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Post Impressionist Artists: The 7 Founding Fathers Of Modern Art

Post impressionist artists

France, the birthplace of most culture and art, saw the growth of yet another futuristic movement:Post-Impressionism and Post-Impressionist artists! The term “post-Impressionist artists” was coined by Roger Fry for the works of the likes of Paul Cézanne, Van Gogh, and others. These artists are known to break free from the naturalistic painting of Impressionism and […]

12 Famous Van Gogh Paintings That Will Change Your Life!

Vincent Van Gogh Paintings cover

Coffee, cigarettes, and bread – almost sounding a lot like the next album by Cigarettes After Sex is in fact something that this artist survived on. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), synonymously known as the tortured artist, stands as one of the most renowned artists of post-Impressionism.  Born the eldest to a Dutch Reformed Minister, Van […]

Painting Completed My Life: 14 Frida Kahlo Paintings & Their Interpretations

Frida Kahlo paintings cover

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón – oh wait! Was that the name? How about if I said I was talking about the famous Mexican painter, the Frida Kahlo. Relatively unknown until the late 1970s, today, Frida is not only one of the famous painters but also an iconic figure for Chicanos, Feminism, and LGBTQA+ […]

7 Best Custom Pet Portrait Companies Worth Giving A Shot!

best pet portrait companies

Pets are family, and every family deserves to be remembered beautifully… Whoever has ever had a pet, be it a dog, cat, horse, or even an Ostrich, knows that each one is exceptional. But sometimes, just a pat on the back, walking down the road, or a trip is not enough to recognize the wonders […]

PortraitFlip vs. MyDaVinci: Pros, Cons and Recommendation

PortraitFlip vs. MyDaVinci

Custom Handmade Art has become the new wine for the gifting industry.  With requirements for a better gifting option, people have pleasantly adapted to custom handmade art as a gift.  But the biggest challenge for any customer is choosing a portrait painting service for realistic custom art.  To take this confusion off your mind, we […]

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting: Custom Portrait Artists In Comparison

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting

Looking for a portrait painting service that is economical and has quality? Daunting, I must say.  You may find quality services, but the price may touch the skies, and the economic ones do not provide a good quality handmade painting. Despite many portrait painting services available across the internet, it is among the top five […]

PortraitFlip vs. Portraits On Demand: Choosing The Service Of Quality

PortraitFlip vs. PortraitsOnDemand

You scavenge the internet for portrait painting services and come across big names, but trust becomes one of the most significant factors while commissioning a custom handmade painting.  Trusting the quality, trusting the artist, and most importantly, trusting a company with your money.  You may want to go ahead with a local artist, but the […]

11+ Famous Black Artists In Art History (2022 Updated)

An abstract a contemporary artist with the words famous black artists.

“I am not a black artist, I am an artist”  — Jean-Michel Basquiat  I say “famous black artists” but were they? Black artists or just artists have been unrecognized and undervalued for years — if not for decades or centuries. Just like the Women painters, they have been swept under the radar for far too […]

23 Famous Cat Paintings That Have Made History Hiss-terical!

Famous Cat Paintings

Cats are worthy of being muses and the famous cat paintings are a witness to it. Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t kidding when he said “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” For centuries cats have been the subject of art and admiration. And let’s accept it, even today the internet is going bonkers about these crazy […]

PortraitFlip vs. PaintYourLife™: A Competitive Analysis Of Two Bests

PortraitFlip vs Paintyourlife comparison cover

PaintYourLife™ is an intellectual property of PaintYourLife™ and its authorized third parties and they hold the rights to its usage. Getting a handmade portrait is not a piece of cake. Especially when you have so many portrait painting services to choose from. To make it easier for you, PortraitFlip has brought to you a comparison […]