7+ Wedding Portrait Ideas: 2024 Recommended

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Did someone say “wedding”? Because I am all ready to swoon! 

Something about wedding bells brings out the enthusiastic planner in me.

Wait, let me guess, are you someone struggling with the wedding air? 

If you are a new bride to be or groom to be, you sure do have a lot of planning ahead of you.

There is the wedding dress, cake, venue, decor, seating plan, guest lists… phew the list goes on, right? 

But one of the most important factors is also to capture the whole process, and of course your big day—to get wedding portraits! 

So, I thought let me make it a tad bit easier for you by bringing you some of the best wedding portrait ideas

1. Get A Trusted Photographer

bride and groom with their photographer
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First and foremost, to make things easy-breezy it is best that you choose your photographer before-hand. 

If you know someone personally that works best, otherwise there are a plethora of wedding photographers brimming with talent. 

Once you find them, what you need to do is build trust with them—tell them your story, let them truly understand what you’re looking for. 

Couple Painting

Share your preferences, likes, dislikes and the theme you want to create through the lenses. 

After all,  it’s not just taking photographs, but capturing once in a lifetime memories! 

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2. Discuss Events and Poses Beforehand 

a couple siting across a table and planning
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You obviously need everything to go through smoothly, and that requires planning and strategizing. 

I highly recommend sitting with your photographer beforehand and discussing what events and looks you want to cover through the shoot. 

People have different preferences when it comes to poses, looks and backdrops, etc. 

Discussing these needs in prior will help you and as well as your photographer to bring in the best results, stress-free! 

3. The First Look Moment 

a bride gazing into her groom's face
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Now how can anyone miss the “first look” moment on their wedding day, in fact, it is one of the most special and important moments to capture. 

Because you would have already discussed your needs with your photographer, just focus on the moment and make sure you are completely in it. 

It is definitely the most special and intimate moment of your wedding day, so cherish it to the fullest while your photographer captures the emotion. 

4. The First Dance Moment

bride and groom's first dance
Image: freepik.com

Oooh, now comes my most favorite part! While going through wedding portrait ideas how can you miss out the first dance shots? 

Be your natural lovey-dovey selves and completely embrace the drama, the moment, the love in the air. 

And the rest? Your photographer will make sure to get the perfect snaps that will be frame-worthy! 

5. After Tying The Knot

bride and groom right after getting married
Image: freepik.com

Who started the water-works? Yes, I know tying the knot is definitely the most emotional and happiest part of your wedding—it’s official! 

If you need different angles of the ceremony and moments to be taken, make sure you communicate this to your photographer beforehand. 

Couple painting ad

It would be best to capture the emotions of the bride and groom and their dearest people around them. How lovely! 

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6. Wholesome Candid Moments 

the bride and groom caught laughing in a candid moment
Image: freepik.com

Who doesn’t love candids, right? Make sure clear instructions are given to your photographer to capture candid moments of the couple, family and friends present there. 

These candid shots can be a sweet random moment between the couple, something funny amongst fun relatives, and even something bizarre that nobody noticed. 

Having candids definitely adds more zeal and life to your album and should obviously be part of your wedding portrait ideas. 

7. The Couple With the Family 

bride and groom posing witj family and friends
Image: freepik.com

Weddings are incomplete without your family’s support and love—even be it your chosen family! 

So, your wedding portrait ideas would be incomplete without having a portrait with your family. 

Make sure to try different poses, and I would recommend a few funny ones too. 

8. Capture The Venue and Accessories

wedding accessories
Image: freepik.com

Every little thing on your wedding day is precious and it matters. 

In your wedding portrait ideas make sure to include capturing the venue and its aesthetics too. 

I am sure you will be following a theme, so why not show it off? Along with the beautiful accessories that will later remind you of the memorable day. 

From the bride and groom’s outfits, to the invitations and to the decor, everything can be documented. 

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Conclusion: Get A Wedding Portrait Painting Made!

I think we have pretty much covered everything that you need to consider while getting wedding portraits. 

But guess what, you know what I have noticed so many times?

A lot of times, you don’t get the satisfaction from the wedding photographs. 

There will be a photo or two where you loved everything about it except something is missing or there is a small flaw. 

Or sometimes a few family members are missing and you could not get the perfect family wedding portrait. 

What do we do in such cases? Let me tell you! 

You can get a custom handmade wedding portrait made! How so?

All you need to do is send PortraitFlip your preferred photographs. They will merge the photographs digitally and get it hand painted. Amazing, right?

a family wedding portrait after being merged from different photos
Image : portraitflip.com

Not only will you have all your favorite people in one place of your wedding frame, you shall also have something handmade and intimate to cherish from your wedding day! 

I hope I have covered everything and that you find this article helpful. 

I will soon come back with a new one, till then. 

Toodles xx

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