Famous Landscape Paintings: A Gateway To Serenity

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A field of lush green grass, a blanket of stars above your head, and wind blowing through your hair!

You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, and you see the city lights shining through!

Won’t you just get mesmerized by the view? You would definitely want to experience it too.

Now here’s a fun fact for you, I am talking about some of the most famous landscape paintings, not some destination for a vacation!

Yes, paintings that not only please your eyes but will give you the experience of a lifetime.

These paintings were curated by some of the most famous painters in history.

Hereby, I have compiled a list of some of the most famous landscape paintings for you, which I hope you will love to read further.

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View of Toledo by El Greco (1600)

View of Toledo by El Greco (1600)
Image Source: etsy

El Greco was a Greek painter, sculptor, and architect of the Spanish Renaissance.

His main objective was to convey the greatness of the city where he was born and brought up. 

That’s exactly what he did in this landscape painting that he titled as View of Toledo. 

The gloomy clouds and the large hills tend to give the city a dull vibe.

This landscape painting by El Greco received a lot of attention and praise from critics from all over the world. 

That made this painting one of the most famous and exclusive landscape paintings in Spain.

At the same time, El Greco also painted another view of the city, but that didn’t perform well, which leaves the View Of Toledo painting at the top.

One of the best landscape pastel portraits, this artwork is now housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

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Spring, or The Earthly Paradise, by Nicolas Poussin (1664)

A famous landscape painting by Nicolas poussin called the Spring, or the Earthly paradise
Image Source: FreeArt

Nicolas Poussin has created a series of four paintings of which Spring, or The Earthly Paradise, is a part. 

In this nature painting, Spring features Adam and Eve resting underneath the famous apple tree that is mentioned in the Bible.

Unfortunately, when Poussin was painting them, he suffered from a hand tremor stroke that led to his sudden demise.

All four paintings from the Poussin series have their own rooms and are safely housed among some of the most famous paintings in the Louvre.

The Dream, by Henri Rousseau (1910)

one of the famous landscape paintings by Henri named The Dream .
Image Source: Displate

One of the most famous landscape paintings and one of the last of Henri’s oil paintings by Henri Rousseau.

The Dream is the largest jungle painting that was curated by him.

His mistress from his youth years is the main subject of this painting, who can be seen sitting naked in the left.

This landscape painting depicts a lot of personalities that are hidden due to colors like the tigers and the snakes, and a flute player as well.

He has used the dark background as a benefit to bring out the vibrant flowers and lotus on the canvas beautifully.

The Dream is now housed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh(1889)

Painting of Starry Night by Van Gogh.
Image Source: Etsy

One of the best and most famous landscape paintings in the art world is The Starry Night by none other than Van Gogh. 

This landscape painting depicts a scene from Van Gogh’s mental asylum in France. 

One surprising thing about Van Gogh was that he used to memorize the scenes he wanted to paint at night, and then he drew the same thing during the day.

The Starry Night remains one of the most debated yet most famous paintings by Van Gogh. 

After changing ownership a few times, it is now at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Hill With Lighthouse by Edward Hopper(1927)

Hill With Lighthouse is a famous landscape painting by Edward Hopper
Image Source: Arthive

Edward Hopper, one of the most famous painters, has created this landscape painting that features two focal points, the cottage and the lighthouse.

The shadows of both subjects can be seen in the bottom half of the painting. 

It is because of the shadows that many art critics consider the painting dark and negative.

The lighthouse has been made in the lowest view by the painter, and it also creates a look of a tower like structure. 

This painting is now part of the Dallas Museum of Art.

The Hay Wain, by John Constable (1821)

The Hay Wain is a landscape painting
Image Source: Wikipedia

The Hay Wain by John Constable is a famous landscape painting that is one of the most magnificent and serene landscape paintings. 

The name “The Hay Wain,” refers to the wagon carrying the wheat, which is the main subject of this landscape painting. 

The surreal beauty of this landscape artwork is the wagon making its way through the stream.

The background of this painting shows the farmlands of Suffolk and the people working there.

 This portrait was originally called ‘Landscape: Noon.’

But later, John changed the name of the painting because of its brilliance in his series of famous landscape paintings called ‘six-footers’.

This landscape acrylic painting creates an immersive experience for the viewer, which entices them to just keep on looking!

Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog by Casper David Friedrich (1818)

Painting of Wanderer above the sea of Fog by Casper Davis Friedrich
Image Source: Redbubble

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Casper David Friedrich is one of the masterpieces of romanticism. 

The painting shows a man standing atop a rocky mountain, gazing upon the foggy clouds with a walking stick held tightly in his right hand. 

This landscape artwork is the most famous example of Rückenfigur (the subject’s back facing the viewer).

The artist released this landscape painting during the French Revolution, sparking various controversial remarks.

Regardless, the painting is also considered a pillar of self-reflection or contemplation of the path of life.

The ‘Wanderer’ does help the viewer focus on the subject of the landscape rather than the landscape itself, which can be discovered later.

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth (1948)

Christina's world by Andrew Wyeth
Image Source: Tutt’Art

This artwork by Andrew Wyeth is one of the most emotional landscape paintings, and it features the subject of the painting, Anna Christina Olson.

As per the stories, Anna had been suffering from a muscle disorder that prevented her from walking since the age of 30. 

As Anna is shown crawling across the field, the artist succeeds in creating a gloomy environment with the use of gray skies. 

Wyeth made her pink dress pop out as if it were a flower in between a dry land.

The distance between Anna and the cottage shows the difficulties she has to go through because of her condition.

This masterpiece by Wyeth is now housed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

View of Haarlem with bleaching fields by Jacob Van Ruisdael (1675)

View of Haarlem with Bleaching fields is a famous landscape painting by Jacob Van Ruisdael.
Image Source: BrushWiz

View of Haarlem with bleaching fields by Jacob Van Ruisdael is a beautiful landscape painting that captures the Dutch essence on the canvas with perfection. 

Foggy white clouds and shadows give the impression of a cozy setting in the painting. 

The artist did an excellent job of setting the undertone of the painting by placing the viewer on a higher note than the landscape.

This elevated detail makes the viewer look around the painting for other elements.

The bleaching grounds shown in the right center of the canvas are the main highlight of the landscape.

The painting is now housed in Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland.

The Grand Canal at the Church of La Salute, by Giovanni Antonio Canal (1742)

The Grand Canal at the Church of La Salute by Giovanni
Image Source: Wikimedia

The Grand Canal at the Church of La Salute by Giovanni Antonio Canal is one of the most debated landscape paintings. 

This landscape artwork provides the viewer with a detailed panoramic view of  Venice.

The meticulous detail done by the artist is so sophisticated that one might even view minute details done on the great cathedral on the right.

The boats and the people shown in the landscape give character to the foreground of the painting, making it one of the most famous landscape paintings of all time.  

At the time of painting, it is said that Giovanni focused mainly on the architectural designs of the buildings.

This famous Italian landscape painting currently resides in the Emil Georg Bührle collection in Zurich, Switzerland.

Fun fact: Many modern artists have made replicas of these beautiful landscape pastel portraits.

The Oxbow by Thomas Cole (1836)

oxbow by Thomas Cole
Image source: Wikipedia

Oxbow by Thomas Cole is an excellent representation of the silence which falls on a village just after the passing of a thunderstorm.

The contrast shown in the scenic painting by the American artist is poetic and does justice to the beauty of the landscape.

Thomas Cole received great praise for this artwork for the portrayal of the Connecticut river valley,

Which is why it is considered the best scenery painting of all time.

Thomas then sold this painting to Charles Talbot, which eventually made its way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

White Night by Edvard Munch (1901)

White night by Edvard munch
Image Source: Arthive

Edvard Munch was an artist with a one-of-a-kind painting style.

He concentrated more on the scenic beauty of the place; the artist didn’t focus much on the foreground subjects.

The White Night is a depiction of the Norwegian winter, where Munch was from. 

The effect of being moonlit from the right gives this famous oil painting the name “ White Night”.

The declining line of sight gives the landscape painting depth to immerse the viewer. 

Unlike other famous landscape artists, Edvard liked to have an anxious feeling to his paintings.

The National Museum is where the painting is currently displayed.

Ski Jacket by Peter Doig (1994)

Ski Jacket is a famous landscape painting
Image Source: WikiArt

This is Peter Doig’s artwork, a large compilation of two canvases. 

Yes, you heard it right. The two canvases combine to depict a Japanese mountain with skiers learning to ski.

And what is even crazier is that Peter made this famous mountain painting by just looking at a photograph.

With the use of vibrant colors, the painting opens up the mirror line separating the two canvases.

Many small skiers who are learning to ski fill the landscape artwork with life.

This was one of the best works by this famous painter.

One of the great landscape paintings, it is unfortunately not on display anywhere for people to see.

It is a part of the collection at Tate.

The Morning in a Pine Forest by Ivan Shishkin and Konstantin Savitsky (1889)

The morning in a pine forest by Ivan Skishkin and Konstantin
Image source: Redbubble

A collaboration between a pair of these famous landscape painters resulted in a truly breathtaking view of the Russian flora and fauna. 

This scene depicts a family of bear cubs along with their mother wandering about the fallen tree.

The detailed view of the tree made it one of the most famous tree paintings in Russia, receiving recognition worldwide and being reproduced on various items.

It is said that Shishkin is the one who started this famous landscape painting, contributing to it on his vacations.

Several years later, Savitsky pitched in and drew the bears.

The season of autumn is clearly distinguished by the dead leaves and the perfectly brushed rays of sunlight that drop from the top onto the subject of the painting. 

It is now a part of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Rain, Steam, and Speed- The Great Western Railway by J.M.W. Turner (1844)

Rain, Steam and Speed- The Great western railway by J.M.W is a great landscape painting.
Image Source: National Gallery

In one of the most famous landscape paintings from the industrial age, Turner absolutely perfectly portrays the era. 

The painting’s main body consists of a railway train traveling amidst the countryside during rainfall. 

The railway depicted here is the Great Western Railway, as it was the icon of the industrial revolution in Britain. 

Various elements of the painting, like the boat, the bridges, and the hare, are recognized by other artists as sublime examples of artistic skill.

In this famous oil painting, he also tried to portray several negative effects, like the smoke given out because of the revolution.

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The bridge shown in this famous landscape painting is mainly believed to be the Maidenhead Railway Bridge in London, where Turner lived for over 30 years.

In 1844 it was shown as a part of the Royal Academy, but now it resides in the National Gallery in London.

Lake Keitel by Akseli Gallen (1904)

Akseli Gallen Kallela is a famous landscape painting
Image Source: Wikipedia

As one of the most famous oil paintings of nature in the world, Lake Keitel is also renowned as the Vision of Finland. 

The artist did an outstanding job showing the stillness and the peace of the lake on the canvas.

Akseli painted 4 versions of this painting, one for each season.

This Oil artwork is present at The National Gallery and has been stared at in awe by people ever since 1999.

 Truly Mesmerizing!

Sea of Ice by Caspar David Freidrich (1824)

The sea of ice is a famous landscape painting
Image Source: Artchive

This famous oil painting of nature shows a wrecked ship, stuck in ice in the Arctic Ocean. 

Another masterpiece to be featured on our journey, this famous scenery painting is the perfect embodiment of romanticism to ever be portrayed on a canvas. 

The use of the colors white and yellow to display the vastness and distance covered by the snow is just immaculate.

 The right side of the painting shows the ship along with the rocks protruding from the Earth, becoming the main highlight of the work.

It is now present in the Kunsthalle, Hamburg.

Looking down the Yosemite Valley by Albert Bierstadt (1865)

A famous landscape painting by Albert Bierstadt
Image Source: Wikipedia

According to many artists, this is the best sunset artwork done in the 19th century.

This was Albert’s first extensive painting of the Yosemite Valley, and we can all agree he killed it. 

The degree of realism portrayed in this painting is second to none making it one of the most famous paintings of nature. 

The artist has done an amazing job of showing the great distance covered in the landscape.

It also features El Capitan, which is a famous cliff on the left.

Because of that, it is also one of the best landscape paintings to ever be canvassed.

After receiving a lot of success, it was then made a part of the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Mont Sainte-Victoire by Paul Cézanne (1896)

A famous landscape painting by paul cezanne
Image Source: Wikipedia

Don’t we all just love the peace and quiet of the countryside?

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Paul managed to capture the serenity and purity of the southern French countryside flawlessly.

Widely known to be one of the best landscape paintings by famous artists, Mont Sainte-Victoire truly captures the attention of the viewers.

 From the trees to the left to the bridge on the right, the viewer is completely engrossed in the brushstrokes of the artist until he reaches the end of the canvas, wanting to see more. 

The small houses, showing the sparsity of the region, just add the perfect amount of character to the scene.

 It is now a part of the Barnes Foundation in Pennsylvania.

The Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Brugel the Elder (1565)

Pieter Brugel's The hunters is a landscape painting.
Image source: Displate

Truly an artist with a distinct style of painting, Pieter Brugel’s The Hunters in the Snow is a depiction of hard work.

Among many others, this famous landscape painting marked the beginning of the early Renaissance period.

The painting is filled with character and personality because of the sheer magnitude of elements that make up the painting. 

 Although only made with muted colors, it has its own brilliance and tells a story that never ceases to amaze the viewer.

From little animals and birds to humongous mountains, the artist had a knack for making the most beautiful landscape paintings. 

Snow Storm: Hannibal and his army crossing the alps by Joseph Mallord William Turner (1812)

Snow storm hannibal and his army crossing the alps.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Nature’s force is the main highlight of this artwork.

It depicts a general, Hannibal and his army crossing the Alps while facing the local tribes.

The soldiers in the painting are trying to run from an avalanche coming down the right.

The big black cloud is shown to represent nature’s anger at Hannibal.

Turner manifests the helplessness of humans when it comes to nature.

 It now resides in the Tate Gallery, among other famous landscape paintings.

The Tempest by Giorgione (1508)

The Tempest by Giorgione is a famous landscape painting
Image Source: Wikipedia

This Renaissance painting was commissioned by a Venetian noble named Vendramin.

The painting, unlike the usual famous landscape paintings, has the main focus on the two characters rather than the backdrop of the painting. 

On the left of the painting, a soldier is standing looking over his left shoulder.

While on the right, under the tree, is a woman who is attending to her child. 

The vivid backdrop of the city of Venice immerses the viewer, who is left searching for more. 

The bland details of the ground create a great contrast with those of the city and the lake.

 It is located at the Galleria Dell’Accademia in Venice.

Fishing by Annibale Carracci (1595)

This is a famous landscape painting
Image Source: Wikipedia

This famous oil painting of a landscape is an excellent example of the separation of the dark and light hues of color used by Caracci. 

The canvas highlights the busy occupation of fishing carried out by the people.

The painting has 12 distinct figures carrying out the said act on the shores of a river, giving the landscape a busy feeling. 

This painting also received huge praise from other artists like Manet, who found inspiration in it and made their own brilliant copies.

It’s part of the collection of the famous Louvre Museum.

The Wetterhorn by Karl Edvard Biermann (1830)

The view of Wetterhorn is a famous landscape painitng
Image Source: Artsy

The view of Wetterhorn is one of the most famous mountain paintings of all time. 

Regarded as one of the greats, it portrays a lonely traveler making his way up a hedge away from the great snowy peak. 

Because of the amazing atmosphere generated by the clouds, it gives the painting a homey feeling.

The slight dabble of yellow leaves in the flora lends a homely feeling to the landscape.

At the core of the painting is a small town with a big cathedral towering over civilization. 

The painting is currently at the San Diego Museum of Art. 

The Heart of the Andes by Freidrich Edwin Church (1859)

It is one of the famous landscape painting by Edwin Church.
Image Source: Wikipedia

One of the most famous landscape paintings by Church, The Heart, is influenced by South American geography, which amazed the artist with its beauty. 

Cyrus West Field, a South American businessman, had financed  Church for the painting to attract investors for his endeavors.

The topography visible is the Andes mountains, hence the name “The Heart of the Andes.”

The main attraction of this landscape artwork is the waterfall, which entraps the mind to stare into its never-ending charm. 

 This painting is now a part of the iconic gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Wheatfield with crows by Vincent Van Gogh (1890)

Wheatfield by Vincent Van Gogh.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Vincent Van Gogh was a man who was known for his weird landscape paintings that were very famous in the art world.

He added drama and the complexities of life to his paintings, which made them famous. 

In this landscape painting, the crows are a symbol of the cycle of life, rebirth, and death.

This is especially creepy as this was the artist’s last painting before he died weeks later.

His death is still one of the greatest art mysteries in the world.

This landscape painting was stolen in 1991 but was recovered immediately and is now housed at the Van Gogh Museum.

Bigger Trees near Warter by David Hockney (2007)

Bigger trees near warter by David Hockney is one of the famous landscape painting.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Bigger Trees Near Warter by David Hockney is one of the most renowned landscape paintings of the 20th century. 

The scene for this classic landscape painting is set in Warter in the UK, and it is one of the more recent famous landscape paintings on our list.

The main subject of this landscape painting is a sycamore tree, which spreads all the way across the canvas.

The characterization of these trees makes it one of the most famous landscape paintings ever painted.  

The red houses on the right side of the canvas add more character to a bland yet tasteful landscape and create a perfect entrance for the path on the left. 

This beautiful landscape painting is housed in the Tate Museum. 

Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet (1872)

Impression sunrise is a landscape painting by Claude Monet
Image Source: Smarthistory

Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet is indeed one of the most famous and well-known landscape paintings of the 19th century. 

Monet received a lot of criticism for this painting, saying that it was incomplete and lacked elements of landscape artwork. 

Because of the criticism this landscape painting received regarding its lack of character, it is also one of the most infamous paintings ever painted.

Even if the painting appears desaturated at first glance, there are many elements in the background to be found.

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Early Spring by Gio Xi (1072)

Early spring is a famous landscape painting by Gio Xi.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Early Spring is a famous and antique landscape painting by the painter Gio Xi. 

It helps educate the viewers about the ancient Chinese painting traditions. 

The method used by this famous landscape artist to paint this artwork is called “the angle of totality.” 

This method helps give a three-dimensional view of this famous landscape painting. 

 The famous artist, Gio Xi, was one of China’s greatest landscape painters. 

It involves various placements of foggy clouds seen from various angles, each one telling a different story to the viewer. 

Travelers among mountains and streams by Fan Kuan (1000)

This is a famous landscape painting.
Image Source: Tate

If you thought the last one was ancient, you will be bewildered by the age of this one. 

More than a millennia-old, this painting is one of the most popular landscape paintings by famous artists.

The background consists of a towering peak and is next to a thin waterfall falling onto the Chinese landscape. 

The sheer depth and persona of the mountain are displayed amazingly by showing every nook and cranny of the mountain. 

You won’t believe it, but this artwork is actually painted on a silk scroll from the 11th century.

It is currently placed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei as a part of ancient Chinese heritage. 

The Fighting Temeraire by J. M. W. Turner (1889)

The fighting Temeraire is a landscape painting
Image Source: Wikimedia

This is one of the most famous landscape paintings in the history of ship painting. 

The vessel is the main subject of the landscape artwork and is shown to be wrecked on the shore of the River Thames in England. 

It is being pulled onto the shore by two tug boats 

This massive ship is mostly inspired by a 98- gunship and its heroic battle voyage.

It is said that this oil painting was made on a canvas on which the artist had started another ship painting.

This painting later embarked on a European journey, where it was displayed in Amsterdam, Bern, Paris, Brussels, Liege, and then Venice. 

The painting is currently being displayed at the National Gallery in London.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough (1750)

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews by Thomas is a famous landscape painting.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough is a famous landscape painting and is said to be the compilation of two different types of paintings used by the artist.

To your surprise, this is a landscape as well as a portrait painting, and the subjects are said to be Mr. Robert Andrews and Mrs. Frances Andrews.

Gainsborough was just 24 when he painted this masterpiece.

Despite being into painting landscapes, he has many portraits to his name, and he adds a hint of landscaping to each.

After this artwork received a lot of success, Thomas was recognized by many artists as one of the greatest artists in his niche.

The Monk By The Sea by Caspar David Freidrich (1810)

The Monk by the sea by Caspar David Freidrich is a famous landscape painting.
Image Source: Wikipedia

The Monk by the Sea by Casper David Freidrich is one of the most famous landscape paintings.

Just as his earlier works, this landscape painting is the most coveted and were even craved for by the German Monarch, Friedrick William III. 

By using dark-toned colors, the artist has found success in highlighting the near-apocalyptic scenario.

This is also another example of Ruckenfigur.

It is also said that Friedrich continued to add small edits to the painting right up until the moment it was displayed.

Although it was a landscape painting by a famous artist, it received a lot of criticism from viewers because of the lack of elements available in the artwork.

This beautiful painting is now housed in the Alte Nationalgalerie in Germany.

The Vale of Dedham, by John Constable (1828)

The Vale of Dedham by John Constable is one of the famous
Image Source: Wikipedia

One of the famous landscape and nature paintings by John Constable is The Vale of Dedham. 

This painting by John is said to be one of the most serene artworks ever painted.

The inspiration behind this painting is Hagar of the Angel, which is a famous landscape painting by Claude Lorraine. 

The scene in this beautiful painting is essex-suffolk border, which is also known as Dedham Vale.

It is believed that John sketched and painted the same subject multiple times, and every time he added variations, he added more subjects to show the deviation.

This masterpiece landscape painting is now housed in the Scottish National Gallery. 

Kindred Spirits by Asher Brown Durand (1849)

Kindered Spirit by Asher is a famous landscape painting.
Image Source: Wikipedia

This famous landscape painting was created by the American painter of the Hudson River School, Asher Brown Durand.

One of the best American scenery paintings, Kindred Spirits, was commissioned by Johnathan Sturges.

In this landscape artwork, you can see two of Sturge’s artist friends, whom he lost in 1848. The friends were named Thomas Cole and William Cullen Bryant. 

This painting beautifully depicts the details of the small waterfall, rocky stream, and distant peaks. 

There is no doubt in the fact that Asher Brown has done a great job of capturing the landscape’s intensity. 

This makes Kindred Spirits Asher’s most famous painting, as he has not only drawn the painting intricately but also given it depth.

The Isle of the Dead, by Arnold Bocklin (1880)

Arnold Bocklin painted this famous landscape painting.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Arnold Bocklin painted this famous landscape painting for one of his patrons, Marie Berna. She had dedicated it to her late husband.  

To your surprise, this oil painting was actually painted by Arnold over a wooden base and not a canvas.

This famous landscape painting has been reproduced many times as it soothes the eye of the viewers, and the stillness they can experience is on another level. 

Fun fact: This famous landscape painting was said to be found in almost every German household.

The original version of this artwork was owned by Adolf Hitler for a while; that’s when Arnold made another painting.

He named the other painting The Isle of Life, and it was completely opposite of what The Isle of Dead was about.

Now-a-days, both artworks can be viewed at the Hermitage Museum in Saint-Petersburg.


This was about the majestic experience through the scenes and landscape paintings.

I know they are very intriguing, and all the artwork must have definitely left you awestruck!

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Q1. Who are the most famous landscape artists of the 19th century?

John Constable, J.M.W. Turner, and Caspar David Freidrich are some of the most famous artists of the 19th century.

Q2. Which is the most expensive landscape painting in the world?

Vincent Van Gogh’ Irises is the most expensive landscape painting in the world. It was sold for 53.9 million dollars.

Q3. What are the famous landscape paintings of war?

We are making a new world by Paul Nash and The Fighting Temeraire by J.M.W. Turner are some of the most renowned landscape paintings of war.

Q4. Which is the oldest landscape painting in the world?

Travelers among mountains and streams by Fan Kuan is the oldest landscape painting known to man.

Q5. Which is the best landscape painting by a Renaissance painter?

Scholarly Landscape by Nicolas Poussin and The Hunters in the Snow are some of the famous landscape paintings made by Renaissance artists.

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