12 Family Portrait Ideas: Best Ideas for Family Photoshoot

12 Best Family Portrait Ideas For Photo Session in 2024

Don’t you always try to have that one perfect family portrait but fall out of ideas on how to get one?

I’m sure you do!

Clicking on a good family picture can be smooth and easy if you have a list of ideas for a family photo.

Whether you’re working with friends, regular clients, or new customers, making your family photo sessions fun and interesting always leads to better photos.

Here are 12 ideas to help you get creative and think of fun ways to take family pictures.

Let’s begin!

6 Best Family Portrait Ideas

1. Background

Image: PortraitFlip

A beautiful background seems like an interesting way to get a family portrait. Always look for a set up that compliments your photo.

However, it’s not; you’ll always get an amazing background for your picture. In such cases, you can incorporate customized backgrounds.

At PortraitFlip, you can personalize your background according to your preferences. Plus, you can preserve your pictures by turning them into family paintings.

Check out their galleries and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Family painting from different photos

2. Group Hug

Image: Freepik

A family portrait should reflect a feeling of happiness and joy.

Encourage children to cuddle their parents and create a sense of closeness in the picture.

Let the family, and those who view the photos, feel the overflowing love preserved in each image.

3. Walk Together

How about walking together, just like in the below picture?

Image: Freepik

Walking together as an idea for a family portrait is a favorite for a couple of reasons.

It’s adorable and captures a random moment of family togetherness.

4. Generational Picture

Image: PortraitFlip

A picture that speaks of different generations is definitely an amazing family portrait idea.

It reflects an extended family, closeness, and a strong bond.

And if your ancestors are not with you anymore, then get a family picture clicked and send it to PortraitFlip.

They will merge your picture with that of your ancestors and create a flawless, handmade painting.

5. Explore Backlighting

Image: Freepik

Good lighting can change everything about your family photo ideas.

Experimenting with backlighting can be exciting and can turn your portrait into something magical.

Make sure you get a good light while searching for family portrait ideas. It definitely creates a striking glow in the picture.

6. Gender Pictures

Image: Freepik

Separating genders for pictures seems like a strategically good idea for family photoshoot.

This idea may not make you feel valuable but later it will bring delightful results, making the photo memorable.

Tip: Get a separate picture of men, women and children and merge them together with the compilation portrait.

6 Creative Family Portrait Ideas

1. Show Sportiveness

Image: pinimg.com

Kids love to play and be spontaneous.

Why not incorporate such energy into a family portrait?

Take a break from traditional posing and simply enjoy the company of your loved ones. Parents can lift their children, spin them, and relish the moment together.

2. Click with Pets

Image: PortraitFlip

Including your pets in a family picture gives a feeling of closeness.

It may be a bit difficult to make your pet cooperate but you can surely make your pet act friendly by giving treats or their favorite toy to play with.

It preserves bonds with pets and creates an amazing family portrait with dog ideas.

If you don’t succeed in getting a family portrait with your pet, then you could surely go for a custom painting.

This way, you can add your beloved pet to the picture and a painting will help you keep it preserved.

3. Show Love

Image: promptographer-com

I feel this family portrait idea doesn’t require any explanation.

A picture filled with love and affection is always appealing to the eyes.

Remember, never force affection into a picture, as it may seem awkward. Try to act naturally and create a sense of close relationship a family holds.

Parents hugging and kissing their children always leave a cherished view.

4. Read a Book

Image: wp.com

How about some reading?

Reading a child’s favorite books really illuminates a relaxing and tender moment in your family portrait.

These little moments depict a valuable piece of a family’s culture.

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5. Get Candids

Image: kellymcphail.com

The posing game is surely on point but what about candids? Aren’t they natural and captivating to the eyes?

Sometimes the best shots of a portrait are completely unplanned. Keep it spontaneous, effortless, and simple.

Laugh around each other, have a joyful conversation and there you have the most perfect family portrait.

6. Only Kids

There are times when parents want their children to be clicked separately.

In such cases, getting your children in one photo is the perfect way to cherish them.

And when you hang it on the wall, it will catch the attention of many.

Final Word

 Finally, I would like to conclude that there is no such thing as a “perfect family portrait.”

Each family is unique, just like a painting.

No matter how the photo session goes and what pictures you take, in the end, you’ll only get a beautiful outcome.

And the best part is that you can preserve your family portrait in the most unique way with a handmade painting. You will definitely adore it!

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