12 Famous Paintings Of Jesus That Reveal Christ’s History!

12 famous paintings of Jesus

When words fail art speaks.

That’s why there are dozens of Jesus Christ artworks that display his integrity, sacrifices, and spiritual aspects—which are worth millions of dollars. 

Thanks to the artists from the Renaissance—who made several Jesus paintings that translated his story into art.

Not only do they display his deepest purpose but they also showcase the ideas of Christianity. 

Importantly, these famous paintings of Jesus depict his hidden aspects that may impact you on an emotional level. 

Keep reading as we’ve talked about 12 renowned artwork of Jesus that unleashed stories of Christ that we never heard.

In the end, you’ll learn why only these 12 famous paintings of Jesus made it to the top leaving hundreds behind. 

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12. Ognissanti Madonna

Ognissanti Madonna is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: researchgate

By Giotto de Bondone in 1310. Currently, located at Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

Ognissanti Madonna, a famous artwork of Jesus, is often celebrated as the first painting from the Renaissance period. 

It was created by Italian artist Giotto de Bondone and depicts several traditional Christain subjects.

It displays the main subject—Virgin Mary with Christ as a child who was seen seated on her lap, with angels and saints on both sides.

Ognissanti Madonna was created for Ognissanti Church in Florence, specifically for the high altar since the Church was known for housing acclaimed paintings. 

The artist showed Madonna (Virgin Mary) and Christ in the foreground, and larger compared to other characters to emphasize their importance. 

11. Christ Crucified

Christ Crucified is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikipedia

By Diego Velazquez in 1632. Currently, located at Museo del Prado, Madrid

Christ Crucified is one of the heart-wrenching paintings of all time that depict the Crucifixion of Jesus.

It was painted by Spanish artist Diego Velazquez, who was also the official painter of King Philip IV.

Christ Crucified depicts Jesus on the cross immediately after his death. However, it lacks narrative elements apart from the cross. 

And it was one of the few Jesus paintings that is regarded as the best religious painting, inspiring artists of the next generations. 

This life-sized frontal nude painting gained massive support from art critics that also display three elements—dignity, serenity, and nobility. 

10. The Man of Sorrows in the Arms of a Virgin

The Man of Sorrows in the Arms of a Virgin is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: fineartamerica

By Hans Memling in 1475. Currently, located at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

This painting of Jesus was created by Hans Memling and depicts Christ in a helpless and disturbed manner.

You’ll see Christ with a fresh wound on his right below his chest, being held in the arms of his mourning mother. 

In the background, there are multiple subjects—that demonstrate Christ’s life at different points in time.

Hans showed agony, sacrifice, and pain in both characters. 

However, a gold leaf in the background was displayed to symbolize the glory of heaven—to recompense the suffering Jesus had gone through. 

This famous painting of Jesus reflects the Northern Renaissance Style and received massive success at the time. 

9.  The Yellow Christ

The Yellow Christ is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikipedia

By Paul Gauguin in 1889. Currently, located at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York

The Yellow Christ was made by one of the prominent painters of the Post-Impression period.

Paul Gauguin, the artist who had spent months with famous painter Vincent Van Gogh before working on The Yellow Christ.

In this painting, you’ll see a landscape in vivid colors—yellow, red, and green, with some human figures in the background.

In the foreground, the painting depicts the crucifixion of Jesus with three women around him gathered for prayer. 

Touch of pain, agony, and depression are showcased beautifully in the foreground. 

That’s the reason several art critics had articulated various theories on it. 

It’s been said that human figures represent actions where they want to return to a primitive and basic way of life—far away from the lifestyle of the 19th century.

This famous painting of Jesus is rich in symbolism and reflects Cloisonnism—a style of post-Impressionist painting with bold and flat forms separated by dark contours.

8. Head of Christ

Head of Christ is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: religionunplugged

By Warner Sallman in 1940. Currently located at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas, USA,

Head of Christ, a famous portrait painting of Jesus, popularly known as Sallman Head was painted by Warner Sallman.

It was the only painting of Jesus that has been reproduced half a billion times for churches and private devotional purposes. 

Although it was made in charcoal and sold to Covenant Companion to use their cover, it received massive fame when made in other mediums. 

And millions of people from the 20th century would visualize Jesus the way he was showcased in this painting. 

Jesus with long flowing hair in a yellow-brown picture made by Warner had been praised by many Lutheran and Roman Catholic Christians. 

Besides, the Head of Christ became popular among evangelical Christians as well since the portrait touched on sensitive parts that imply the salvific power of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. 

8. The Last Supper

The Last Supper is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikimedia

By Leonardo da Vinci between 1495-1498. Currently, located at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Milan.

The Last Supper, an enigmatic painting was painted by none other than Leonardo da Vinci.

It has been known as one of the finest works in art history that displays harmonious composition, mysterious depiction of characters, and intense yet complex expression of emotions. 

You’ll see Jesus with his disciples having their last meal before Christ’s crucifixion. 

As he’s seen wearing a red and blue robe, sitting in the middle and his disciples to either side of him. 

The artist tried to depict Jesus as calm, however, his disciples were in shock and angst since Jesus reveals the betrayal by one of his disciples. 

The topic for debate was the person to the left was a woman—Mary Magdalene. However, it’s actually Saint John who was given a more feminine and youthful glow based on Renaissance style. 

The phenomenal painting of Jesus gained immense popularity and love. Due to its fragile condition, it’s allowed to behold for only 15 minutes by its current owner—Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Milan. 

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7. The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikimedia

By Raphael between 1516-1520. Currently, located at the Vatican Museums.

The Transfiguration, one of the finest paintings about Jesus, was completed at the last stage of the artist’s life. 

He applied the final brushstrokes a few months before his death that not only regarded as the most famous oil painting in the world but also inspired upcoming generations.

You’ll realize that it’s a compilation of two pictures but distinct yet biblical narratives from the Gospel of Matthew. 

The upper one shows Christ floating with illuminating clouds in his background, with two figures, each on either side of him, who are apparently named Moses (right) and Elijah (left).

The artist showcased a scenario and showed faith, hope, and love with symbolic colors of blue-yellow, green, and red for their robes.

On the lower, you’ll see Apostles trying to free the possessed boy of his demonic possession; who has been enduring pain until the arrival of transfigured Christ. 

The artist depicted two different scenes, wherein Jesus was portrayed as an angel who rescues and resurrects circumstances and lives, preventing angst and sorrow of people. 

The Transfiguration, the famous art of Jesus not only used to decorate the altar of the largest church in the world but was also once displayed with other famous paintings in the Louvre. 

6. Christ Of Saint John On The Cross

Christ Of Saint John On The Cross is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: mainlymuseums

By Salvador Dali in 1951. Currently, located at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Salvador Dali, one of the renowned cubist artists, made this phenomenal Jesus painting. 

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The painting depicts Jesus on the cross in a darkened sky floating over the water body is actually influenced by a sketch from the 16th-century Spanish Franciscan John of the Cross. 

Although it is a depiction of the crucifixion, it’s free of nails, blood, and a crown of thorns. 

Despite being made in 1951, it won the best Scotland painting award in 2006.

Besides, it’s regarded as one of the best religious paintings of the 20th century, which was once jeopardized by a visitor in 1961.

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5. The Light Of The World

The Light Of The World is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikipedia

By William Holman Hunt between 1851–1854. Currently, located at the Manchester Art Gallery.

This famous Jesus painting was painted by William Holman Hunt in his early twenties. 

It represents Jesus with a lantern in his left hand knocking on an overgrown and long unopened door. 

And it took him several years to finish the toughest part of the painting—trees and morning stars. 

The artist depicted dawn in autumn as you can evidently see fallen fruits, trees, and the light of the morning stars over Jesus. 

There are two lights in this Jesus painting that have their own significance.

The light of conscience in the lantern, and the light of salvation, which is around his head. 

William made its larger replica when he was about to turn 70, however, it has distinct colors and details that can be seen in St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

As per most art critics at the time, The Light Of The World, a famous artwork of Jesus, was regarded as the most important and culturally influential rendering of Christ of its time.

4. Christ Carrying the Cross

Christ Carrying the Cross is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: metmuseum

By Hieronymus Bosch between 1510–1535. Currently, located at the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent.

Christ Carrying The Cross, a famous oil painting of Jesus, was painted by renowned 16th-century artist Hieronymus Bosch.

The painting depicts Jesus Christ carrying the cross for his own crucifixion. 

The artist showed a dark background above his head, surrounded by heads with grotesque faces.

You’ll see Jesus in pain as his eyes are closed and his head is reclined.

This Jesus painting has been recognized for its use of caricature to provide grotesque-looking faces surrounding Jesus.

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3. The Last Judgement

The Last Judgement is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikimedia

By Michelangelo between 1535-1541. Currently, located in Vatican city.

The Last Judgement is one of the marvelous frescoes of Jesus, that covers the whole altar of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. 

The creator, Michelangelo, depicted the Second Coming of Christ and the final and eternal judgment by God of all humanity.

It took 4 years to complete it was commissioned by Pope Clement VII, however, it was completed under Pope Paul III whose views influenced the climax of this Jesus painting. 

The frescoes with several nude humans and a sky in the background received mixed reactions—appreciation and criticism on both artistic backgrounds. 

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2. Sistine Madonna

Sistine Madonna is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikipedia

By Raphael between 1513-1514. Currently, located at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Germany.

Another most famous painting of Jesus by Raphael features two saints as main characters—St Sixtus (left) and St Barbara (right); the Madonna in the middle holding a child, standing on the carpet of clouds. 

You’ll see two angels at the foot of this Jesus painting, who gaze in wistful contemplation. 

There were many theories on the expressions of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus.

And it clearly shows that they’re terrified and angst. 

Madonna would have visualized her child’s crucifixion; all the suffering and sacrifice led her to a depressing state. 

Jesus, himself, would have seen his own death, whereas his mother was devastated witnessing his death.

It’s the scene that frightens her is pointed out by St Sixtus and his expression speaks a lot. 

St Barbara is the only figure in the grouping who wears a serene expression. She gazes down at the cherubs at her feet.

Raphael’s famous artwork received fame, name, and recognition across the globe.

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1. Salvator Mundi

Salvator Mundi is one of the famous paintings of Jesus
Image: Wikipedia

By Leonardo da Vinci in 1520. Currently, located at the Louvre, Abu Dhabi.

Salvator Mundi is the most famous painting of Jesus, and also the most controversial one. 

It was created by multi-talented, renowned artist, thinker, and innovator “Leonardo da Vinci”. 

And it’s considered the finest work in art history even in today’s times, that was first acquired by King Charles I of England according to records.

Later, it was sold to the Duke of Buckingham’s son, further, other princes and kings, and is currently owned by Saudi Culture Minister Prince Badr bin Abdullah. 

It holds many records including the world’s most expensive paintings sold at public auction. 

This famous Jesus portrait depicts Jesus himself dressed in Renaissance garb, raising two fingers of the right hand upward, which seems he’s in benediction while holding a crystal ball in the other hand.

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In Conclusion

Jesus’s famous paintings were created by renowned artists from different time frames.

There were thousands of Jesus paintings being made. But these are the most distressing yet meaningful ones that depicted his life’s sacrifices and sufferings.

Today, these paintings of Jesus are worth millions of dollars, located in several parts of the world.

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