10 Personalized Housewarming Gifts Online: The Ultimate Guide

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If someone you know is starting off their journey in a new, beautiful home, you are bound to be scratching your head to find the best personalized housewarming gifts out there. 

Something so intimate and personal like a new home definitely needs a personalized addition as a gift. 

But are you worried that you won’t find a personalized housewarming gift like that?

Take a chill pill and relax, my friend, because I have here not one or two, but ten amazing options for personalized gifts for new home! 

By the end of this article you are sure to be fixed on what housewarming gift to choose!

5 Personalized Housewarming Gift Ideas

1. Custom Portrait Painting

house portrait and family portrait side to side
Image: portraitflip.com

    There is nothing more that captures the beauty of a home and family like a handmade custom painting! 

    If you wish to bring the best smiles on someone’s face on their housewarming day then you could get them a beautiful painting of the new home sweet home. 

    When a gift is handmade, the emotion and intent behind it holds more importance, and shows how much the person you are gifting this means to you. 

    By giving them a custom handmade portrait of their new home, they will always be reminded of the fond memories even after years to come. 

    Don’t you think their living space would look magnificent with a painting like that? If yes, get them one right away;

    2. Custom Map Of The Home

    Custom map of home
    Image: pushpintravelmaps.com

      Starting a new venture in a new place is definitely something to be treasured and celebrated. 

      So, when gifting something it should rightfully be something that the people of the hom can fondly hold on to. 

      And this is one of the personalized housewarming gifts that will fit in this category. 

      A custom map of the home will commemorate the geographical area, date and time of the new beginning. 

      Apart from being a memorable gift, it also looks aesthetically pleasing and makes a great decor piece. 

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      3. Customized Cutting Board

      customized cutting board
      Image: stampoutonline.com

        If the person celebrating their housewarming is someone who loves kitchen accessories, then this customized cutting board would make an excellent personalized housewarming gift. 

        Having their name engraved on the board, it will give a sense of uniqueness and authenticity. 

        While choosing a customized cutting board make sure you prioritize its functionality and durability. 

        Moreover, choosing a customized cutting board will also elevate the overall look of the kitchen and will just make the process of using it more fun! 

        4. Personalized Blanket

        personalized blanket
        Image: personalizationmall.com

          There can never be too many blankets in a home! But you won’t have to give any blanket, but a customized blanket with either the family name of their picture printed on it. 

          This would make one of the best personalized housewarming gifts because it is going to keep the family member comfortable and warm, and which you will be reminded of.  

          Blankets are also a versatile object as they can be used in the bedroom, as a throw blanket on sofas or even as a showpiece!

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          5. Personalized Outdoor Sign 

          outdoor house sign
          Image: taylorsigns.com

            Now I don’t know what would better scream as a housewarming gift idea?!

            Outdoor signs are not only personal but also a necessity when it comes to starting your journey in a new house. 

            What you can do is personalize the outdoor sign board that represents the family staying in the house, and well, maybe even make it funny. 

            It would be a delightful yet a unique addition to the new house! 

            5 Inexpensive Housewarming Gift Ideas

            1. Scented Candles

            scented customized candle
            Image: itsalwaysautumn.com

                If you are racking your brain for personalized housewarming gifts that are also inexpensive then scented candles will never disappoint you. 

                To start with, scented candles will help set the ambience and feel to any room. It also has a prolonged calming effect. 

                If you want to make the gift better, choosing their favorite scent will do the trick, which can also help in stress relief and aromatherapy. 

                And to add to all that, scented candles also make a beautiful decorative element in the house! 

                2. Couple Coffee Mug Set

                couple coffee mugs
                Image: personalizationmall.com

                  People always welcome adorable kitchen crockery, so why don’t you get the new house owners a nice coffee mug set? 

                  If they are coffee lovers, then this would make the perfect inexpensive and personalized housewarming gift. 

                  Not only that, we all know that coffee mugs always add to the aesthetic of any kitchenware!

                  3. Funky Door mat 

                  door mat with quote
                  Image: amazon.com

                    If there is anything that screams first impressions to a house, it is a good door mat! That is also why funky door mats make one of the best choices for inexpensive personalized housewarming gifts. 

                    If you are someone who likes to give something that stays long and will be used practically, a nice doormat with a funny quote would be your go-to choice. 

                    Apart from that, it is an amazing conversation starter when any guests arrive, so you can throw small-talk out of the window. 

                    4. Ceramic Vase 

                    a set of ceramic vases
                    Image: everdreamcraft.com

                      If the new house owners are someone who loves to decorate their houses, then a good ceramic vase will add to the decorative accent. 

                      It is one of the best housewarming gifts because you can choose something that goes well with their style and aesthetics, and vases are something that always comes in use. 

                      It is also a gift that is practical and has higher longevity than most out options out there, so you can go all out choosing a nice vase! 

                      5. Drink Coaster 

                      a set of drink coasters
                      Image: amazon.com

                         Do you need yet another inexpensive option for a housewarming gift, well we have drink coasters! 

                        This is the most safest and versatile option to gift someone starting their new home, because some use it as a decorative piece and some to protect their furniture from spillage. 

                        Nevertheless you can go all out and choose coasters that come in beautiful designs and patterns, which will be a suitable gift!

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                        Well, I think I have covered almost everything, and I have definitely got you some of the best options for personalized housewarming gifts that can be out there! 

                        But if you ask me personally, one gift that combines all emotions, versatility, longevity and intent is—handmade portrait painting! 

                        If you do not know how the new house looks, you can even manage getting a photograph of the family living there and get a custom family portrait of them to hang on their new walls. 

                        Wouldn’t that be just amazing?

                        I really hope you have liked the options I have given you and have made your decision making a tad more easier. 

                        But I will be back soon in the next one with yet another topic to talk about, till then…

                        Toodles xx

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