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Can You Make Money Selling Handmade Paintings Online?

an artist will money and paint brushes

If you are an artist in a fix of whether selling handmade paintings online will make you money or not, I have a simple answer to it. Yes! You can make money by selling your handmade paintings on digital platforms. We house more than 250 artists under us and have successfully managed to sell custom […]

How To Hang a Painting? 5 Ways To A Successful Mount

how to hang a painting cover

Do you find yourself in a fix where you have a wonderful portrait but don’t know how to hang a painting, especially without nails? Now, we all know that canvas paintings and portraits are the most common and minimalistic way of decking up your home. And with that thought, you often tend to get handmade […]

Post Impressionist Artists: The 7 Founding Fathers Of Modern Art

Post impressionist artist van gogh cover

France, the birthplace of most culture and art, saw the growth of yet another futuristic movement:Post-Impressionism and Post-Impressionist artists! The term “post-Impressionist artists” was coined by Roger Fry for the works of the likes of Paul Cézanne, Van Gogh, and others. These artists are known to break free from the naturalistic painting of Impressionism and […]

12 Famous Van Gogh Paintings That Will Change Your Life!

Famous Van Gogh Paintings

Coffee, cigarettes, and bread – almost sounding a lot like the next album by Cigarettes After Sex is in fact something that this artist survived on. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), synonymously known as the tortured artist, stands as one of the most renowned artists of post-Impressionism.  Born the eldest to a Dutch Reformed Minister, Van […]

Painting Completed My Life: 14 Frida Kahlo Paintings & Their Interpretations

Frida Kahlo paintings cover

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón – oh wait! Was that the name? How about if I said I was talking about the famous Mexican painter, the Frida Kahlo. Relatively unknown until the late 1970s, today, Frida is not only one of the famous painters but also an iconic figure for Chicanos, Feminism, and LGBTQA+ […]