How High to Hang Painting? (6 Simple Rules to Follow)

How High to Hang Painting? (6 Simple Rules to Follow)

You’re not alone if you are unsure about how high to hang a painting.

Trust me when I say that 7 out of 10 people don’t hang their pictures at the correct height.

If you’re lucky enough, then your guess game could be right, but the probability is very low.

You must be wondering, “Does it matter if the painting is not hung at the right height?”

My friend, it does matter!

The whole decor can be disturbed if that one painting in the living room is not hung accordingly.

To avoid such instances, follow 6 simple rules that will definitely make a difference in your home style.

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Try and then you can thank me later in the comments section!

How High to Hang Painting: 6 Simple Rules

Painting hanged at a wrong and at a correct height in front of woman
Image: Freepik, Painting by PortraitFlip

Can you tell me what steps you follow to place your painting on the wall?

Is it measuring tape, a scale, or your all-time favorite guess game?

Family painting from different photos

To make sure that the height for hanging artwork is done correctly, I’ve simplified it into six rules that anyone can easily perform.

The six rules are divided into two parts:

  • 3 factors to consider when hanging arts
  • 3 step-by-step guide of how to hang art on a wall

So, shall we start?

3 Factors to Consider While Hanging Artworks

When I say factors to consider, it includes walls, space, furniture, and the amenities of the entire room.

Adding a painting to your wall is an easy task but I’m sure that isn’t the only thing you want.

Let’s add some pleasing views to your room by examining these three aspects.

First: Aesthetic Wall and Space

woman hanging painting at a particular height
Image: Freepik, Painting by PortraitFlip

Don’t you want your aesthetically pleasing wall to feel alluring?

I’m sure you do! 

Then knowing how high to hang a painting or picture is a must to consider.

As I mentioned before, your whole home decor can be disrupted if that one picture on the wall is not at its correct height.

The very first factor to contemplate is acknowledging the room’s theme.

The picture should compliment the decor of your room; otherwise, it will look unusual to the eyes.

Secondly, always try to maintain the pictures at eye level. This will help you create balance and is effortless to glance at.

Another point is to make a room feel a bit larger by adding the perfect canvas size.

Plus, it creates a focal point for the entire room and reflects your personality and style.

Second: Considering Furnitures 

Woman hanging painting by PortraitFlip at a height
Image: Freepik, Painting by PortraitFlip

In the rule for hanging pictures, avoid mounting too low or too high paintings above furniture.

A good rule of thumb to hang paintings is that the bottom of the picture should be 6-12 inches above the furniture.

This will automatically add an appealing look to your area.

And if there are multiple paintings, then there is only one rule for hanging pictures—sync them together!

You must try to place the paintings in such a way that they create a sense of balance and harmony in art.

It can depend on their size, theme, color, or style.

Remember, picture spacing is necessary when there are more than two paintings.

Third: Type of Art

Different size of art mounted on wall in living room
Image: Freepik

Taking different types of art into consideration is very tricky.

We all know that paintings come in various sizes and styles. With this said, there are three key points you must know.

Firstly, always choose styles that compliment your room decor.

Secondly, whether your paintings are large or small, try to group them in a way that doesn’t feel odd to the eyes.

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Finally, make sure that the art is visible from every corner of the room.

Now let’s talk about the steps we must follow for how high to hang pictures.

3 Steps for How High to Hang Painting

Here’s a short guide you can follow while hanging your artwork.

First: Using Right Tools

Woman hanging a painting on wall and man holding a drilling machine
Image: Freepik

Choose the correct tool that will make your task easy and simple.

You can use gadgets like:

  • Pencil or Marker
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hacksaw (optional)
  • Drilling Machine
  • Stadiometer

Second: Mark and Measure

Man and woman measuring painting's height on wall
Image: Freepik

In the game of how to hang a painting, marking and measuring play a significant role.

Let me convey to you the easiest way to mark and measure your pictures.

Firstly, keep the measurement according to the eye level. For example, let’s take the common height of a human being (5’10”).

For a person with a 5’10” height, the painting should be 57 inches.

Therefore, as per the calculation, you need to drill a hole at 57 inches from the base level.

Third: The Hanging Task

Couple hanging painting by PortraitFlip on wall
Image: Freepik, Painting by PortraitFlip

Now that you know the rules for hanging pictures according to their height, here comes the final step—hanging task!

Writer’s tip: Try to install the painting that covers most of your walls.

The appearance looks absolutely stunning; that wraps up nearly all your decoration.

You can also get STAS hooks, which will help you adjust the position of your painting.

Decorate your home the way you desire!

What is the Appropriate Height to Hang Pictures?

Woman glancing at a horse portrait by PortraitFlip which is hung at a eye level
Image: Freepik, Painting by PortraitFlip

The question of what could be a suitable height to hang paintings is subjective.

It is subjective to the theme of your room and furniture.

According to experts, 57 inches from the center of the painting to the floor is considered a standard height.

However, there is no such thing as perfection in this world.

57-inch rule can also vary according to the theme.

The rule of 57- inches is designed as per the eye level for an average person’s height.

Another method to use 57-inch rule is to measure the height of your picture, then divide the number in half and add the resulting figure to 57.

This will give you a perfect number for your painting.

To be precise, here’s the whole math as an example.

Size of your painting = 30 inches

Divided it by two = 15 inches

Add 15 to 57, which will be 72 inches!

Here’s a preview of 72 inches on the wall.

Estimating 72 inches on wall from floor
Image: Freepik

Now you have your measurement for the painting’s height.

Note: Make sure you hang the painting from the top of the frame, where 72 inches are marked.

To Conclude

People mostly neglect the fact that paintings hung at a proper height matter.

Covering the topic of how high to hang paintings was a challenge for me.

But here I’m, with all the factors and steps that you should take while hanging art at an ideal height.

The space in which we live, sit, eat, and create memories surely deserves proper attention and care.

You must have understood now that the picture mounted in your living room needs some changes.

Don’t let small things like height to hang art effect the whole vibe of the room.


What is the proper height for hanging pictures?

The standard height to hang a painting is the 57-inch rule.

What is the 57-inch rule?

The golden rule is to have the center of the painting hang at 57-inches on the wall.

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