35+ Ideas For Wall Decor To Glamorize Your Bare Walls [2022 List]

35+ Ideas For Wall Decor

Looking for wall decor ideas? 

Here’s something I have for you.

In this post, you will learn 35+ ideas for wall decor that can style every square inch of your bare wall. 

Also, you will discover DIY ideas for wall decor.

The cherry on the top is I’ll also be sharing 5 amazing yet inexpensive ideas for wall decor with some great examples. So, without wasting a second, let’s dive in!

A. Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room: Empty living room has a sofa, pillows, and white colored lamps.

Let’s start with wall decor ideas for the living room wall.

Of course, I should start off with it first as it’s the busiest place in the home.

Our parents, siblings, and even pets chill and socialize with each other in the room.

So why not consider adding some interest to its walls?

Before you take the hammer and nails out to mount anything creative, first check these wall decor ideas. 

1. Add Emotion To Walls

A beautiful handmade portrait hanging on the wall of living room.

When I say “add emotion to walls”, I mean to mount a handmade family portrait on the wall. 

Instead of traditional photos or readymade portraits, opt for customized ones. 

This creative piece above your sofa or fireplaces will look striking, importantly, create a statement. 

Needless to say, it’s one of the modern wall decor ideas for the living room. 

Just place your order at Portraitflip. We deliver the finest handmade family portraits to customers. 

Would love to decorate your walls with handmade art,  the way you want!

2. Try Out An Iridescent Mirror

An iridescent mirror mounted on the plain white wall behind the sofa.

Regular mirrors are great, but an iridescent mirror adds a statement to your living room. 

It sets a happy-making vibe and makes your living area inviting!

An iridescent mirror above the side table or beside the window will look fabulous!

Also, this position will make it pass bright light across the room, the best wall decor idea to jazz up the walls. 

3. Add An Accent Wall

An accent wall in the living room area.

An accent wall is one of the simplest ideas for wall decor in the living room. 

The best way to beautify your walls, without the use of any ornament or pieces of treasures. 

Just make sure you ask for paint that suits the furniture and structure of your living room. 

4. Install A BookShelf 

Living room with a sofa and a brown wooden bookshelf.

Install a bookshelf in your living room.

Right away! 

You know you can use it to keep your books, artificial plants, or even antique glassware in it.

It’s the simplest way to keep your books organized and handy, of course, best for wall decoration. 

5. Mount Plates Above Living Room Sets/ TV Stands

Living room walls decorated with ceramic plates

Do you have ceramic plates or collections of unusual plates at home? 

It’s time to style your wall in a not-so-usual way! All you need is plate hangers, a hammer, and nails. 

With its support, you can easily hang plates above your living room sets or TV stands.

Without a question, it is an eclectic way to add visual punch to your living room.

B. Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom: a bedroom with decorated walls.

Whether you have a small bedroom or a spacious sleeping quarter, you shouldn’t skimp on style! 

In the end, it’s a matter of your relaxation and comfort.

I’m confident that these 5 bedroom wall decor ideas will play a major role in styling your walls.

They are very creative, amazing, and worth spending! 

1. Mount A Sculpture

A bedroom area has a sculpture mounted on the wall.

It is one of the best ideas for wall decor in the bedroom. 

Let’s mount an artistic sculpture above the dressers & chests or sofa Sets. That’s its ideal spot!

This statement-making piece will keep your bedroom wall playful and attractive.

2. Mount Some Antlers

Two antlers mounted on the sidewalls of the bedroom

Avoid the monotonous wall decor idea!

Opt for some antlers as they are rustic, vintage, and of course, multi-functional.

You can use it to hang your jewelry, or even your clothes and towels. 

The beauty of it is it can be mounted at any spot…above your Bed set or the side table.

3. Hang A Statement Piece

A beautiful handmade sketch by PortraitFlip is mounted on the wall of a bedroom.

Sometimes, we just keep adding creative items and make our relaxing place cluttered. 

Instead of non-stop buying stuff to fill in every corner, go for the simplest ones. 

Go for a handmade sketch that requires minimum space, and won’t break your bank!

Hanging a statement piece is one of the best wall decor ideas for the bedroom. 

Want to grab the best sketch painting? 

4. Support Art, Mount instruments!

A black classic guitar is mounted on the bedroom wall.

Do you have instruments that are kissing the dust of your corner walls? 

If yes, it’s time to use them. Not for musical purposes, but for wall decoration! 

With the aid of a wall hanger, mount instruments on your favorite spots. It will make your wall impressive as if it’s a room full of music! 

Guess what?

Every time any guest shows up at your place, you can pick the same musical instrument and hit some chords to showcase your talent!

5. An Icy And Cool Bedroom Wallpaper

A bedroom wall is decorated with the wallpaper.

Want to try something new? 

Opt for this icy and cool wallpaper that makes a statement. 

It will look classy and apt if you incorporate it behind the bed headboards.

C. Wall Decor Ideas For Kitchen

Wall Decor Ideas For kitchen: a kitchen with decorated walls.

It is not an issue if you want to keep your kitchen wall plain and bare.

But art and pictures can always make it welcoming and fun. 

And one needs to consider creative kitchen wall decor ideas as it is the “heart of the house”.

The area where your family makes delicious meals for each other. 

So whether you are planning to revamp your wall or add some style, these 5 ideas for wall decor will help you out.

1. Kitchen Signs Look Eye-catching

Kitchen signs are mounted on the walls of a kitchen.

Some folks say that kitchen signs look great in the farmhouse kitchen. However, you can use it even if you have limited space in your kitchen.

Opt for the metal ones that have quirky write-ups. 

2. Jazz Up With Famer Baskets

Farmer baskets is hanged on the front and side walls of a kitchen.

It is one of the inexpensive ideas for wall decor in the kitchen.

They would look really awesome if you hung them on the plain wall.

Apart from decoration, they will be used to store fruits, forks, spoons, and food items you love the most!

3. Incorporate Creative Mug Shelves

Mug shelves on the walls of kitchen.

Incorporating mug shelves is one of the best ideas for wall decor in the kitchen.

The easiest way to show off your overpriced mugs and cups.

These shelves will add pleasing aesthetics, and also keep your kitchen items organized!

4. A Large Clock Looks Great!  

A black clock is mounted on the kitchen wall, next to the kitchen window.

Every time you make something new, you check your mobile or go into the living area to check the time.

Basically, to confirm that you are not wasting too much time on it. 

Here’s a deal: Mount a large clock to your kitchen walls. 

So you can hassle-free check the time while making delicious snacks. Plus, it looks aesthetically pleasing on a plain and bare wall. 

5. Framed Art, Wow!

A half dozen frame art is hung on the wall of a kitchen.

Having framed art in your kitchen can be the best idea for wall decor. 

You know it will keep you inspired to perform several tasks in a creative way.

Also, it will beautify your plain wall which has been quite unattractive.

Opt for fruits or kitchen etiquette framed art.

They are the best! 

D. Wall Decor Ideas For Dining Room

Wall Decor Ideas For Dining Room: An empty dinning room has a painting, lamps, and a dinning table.

The dining room is as important as the living and bedroom.

And its walls deserve all your attention.

This is the place where your confidants and loved ones enjoy the food and get socialized.

Why not add some fashion to dining room walls?

With the below-shared dining room wall decor ideas, you can add or amplify its already existing beauty.

They are awesome, importantly, result-oriented ones!  

1. Old Is Gold, Install A Tapestry

A beautiful tapestry is installed on the wall of a dining room.

Tapestries are the ideal artwork! 

Instead of opting for photos or traditional paintings, install a tapestry on your dining wall.

It depicts an engaging scene like a painting. 

The fact is most folks from the 17th and 18th Centuries used to feature tapestries to glorify culture and traditional beauty. 

So why not bring this “old is gold” idea to existence? 

2. A Round Mirror To Amplify Light

A round mirror is mounted on the wall of a dining room.

You can mount it in any room, including your buffet or dining room. This can reflect the delicious cuisine placed on the dining table.

Plus, it can amplify the light and create an impressive warm glow across the room. 

3. Incorporate A Stunning Mural Wallpaper

A mural wallpaper is incorporated on the walls of a dining room.

Create a statement with the mural wallpaper!

The beauty is it blends in with any room structure and design. 

Importantly, it can be changed hassle-free at a low cost, if you would look for a new one. 

So opt for a beach wall mural, an abstract, or something else that fascinates you.

4. Introduce An Handmade Artwork

A handmade artwork by PortraitFlip is mounted on the wall of the dining room.

You may have white walls, or peach walls, or something else.

But introducing this piece of art can jazz up your dining area. 

It is one of the superb wall decor ideas for the dining room that makes it look inviting and pleasing to the eyes. 

Want to know which one suits your dining room?

5. Install A Statement Case

A rectangle shaped case is installed on the wall of a dining room.

Turn an entire room into a place that can allow you to linger in for extra hours. 

Installing a case can make this thing possible!

This is one of the dining wall decor ideas that can turn naked walls into classy at a minimal expense. 

E. Wall Decor Ideas For Bathroom

Wall Decor Ideas For Bathroom: an empty bathroom is decorated with wooden stands, a mirror, etc.

Every time you type “Ideas for wall decor”, most of the tips and tricks result in the favor of living, bedroom, and kitchen walls.

There would hardly be any great suggestions for bathroom wall decor.

Bathroom walls, too scream for some personality shift, like living and bedroom walls usually do.

So let’s consider one of these ideas for wall decor in the bathroom, and implement it.

1. Glam Up Your Bathroom With Printed Wallpaper

A printed wallpaper is installed on the wall of a bathroom.

Don’t look for other options if you have limited knowledge about interior design.

The printed wallpaper can spruce up your bathroom walls and can deliver all the styles with commitment.

Plus, it will make your bathroom look professionally decorated. 

2. Install Floor-To-Ceiling Tile

White colored tiles are installed on the walls of a bathroom.

This isn’t a new thing though. Like living and bedroom walls, you can get floor-to-ceiling tile installed in your bathroom.

There is a lot of activity you can do with it. You can go monochromatic or pay attention to color and install tile accordingly.

If not, you can make it similar to the above-shared image. 

This wall decor idea will not only protect the wall from dryness but also creates a design statement. 

3. Beautify Your Bathroom With Product Shelf

A product shelf is installed on the wall of a bathroom.

Why not a product shelf for your bathroom wall? 

It will keep everything you need in an organized manner – Towels, toiletries, and any other items you want. You can keep other items, too.

Something which can easily fit in. Plus, it will keep your bathroom clean, functional, and stylish! 

Gallery wall is incorporated on the wall of a bathroom.

Let your washroom walls have a Gallery wall like your living and dining room do.

It’s way better to go with the wall decor idea, and way better than keeping it naked.

Make sure you shop the best collections of gallery walls, considering the width of the wall, structure of the bathroom, and angle where you are going to hang it on. 

5. Style Your Bathroom With Some Greenery

A flower pot is kept next to a wash basin.

Mount some plants with the aid of hangers.

Well, they shouldn’t belong to any type or category.

Considering Asparagus Fern or Bamboo can be the best ones. 

They require minimal sunlight and are the best plants for bathroom wall decor

F. Wall Decor Ideas For Entryway

Wall Decor Ideas For Entryway: an entryway packed with pieces of furniture.

Technically, the entryway isn’t considered a “room”, however, it’s the first area that is visible to any outsider or guest. 

Oftentimes, you decorate the living room and neglect the entryway. 

But this time you’re gonna jazz it up with these proven ideas of wall decor. 

These entryway wall decor ideas will make it inviting and functional, basically, set a pleasing tone for your home.

1. A Piece Of Furniture Looks Lovely!

A white colored furniture is placed in the entryway.

The best you can do to decorate your entryway is to bring in the best piece of furniture.

Something that is functional and designer-inspired! 

Maybe, coat racks or cabinets & chests or something that provides sufficient space to keep your stuff. 

2. Style Your Entry With A Handmade Pet Painting

A handmade pet painting is mounted on the wall of the entryway.

It’s one of the unique ideas for wall decor…perfect for your neutral entryway! 

Instead of going for a ready-made photo, hang a handmade painting, this time! 

Usually, you just take a print of your pet’s picture, frame it, and hang it on your wall.

Why not skip this way and look for the creative approach? 

Send us your pet photo, and we shall convert it into a beautiful handmade painting. 

Exactly the way you want that perfectly fits on your entryway. 

3. Wooden Hooks Are Must!

Wooden hooks are mounted on the plain white wall of a entryway.

Whether you have a small room or a large one, hooks can be perfectly mounted on your walls. 

They require minimal space and are multifunctional, too. 

Plus, you can keep anything handy with the support of wooden hooks. 

Opt for wooden hooks as they maintain the lifespan of your clothes or other items, whereas wire or plastic ones can easily be bent if the items are heavier. 

4. Brighten The Entryway With Lights

Some lights are installed on the ceiling of a entryway.

It is one of the best wall decor ideas for the hallway. 

With the installation of a pendant lamp or chandelier, you can make your entryway picturesque!

Besides, all of your furniture and wall artwork will get highlighted from its widespread light. 

5. Add Your To-Do List

A to-do list board is mounted on the wall of a entryway.

Promise yourself that you will accomplish things you procrastinate on a daily basis.

Rather than making a daily task list on your Google notes or a diary, mount a to-do list board on your entryway.

Every time you head out, this will remind you of daily jobs and motivate you to accomplish them. 

G. Cheap Ideas For Wall Decor

Cheap Ideas For Wall Decor: a man smiling and flashing cash to the viewers.

The first thought that comes to mind when we plan for wall decorations is “budget”.

Everyone has some sort of budget, accordingly one plan for renovation or revamp. 

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what you exactly need to revamp or beautify your walls, without breaking the bank!

These 5 inexpensive wall decor ideas will not only impress you but also your guests. 

1. Make Your Wall Eye-Catching With A Calendar

A wall calendar is hanged on the wall of a living area.

Like others, you should consider it for your wall decoration.

They are inexpensive, amazing, and indeed, keep you disciplined! 

These cheap ideas for wall decor will not only remind you of whose birthday party or family function you have to attend but also let you block dates for your next trip. 

2. Mount Fork And Spoon Wall Art

A fork and spoon shaped wall art on the walls of a living area.

It is one of the cute ideas for wall decor…also an inexpensive one.

A fork and spoon wall art looks splendid. Plus, it provides a creative and pleasing appearance to your dine and kitchen walls. 

3. Beaded Hanging Is A Statement

The living room wall is decorated with beads and branches.

Go creative! At least this time. 

Decorate your walls with beads and branches.

Your walls will look elegant and minimalistic. Plus, it won’t cost you much. 

4. Organize Anything With A Pegboard 

A pegboard is installed on the wall of a a entryway.

It can be used to hang a bag of bolts, a roll duct tape, and you name it!

The cool ideas for wall decor are meant to organize literally anything. 

The beauty is it looks really good in any room. Also, you can customize it the way you want! 

5. Style Your Wall With Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors are installed on the walls of a living room

It is one of the inexpensive wall decor ideas with mirrors.

Collect teardrop, sunburst, round, and other types of mirrors together, and mount them on a wall in a way similar to the above image. 

This will look striking! 

H. DIY Ideas For Wall Decor

DIY Ideas For Wall Decor: a guy in a white t-shirt smiling and pointing his finger upward.

It’s not true that DIY wall decor ideas are intimidating!

There is a way to bring these ideas into existence. 

In this read, I’ll share DIY ideas of wall decor with you that are not only convenient to implement but also the best over luxurious wall art and galleries. 

1. Basket Wall Art Is A Great Idea

The wall is decorated with basket art.

Do you have some unused baskets at your home? It’s time to use them to decorate your bare wall.

You have to make a starburst on the wall with the help of nails.

Just hang a larger one in the center of your wall, smaller ones to its surround. 

I’m confident it will look striking and bring ample texture to your room.

2. Clipboard Frames Look Wow!

Clipboard frames are mounted on the wall.

Frames can be expensive.

So just replace that idea with clipboard frames. 

Take pictures and clip them on the wall with the aid of a clipboard and piece of thread. 

Needless to say, it is one of the simplest DIY wall decor ideas. 

3. Old Book Wall Art

A living room wall is decorated with old books.

Don’t know what to do with old books? 

Arrange them in a way on your wall and give your walls a magical look. 

Put heavy-duty nails on the wall and hang books on them.

If you want you can hold some books’ pages open to form a unique design. 

4. Abstract Art Using Paint

An abstract painting has covered the walls of a dining room.

Do you know the definition of an artist?

Someone who clearly expresses their idea through a form of art. And you, too, can be an artist with the help of paints.

Just draw what you imagine on a piece of paper and frame it on your favorite wall!

5. Flower Wall Art

A wall of a bedroom is decorated with a beautiful bunch of flower art.

Love the scent of lavender or rose? Why not paint these flowers for your wall?

Make sure you frame these in a wooden frame. 

This will give a magnificent look to your wall and also encourage others for a DIY approach. 


The above-mentioned ideas for wall decor are our top picks. 

Now it’s on you whether you want to go with DIY or cheap wall decor ideas. 

If you ask me, I’ll say that ordering a handmade painting can be the best deal!

Firstly, it glams up any wall. Secondly, it strengthens the bond between you and your family members. 

Why not order a handmade painting for your wall decoration? 

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I hope you find this content valuable and worth reading.

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