists visit the Paris Museum is to catch a glimpse of this most talked-about and expensive piece of art.

mona lisa ad of reproduction

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is one such work of art that nobody wants to miss taking a glance at during their visit.

Created in 1503, Da Vinci’s art was stolen and damaged a couple of times.

Despite everything, the Louvre still allows its visitors to take a look at it, which is safely stored in Room 711, Denon Wing, Level 1.

Creator Leonardo da Vinci
Dimension77 cm x 53 cm
Year of Creation 1503
Best Known ForAccording to Guinness World Records, the Mona Lisa is considered to have the highest insurance value in the history of art.
MediumOil on poplar panel

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2. The Raft of the Medusa

The Raft of the Medusa is one of the best paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

The next well-known Louvre painting after Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is The Raft of the Medusa.

The composition may terrorize you as it depicts the scenes from the horrifying frigate Medusa, with crew begging to survive, in complete disparity.

Theodore Gericault beautifully displays the horrendous scenarios that left many visitors speechless.

The Louvre artwork is realist and comprises several elements like pain, disparity, hunger, and trauma.

Creator Theodore Gericault
Dimension490 cm x 716 cm
Year of Creation 1818-19
Best Known ForIt received a gold medal in the exhibition of Salon 1819.
MediumOil on canvas

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3. Liberty Leading the People

Liberty Leading the People is one of the finest paintings in Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

The most meaningful Louvre painting affiliated with France’s 1830 Revolution is Liberty Leading the People

It demonstrates a lady in a gown with her breasts visible, standing over a pile of corpses, waving the tri-color.

Eugene Delacroix beautifully covered a historical scene of France, emphasizing the lady, which was over the years regarded as a symbol of Liberty and the Republic.

The Louvre art piece is stored safely in Room 700, Denon Wing, Level 1.

Creator Eugene Delacroix
Dimension260 cm x 325 cm
Year of Creation 1830
Best Known ForIt was first purchased by the government of the July Monarchy.
MediumOil on canvas

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4. The Coronation of Napoleon

The Coronation of Napoleon is the Louvre museum artwork.
Image: napoleon.org

This Louvre artwork is Jacques Louis David’s best of the best because of its subjects, background, and theme.

Napoleon was impressed by David’s works; he had previously created an artwork for him titled Napoleon Crossing the Alps that glorified his military victory at the Battle of Marengo.

He commissioned David again to commemorate the coronation and other inaugural ceremonies. 

However, the art was amended several times because Napoleon wasn’t in favor of it, and when he did, it was historically accurate as few subject matters and scenes were artificially created.

It’s probably the largest Louvre painting that has been housed there for decades now. You may view it on the wall of room 75, Denon Wing, on the second floor of the Louvre museum.

Creator Jacques Louis David
Dimension621 cm x 979 cm
Year of Creation 1807
Best Known ForIt is known for its imposing dimensions. The 10-by-6-foot painting has been designated as one of the largest Louvre-famous artworks.
MediumOil on canvas

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5. The Virgin of the Rocks

The Virgin of the Rocks is one of the finest paintings in Louvre.
Image: paris city vision

The Virgin of the Rock is probably Da Vinci’s largest painting from the Louvre. 

It has an identical version stored at the National Gallery of London, with a few key differences, such as the difference in colors. 

Although Da Vinci focused on three figures—John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary, and Baby Jesus—there’s another character—an angel named Uriel—next to the Virgin Mary.

The Louvre painting may look simple, with each character settling on the rock, but it tends to sprout new perspectives every time you look at it.

Creator Leonardo da Vinci
Dimension199 cm x 122 cm
Year of Creation 1483-1486
Best Known ForThere are two paintings of Leonardo da Vinci under the same title—Louvre Virgin Of The Rocks and London Virgin Of The Rocks.
MediumOil on panel (transferred to canvas)

6. Oath of The Horatii

Oath of The Horatii is one of the best paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

Another masterpiece by Jacques Louis David features the Horatti Brothers and their father taking vows to fight against the Alba.

The Louvre painting is very intense and meaningful, as women are shown sobbing and men, on the other side, look determined and fearless. 

The Louvre artwork may have a dark vibe, but it’s quite patriotic—the depiction of subjects shows they have put civic responsibilities and patriotism ahead of family love.

This fine Louvre painting is located in Denon Wing Hall 75.

Creator Jacques Louis David
Dimension329.8 cm x 424.8 cm
Year of Creation 1784
Best Known ForIt immediately became a huge success when displayed at the Louvre Museum for the first time.
MediumOil on canvas

7. The Card Sharp with the Ace of Diamonds

The Card Sharp with the Ace of Diamonds is one of the finest paintings in Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

How one can put themselves in a vulnerable and helpless situation just by being greedy is what this Louvre painting is about.

Created in 1638, the painting features four figures, three of whom conspire to loot the man sitting on the right, who is absolutely scared to show his cards.

He was tricked by his opponent and was about to surrender. 

Georges’ art inspired many painters; even the world’s most famous Dogs Playing Poker, drew its inspiration from it.

Creator Georges de La Tour
Dimension106 cm x 146 cm
Year of Creation 1636-1638
Best Known ForDue to its immense popularity, the artist made its second version, which is on display in the Kimbell Art museum, Texas.
MediumOil on canvas

8. The Death of Sardanapalus

The Death of Sardanapalus is one of the best paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

Looking at the Death of Sardanapalus is disturbing as it depicts Sardanapalus, the cruel ruler of Assyria, lying in bed, watching his people, raping women, and stabbing men.

The famous Louvre painting is brimming with violence, chaos, sorrow, and whatnot!

Showcasing some disturbing and gut-wrenching scenes onto canvas was a whole new challenge because it ultimately drew criticism and hatred for the artist.

But with time, it gained its due credibility and became a huge success!

Despite performing disastrously at the Salon where it was first presented in 1828, it made it to the top. To some extent, this contributed to the Louvre museum’s success because it rarely held this type of art in the past.

Creator Eugene Delacroix
Dimension392 cm x 496 cm
Year of Creation 1827-1844
Best Known ForThe Death of Sardanapalus was a controversial topic at the Salon exhibition as its compositions were quite disturbing and chaotic in nature.
MediumOil on canvas

9. The Lacemaker

The Lacemaker: one of the famous paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

The Lacemaker is a famous Baroque painting; it’s arguably Johannes Vermeer’s most recognized piece stored in the Louvre. 

The Paris Museum bought it for 1,254 French francs, which was equivalent to $254 at the time.

But now that it’s worth 10 times more, perhaps it’s an asset that the Louvre never wants to put out on auction. 

The Lacemaker features a woman sewing thoroughly with her head slightly tilted down and unwavering eyes on the needle, emphasizing her focus and dedication.

This artwork is hung on the wall of Room 837, in the Richelieu wing, on the second floor of the Louvre Museum.

Creator Johannes Vermeer
Dimension24.5 cm x 21 cm
Year of Creation 1669-1670
Best Known ForIt is one of the smallest oil on canvas paintings in the Louvre.
MediumOil on canvas

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10. The Intervention of the Sabine Women

The Intervention of the Sabine Women is one of the best paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikimedia

It’s one of the top 10 most famous paintings in the Louvre which captures a scene from French warfare.

Its artist was imprisoned by authorities for displaying real characters.

You may see bloodshed, chaos, and a warlike situation everywhere, but love prevailed—that’s what the artist wanted to show. 

After a historical conflict and bloodshed, people had gotten reunited, and this famous Louvre painting emphasized the victory of love over hatred.

You may see this iconic Louvre painting in the Denon Wing, Room 702, on the first floor.

Creator Jacques Louis David
Dimension385 cm x 522 cm
Year of Creation 1799
Best Known ForIn 1819, It was sold to the Royal museum for 10,000 Francs.
MediumOil on canvas

11. Grande Odalisque

Grande Odalisque is the Louvre museum artwork.
Image: Wikimedia

The Grande Odalisque is the most-celebrated nude artwork located in the Louvre museum.

Ingres conceptualized and produced this art by taking references from the Italian painters Titian and Giorgione. 

Various art communities and groups praised Ingres for his detailed work, such as her head, lying body, elongated limbs, and solid blue background. 

Every facet looked phenomenal and surreal. 

The famous Neoclassicism artwork is located at Level 1, Denon Wing, Room 702, Daru Neoclassicism.

Creator Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Dimension88.9 cm x 162.56 cm
Year of Creation 1814
Best Known ForIt had always been a hot topic for criticism due to its portrayal of chaos and nudity, until the Louvre museum bought it.
MediumOil on canvas

12. The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne is one of the finest paintings in Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

Louis XII commissioned Da Vinci, and he produced art that the King never received—later, the art was sold to the Louvre Art Museum by an unknown owner.

The famous Louvre painting shows figures from three different generations indulge in various activities; for instance, Christ is seen grappling with a lamb, and the Virgin Mary, who is shown seated in Saint Anne’s lap, is restraining Christ. 

The Jesus art looks quite appealing, but according to some art researchers, it has a mysterious background.

For some, the subjects seemed mildly enigmatic, and the way characters were portrayed sprouted countless suspicious stories.

Creator Leonardo da Vinci
Dimension168 cm x 112 cm
Year of Creation 1501-19
Best Known ForThis Louvre painting is famous for its theme and mysterious storyline. The artist classically depicted three generations, exchanging variant emotions with each other.
MediumOil on wood

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13. The Astronomer

The Astronomer is one of the best paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

The Louvre holds several art pieces that have been stolen quite a few times. 

One of them is The Astronomer, which traveled from one place to another until the Louvre Museum bought it from the Rothchild family in 1983.

The Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer sketched two artworks—Astronomer and Geographer, with a minimal difference.

The latter was stored in Germany’s museum; the former is in the Louvre, as these paintings featured the same man who’s focused and determined.

Starry Nights Reproduction AD
Creator Johannes Vermeer
Dimension51 cm x 45 cm
Year of Creation 1668
Best Known ForThis Astronomer exists in two different versions. It was made by the same artist, however, the figural subject in the other artwork is a geographer in place of an astronomer.
MediumOil on canvas

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14. The Massacre at Chios

The Massacre at Chios is the Louvre museum artwork.
Image: Wikipedia

The Massacre at Chios covers a heart-wrenching event where figures are shown frozen and in a completely horrible manner.

It never got its due recognition, but when the Louvre came into the picture in 1824, it received a fair amount of appreciation.

When you look at it, you won’t get a lump in your throat; perhaps you’ll like its details, as the Louvre painter put his heart and soul into the work. 

Covering Chio’s wartime experience was challenging, but the artist nailed it, and if he hadn’t created those subjects, the world would have never received such realistic artwork on Chio’s rough times. 

The Massacre at Chios is located in the same room where Ingres’ artworks are mounted.

Creator Eugene Delacroix
Dimension419 cm x 354 cm
Year of Creation 1824
Best Known ForThe Massacre at Chios, was one of the few finest artworks that was displayed at the Salon in the same year of its creation.
MediumOil on canvas

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15. Man with a Glove

Man with a Glove is one of the best paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

The Man with a Glove shows what a man from an affluent class looks like.

The subject is apparently a character named Eliane from a novel called A Happy Death. 

The painter showed him looking at an indefinite point, with his left hand resting on the sofa chair handle, and the other on his lap.  

Unidentified emotions appeared on his face but one could guess that he belonged to a rich family from his charming looks.  

The Man with a Glove traveled from one royal family to another, and finally, the Louvre Museum bought it at an auction in 1792, and it has been protected ever since.

Creator Titian
Dimension100 cm x 89 cm
Year of Creation 1520
Best Known ForThe Man with a Glove was one of the oldest paintings of the Louvre Museum. Nearly half of its owners, until it was housed by the Paris museum, was Monarch.
MediumOil on Canvas

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16. Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools is one of the finest paintings in Louvre.
Image: Paris city Vision

The famous painting in the Louvre is a triptych, whose ⅔ parts are owned by the museum itself, whereas its bottom is owned by the Yale University of Art Gallery.

The piece of Louvre art is sensitive and a bit scary, as ten people are shown drifting in a boat, each suffering through different traumas.

The theme is disturbing, as people are shown lost and in utter trauma because it looks like they can’t escape.

Ships of Fools is one of the most-talked-about Louvre paintings and was purchased twice by the museum itself.

Creator Hieronymus Bosch
Dimension58 cm x 33 cm
Year of Creation 1490-1500
Best Known ForThe Ship of Fools, a fragment of a triptych, is owned by the Louvre Museum. However, its other parts, “Allegory of Gluttony” and “Death of the Miser,” have been housed by other institutes.
MediumOil on wood

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17. The Fortune Teller

Image: Wikipedia

The Fortune Teller was created twice. Because the first was forcefully sold at a lower price, and to cover the loss, the second one was created, which is in the Louvre Museum currently.

The Louvre painting’s theme is fraud, cheating, and manipulation, as a man is shown being attracted by a gypsy woman who is stealing his gold ring.

The most famous Louvre painting of the 16th century speaks a lot about Caravaggio’s interests, ideas, and artistic approach.

Creator Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Dimension93 cm x 131 cm
Year of Creation 1595
Best Known ForThe Fortune Teller was created in 1595 and was sold to a price way higher than its first version.
MediumOil on canvas

18. St. Michael Vanquishing Satan

St. Michael Vanquishing Satan is one of the best paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

St. Michael Vanquishing Satan is undoubtedly the most famous painting by Raphael.

The artwork is widely known for its message, as it shows the triumph of God over evil.

Raphael produced several religious paintings, but this one garnered massive attention. The Paris Museum has owned this artwork for nearly four centuries.

Creator Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (Raphael)
Dimension268 cm x 160 cm
Year of Creation 1518
Best Known ForSt. Michael Vanquishing Satan, both versions created in two different decades, are hung on the Louvre museum walls.
MediumOil on wood (transferred to canvas)

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19. The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons

The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons: one of the famous paintings of Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

This gut-wrenching piece of art is in the Louvre’s permanent collection.

It seemed like a hard-hitting art, but it inclined toward sacrifice and devotion to protect and preserve the nation’s pride.

If you look closely at each character, you’ll probably guess that the main subject has killed his own family members.

Sobbing women in the back and a carefree and cold man looking at the viewer tell a lot about the Louvre’s art.

Various human expressions, such as grief, trauma, and helplessness, are shown on canvas with a high intensity of neoclassicism.

Creator Jacques Louis David
Dimension323 cm x 422 cm
Year of Creation 1789
Best Known ForThe Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons is featured in the 1980 BBC series 100 Great Paintings.
MediumOil on canvas

20. Portrait of Louis XIV

Portrait of Louis XIV is the Louvre museum artwork.
Image: Wikiart

The Portrait of Louis XIV, the Louvre Museum’s asset, is widely known because the king himself acquired it before the museum.

girl with pearl earring replica

A human-sized Louvre painting illustrates everything from the king’s dramatic attire to a majestic crown seated on the chair.

The way Louis XIV was shown standing with grace shows the administrative power he was carrying.
Created in 1701, The Portrait of Louis XIV covered every minuscule detail; perhaps, that’s the reason why so many created its replica.

Creator Hyacinthe Rigaud
Dimension277 cm x 194 cm
Year of Creation 1701
Best Known ForIt was created to fulfill the King’s grandson’s wish. But it ended up as the official Portrait of Louis XIV and has been stored in the Louvre museums for many years.
MediumOil on canvas

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21. The Barque of Dante

The Barque of Dante is one of the finest paintings in Louvre.
Image: Wikipedia

Romanticism painter Eugene fabulously covered Canto 8 of Dante’s Inferno.

Known for its details, the Louvre painting showed the emotions that occurred in this real event.

There are 10 people in the painting—7 of them are overboard and in a much more disturbing and difficult state. In the background, there’s leaden, a smoky mist, and the burning City of the Dead. Chaos and suffering are everywhere as other boats sink into the sea.

The art is quite realistic and made appearances in various exhibitions before landing at the Louvre Museum.

Creator Eugene Delacroix
Dimension189 cm x 246 cm
Year of Creation 1822
Best Known ForIt is famous for its dramatic scene depicting the story of Inferno, which is the first part of the epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
MediumOil on canvas

22. Madonna of Chancellor Rolin

Madonna of Chancellor Rolin is the Louvre museum artwork.
Image: the hindu businessline

Jan Van Eyck’s Madonna of Chancellor Rolin is as meaningful as his Arnolifini Portrait

Jan depicted a hovering angel crowning the Virgin Mary, who is presenting the infant Jesus to Rolin.

If you look at it attentively, you’ll see two men in chaperons sneak through the crenellations, aiming to witness the fortified bridge in the middle of the city. 

Near them are two magpies and two peacocks standing on their left, symbolizing good (Jesus) and evil.

The Louvre artwork is dramatic, as on one side there is an angel approaching the Virgin Mary and on the other side there are figures indulged in conventional activities.

Creator Jan Van Eyck
Dimension66 cm x 62 cm
Year of Creation 1435
Best Known ForThe man who commissioned Madonna of Chancellor Rolin is illustrated on the left of the painting. He was 60 years old when the painting was finished and initially it was hung at the Notre-Dame-du-Chastel in Autun, France.
MediumOil on canvas

23. Death of a Virgin

famous louvre painting The Death of a Virgin
Image: Wikipedia

Caravaggio was a mixbag, often combining religious elements with raw emotions. 

This artwork by Caravaggio is probably the last on Jesus’ mother’s death, which is on the wall of the Louvre Museum.

The Death of a Virgin would feel like a personal loss, as the painter spectacularly created a somber environment with his finesse.

The Louvre artwork received hatred and negative criticism, but in reality, it showed the demise of the Virgin Mary, whose soul left for heaven.

Wouldn’t it be the most heart-breaking painting ever hung in the Louvre? But its composition would certainly shock the viewer, maybe to some extent.

Creator Caravaggio
Dimension369 cm × 245 cm
Year of Creation 1604 and 1606
Best Known ForThe Louvre artwork is known for its gut-wrenching composition and raw emotions
MediumOil on canvas

24. The Turkish Bath

The Turkish Bath, the louvre painting
Image: Wikipedia

Ingres’s work The Turkish Bath is a perfect blend of near eastern and earlier western styles with mythological subjects.

Featuring a group of nude women in the bath of a harem in a more erotic style.

The Turkish Bath raised several eyebrows, and due to this, it remained private for several years of its existence.

The artwork wasn’t round in the first place; the painter Ingres cut it into its present form in 1863.

Creator Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Dimension108 cm X 108 cm
Year of Creation 1863
Best Known ForThe artwork was famous for its depiction of immense nudity, which is a result of a perfect blend of near eastern and earlier western styles with mythological subjects
MediumOil Paint medium

25. The Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseille

The Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseille is one of the famous Louvre paintings
Image: Wikipedia

The fine piece at the Louvre was created by a Baroque painter, Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

Visitors to the Louvre have never left without praising it. The Medici family commissioned these 24 paintings, which covered various scenes of the commemoration of Marie de Medici and her husband, Henry IV of France.

This painting in the Louvre depicted the most historical events in her life, and was going to be used as a decorative piece in the Palais du Luxembourg.

The artwork acted as an heirloom and was later sent to the Louvre in the 17th century.

Creator Sir Peter Paul Rubens
Dimension394 cm x 295 cm
Year of Creation 1622 and 1625
Best Known ForThe artwork was commissioned by Marie herself to display the most historic event of her life on canvas.
MediumOil on canvas

Final Note

If you’ve planned to visit the Paris Museum, make sure you see these most famous pieces in the Louvre. 

If you ask me “what famous art is in the Louvre,” I’ll probably reply that there are thousands, though you need 2-3 days to have a complete tour of the world’s largest art museum.

These are the famous paintings that hold records in several categories and are the best work of their respective artists.

Hello, Art Appreciators!

Thank you for your consideration.

I hope you found this information useful.

I’ve listed 25 of the Louvre Museum’s best paintings that have received widespread acclaim, prizes, and, of course, attention from prestigious museums.

However, if you believe I missed something or that I should have included more pertinent information, please let me know in the comments area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many paintings are in the Louvre Museum?

The Louvre Museum, in Paris, is the largest art museum in the world, with a collection of over 5,500 artworks.

Name one of Eugene’s famous paintings in Louvre Museum

Liberty Leading the People is one of the most famous paintings in the Louvre painted by Eugene Delacroix.

Give me the names of top 5 must see paintings at the Louvre Museum

Mona Lisa, The Raft of the Medusa, The Virgin of the Rocks, Man with a Glove, and Ship of Fools.

Which is the most famous painting at the Louvre Museum in Paris?

The Mona Lisa painting is undeniably the most famous painting at the Louvre Museum. The No. 1 reason why most art lovers visit the Louvre Museum is to see the stunning art piece, the Mona Lisa.

Which is the famous Louvre painting from Romanticism period?

The Raft of the Medusa is the most famous Louvre painting from Romanticism.

Which is the largest Louvre painting that showcase real-life event?

The Coronation of Napoleon is one of the largest Louvre paintings that is based on a real-life event and has been mounted on the wall of Room 75 on the second floor, Denon Wing, in the Paris Museum.

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