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17+ Contemporary Black Artists Who Are Changing The Future Of Art

Contemporary Black Artists Cover

While an entire world is broken into fragments of race, caste, religion, and ethnicity, contemporary black artists are struggling to stitch the fragments. Throughout history, people of ethnicity and race have been marginalized. But now is the time that the black artists have joined hands to break the lines of difference and emerge as a […]

21 Famous Cat Paintings That Have Made History More Hissterical!

21 Famous Cat Paintings

Cats should be honored for their sass and all the famous cat paintings are a witness of it. Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t kidding when he said “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” For centuries cats have been the subject of admiration and art. And let’s accept it, even today the internet is going bonkers about […]

PortraitFlip’s 30 Under 30: June Edition

PortraitFlip's 30 under 30 June Edition cover with a compilation of all the best handmade paintings

PortraitFlip is back with its list of 30 under 30 for June. Now one cannot save June suns to warm winter days, but one can definitely get them hand-painted. Which is pretty much equivalent to bringing warmth and happiness not just during winters but for a lifetime. So, what exactly does our 30 Under 30 […]

PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife: Which Portrait Painting Service Should You Choose In 2022?

A photo describing which painting service should you choose: PortraitFlip or PaintYourLife

Getting a handmade portrait is not a piece of cake. Especially when you have so many portrait painting services to choose from. To make it easier for you, PortraitFlip has brought to you a comparison with the industry giants – PortraitFlip vs PaintYourLife It pretty much also answers why you should choose PortraitFlip as an […]

PortraitFlip’s 30 Under 30: May 2021 Edition

May 30 under 30 collage of all PortraitFlip artworks.

PortraitFlip’s 30 under 30 features every month’s top 30 best photo to paintings. It’s time for us to reveal our pick for May’s most breath-taking artworks. Absolutely astonishing to say that this time Color Pencil has given some tough competition to Oil. Nevertheless, Oil remains the best of the lot. Keep scrolling to enter the […]

15 Art Memes You Should Know About If You Are A True Meme Lord

15 Memes You Should Know If You Are A Meme Lord PortraitFlip

It’s the 21st century fellas, the century of art memes! A world where your collection of humor card is directly proportional to your popularity. But why would anyone turn towards dull artworks from gallery for humor? (Although I personally feel that the pre-photograph era was wonderful!) (Do I sound like your millennial aunt?) Well, half […]

Memorial Portrait: Bring Back People Who Are Gone Forever

“Those we love never truly leave us. There are things that death cannot touch.” And it is memories that death can never touch. Memories wrapped in a memorial portrait! Can we really bring back people that are gone? All those wonderful memories that you cherished? When your father looked deep into your mother’s eyes, or […]

A Custom Handmade Painting: 9 Things You Can Do Only With PortraitFlip

9 things you didn't know PortraitFlip could do

PortraitFlip started with the idea of creating a handmade painting from photo. To bring warmth and happiness in the lives of every person associated with us and to grow with them. But it is the creativity and imagination of our community that all take us a step forward. Our art reflects you, your ideas – […]

Dog Memorial Gifts: 19 Ways To Help A Grieving Dog Parent

Dog Memorial Gifts

The entire idea of having to get dog memorial gifts is heart-sinking. Some goodbyes look longer than their entire life and it is difficult to detach ourselves from our furry little pet. “It’s so much easier to move on after the death of a pet if their items aren’t all over the place. It was […]

25+ Christmas Gift For Pets – Dogs, Cats, And Hamsters

You completely forgot a Christmas gift for pets, didn’t you? It is the most beautiful time of the year again and jingles are on the way. While you are preparing a list of hosts to invite to your Christmas Party this year, don’t forget to make a list of Christmas Gifts for everyone… …which also […]