TBH, These 16 Funny Portraits Will Def Make Your Day!

Funny portrait paintings by portraitflip
Funny portraits are here to save you from Monday blues!

I know Monday can hit hard, especially if you had a fun-filled wacky-tacky weekend.

Getting back to the office doesn’t feel good. You look at the clock and count the remaining hours before you punch out.

But you’ve got that 2 minutes to spend, and what’s better than watching some funny images?

I knew you were gonna party hard, that’s why I spend the weekend not partying but compiling the best funny portraits from our database. (Now you owe me a party this Friday!)

From Pet portraits to Royal portraits, below is a list of top funny portrait memes that our artists made in the previous year.

Take a look at them and tell me your favorite!

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1. Doggo Nights!

When your boss calls you in the office regarding the pending work and asks you what you’ve been doing… and the memory of Friday night flashes…

Indulged in booze and cigarettes—you remember how you spend your Friday night well aware of responsibilities that you run away from…

A dog portrait in the theme of starry nights is made by the artists of porrtaitflip.

2. Sweet weekends!

You lie to your boss that you were sick on Saturday and couldn’t come to the office. In reality, you were chilling with your bae.

Family painting from different photos
A painting of a cat and a man sprawled on the bed, made by PortraitFlip's artists.

3. He knows the truth

The face your boss makes when you tell him stories explaining why the files are not on his desk yet…

A cute dog portrait painted by PortraitFlip's artist.

4. Merry Christmas

So you tell your boss that you couldn’t complete your work as you were having quality time with your family… so you show him the pic that you took during Christmas.

A Christmas family painting by PortraitFlip that includes a couple, along with their dog and cat.

5. Go, king!

How you leave your boss’s cabin after he yells at you to get lost!

A royal portrait by Portraitflip's artist.

On a side note, this is a royal portrait! You can get yours made too, just visit the link and place an order.

6. Feeling cute?

When bae is not photogenic but wants to take a pic anyway.

A cute  portrait of monitor lizard with a leaf on its head. The painting is painted by PortraitFlip's artist.

7. Super-doggo

Not all heroes wear a cape (but some do). This doggo was raised in darkness… deprived of treats… nobody gave him pets…until he realized who he was!

A colored pencil sketch of a dog with a cape that looks like superman's dog.
Superman’s dog

Now, he fights bad Bois and saves kittens.

You too can show your pet’s superpowers and turn them immortal by getting a pet portrait.

8. Flash from Zootopia, is that you?

When the homeboy had too much of magic potion, he gets teleported to some not-so-wonderland where he pretends to be a sloth for the rest of the trip…but yeah, he can use his phone to take pics…

A funny portrait of a man posing like a sloth.

9.Me and who?

How do you and your bae let the whole world know that you both are king and queen? You get a royal portrait and add it to your living room decor.

creation of adam reproduction
A royal portait of a couple by portraitflip

10. Living to the fullest everyday

You can be the coolest person in your group, but you can never be as cool as this Lasa enjoying his ride.

A lass aphso painting by portraitflip's artist.

11. How was your weekend?

After practicing violence from 9 to 5 for 5 days a week, I and my significant other took a break from growling and biting.

A painting of two Chihuahuas relaxing on shacks at the beach.

Btw, if you’re thinking of getting a painting, you might as well explore the famous Portrait Painting Trends of 2022.

12. What a sight!

When your boss asks if there’s any good place around to eat.


A watercolor painting of a guy looking at the lake and showing his bums.

13. Jack and Rose

Titanic 2022: recreated.

A painting of two otters holding hands while drifting in the sea

14. Forget Netflix

We flexing this!

Netflix and chill? Nope. My homies and I like to beer and chill in the backyard.

A funny portrait of two friends relaxing on a couch in the backyard,

15. Who’s that dawg?

When you say some spiritual stuff and everyone perceives you like:

A funny royal portait of dog painted by PortraitFlip's artists

16. The Office Reserecuuction

When you go on a long vacation without telling anyone and everyone thinks that you’re dead… and one day you come back to office…

A royal portrait of a man and jesus.

So those were our top funny portraits! Did I bring a smile to your face today?

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A still scene from american sitcom "The Office"
A still from The Office

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